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Heavenly Dragon's Giant Handprint!

Junior Leopard had not heard of it, but that could not deny the mightiness of this martial arts skill.

The enormous palm became even more massive, and a chanting Buddhist halo sparkled on the palm just as if a western Buddhist patriarch had arrived. Golden light sparkled everywhere like a small sun. As the space around Junior Leopard had been blocked entirely, Junior Leopard was like a bug trapped in resin, having no room to move.

The huge palm arrived in front of Junior Leopard in the blink of an eye. There was no doubt that Junior Leopard would be beaten into ashes if that palm struck the frozen space.

Just then, the Blue Sword displayed a strong light like a green rainbow and its Sword Qi ran through the sky.


There was no doubt that the Blue Sword broke the space that was solidified by the Heavenly Dragon's Giant Handprint and escaped.

Within the sword light, a purple light appeared. A sharp Sword Qi projected out, fiercely crashing into the huge palm that was thrusting toward it as the green light radiated everywhere.

Star River Burning Completely!

One of the three deadliest weapons in the Silver Light Sword Skill had appeared once again, raising beams of green electric light and wrapping the Heavenly Dragon's Giant Handprint in a cluster of green thunderbolts.

"Oh my god, when did the Immortal Palace get this guy?" The middle-aged strong man was shocked when he saw the situation. From the clothing of Junior Leopard, he could see Junior Leopard's background. Although the Immortal Palace was a mysterious place, it was not a secret among the circle of top players.


Feeling the sword light agitating his flesh and blood, Junior Leopard appeared to see Happy Monk gritting his teeth in pain and stamping his foot in anger. The corners of Junior Leopard's mouth slightly twitched upward, and the glow of the Blue Sword became brighter.

Indeed, Happy Monk was a Level Nine expert, and the Heavenly Dragon's Giant Handprint was also a powerful martial art, but unfortunately, the Blue Sword that Junior Leopard had was a Flying Sword of the Earthly Rank, which was a celestial device at the Mysterious Level that a normal human body could not resist.

Level Nine was certainly very powerful and Happy Monk's body was also solid, but no matter how solid and strong it was, it could not compare to a wizard weapon.

A man with good martial arts was still afraid of a kitchen knife!

The kitchen knife of Junior Leopard was sharp and brightly worn down, so how could Happy Monk not fail by using his stupid method?

In the medieval period, the third or fourth generation disciples from the large sword-practitioner sects could drive the Elders and demons of the heretical class into a corner with a good Flying Sword in hand. Even those powerful and old demons, which had lived for a hundred or even hundreds of years, would have a headache whenever they saw those disciples from the influential families. But why was that?

Just because of the Flying Sword.

The Blue Sword was a Flying Sword of the Earth Rank with strong destructive power and a fast speed. Additionally, the Silver Moon Sword Technique was an excellent sword secret. The Sword Qi of this Blue Sword had become sharp and fierce after being purified by the Bright Moon Deifying Technique day and night, and it had gained a trace of destructive spirit after being refined by the hammering of the Nine Heaven Thunder Qi.

This destructive spirit was something. Though it was faint, it was rooted in Sword Qi, and its lethality was beyond imagination. The power of its sword light was also beyond the expectation of Happy Monk.

The Blue Sword broke the Heavenly Dragon's Giant Handprint, and then easily penetrated the Gang Qi and stirred above the palm of Happy Monk.


Feeling the pain, Happy Monk screamed out. He stepped back in a hurry with the muscles of his face twitching and his fierce eyes sparkling with hatred. Throughout all his years, when had he ever suffered pain like this and gotten hurt so badly?

He was a somebody ever since his cultivation had reached Level Seven and then he had become an abbot of the Snow Mountain Great Wheel Temple. And since then, he had focused on practicing. He had not even gotten tired before, let alone been injured.

It was unexpected that he would come across a monster with a Flying Sword of the Earthly Rank in the Azure Secret Area, and that even his Heavenly Dragon's Giant Handprint and Gang Qi would be broken by one sword movement, leaving his palm whipped directly.

Before he could respond to the strike, that azure light appeared again. Junior Leopard knew the eccentric monk in front of him had powerful strength and a Level Nine cultivation. This was no laughing matter at all. Just like Raging Fire Ancestor, who had a Level Nine cultivation and had suppressed him into a dead end once they started fighting, now what he should do was suppress the monk with his Flying Sword as well. Moreover, the monk was careless, he was not aware of the seriousness the first time that Zhou Bao broke his Guiding Stunt, and then he let him break his Heavenly Dragon's Giant Handprint also. It seemed that he had less fighting experience than Raging Fire Ancestor, but even still, he did not have much chance to win once the monk got his strength back and would just need to escape. But for now, he began to attack to get an advantage as much as possible.

The Silver Moon Sword Technique displayed its complete strength. The sword light charged at Happy Monk like mercury pouring down to the ground.

Happy Monk retreated in a hurry, scolding and shouting. His red monk robe danced like a red cloud, surging in the azure sword light. Even though he was solely defending, he did not seem to be in a disadvantageous position other than not being able to easily get away from the sword light. Luckily, his red monk robe was a defensive celestial device, otherwise, Happy Monk would have gotten several wounds by now.

"How strange! Happy Monk has more skill than this. Why is he still on the defensive?"

The eyes of those two standing by revealed a hint of confusion. Knowing the strength and the temperament of Happy Monk, it should not have been like this.

"Was he injured?" The middle-aged strong man and the man with a sword looked at each other as their eyes displayed their astonishment.

Yes, he had gotten injured..

The huge handprint of Happy Monk was broken through by Junior Leopard and his palm got whipped. It should not have mattered because he was a Level Nine expert. For Level Nine experts, their Real Essence Source of Dantian had already been able to generate the Real Essence. Adding to that, the body of a Ninth-level expert had a strong power of healing, so normal skin trauma would not matter at all since it could heal in a short time no matter how severe the trauma was. Therefore, the human body would have the power to derive flesh and blood once the cultivation reached Level Nine, which was a huge advantage compared to those below Level Nine. And that was exactly why those above Level Nine discriminated against those below Level Nine—because they could not even hurt a single one of their hairs.

But now it was different, completely different.

The Sword Qi of Junior Leopard was not only sharp and fierce, but it had an eccentric strength. This strength was full of destructive power, and after whipping his palm, the power that he derived from flesh and blood could not work at all. Blood continuously flowed, and drastic pain kept accompanying him. More importantly, once he used the Real Essence Internal Qi, his palm would produce an unbearable pain.

That had heavily affected his combat capability.

Not until the time that it took a stick of incense to burn out did he adapt to the pain.

"Hiss! Boy, f*ck you, you are damned! No one can save you, f*ck!"

Having adapted to the pain and suppressed it, Happy Monk roared angrily, rolling his frock up into a huge ball. As Junior Leopard's sword light pricked into the ball emitting golden light, he felt that the ball was peerlessly soft as well as incomparably tough and his Sword Qi had no way to deal with it. Just then, he vaguely felt a strong power cohering inside the ball.

"Shit, he is going to play big!"

How smart Junior Leopard was! The moment that he felt that something had gone wrong, his sword light withdrew immediately. And then, he stood on the sword, becoming an azure light to escape into the depths of the rainforest. Right at the moment that he escaped, Happy Monk's frock radiated a shining red light and it fiercely shot out several red scattered lights.

The power of those red scattered lights was extremely strong.

"Clap! Clap! Clap!"

Innumerable sounds of light resounded all around and everything became nothingness wherever the red light touched. The ground looked like a sieve after this attack, and some red scattered lights even hit the azure lake, causing the lake surface with copper light to ripple faintly.

"The Departure Light? Happy Monk, open your eyes, don't hurt the innocent!" The middle-aged strong man and the man with a sword were nearby Happy Monk, and the indiscriminate Departure Light had affected them as well. The middle-aged strong man had no will to fight it directly. He only scolded him, wandered among the Departure Light like a ghost, and darted more than 10 feet away to escape it. Meanwhile, the man with a sword darkened his expression but did not move at all. He raised his left hand slightly and dozens of Sword Qi spurted out, squarely neutralizing the dozens of Departure Lights that were coming at him.

"Monk, he is gone. If you continue to fight like this, I won't mind killing you!" The man with a sword beat the Departure Lights back. His expression was quiet, but a chilling light was sparkling in his eyes.

"Humph!" Happy Monk came out with a gloomy face, staring at the man with a sword fiercely, and said, "Escaping miles away once a shot was missed, that is the quintessence of sword practitioner. Is he from your Golden Lights Cave?"

The man with a sword sneered, "There are many peculiar things in this big world, not all sword practitioners come from the Golden Lights Cave. But if you insist on identifying him as a disciple of the Golden Lights Cave, just bring it on!"

"Monk, stop it. He came from the Immortal Palace, didn't you see his robe? He is Water Leopard of the Winnowing Basket of the 28 constellations!"

"You recognize him?" The expression on Happy Monk's face changed.

"He is the mysterious expert who has joined the Immortal Palace recently. He appeared in the Ancient Ruins of the Leiyin Temple last time. It is said that he has a powerful strength. Though his cultivation is only at Level Seven, the sword in his hands might be a celestial device at the Mysterious Level, whose speed and destructive power are among the best. As for combat capability, it should be at the peak of Level Eight!" The middle-aged man said casually, "In this case, the information should be true. It's unbelievable that you got hurt. How are you? Is everything okay?"

"It's not a big deal. I have medicine with me!" Looking at his bloody hands, Happy Monk felt pretty embarrassed. He took some medicine out, applied it to his hands, and continued, "There was an eccentric spirit of that guy's Sword Qi that destroyed the vitality around the wounds. It's strange. Is he only at Level Seven? Is the information from your Dark Sect really true?"

"Sometimes the information is true and sometimes it's not. Since the Immortal Palace is a mysterious place, of course we can't get all the inside information. But Water Leopard of the Winnowing Basket is indeed one of the newest guys to join the Immortal Palace in recent years, and he did do something, so I know a little about him."

"I heard that he once argued with the people of the Chaotian Palace," said the man with a sword.

"The people of the Chaotian Palace are always arrogant, so it's not a peculiar thing they couldn't get along. But Brother Qi, do you want to teach him a lesson for the Chaotian Palace?"

"This time, that I am able to enter the Azure Secret Area is utterly due to the Chaotian Palace's help. I need to return the favor, but I just know very little about the Immortal Palace, so I asked such a question. Moreover, why has he fallen into the Azure Secret Area if he is from the Immortal Palace? Though there are nine entrances in the Azure Secret Area, the nine entrances don't belong to the Immortal Palace. Did the Immortal Palace discover a new one?"

"It didn't go that far. Many had double identities among the 28 constellations of the Immortal Palace. Besides that, many like to keep their second identity a secret. And the Immortal Palace is a place which attaches great importance to confidentiality. Thus, as long as they don't disclose that information, no one will know who Water Leopard of the Winnowing Basket is. I guess Water Leopard of the Winnowing Basket might be somebody among those influences who own the nine entrances!" The middle-aged man cooly accounted his analysis. "Plus, there is a possibility that they have just happened to come here. The Seed Setting of the Green Lotus is confidential information. Though nine influences have entrances, there are only three people who can predict this thing, that is why we are here."

"Could this be so coincidental, right at this time?" Happy Monk did not believe it.

"That's the most reasonable explanation!" The man with a sword said coldly, "First of all, the entrances of the Azure Secret Area are so valuable that people have only discovered nine entrances over the past thousands of years, and they are controlled by nine big influences separately. I certainly won't believe it if someone tells me a new entrance has surfaced suddenly, so Water Leopard of the Winnowing Basket should be someone who belongs to nine influences. Second, following threads of the same theory, no one can know about the Seed Setting of the Green Lotus in advance without the help of the masters of the Divine Design. So, it seems that he must have come across it by chance."

"So, do you mean we should just ignore him?" Happy Monk shouted.

"Hard to say. Even if he didn't know it before, he should know something now. After all, the three of us couldn't have gathered together here just to drink tea and have a chat!" the man with a sword said casually.

"So we should just kill him, no matter which influence he belongs to. It will be lucky for him if he doesn't appear anymore. Once he appears, we shall kill him together. Though he is a sword practitioner, his cultivation isn't very high, only at Level Seven. He can't survive the attack if we cooperate," Happy Monk said angrily, looking at the wound on his left hand.

"It's a good method but, just like you said, he is a sword practitioner, and sword practitioners are proficient at speed. With sword light shining, they can escape without a trace. If he wanted to escape, it would be hard for us to kill, or even catch him, even if we cooperate. If we can't catch him, we can't kill him. When we strike out without the assurance that we can kill an opponent, we will acquire us a new enemy. Though I came from the Dark Sect, I am not an idiot like Xue Wuya, and I don't want to have an enemy without any reason," the middle-aged strong man said with a snicker.

"Humph!" Happy Monk flicked his sleeves, having nothing more to say. The middle-aged strong man had already clearly presented his ideas, and as for the man with a sword, he said nothing from beginning to end, just throwing his eyes over to the quiet Green Pool.

A thousand feet away, hidden in the shadow of a huge tree, Junior Leopard was staring at the brim of the Green Pool earnestly. He had escaped into the rainforest just now but instantly launched the Snake-like Breath Holding Skill to get back. With his vision, he could see a thousand feet in the distance, and the three of them did not deliberately try to conceal their voices, so Junior Leopard heard their conversation clearly.

"Seed Setting of the Green Lotus, what is that? Could it be that the lake has some treasure?" Hiding in a tree, Junior Leopard had a clear view of the lake, and that was why he got confused. "Green Spirit, didn't you say that the Green Genuine Water derived everything, and no matter what fell into it, it would become the Divine Energy of Azure Clouds and be absorbed by the Green Genuine Water? Then, what are they waiting for?"

"Haha, didn't you hear that they were waiting for the Seed Setting of the Green Lotus?" Green Spirit laughed, and his extreme excitement was revealed. "Right, I did say that the Green Genuine Water could derive everything, but the word 'everything' refers to something acquired. If I were right, in the lake there would be a congenital bone, it should be the Innate Green Lotus. It is congenital, so the Green Genuine Water can't absorb it, and it even could be said that all Genuine Water was born for the Innate Green Lotus. I had no idea that there was a treasure like it. Boy, if you could get one lotus seed, you would make a fortune!"

"If it is the Green Lotus Seed, then it should bear many seeds during one seed-setting process. There are only three of them, so I'm afraid that they can't take very many."

"Hmm, there won't be many seeds, only nine at a time." Green Spirit said with excitement, "Boy, you shouldn't get greedy, because getting greedy will bring you few advantages. Having just one seed will be enough. With one Innate Green Lotus Seed, you can protect yourself even when you come across a Metaphysical Individual Immortal. No, no, wait, it won't only give you a basic protection, but will guarantee you not being in a disadvantageous position in the first place!"

"What? The lotus seed is so powerful?" Junior Leopard was shocked. He was just at Level Seven and he had to escape whenever he came across a Level Nine expert. What ability did this lotus seed have to let him never taking a disadvantageous position when dealing with a Metaphysical Individual Immortal?

"Hey, man, I don't need to lie to you. That thing can only fully function when it falls into your hands. As for them, it can just help them step over Level Nine and reach the Individual Immortal Karma Ranks, and that is no big deal."

"What do you mean?" Junior Leopard asked in confusion.

"Didn't you get the formation of the Yin and Yang Dust Formation? Powerful as it is, it's not easy to use and it costs too much. One of the most troubling things is the Congenital Clear Spiritual Magic Talisman that is needed for making the Formation Eye. It must be refined by the congenital spirit, which was quite rare even in the primitive times, not to mention now. It could only be easily found in the legendary Primordial Origin. But how could it be possible that the thing from that time has been passed down to the present generation? There are two things in the seeds of the Innate Green Lotus: one is the Congenital Green Spirit, which is one of the congenital spirits and can refine the Congenital Clear Spiritual Magic Talisman; the other is the Innate Green Lotus Flame, which is also a kind of magic flame. Once the Innate Green Lotus Flame mixes with your Golden Flame Mirror, it will double your power!"

"Congenital Clear Spiritual Magic Talisman?" Junior Leopard gasped. He did get the Yin and Yang Dust Formation, but after understanding the mystery of the formation, he extinguished the thought to refine it because it required too much. In particular, the Congenital Clear Spiritual Magic Talisman was needed for the Formation Eye, but it could not be found anywhere. He never expected to come across things that could refine the Congenital Clear Spiritual Magic Talisman here, so merely this one thing could make him satisfied. As for the Innate Green Lotus Flame, he did not care much about it.

Taking a deep breath, Junior Leopard turned to that Green Pool with his eyes revealing his greed. "Innate Qi PureTalisman and Yin and Yang Dust Formation! When this formation is set up, it can be counted as a fairy weapon. Shit, with a fairy weapon, would I even fear an Individual Immortal? Congenital Treasure Green Qi, Innate Green Lotus Flame!" He murmured about these two things, and then asked suddenly, "What will the two things do to those three guys? Will it help them to step into the Metaphysical Realm?"

He did not think that the three Ninth-level experts were as lucky as him to have the formation map of the Yin and Yang Dust Formation, even getting the Green Lotus Seed was for refining the Congenital Clear Spiritual Magic Talisman!

"Of course, their cultivation is high enough. With one more lotus seed, they can step into the Mysterious Realm." Green Spirit nodded. "Besides that, if the Congenital Treasure Green Qi goes inside your body and mixes with your Internal Qi, it can improve the quality of the Genuine Soul. After being burned by the Innate Green Lotus Flame, it will melt foreign matter and get the maximum effect of the Treasure Green Qi. And because the Genuine Soul contains Congenital Qi, their future for practicing martial arts will be easier compared to normal people's, and they will at least have a comparatively straight path from the Individual Immortal to the Genuine Immortal."

"It's so good?" Hearing those words, Junior Leopard felt itchy. "Then how about mixing the Congenital Treasure Green Qi with it? The Yin and Yang Dust Formation is good, but it is still a worldly possession, whereas upgrading my ability is the most important thing!" Junior Leopard said.

"How stupid are you?" Hearing his reply, Green Spirit shouted, "Your Internal Qi is pure and the Demonic Fire of the Primordial Loach Monster is included in your body, so why do you need the Congenital Treasure Green Qi? Damn! It is valuable, but it isn't designed for the Real Essence Internal Qi, which can only perform a small part of its effect. What I taught you before is the best way to maximize its effect."

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