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At this time, the news of the Ma Family uniting through a marriage with Mingyi School was spread all over the town.

Under the movements of Ma Tianchang, the well-known families in Yunzhou and the imperial court shared benefits, achieving a beautiful equilibrium. Ma Tianchang represented the imperial court's benefits, the Wu's represented Tian Long Taoism and the well-known families' interest. All along there was peace, and there were good days.

Now, Mingyi School suddenly intervened. Even though it was only a marriage alliance, however everyone knew that Ma Tianchang only had a daughter. He treated her as a treasure. Everybody knew that Mingyi School and Tian Long Taoism did not see each other eye to eye.

Even though the daughter that was married off was like water that was splashed out, even if it was two families having an alliance, it wouldn't affect the cooperation between Ma Tianchang and the Wu's. However in reality, were things really so simple?

There was little to be said of the Mingyi School's influence in Yunzhou. However, once Ma Tianchang united the families, the Mingyi school's influence would finally be able to permeate Yunzhou. Moreover, the groom was the White Blademaster, Lu Shaoyou. He was one of the most fearful and skilled martial experts this pugilist world had seen in the past 50 years. He'd received the title of blade master before he was 30. He was no doubt the jewel of the Mingyi school, and he had even become their youngest deacon. Even though the Mingyi school was known to not be ambitious, others still did not believe that the marriage of Ma Tianchang's daughter was without ulterior motives.

It was because of this, that many in Yunzhou and the entire Jin were in a sort of panic. All the eyes of Jin were focused on Yunzhou as well as the Governor Mansion.

That being said, all seemed peaceful at the Governor Mansion. They had kept their mouths shut on the matter, neither claiming nor denying anything. Governor Ma was even evasive when discussing it with his closest friends, changing the subject whenever necessary. It was said that Governor Ma was difficult to read. He never dropped the peaceful and powerful image that he portrayed to the public. It didn't matter the situation, he never once showed any sign of distress or concern. No one could get a clear idea of what he was thinking. Just what exactly was going on inside his head?

"What kind of medicine am I selling in the gourd?! I'm not selling any medicine. I'm waiting for them to formally propose the marriage!" Within the Governor Mansion, Ma Tianchang was smiling slightly and speaking to his wife. That tone, was as if he was talking about something that had no relation to him, "However, my daughter is not someone who is so easily married off!"

"To wish to marry this old Ma's daughter is not so easy!"

In Qinlingjun City, a teen dressed in cyan was rubbing the window on the second story of the Floating Cloud Tower, starting in the direction of the Governor Mansion. With a sneer and a smile, he proclaimed, "Lu Shaoyou will never have her! Haha."

Standing next to him was a maidservant with a graceful posture. In her eyes, there was hesitation, it appeared as if she wanted to say something but it was stopped at her mouth.

"What matter, speak!"

"A message from the mountains, it seems that Chief Lei... !"

"Don't talk to me about him! His dad isn't dead yet, right? There are so many elders that are martial experts within the Lei family. Can none of them control him?" The teen waved his hand impatiently. "Don't speak about his news, do you have any news from Xue Wuya?"

"None!" the maidservant responded, "No one has heard anything from him since he entered Misty Mountain, perhaps... !"

"Damn, this bastard, he dares to stand me up!" The teen's expression sunk. He was about to say something, then he suddenly exclaimed. His gaze fixed on the big road on the Floating Cloud Tower.

The Floating Cloud Tower was one of the best three restaurants in Qinlingjun City as well as the only restaurant among them that didn't belong to the Wu family. It was located in the most bustling part of North Street. Standing on the second floor, it was easy to see the center of Yunzhou, including the Governor Mansion.

The wide street below the Floating Cloud Tower was the very busiest business street of the city, with many people frequently coming and going. Junior Leopard and other apprentices were strolling about on the busy street. Most of their energy had returned after a couple of days of rest. Qin Xuanlong had also allowed them to take some time off to relax in order to prepare for the Selection Contest, which would be on the day after tomorrow. Of course they were fairly happy, coming to the most bustling part of the city for a walk.

"Well, well. Didn't think I would see that little fellow. I just came here to deal with some matters before going to Misty Mountain for a second time. Who would expect that he would come here as well." The young man watched Junior Leopard with interest. "From his clothes, I could tell it that he might be the apprentice of the Wu Family, could it be possible that he's coming for the Selection Contest?" Squinting his eyes, his sight was focused on where Little Leopard was heading to.

His cultivation is much more refined in just two years. I can see the leaps and strides he has made. How bizarre it is. How could he have such pure fire attribute Internal Qi within his body? Even if he's working on the Ignis Skill. Could he master Ignis Internal Qi to this degree without any instruction? Could it be due to his eyes?

Fiery Eyes, Haha, a rare trait to see in a person. Looking at his attire, it seems that he's coming for the selection. I want to see just how much more hidden potential could be dug out from this little fellow with Fiery Eyes!

Little Leopard and other apprentices continued to walk further from his sight, until the teen lost sight of them as they took a turn. The young man's eyes widened, and he slapped his hand on the bar in the Floating Cloud Tower.

"I feel really better. Yin-er, bring me as much alcohol as you can now, the more the better!"

"Yes, Chief!"

Soon, the maidservant, Yin-er, brought some fragrant alcohol and tasty food to the table.

The teen in cyan clothes sat at the table near the window, eating and drinking to his content. Suddenly, something else caught his interest.

Oh? It's Ji Zhongtang!

It was just that he hadn't expected his mood to be soured by another person so quickly.

Coming in from the street, a group of soldiers walked slowly towards the restaurant. The man in the lead was Ji Zhongtang.

He was riding on a white stallion, scanning the area. His build and appearance were commonly described as majestic and spirited, much like a hero. His manner was considered so strong, just like a rainbow. Behind him was a young woman riding on a crimson horse whose beauty made people swear that she was born from a painting. She was about 30 and had a warm and gentle temperament. Gazing at Ji Zhongtang, her eyes filled with emotion.


The teen in cyan clothes coldly snorted, the corner of his lips revealing a dense sarcastic expression, "The thought that such a stupid woman could exist in this world is inconceivable!"

"Chief, that is Master Ji, "Moral Fighter" Ji Zhongtang. And behind him must be Mrs Zhen!?"

"How do you know? Are you familiar with him?" The teen in cyan clothes asked, raising his eyebrows. Seeing his gaze, Yin-er began to blush. The teen gently laughed when seeing her blushing. With a sarcastic tone, he remarked, "I simply can't tell. What's so alluring about this old fellow!"

"Master Ji has such a strong and pure moral character. Besides, he excels in martial arts and is kind to all, not to mention he has a refined stature. How could people not love him!"

Although one is master and the other is servant, it could be seen from their conversation that Yin-er was not so restrained in front of the teen in cyan clothes.

"High moral character? Warm and gentle? I haven't heard a funnier joke in all of the years!" He said, "Do you know what Master Ji hates the most?"

"No clue", Yin-er replied, shaking her head. She was getting a weird feeling from the teen's expression.

"What he hates most are snakes!" he said as he stuck his tongue out like a snake. "He thinks that they are the world's most evil creatures and should be exterminated from the land!"

"Ah?!" Yin-er replied, giving the teen an odd stare. She covered her mouth with her hands as if she was startled.

"And I'm referred to as the Snake King (the name Wang She translated into English), which means that I'm the thing that he hates the most in this world, Hahahahahahaha!"

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