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Staring at the characters on the leather-bound tome, Junior Leopard felt a little faint for a while. Though these words looked like the seal script of ancient China he still could not identify them.

He thought there was no need to spend time on identifying these characters and directly stuffed the tome into his bag.

Afterwards, Junior Leopard suddenly felt like he had nothing to do.

"It's time to go back. What's a f*cking thing, Qin Xuanlong only gave me two months of vacation, now one month has passed, and there might be trouble if I don't go back!"

Indeed, there might be trouble. Junior Leopard was always a cautious person, and caution was a must in this strange and dangerous world.

Moreover, he knew so many secrets now, and any one of which, if leaked out, would overwhelm him. Therefore, he had to think twice before practicing.

Junior Leopard had disappeared for a month with no reason, then he suddenly came back now without a good explanation. Maybe it was a common thing for ordinary people, but there might be trouble if some sensitive people associated it with the disappearance of Xue Wuya who had also disappeared nearby and without any news around the same time.

Of course, no one would believe that he-a Level One green hand-had the ability to kill Xue Wuya, who was a Level Eight master. However, fighters of Dark Sect were not reasonable guys, they would kill thousands of criminal suspects lest the real one escaped. At that point, Junior Leopard would be thrown into a dangerous situation.

Junior Leopard went missing at Qingyang Market a month ago when he was shopping. No one had found out because it was raining heavily that day when he was kidnapped by Xue Wuya. There were very few people shopping due to the bad weather. However, after one month, he was sure that the people from the village had shopped at Qingyang Market at least once as the Spring Festival was approaching. And he was certainly sure that his brother-in-law would visit him at the Wu's ironware shop to ask about whether he would be home or not for the Spring Festival, which was normal for the family members.

Junior Leopard had already imagined the picture that his brother-in-law was when he was told that he had left the Wu's ironware shop for home half month ago by Qin Xuanlong.

"Maybe different rumors were flying in the air now!" Junior Leopard laughed bitterly in his heart, since he had been trapped in this deserted place, and all those worries were futile.

Although this was not the very deep area of Misty Mountain, it was still more than 50 kilometers into Misty Mountain, judging from Xue Wuya's speed and time consumed when he was brought here. Junior Leopard was not sure if he could leave safely.

"While these secrets are appealing, but none of them are helpful right now. Damn Xue Wuya, why didn't he give me something useful?"

Junior Leopard casually threw the black-line bag into the bottom of the hole and began to think about strategies to leave the desolate place, "The only effective way for me to leave here might be my martial arts. Yanfu Inner Strength was amazing but it was not a panacea. For another escape means, I had better practice the Three Realm Division over the coming days."

Thinking of Three Realm Division, the first thing that came into his mind was the little monster, who made him totally angry.

Junior Leopard now felt that the little monster was not so bad now, even if he was once bullied by it.

Junior Leopard was happy now since his greatest threat, Xue Wuya, had been wiped out. At the same time his little resentment toward the little monster had been watered down by joy.

"I, Zhou Bao, had killed a Level Eight master with my Level One power. I'm not going to lower myself to the level of a little mouse!"

Although he thought like this, his ambition to capture the little monster had never stopped, "I am going to visit the little thing. Perhaps with my practicing of the Three Realm Division, it can save my life at some critical points."

Thinking of the power of Three Realm Division, Junior Leopard was a little excited.

The open ground under the slope together with the hole under the rocks was still there, and the little monster was still lying on the piece of yellow cloth, sleeping soundly. Everything was exactly the same as the day he came here for the first time.

This time Junior Leopard did not use the Drowsy Drug, which was all consumed on Xue Wuya. This time, his meeting-gift was some grilled lamb that he was holding in his hand.

Scent of the grilled lamb really had a great attraction to the little monster, it had awaked before Junior Leopard came into the hole. Junior Leopard could even see that its nose sniffed twice, and the white hair on its forehead joggled as if also affected by the fragrance. Then, the little monster stood up from the ground.

"Creak, creak—!" After confirming the source of the fragrance, the little monster excitedly cried. But its eyes revealed a vigilant look and lifted its forelimbs when it saw Junior Leopard. Then a funny thing happened... the little monster wrapped itself with the yellow cloth as though it was wearing a pair of yellow pants.

"Ping—!" With this sound, Junior Leopard felt his hand sink a little, then he saw the little monster gnawing the lamb leg held in his hand. Junior Leopard laughed, put the lamb leg down on the ground and walked into the hole to study Three Realm Division.

The little monster was really a magic species and it had eaten out the whole grilled lamb in just a few seconds. Then it suddenly recalled Junior Leopard. Raising its head, the little monster found Junior Leopard was studying the special technique on the wall, then the little monster blinked its eyes and appeared aside Junior Leopard with a pinging sound. With a sound of "poof", the little monster farted as a joke, and then disappeared once again.

Junior Leopard just smiled, he neither spitted nor hid, and just held his breath, giving a look that "I'm not the same level as you" before he threw himself into Three Realm Division again.

It seemed that the little monster was not satisfied with Junior Leopard's response and so it tried several times again, but Junior Leopard always turned his back upon it. After a while, it felt that this was a little boring and depressingly went back to the hole and fell asleep after glaring at Junior Leopard.

Junior Leopard did not care it, he was very magnanimous after Xue Wuya was killed. In addition, he was absorbed in the special technique now and had no time and energy to tangle with a small mouse.

After once again carefully reading the words and illustrations carved on the rock wall and then conscientiously practicing it as Flickering Light Evil Qi appeared, Junior Leopard managed to master a little of the technique. Compared with the first practice, he was much more skilled when using Three Realm Division.

However, at the same time, he found a disappointing fact.

Three Realm Division was a good technique, but with his present cultivation and strength, the distance he could move was limited to ten meters and he could only move once.

That was to say, he can only move within ten meters for once. And, that's all.

One diversion would consume eight percent of his Internal Qi and energy, so he could not move for a second time. This was neither because of his poor comprehension nor the insufficient Flickering Light Evil Qi he collected.

In fact, the Flickering Light Evil Qi he collected for practicing that technique was already saturated, but because of his limited Internal Qi, the Flickering Light Evil Qi he could use was also limited.

Within five years, the best I can accomplish is to complete a correct direction within ten meters. If regardless of the direction and only for the purpose of saving my life, I can move to a place 30 meters far away, however, in this case, I can't steer the direction totally, and will maybe hit trees and stones. So I had better not use it unless it's an emergency.

Junior Leopard thought quietly for a moment, and then looked at the little monster lying on the ground with jealousy. He wondered that why the little monster was so lucky, it successfully mastered the Three Realm Division and could freely move with 30 meters. Compared to Junior Leopard's current situation, the little monster was so cool.

However, Junior Leopard wasn't without benefit.

"Within three meters!"

Within three meters, he could successfully practice the Three Realm Division for five times.

Three meters each time and moved for five times totally. It sounded a bit tasteless and useless, but it would be endowed with strong power if combined with other techniques.

For example, punching skills, sword skills and body movement!

Exactly, one could move five times within three meters. If this skill was combined with martial arts, it would be terrible.

Think about that, you and your opponent were fighting and you disappeared when the battle was in full swing before reappearing behind his back, in such circumstances, would he have a way out?

No, absolutely not!

What a f*king insidious skill it was!

Of course, the division of five times occurred under the usual circumstances. In actual battles, together with various factors, Junior Leopard might only move two or three times at most, it would depend on the battle.

But, division for two or three times was enough for him now.

Understanding that, Junior Leopard let out a sigh of relief. When he looked down, the little monster had fallen asleep.

Instead of bothering it, Junior Leopard pulled out his coal dagger and waved it for several times, just for seconds, the illustrations of the special technique carved on the wall of the stone was turned to gray dust and ashes, drifting in the air and then falling on the ground.

The little monster was awakened by the noise and cried with a squeak sound. It opened his eyes, looked at Junior Leopard, and then angrily wave its forelimbs when saw the broken stone wall. The little monster turned around and farted against Junior Leopard, as if airing its anger and grievances to him.

Junior Leopard did not care how the little monster responded, "I'm a selfish man in nature! " He bowed himself and smiled at the monster, then he unwillingly glanced at the yellow cloth on the little monster and sighed.

He had found that the piece of yellow cloth was closely connected with the little monster, and it was extremely difficult to get it from the little monster.

In this trip to Misty Mountain, I've gained a lot of benefits and wasted a lot of time. Now, my technique for practicing Three Realm Division is somewhat skilled and I have a chance to leave here with my current cultivation with the help of Three Realm Division. As for the little monster and its treasure, I could come here again in future!

Thinking of what he worried before, Junior Leopard could not wait to leave, he didn't want to waste time here anymore.

"Well, little monster, do not fart again, I have to go. See you later when I'm free!" Junior Leopard waved his hands at the little monster, then he flew away from the jungle with Yanfu Body Movement.

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