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"It's going to be a tough fight!" That was what Green Spirit said. In the eyes of Junior Leopard, it was a real hassle. Though there was a slight fluke in his heart to get out of here from the place where he entered, he knew that it was only a fluke.

Out of the cave, he went to the Green Pool again. The man holding the sword said that it would take three days at least, and five days at most, but it might be ahead of time.

The three of them were still sitting at the edge of the Green Pool, and there was nothing to notice about the pool.

Hiding in the ancient tree, Junior Leopard was simulating in his mind, what was going to happen, again and again—how to attack, how to take the Green Lotus's Seed, how to escape unscathed. Every step should be thought out over and over again. You knew, in the face of the three Level Nine experts, the slightest neglect would doom him eternally.

He stayed in the tree for four days. Four days later, the peaceful Green Pool changed at last.

A wisp of incomparably pure spiritual qi flowed from the surface of the Green Pool. It was completely different from any spiritual qi that Junior Leopard had felt before.

It was pure, fresh, and without a trace of human fireworks.

Although there was only a wisp of it, when Junior Leopard sucked it into his body, in almost a flash, it was soft like water immersed in a sponge, making him comfortable. He felt like a tired man in a hot spring and didn't want to come out anymore.

Unfortunately, it didn't last long!

Soon after the spiritual qi seeped into his body, his Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Internal Qi started suddenly bubbling up. This was because the spiritual qi had begun to attempt to infiltrate Junior Leopard's Internal Qi, and there was something wrong with it.

As Green Spirit said, the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Internal Qi that he refined had been integrated with the Demonic Fire of the Dragon Chimera from the primitive times. It immediately caused a strong rebound when the spiritual qi was suddenly mixed in.

It instantly exploded, like a drop of water dripping into boiling oil.


In order not to draw attention to himself, Junior Leopard covered his mouth tightly, his face muscles twitching. Stirred by this wisp of spiritual qi, all his Internal Qi turned into countless sharp knives that cut through his tendons and meridians.

The Internal Qi was raging. The spiritual qi that had just made him feel good was going to kill him. His Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Internal Qi was separated by the spiritual qi and was cutting his tendons and meridians. In the same way, the spiritual qi was split by the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique and became a few times thinner than a hair, fiercely stabbing him in the tendons and meridians. The scattered Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Internal Qi was doing its best to merge into the rest of the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Internal Qi.

"Damn it!" Junior Leopard cursed in his heart. The black fire kindling in his Dantian jumped twice. Then a puff of pure Internal Qi of fire property was rising from his Dantian, and in an instant, it integrated the scattered Internal Qi in his body and formed a whole. At the same time, he also ran the Bright Moon Deifying Technique. The Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Internal Qi began to solidify, and it could no longer fit into Junior Leopard's Internal Qi.

Junior Leopard slowly ran his Internal Qi, carefully wrapped the spiritual qi, and then expelled it from his body.

"Now, boy, you know it!" Green Spirit said proudly as if to say that if you didn't listen to the aged, you would lose immediately.

At this point, Junior Leopard was pale and bloodless, like a zombie. Hearing Green Spirit's words, he could only smile bitterly, "Yeah, you're right. The spiritual qi really goes against my Internal Qi!" As he spoke, he closed the pores of his body and even paid attention to his breathing to prevent the spiritual qi from entering his body.

To others, the spiritual qi was better than elixirs, but it was a poison to him.

In the meanwhile, his eyes were fixed on the surface of the pool, which was about 1,000 feet away from him.

The three Level Nine experts at the edge of the pool were also staring at the pool with their eyes as big as a bull's eyes, not daring to blink. Although they were all Level Nine experts, with strong willpower, it was related to whether they could step into the Mysterious Realm with one step. So, inevitably, they all seemed anxious.

It was human nature.

A little of the fine ripples suddenly appeared on the surface of the pool. Gradually, it spread and became bigger and bigger, more and more obvious. Suddenly, a green leaf came out of the water.

"There's nothing special!" Seeing the green lotus leaf peeping out of the pool, Junior Leopard pursed his lips. Slowly rising from the surface of the pool, the Green Lotus had gradually revealed its true appearance.

This was a very common Green Lotus bud like the Green Lotus that Junior Leopard had seen before. If it had not risen out of the pool, and the given that the way it had risen was so strange, even Junior Leopard could not see what was special about it.

Of course, this was only the first glance.

The situation seemed to have changed a little when the Green Lotus emerged completely from the water.

The spiritual qi that had just pervaded the atmosphere and made him suffer had disappeared. Moreover, the fluctuation of pneuma around also stopped. Time and space seemed to be still at this moment.

It was weird around here. The Green Lotus, which was in bud, stood motionless on the surface of the pool. It looked ordinary, but in Junior Leopard's eyes, it seemed to be completely independent of this space. It seemed very close, but actually, it was very far away.

"Damn, how can this be so weird?" He cursed in a low voice, "Green Spirit, what's next?"

"Didn't I tell you?" Green Spirit replied, "The Innate Green Lotus will produce flowers and seeds in a very short period of time. After the seeds have been seeded, the Green Lotus Seeds will automatically jump out of the lotus. Then it's your chance!"

Understanding what he meant, Junior Leopard nodded and forced himself to sit on the tree in patience.

He was patient here, but the three men were impatient. They all seemed to be moving, looking at the unopened Green Lotus.

All of a sudden, the Green Lotus shuddered. The closed bud slowly opened and a hint of faint fragrance emanated out.

The three men moved and stood in three positions. They looked at each other and found fear and vigilance in each other's eyes.

"There are nine Green Lotus Seeds, three for each person. This is the most equitable division. Okay?" At this moment, the strong man in black suddenly spoke. As he spoke, he slipped out his tongue and licked his lips, giving off a hint of bloodlust.

"Okay, just do it!" The man holding the sword agreed with a slight flicker in his eyes.

Happy Monk nodded. He was the weakest of the three. Besides, he suffered from Junior Leopard's attack. Although he was not badly hurt, he was certainly the weakest in front of the two men now. Hence, he had to agree.

After these words, the tension between them seemed to ease. The fragrance was getting thicker and thicker. The green bud was almost completely open, revealing the heart of the flower—seedpod of the lotus.

All the people, including Junior Leopard, took a deep breath and looked at the nine Green Lotus Seeds.

All of a sudden, the nine Green Lotus Seeds all glowed. Almost at the same time, the Green Lotus moved, and the nine Green Lotus Seeds turned into nine blue lights which flew out, straight from the pool.

These lotus seeds flew in different directions, but the positions of the three men were very particular. They went to fetch the three seeds closest to themselves, all using their sleeves.

The speed of the lotus seeds was extremely fast. But for the three Level Nine experts, it was not a big deal.

The strong man in black and the man holding a sword almost simultaneously got three Green Lotus Seeds into their sleeves, but Happy Monk failed.

As he plucked the red frock and was about to carry the three Green Lotus Seeds, a black figure appeared in front of him in a strange way. The black figure reached out and caught two Green Lotus Seeds, and disappeared before the three men could respond.

Finally, when the red frock was withdrawn, Happy Monk only got one Green Lotus Seed.

It happened so fast and only took a second, from the figure appearing to taking the two lotus seeds, and disappearing. When it was all over, the black figure was gone without any trace.

Even if Happy Monk was alert and precautious, he would've been unable to act.

Suddenly and unexpectedly, around the jade-like pool fell into a weird silence.

"It's hollow travel!"

After a while, the strong man in black seemed to know what had happened, and said uneasily, "Unexpectedly, he knows hollow travel!

Yes, travel the space. No matter what kind of method it was, he obviously used the way of hollow travel to appear and disappear in a short time. Moreover, only in this way could the three Level Nine experts be unable to intervene.

"I'm gonna kill him. I'm gonna kill him!"

There was a sound of teeth grinding. Happy Monk's white face had turned red. He clenched his fists, and the crackling of his knuckles sounded like thunder.

The strong man in black and the man holding a sword glanced at each other and read each other's thoughts from their eyes. By coincidence, they stepped backward at the same time. Ten steps later, they both launched themselves into the air and went away. The situation between Happy Monk and the Azure Secret Area had no business with them.

The purpose of their coming here was to get the lotus seeds of the Innate Green Lotus. Now that they had got the seeds, the most urgent thing was to find a place to have a closed-door training and refine the lotus seeds. As for the guy who just showed up and nabbed away Happy Monk's lotus seeds, it was none of their business. Anyway, he didn't take their stuff.

Happy Monk was now on the verge of breaking out. Although his cultivation was not as good as Junior Leopard's, who knew what he would do when he was angry. In this case, only a fool would deliberately stay in this bloody place and find troubles for himself.

"Ah... Water Leopard of Winnowing Basket, I'm gonna kill you!"

After the two men had left for a long time, Happy Monk recovered from the sense of loss. He roared, and jumped, turning into a red cloud drifting toward the tree hole that entered here.

However, by this time, Junior Leopard had left the place which was full of spiritual qi using the tree hole.

In fact, he had planned it all these days. He would use the Three Realms Division to seize the Green Lotus Seeds at the moment it appeared, and leave at once after getting them. Afterwards, he would try to open an exit from where he came in, and if he couldn't, he needed to find another way—that is finding Ji Yeyue.

Junior Leopard inhibited Yu Qingyong and Wu Lingxiao and learned about the Azure Secret Area from them. When he left, he controlled their bloodline, but Junior Leopard's inhibition had been measured—they could untangle it at most after six days. With their cultivation of Level Six, they should be able to survive for six days without food and water. By the time their inhibitions were removed, they would naturally join Ji Yeyue. By then he was almost certain that he would know whether he could return from the entrance where he came in or not. If not, he still had time to get here. If they were about to leave, they were sure to get out of the cave from where they had entered through.

In this way, both sides would not be missed.

All of this was planned at the very start. Besides, Junior Leopard had deduced the process many times in his heart and thought there should be no omissions.

Happy Monk was out of his plan. He just needed rob him of Green Lotus Seeds and didn't have to care Happy Monk's responses. Because Happy Monk couldn't find him, and even if he could, he was unable to catch him.

It went as simple as he planned. Such a Level Nine expert, that could make the ground tremble by stamping his foot in any place, was abandoned in Junior Leopard's memory. He got nothing, but only one Green Lotus Seed.

Everything was just as Junior Leopard had expected. The poor monk waited for several days at the entrance but did not see Junior Leopard at all. He felt ashamed of himself after reconsidering it again. Since Junior Leopard knew hollow travel, he must have gone back and found a place to practice after getting the Green Lotus Seeds. It was impossible for him to wait here troubling himself.

Anyway, he already knew his identity, Water Leopard of Winnowing Basket, one of the 28 constellations of the Immortal Palace. Therefore, he would have the opportunities to retaliate sooner or later.

Having thought this all through, he did not want to be in this sad place anymore. Then he left.

Almost as soon as he left, the inhibition that Junior Leopard made to the two men was removed. In fact, if Happy Monk was more patient, he could learn from them that Junior Leopard accidentally entered the Azure Secret Area, and had no idea in regards to how to get out. Thus, there was an 80% possibility that he was still in the Azure Secret Area.

But that was the way things in the world went on. How could they be perfect?

Just like Junior Leopard who dispiritedly stood in the desert where he had entered, was facing an embarrassing situation. He had used the Three Realms Division many times and split the space dozens of times with the Space Division Skill. Unfortunately, he could only feel the sense of hollow from this space.

It was normal!

It was so normal that Junior Leopard could not find a flaw at all.

"There is no other way. I can only ask Ji Yeyue for help!" Junior Leopard said helplessly, "Not too much trouble this time!"

"Even the trouble could not stop you!" Green Spirit came out and said before going silent.

20 days later.

At the entrance to the Azure Secret Area, there was a slight movement in the calm desert. Ji Yeyue and the other two men came out of the cave in which they came in. They looked much more terrible compared with before when they had just entered. They must have met evil beasts again. However, the two men's wounds were all healed, and in their eyes, flowed the sacred light. Their cultivation was much higher than before they had gone in.

Although they did not break through to Level Seven, they were almost there. It wouldn't be long before they broke through.

"Damn it! If it wasn't for that guy, junior brother Wu and I would definitely have broken through to Level Seven now. He inhibited us for days. He not only delayed our practice, but also injured our tendons and meridians. He'd better not cross my path again. If I meet him, he will suffer!" Yu Qingyong shouted with resentment, as he walked.

"Senior brother, keep your voice lower! Maybe the guy hasn't left yet!" Hearing Yu Qingyong's words, with his expression changing, Wu Lingxiao reminded, "Don't forget, that guy came in by accident. It's not that easy for him to leave here!"

At this point, the three of them were quiet. They looked around carefully as if they were afraid of Junior Leopard coming out of the corner, but there was nothing but sand.

"Senior brother Yu, junior brother Wu, be careful! If he didn't trick you, he might be following us, and watching us secretly now!" Ji Yeyue said in a low voice, "He is powerful, extremely cunning, and very good at concealing. Not only did he outwit us, but he also outwitted the three Level Nine experts the other day. He took the risk of making Happy Monk of the Snow Mountain Great Wheel Temple suffer!"

Mentioning this matter, Yu Qingyong couldn't help sighing, "Alas, I didn't expect such a thing to happen. What the hell did the guy do to Happy Monk? He was so angry that we could hear his roar in those days when we were imprisoned in the cliff cave!"

"I don't know either. But the three Level Nine experts gathered at the edge of the Green Pool, obviously wasn't for the sake of chatting or making a vow to God. They definitely had a purpose. If my guess is right, they should know that there would be a rare treasure appearing nearby, and they came together to find treasure. Unfortunately, it seemed that Happy Monk's share was caught by the black-clothed man, and so he would be so hysterical. It's definitely not an ordinary treasure that can make Happy Monk lose his composure. Moreover, it isn't ordinary people who can take things under the noses of three Level Nine experts. I certainly couldn't."

Ji Yeyue gently analyzed the matter, and in a few words, she almost described the whole thing from the beginning to the end which was also very close to the truth. "As for what treasure is in the Green Pool, we have to ask the teacher and the Elders when we get back to the Immortal Palace. Actually, when I was looking for you guys that day, I did smell the weird fragrance. Very soon, Happy Monk searched everywhere crazily and desperately for something. Thus maybe the fragrance was out of that treasure!"

"This guy is so bold. He dared to grab things under the noses of the three Level Nine experts!"

"He actually succeeded!" Ji Yeyue said coldly, "The more skills he has, the bolder he'll be. This guy must be very confident in himself. Therefore, I'm sure that if he hasn't found a way out yet, he'll be following us, looking for a chance to get out of the Azure Secret Area from our gateway. Perhaps he is hiding in the depths of the sand sea right now, listening to our conversation secretly!"

"How clever this woman is!" Junior Leopard said to himself, "What do you mean by saying that? Are you warning your senior brothers or telling me that you are on your guard. But, even if you are on your guard, what can you do? You don't know that I know the Three Realms Division. How can you stop me at my speed?"

Knowing the Three Realms Division was not almighty, but not knowing it was absolutely regretful.

Without getting the situation, it could play an unmatched role.

Take Junior Leopard grabbing the Green Lotus Seeds as an example. By using the Three Realms Division twice, Junior Leopard ran away from the three Level Nine experts after getting the Green Lotus Seeds. It was because they didn't know that Junior Leopard could hollow travel.

This time, Junior Leopard was still going to depend on the Three Realms Division.

The guy who came to pick these three men up certainly didn't know he could practice the Three Realms Division. All he needed to do was move to the passageway when the guy opened it and practice the Three Realms Division three to four times consecutively. Everything would finish well.

This was the ideal result. Of course, everything in the world was always counterproductive. Many things required you to prepare a plan B.

As Green Spirit said, though the Jade Pool was not famous, given its power and mystery. It was impossible to not have any protection or guards around this important passageway. Additionally, maybe many formidable inhibitions were set there. Although the Three Realms Division was marvelous, it may not be able to get through so many inhibitions. It all depended on luck. He had always had good luck, and he hoped that he would not run out of his good luck this time.

"It's about time. The uncles are about to open the passageway." At this time, Ji Yeyue looked around and said thoughtfully. Before her voice had died away, Junior Leopard felt strong spatial fluctuations around them as a fusiform space entrance gradually formed.

"Alright, it's time to have a try and it's all or nothing!" Junior Leopard took a deep breath and bent down slightly.

The Three Realms Division was launched!

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