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"There is more than one Pure Yang Celestial Device?!" Zhou Bao was stupefied for a while and then his face turned pale.

He was not afraid of one Pure Yang Celestial Device, but two...

"They, Kunlun Mountain, don't need to use two Pure Yang Celestial Devices to deal with a person like me, do they?" Zhou Bao smiled bitterly and asked.

"Everyone thinks so. But things will change once you have successfully wrested the Invisible Dragon Rod. So, Kunlun Mountain doesn't have any margin for error. Kunlun Master is sure to bring another Pure Yang Celestial Device. Kid, you have to understand that over the 8,300 years since the establishment of Kunlun Mountain, the world has only known that one of the Pure Yang Celestial Devices of Kunlun Mountain is the Invisible Dragon Rod. However, the other one has never been seen!"

At this point, Wang She stopped for a moment before continuing, "So, kid, you are so rash this time. Anyway, Kunlun Mountain is one of the top schools in the world with a history of thousands of years. Its strength is nearly the same as our Tian Long Taoism. Do you think that you can shake them on your own?"

"Whether I have shaken them or not, what's done is done. There's no use for me to regret it, right?!" Zhou Bao smiled bitterly. "Well, since you're here, I suppose you already have some solutions, don't you?!"

"If you want to win, you have to be good and smart." Wang She laughed and said, "If it's Kunlun Master who comes with the thunderbolt force, all you can do is to hide. However, in my opinion, he won't do that. A Grandmaster Level expert won't bother himself fighting with a kid even if he is in a very bad mood. However, you have a Pure Yang Celestial Device, which means that you cannot be defeated by normal people. And you have killed three experts of Kunlun Mountain with that Pure Yang Celestial Device, one of whom was their Second Elder. They will never bear this insult. So, if I guess correctly, the person who will come at you is Ning Bo, the First Elder of Kunlun Mountain. He is the only Level Nine expert in Kunlun Mountain in addition to Kunlun Master and he has been the actual keeper of the Invisible Dragon Rod for over a hundred years!"

"Shhh—" Zhou Bao took a deep breath, "He's been the keeper of the Invisible Dragon Rod for over a hundred years?!"

"That's right. I think it's because your life is too smooth and you think you have some kind of connection with the Immortal Palace, so you are now afraid of nothing!" Wang She said softly, as if he was describing a funny story, "But you have to understand that though the Immortal Palace attaches great importance to the Azure Secret Area, they won't appear for a place they can only use for two months a year. The history of the Immortal Palace is longer than any other prestigious sect or school in the world, and even many prestigious sects and schools were established by the people of the Immortal Palace. They are used to living in the dark and will never expose themselves to the public for anyone or anything. This habit is enshrined in their veins, which is really sick. Therefore, they might help you secretly. But if the help is beyond their power, they will give up first and then persuade you to give up. This time, if you don't handle it well, they will be the first to give up!"

"It seems like you know a lot of things!" Zhou Bao learned the information in the words of Wang She, and wiping his nose, he said, "You even know that the Azure Secret Area can only be used for two months each year!"

"I've been to that place, but I was never as lucky as you were to find the Innate Green Lotus Seed!" Speaking of that, he laughed suddenly. "Happy Monk was so pissed off by you, so now he is searching all over the world and asking who Water Leopard of Winnow is. Hahaha!"

"He knows that I am from the Immortal Palace, and he is still going to cause me trouble?!"

"Moon Deer of the Extended Net was also from the Immortal Palace, but his entire family was still murdered by the Wang clan anyway." Wang She smiled coldly and said, "You should not think that the Immortal Palace can do anything. It's strong, but it has its own rules. Wherever there is a rule, there are people who will ignore it. People whose cultivation have exceeded Level Seven are those who know how to find the loopholes!"

"Alright, back to the point. You just said that the one who was going to cause trouble for me was Ning Bo, the First Elder?"

"That's what I was talking about. If you want to have a satisfying result on this matter, you should confront Ning Bo, defeat him, and take the Invisible Dragon Rod from him on your own. When Kunlun Master comes to find you with the second Pure Yang Celestial Device, I'll confront him. Even if I can't defeat him alone, you and me, together with those two Pure Yang Celestial Devices, can at least play to a draw. If you are not lucky, that is to say, the Grand Master will be the first to go after you, then you won't have any chance and all you will be able to do is kneel. Then I will show up and plead for your mercy, so this incident can have a happy ending. But, you know, I have some kind of a beef with the Three Grandmasters of Northern Yuan. So I don't have much reputation in front of them. You have killed their Second Elder, so this time, you must pay a huge price!"

"Is there no other way?"

"I told you that you have gone too far this time. Now, you can only pray for this," Wang She said coolly, without leaving too many choices for Zhou Bao.

"Hahaha—! Well, it's great! This Zhou Bao has been too reckless and bold. He dared to kill three experts of Kunlun Mountain without saying a word, one of whom was the Second Elder of Kunlun Mountain. I'm going to see how he can handle this!"

In the camp of Prince Ning, on the banks of the Dragon-pressing River—

Hearing the reply from his subordinates, Prince Ning laughed wildly, with complacency all over his face. "This wild kid is just a wild kid. He has overestimated himself and has done everything which was beyond him. He thought that he would be the best in the world with a Pure Yang Celestial Device. Well, apparently, he has no idea of the strength of such a prestigious school like Kunlun Mountain. Haha—!"

"Your Royal Highness, you are right. Zhou Bao might have some luck, but he is just a wild kid. You should not mind him. And now, Kunlun Mountain has lost three strong experts, so they won't be willing to let it go. We can wait and see what will happen to Zhou Bao!" A right-hand man of Prince Ning, the young intellectual raised his glass with a smile on his face and continued, "Once Zhou Bao is gone, we will have no obstacles in the northeast. It won't take many years for the land of thousands of miles around to be yours, Your Royal Highness. By that time... Hahaha—!"

They laughed together as if they already had everything in their hands.

"Brother, what if Zhou Bao defeats the people from Kunlun Mountain?" When these two were thinking that their scheme would succeed, a clear and melodious voice came from outside.

With a slight change of expression, Prince Ning was silent for a moment and then smiled, saying, "Well, it's Sister Yan'er. You are here. I'm sorry I didn't welcome you, I hope you don't mind!"

While talking, Prince Ning walked over to the tent and lifted the curtain in person, only to see Yan'er looking at him, smiling, with the guards of Prince Ning lying around.

"Brother, your guards are not good enough. They didn't notice me even when I was approaching the tent. If I were an assassin, I'm afraid that you would've been a dead man!"

"You are making fun of me, Sister Yan'er. You won't assassinate me!" While talking, his eyes moved to the girl in pink who was beside Yan'er wearing a maidservant's dress. "If I guess correctly, you must be Miss Shui. I've heard a lot about you, but I never have the chance to meet you. It's my honor to meet you here!"

The girl in pink raised her head slightly, but before she could reply, Yan'er smiled and said, "Sister Shui, don't trust him. He has been the most smooth-tongued man, ever since we were little. I seriously don't know how many girls have been tricked by him!" She went into the tent and moved forward as she spoke, right to the seat of honor.

Prince Ning smiled awkwardly and closely followed her, "Sister Yan'er, why have you come to this bleak place?"

"Brother, are you asking me how I know that you are here and how I know about your plan?!" Yan'er smiled and turned toward him. She sat up straight on the large chair in the tent and continued, "Your Highness, I know not only your plan, but your ambition. Of course, I also know that you are in trouble now!"

"Please help me out, sister!"

"What you've done can't be kept a secret!" Yan'er said with a smile. "Do you think that you can hide it from father and Brother Prince?"

When hearing the words "father" and "Brother Prince", the muscles on Prince Ning's face shivered a bit and then he smiled bitterly and said, "I didn't think I could hide it from them. In fact, I just tried to keep it a secret for a while. I didn't expect that they would find out just as soon as it had happened!"

"Well, so what? What are you afraid of? His Majesty and Brother Prince didn't interrupt you, did they?" Yan'er smiled and said, "Since they didn't stop you, and they even pretended that they didn't know, then just continue to do it!"

"If they really pretended that they knew nothing, you wouldn't be here, would you?"

"I'm not here for you. I'm here for Zhou Bao!" Yan'er drank the tea gently, smiled, and said, "All I want is the Pure Yang Celestial Device of Zhou Bao. The reason why I am here is to tell you, brother: Don't try to obtain that Pure Yang Celestial Device!"

"If it's in the hands of Zhou Bao, it's not easy for you to take it!" Prince Ning said thoughtfully.

"Certainly it won't be easy, brother. Wang She has left the Tian Long Mystic Mountain. If I guess correctly, he has already arrived in the northwest!"

"What? Wang She also wants to get himself involved in this matter?!"

"Why are you so shocked? You knew that Zhou Bao had some kind of relationship with Wang She. Many people think Zhou Bao is from Tian Long Taoism. However, he has grown so fast that Tian Long Taoism could hardly control him. So, they changed their plans and sent Wang She to keep an eye on him!"

"They were willing to give up a Pure Yang Celestial Device for a person. That person must be very important!"

"They didn't know about the Pure Yang Celestial Device, otherwise, they wouldn't be so passive right now. Zhou Bao is a person with lucky chances, so Tian Long Taoism let him go and fostered him like that!" Yan'er laughed and said, "Tian Long Taoism is really good at this!"

"Now that Wang She has arrived here, there might be some changes."

"Nothing will be changed. No matter how strong Wang She is, he is alone. As far as I know, Wang She didn't bring a Pure Yang Celestial Device with him this time. In any case, there won't be a chance for Zhou Bao to win!"

"It's hard to say!" Prince Ning shook his head. "Zhou Bao has killed the Second Elder of Kunlun Mountain, so it must be the First Elder, Ning Bo, who will stand out. If Zhou Bao and Wang She collaborate to defeat Ning Bo and take his Pure Yang Celestial Device, the Invisible Dragon Rod, it's hard to tell who will win!"

"Such a thing won't happen. There is a great disparity in strength between the two sides!" Yan'er shook her head and continued, "Don't forget that Ning Bo is a Level Nine expert with a Pure Yang Celestial Device in hand. Zhou Bao has no advantages. As for Wang She, since he has no Pure Yang Celestial Device, he is no match of Ning Bo at all. Even if Zhou Bao lends his Pure Yang Celestial Device to Wang She, Wang She won't have any chance to win. Moreover, Kunlun Mountain is not stupid. It won't send only one person to go after Zhou Bao. They have an absolute advantage, so Zhou Bao will have a lot of trouble!"

"I hope so!" Prince Ning smiled, saying, "Well, what about you? What are you going to do?"

"I told you, this time, I'm here for his Pure Yang Celestial Device. If possible, I'll subdue this leopard for father!" Yan'er giggled. "You should know that father is getting more and more interested in this leopard!"

Prince Ning did not look good. His plan was to dominate the Northwest Region. Killing Zhou Bao was the best choice. If Zhou Bao was recruited by the Imperial Court, it would be harmful to him. It seemed like the Imperial Court had embedded a nail in the Northwest Region, so he could not just take action at will!

"Brother Ning, don't worry. Even if I have subdued this leopard, he has already offended Kunlun Mountain. Do you think that he can still live in the Northwest Region? What's more, father needs this leopard, but not here. So, you can rest easily. And whether I can subdue him or not is uncertain now!"

"What if you fail?"

"If I fail, I can only destroy him!" A hint of sharpness flashed in the eyes of Yan'er. "Father won't allow this puppet of Tian Long Taoism to become more and more strong!"

"I see!" Prince Ning smiled, taking a look at the girl in pink beside Yan'er. "I guess that's the reason why Miss Shui is here with you."

When hearing that, Yan'er smiled and made no comment about it.

Under the shroud of night, Zhou Bao looked gloomy.

Yes, he was. He was indeed gloomy!

Wang She did not bring him any confidence, but instead, pressure, a lot of pressure.

At the same time, he understood what Wang She said was true. He had gotten dizzy with success recently, so he did not have a second thought before taking action. He had hit so hard that the Elders of Kunlun Mountain were dead, which left him no room to fix the relations between him and Kunlun Mountain.

However, no matter how regretful or stressful he was, the situation would not be changed. The only thing that he could do was to face it.

But the problem was how to handle it!

He had to confront a Level Nine expert with a Pure Yang Celestial Device that had been cultivated for many years by that expert, and he only had a chance to win if he took the Invisible Dragon Rod from the expert. However, his chance to win was too small to count on.

"I can help you to handle the First Elder of Kunlun Mountain. But I can assure you, once I take part in this, the others in Kunlun Mountain will join in, too. These people won't fight with us, but with your subordinates. The strength of your subordinates is too weak to fight against the experts of Kunlun Mountain. You can't count on Golden Rooster unless you want everyone to know that you are a member of the Immortal Palace and you are one of the 28 constellations of the Immortal Palace. If they join in, your identity will be exposed. Everyone will connect you to the Immortal Palace and then deduce that there must be an entrance to the Azure Secret Area. At the same time, Happy Monk will come after me!"

"Well, if you are willing to ignore the lives of your subordinates, I don't mind helping you!"

Wang She had made it clear. He knew he had no other choice but to face it.

He would by no means sacrifice his subordinates or expose his identity to the world. If he did, he would get into bigger trouble.

"What about the Yin and Yang Dust Formation?!" Zhou Bao considered the possibility in his mind, but he soon vetoed it. The Yin and Yang Dust Formation was a Formation of Immortality, which could be used secretly. If he just used it in front of people, they would know that he had learned this formation, which would cause more trouble than the Pure Yang Weapon that he had. Moreover, he had only mastered this formation for a short while, and he was not that familiar with it. If he wanted to use it, he had to ask for the advice of Green Spirit.

"Green Spirit, Green Spirit, where are you? Come up and see me. I know you can hear me. Come out, I'm in real trouble!"

Zhou Bao closed the doors and windows and sat cross-legged on the bed. His mind was sinking into the green lamp, calling another consultant.

He wanted to find some solutions from Green Spirit, a 10,000-year-old demon.

"What's all the fuss? Didn't I tell you not to disturb me when I was recovering my pneuma? Don't come to me if nothing has happened!"

Zhou Bao had been calling him for a while before the voice of Green Spirit, full of complaints, came into his mind, "What's going on? What's your trouble?"

Green Spirit arose from the green lamp slowly. Zhou Bao's eyes flashed slightly. The image of Green Spirit was more animated than before. It seemed that his body was made of smog before, which was virtual, but now he looked real.

"It seems that you haven't been practicing in vain these days, you look much better than before."

"If you didn't interrupt me, I'd be much better!" Green Spirit grumbled, "No more nonsense. Come on, what's going on?"

"What do you mean again?!" Zhou Bao twitched his mouth. "It was the trouble that came to me this time!"

Zhou Bao told the recent incidents to Green Spirit in detail and Green Spirit was obsessed with those things with his eyes sparkling.

"You idiot!"

He was just about to continue and suddenly heard the strange yelling of Green Spirit. "How dare you do that! Are you tired of living? How could you set yourself against that prestigious school? You are a total fool!"

"Shut up! I'm not an idiot. It was they who wanted to be my enemy first!" Zhou Bao shouted with discontent.

"They were just impolite to you, and you killed their Second Elder? Kid, your temper is getting worse and worse these days!" Green Spirit said with an eccentric mood, "I can't help you with this. All my cultivation was ruined. All I have left is an Original Spirit, which is under your control. I have no combat capability, so I couldn't help even if you pulled me out!"

"I won't ask you to fight against that enemy. I just want to know if there is any way to handle the Pure Yang Celestial Device!" Zhou Bao said coldly, "That Pure Yang Celestial Device is called the Invisible Dragon Rod, one of the most valuable celestial devices of Kunlun Mountain, which enjoys a long history. I think you've heard of it!"

"The Invisible Dragon Rod?!" Green Spirit was shocked for a moment. "Since it's in the hands of Kunlun Mountain, why would they use it to cause you trouble?"

"You know about it?!" Zhou Bao raised hope in his heart when he heard the tone of Green Spirit. "Is there any way to deal with this Pure Yang Celestial Device?"

"The Invisible Dragon Rod is a pure constraint celestial device. It's hard to deal with. Although your Golden Flame Mirror has a strong capability, it's not enough to defend against the Invisible Dragon Rod. Using the Golden Flame Mirror to fight against the Invisible Dragon Rod will certainly constrain you, but it's hard to say whether your enemy will escape from your Golden Flame Mirror or not. However, once you've been constrained by the Invisible Dragon Rod, your divine thoughts will be constrained too, so you cannot control the Golden Flame Mirror at that time!"

"I won't be able to control the Golden Flame Mirror?"

"Right. Although the Golden Flame Mirror was made by you and was integrated into your divine thoughts, the Invisible Dragon Rod can easily constrain your divine thoughts in your mind. Therefore, your divine thoughts won't be able to wander around. Then, how could you control the Golden Flame Mirror?" Green Spirit said, "There is only one way to deal with it. That is, kill him before he uses the Invisible Dragon Rod. But it's almost impossible, your enemy is a Level Nine expert, not some kind of idiot. How will he not use the Invisible Dragon Rod when facing a Pure Yang Celestial Device?!"

"All in all, it's a deadlock. I'm not calling you out to analyze how I will die. I called you out to bring this deadlock back to life!"

"Oh, bring this deadlock back to life? Do you think that I'm an immortal? Kid, I'm just a Grand Demon who has lost everything but a bit of Genuine Spirit. You're asking me to find a solution, but you're overestimating me. I'm flattered."

"Now that you have time to satirize me, you must have some solutions!" Zhou Bao said.

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