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"Little brother, look. What's that?"

"Little brother, your martial arts are really good. Can you help me beat a guy?"

"Little brother, do you know how far should we go to arrive in Huayang City?"

"Little brother, how old are you?"

Junior Leopard rode his horse with a poker face. But if you watched him carefully, you would see his facial muscles twitching faintly.

After he met Ma Linglong yesterday, Junior Leopard was bombarded by her.

In particular, every time she called Junior Leopard, she always added "little brother". It was driving Junior Leopard totally crazy.

"I've told you, please do not call me little brother!"

"Why not? You're a little brother. Although you're tall and strong, you're only 11 years old. I'm 17 years old. Why can't I call you little brother?"

Junior Leopard was speechless. In a strict sense, Ma Linglong was right. But "little brother" reminded him its connotation in his previous life, which made him want to kick her in the face.

Well, maybe he really would have kicked her if she was really named Lei Ma. What a pity! He didn't dare to do that because she had another name called Ma Linglong, who was the daughter of Governor Ma.

Then he shook his head and made a very dismissive appearance. Unexpectedly, what he did provoked her desire to tease him. So Junior Leopard was bombarded again.

Xu Yong rode his horse in front of them, but he knew everything that happened behind him. He thought, "Junior Leopard is really lucky. He met Miss Ma just after he came from Qinlingjun City. Moreover, they got along well with each other. As long as Junior Leopard gets along well with her, he'll have a great future with the help of her."

Xu Yong frowned and continued thinking, "I don't know if it's right to send a letter to my Family Head. Maybe she'll regard Junior Leopard as her brother if she spends more time with Junior Leopard. But her identity is too sensitive. If something bad happens to her during this period, my Family Head can't be responsible, let alone me. Because Ma Tianchang is a real madman and he could do anything for his daughter!"

When Ma Tianchang came to his mind, Xu Yong seemed as if he had thought of something unpleasant, shivering for absolutely no reason. "Damn it! What's wrong with me to play a trick on him. I'd better do nothing or I'll go to hell one day for no reason."

While he was thinking, the other two bickered. It was a relaxing trip for them before they suddenly heard some clops, closer and closer.

The three all turned around and saw dozens of cavalries coming at them, kicking up some dust. The clops were like thunder. When they turned their heads, they were still several miles away. After they saw it clearly, these cavalries were just one mile away from them, which could be seen clearly.

"Shit! Ma Tai-an and the Golden Wolf Cavalry!"

Ma Linglong recognized those who were coming right now, so she immediately turned her horse and tried to escape. However, her horse was about to move when several of them came from behind and rushed in front of them and turned their horses.

"Lady, our Governor wanted you to go home!"

Dozens of strong black steeds acted uniformly, as a single unit.

"Are they coming here for killing us?"

Sitting on the horse's back, Junior Leopard fixed his eyes on them.

The dozens of knights emitted the smell of blood, which had totally permeated into the bones of these knights. It seemed that they were born to kill.

"The Golden Wolf Cavalry of Yunzhou?" Junior Leopard murmured.

They were dressed in black iron armor and golden capes. Between the chest and abdomen of the black armor was tattooed a golden wolf head. They were the Golden Wolf Cavalry of Yunzhou and they were the greatest killing weapons of Governor Ma Tianchang.

The leader of these cavalries is so fierce and malicious. His cultivation is at least at Level Four. The cultivations of the people behind him are at least at Level Three. Damn it! The cavalrymen have reached such a high level and then how powerful the Governor Mansion in Yunzhou can be?

Knowing the identity of these people and connecting them to Ma Linglong, Junior Leopard clearly knew what they would do. Naturally, he would not be in a panic. In fact, he was the one who told them about where Ma Linglong was.

"Damn it! Ma Tai-an, why are you here?"

Ma Linglong screamed out and pointed at the leading knight, Ma Tai-an, shivering.

"Lady, here is Yunzhou. Nothing can be kept from our Governor. Our Governor has known that you contended with others in Baiyun Town yesterday."

Although Ma Tai-an was cruel, he spoke tenderly. He explained to Ma Linglong patiently and saw her with love and care. "Lady, please come home with me. If you don't go back, I'm afraid Madam will kill us!"

"My Mom—!" Ma Linglong was amazed and shook her head. "No, I can't go back with you. I don't want to get married to Lu Shaoyou. I'm going to Tian Long Mystic Mountain to look for my big brother!"

"Lady, please don't make it difficult for us. The Governor and Madam have already ordered us to bring you back. We dare not go against their order!"

"Well!" Ma Linglong saw Ma Tai-an, then Xu Yong and Junior Leopard. She saw that Xu Yong and Junior Leopard had remained unmoved and she realized what happened. She said fiercely to Junior Leopard, "Little brother, do you know who I am early before?"

Although she looked cruel, she didn't intimidate anybody at all. Junior Leopard rolled his eyes, while Xu Yong said, "Miss Ma, since you took out the pearl of black jade, I've guessed who you are, so I tried to send the information. This is none of my apprentice's business!"

"Then aren't you all going to Tian Long Mystic Mountain?!"

"Yes, Miss Ma. We really just want to go to Tian Long Mystic Mountain!" Xu Yong smiled. Ma Linglong truly hated this honest man when he was playing some tricks. She wanted to kick him in the face ferociously.

"Then why did you cheat me?"

"I just wanted you to stay with us. The Governor took control of Yunzhou. I'm a member of Yunzhou and it's my responsibility to share the Governor's burdens. If you have some trouble, it would be a terrible blow to both the Governor and Yunzhou. So I'm brazen to cheat you. If you're angry about that, please blame me."

"Hum—!" Ma Linglong said coldly and was about to say something, but Ma Tai-an beside her cupped his fist in his other hand.

"Thank you very much. Thanks for your information, we can find our lady quickly. Our Governor is very grateful for that, and our lady won't scold you. Before I came, our Governor allowed me to tell you about the fair in Linqing City, we'll follow your Family Head's suggestion. Please let him know."

"Then thanks to the Governor!" Xu Yong was delighted when he heard that.

It was a good thing that we returned favors. So why not do that?

Now Xu Yong was glad for making such a good decision.

Hearing what they said, Ma Linglong was dissatisfied and said unpleasantly, "Hum, it turned out I was just worth a fair!"

Xu Yong flushed and speechless. Frankly, this was good for Ma Linglong, but it was his fault to cheat a little girl.

"Little brother, come here. Can you do me a favor?"

Ma Linglong was straightforward. After she complained about this, she seemed to understand that it couldn't be reversed. So, she didn't look at Xu Yong, but smiled weirdly at Junior Leopard.

Junior Leopard shrank subconsciously. "I'm only a little kid. You can ask for help to these knights if you have some trouble. They're powerful and strong than me."

"This has nothing to do with their skills. Moreover, they're Golden Wolf Cavalry who are under the charge of my father and they can't come out of Yunzhou at will!"

Go out of Yunzhou? Junior Leopard suddenly remembered her destination and a bad feeling arose. "We are going to Huayang this time and we won't go to Tian Long Mystic Mountain!"

"It doesn't matter. I don't want you to go there right now. I'll need to wait another two years to get married!" Miss Ma took a jade from her bosom and gave it to Junior Leopard. "You just need to give this jade to my big brother, Lei Xu of Tian Long Taoism, one month before I get married. You tell him that I don't want to get married to Lu Shaoyou. With this jade, you can go around Tian Long Mystic Mountain!"

"Ah?!" Junior Leopard was aware of nothing while Xu Yong felt bitter and his hand that took the reins shivering suddenly.

Xu Yong recognized Ma Linglong. He wanted to take this opportunity to show his favor to the Governor, and then the Governor would be grateful to him. In fact, he was right. Junior Leopard didn't understand how many benefits Ma Linglong would bring to him and the Wu Family, but Xu Yong was very clear. However, if the benefits were associated with the marriage of Ma Linglong and Lu Shaoyou, then the states of the whole world would be affected. Then he'd better give up these benefits.

However, Ma Linglong had spoken to them and all of them heard what she said. Then it was difficult to explain.

Even if Xu Yong was an old man with rich experience, he didn't expect that Ma Linglong would ask for such help from Junior Leopard. He never thought that Ma Linglong was closely related to the Chief of Tian Long Taoism—Lei Xu.

When he thought of what Wang She had done when Lu Shaoyou had sought marriage, he suddenly felt a terrible headache.

Although he was the Elder of the Wu Family, he never wanted to offend the people who were involved in this thing.

However, they were already involved in this matter.

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