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"Wang She, you asshole! You not only went to my fire vein to gain benefits but also gave me trouble. What a bastard! Don't you ever comply with morality or justice?"

Redflame School, Greenwood Mountain.

Half of the grand Redflame School had been destroyed by a mighty power. Most buildings were in ruins, yet a few main buildings remained.

Raging Fire Ancestor also looked bedraggled. His fiery red robe had been broken into strips, his face was scorched and his golden-red hair stood up as if he had been burned by electricity.

In fact, he had been.

"Humph! This geocentric fire vein is given and nourished by nature. Old man, even the emperor has no right to proclaim sovereignty, let alone you. How can it be yours? Do you mean to claim it as your property just because you established a Redflame School here? If so, it will belong to me tomorrow after I build a toilet here." Wang She sneered and said, "Listen, if you don't give me a clear answer, I will pull down your Redflame School and destroy this geocentric fire vein."

"I've told you for many times, that guy has either run away or has been trapped in the geocentric fire vein. It's of no help for you to make trouble for me. If you didn't waste time here but went down to look for him at first, you might have found him by now."

"Humph! You have forcibly occupied this geocentric fire vein for so many years. Thus, you must be more familiar with the inside terrain than me. It will be more efficient if you come with me. If you have no ulterior motives, wouldn't you go down with me?"

"You…" Raging Fire Ancestor tried his best to suppress his anger, but his fiery red eyebrows couldn't help moving.

Conversations like this had lasted for over ten days. That was unexpected for Raging Fire Ancestor.

He used to think that only Junior Leopard snuck into the fire veins. Unexpectedly there were two more partners. Moreover, it seemed that the chief plotter was not Zhou Bao.

It was really troublesome when Wang She and Prince Xiaoming came to ask him for Junior Leopard at the same time.

He always thought he was on the reasonable side, but obviously, those two were unreasonable people.

After all, Prince Xiaoming was a member of the same school as him. He would not go too far but incidentally added some inessential words. While Wang She was relentless, he not only almost destroyed the Redflame School that the Raging Fire Ancestor established with lots of effort, but also inflicted serious wounds on his several disciples. If he had no scruples, he probably would have killed them.

"Prince Xiaoming, you are the Great Venerable of the Redflame School. How dare you unite with outsiders to attack members of our school? Aren't you afraid of being punished according to school discipline?"

"I didn't attack them. I just made a round trip inside your Redflame School." Prince Xiaoming shrugged and said, "Old Raging Fire, you'd better listen to him and get that guy out of the fire vein. Otherwise, he won't leave the matter at that. What's more, that guy has done me an unnecessary favor and I'm much obliged for that."

"Since you are obliged, why don't you go down to look for him? I didn't kill him." Raging Fire Ancestor felt extremely aggrieved and added, "If you want to use my fire vein, you can just tell me. Why are you so furtive?"

"I have no time to listen to your verbose talk." Suddenly, Wang She's body shone with green electric light. He said to Raging Fire Ancestor, "Old man, you have two choices. Surrender Junior Leopard or come with us to look for him. I don't want to spare more time with you here."

"Humph! Wang She, do you really take my Redflame School as your backyard to do whatever you want within?" Raging Fire Ancestor's body also shone with red rays and he angrily replied, "Let me see who is more powerful!"

"Now that you yourself want to fight, it won't be my fault if I hurt you later." Wang She narrowed his eyes and fiercely stared at Raging Fire Ancestor, just like a poisonous snake.

But on the verge of a fight breaking out, a strange thing happened.

A golden ray was projected from the back of Greensword Mountain, and then the surrounding essence of the world fiercely fluctuated.

What was more, on this sunny day, the heat from the sunlight was decreasing rapidly. At that moment, sunlight in the surrounding 25 square kilometers seemed to lose all its energy and become cold. Even if it only happened in a flash, the three experts of Level Nine were so sensitive that they simultaneously moved to the place where the golden light appeared.

Junior Leopard looked bedraggled with his whole body soiled with dust. Under his feet, there was a huge round hole which could extend to the depth of geocentric fire vein. At the same time, extremely strong Spiritual Energy of Fire was gushing from this hole and was out of control.

When he just opened his eyes, Junior Leopard saw Raging Fire Ancestor who made him subconsciously pose in a defensive gesture. After which, he felt relieved because he saw Wang She and Prince Xiaoming.

"Hey, brothers. Have you successfully mastered the stunt?"

Wang She did not give a shit at all, while Prince Xiaoming's face turned slightly red because of Junior Leopard's teasing words. She replied, "You really are a lucky dog. You survived!"

"Hehe, it's just a little earth fire. It can't kill me." Junior Leopard said with a smile.

"Humph! Kiddo, you are just lucky." It was a great relief for both Wang She and the Raging Fire Ancestor to see Junior Leopard get out from the geocentric fire vein safely.

"Okay. Now that he has come out safely, you guys can leave."

In the past a dozen days, Raging Fire Ancestor had been so mentally exhausted for dealing with Wang She, that he had no energy to even lose his temper. All he wanted was to send the three gods of plague away as soon as possible, and then he would feel thankful. He had no desire to badger with them anymore.

Actually, Wang She had intended to make some more trouble. But he gave it up when receiving the signal from Prince Xiaoming's eyes.

Then they left together.

"Now that Raging Fire Ancestor is so familiar with you guys, why did we sneak into the fire vein and making such trouble?" Junior Leopard asked with confusion.

"I didn't want to owe him a favor. Besides, we didn't know whether you would destroy the geocentric fire vein again or not. If we had informed him and you carelessly destroyed this geocentric fire vein, we would become enemies."

"He knows about it at last. Then what's the difference?"

"You are right. If I had known this, there wouldn't be so much trouble."

"In fact, you were not wrong. But you should carry it through to the end. If you had properly dealt with Chilei, who later informed the Raging Fire Ancestor, perhaps there would be no trouble today."

"You really have cut-throat means at your young age. After all, Chilei is a Venerable of my school. To deal with him? How? Kill him?"

"I didn't say to kill him, but we can tie him and leave him inside the geocentric fire vein. Of course, we would let him go when we came out. We shouldn't have left him there... Okay, it was my fault for failing to express myself. Otherwise, we wouldn't have had such trouble today."

"Kiddo, this time we are obliged to you. But you'd better not behave like this as if you are giving a lesson." Prince Xiaoming was quite dissatisfied with Junior Leopard's attitude. "Kiddo, listen, if you keep talking like this, I will throw you back into the fire vein."

"Hey hey!" Junior Leopard touched his head with a smile and stopped talking.

"Kiddo, it seems that you've gotten great benefits this time." In a timely manner, Wang She changed the topic.

"Sure. You guys also got lots of benefits, right?"

"Hehe!" Wang She forced a smile and said, "Do you know that the World Hero Competition has come to an end. That Pure Yang Celestial Device has a new owner."

"Oh, really?" Junior Leopard was interested in the Pure Yang Celestial Device. Before he came out from the geocentric fire vein, his Golden Flame Mirror had absorbed enough Sun Colored Glaze Flame to evolve to Pure Yang. By now, he had finished refining his own Pure Yang Celestial Device.

"Who is the lucky dog to own this Pure Yang Celestial Device? Is it the guy from the Li family?" Junior Leopard asked because he was on good terms with Li Xiu.

"No. It's Yan Fei, Xining King's Eldest Son." Wang She replied, "Li Xiu was beaten by Ji Yeyue. But she gave up and didn't show up in the battleground of the final battle. It meant that Yan Fei won that Pure Yang Celestial Device hands down."

"It is a Pure Yang Celestial Device. How could Ji Yeyue give up it so easily? She's really generous." Junior Leopard sighed.

"That Pure Yang Celestial Device is the Octupole Exquisite Pagoda, which owns offense-defense fusion together. It's quite powerful. I believe that very soon, Xining King's Eldest Son will be world-renowned."

"It's a good thing. Thus, the Great Jin will have another teen expert."

"Maybe he will cause you some trouble."

"Me? Why? He is the eldest son of Xining King. What does he have to do with me?"

"The things you have done recently are too aggressive. Even though you have gained a big reputation, you also cause dissatisfaction with other people. Some others' profits have also been affected. Therefore, some people are going to cause trouble for you."

"What can I do now?"

"By the way, if Yan Fei challenges you, what will you do?"

"Challenge me?" Junior Leopard raised his eyebrows. This was unexpected for him. If he was challenged, he seemed to have no reason to refuse it. It was the Jianghu's rule that after you achieved success and won recognition, you should face not only things you won but also the challenges you met. If you refused, it would be regarded as you admitting defeat and you would lose your reputation. This was why Wang Yuebai accepted it without hesitation when he was challenged by Junior Leopard. Mostly, he was confident enough, but besides that, he feared that if he refused, his reputation would be damaged.

Junior Leopard did not care about his reputation. He thought for a while and said, "I don't think he is that stupid as to challenge me when he just achieved Level Seven. A Pure Yang Celestial Device can't help him reach the pinnacle with one leap."

"In the eyes of the people in Jianghu, what helped you in the battles where you achieve your success, was also a celestial device. Not a Pure Yang Celestial Device, but only an ordinary psychic celestial device." Wang She said with a smile, "You have created a legend. Obviously, someone wants to break the legend now."

"Is it really that serious? I'm just a common person in Jianghu, while he's the Xining King's Eldest Son. He has nothing to do with me. Why must he come to cause me trouble?"

"Everything happens for a good reason. It's not he who wants to cause you trouble. It's an irresistible trend. He has to challenge you even if he doesn't want to. Do you think he could get the Octupole Exquisite Pagoda for free?" Wang She gave him a look and sneered. "Kiddo, I know what you are thinking of, but you must know that you have been trapped in Jianghu. It's not that easy to remain clean. You involuntarily get involved in many things that you can't control."

"I see. Is your news accurate?"

"At least it's more accurate than yours." Wang She replied, "By the way, Princess Xiaoming, you've also heard the news, haven't you?"

"Exactly. I've heard of that." Prince Xiaoming nodded and glanced at Junior Leopard. "Kiddo, Wang She is right. You are too dazzling right now, basking in the limelight. Someone wants to humble you."

"To humble me?" Junior Leopard slightly raised his lips and said, "I just don't understand why there are always some people thinking that they are superior to others and want to humble other people from time to time. I piss on them!" Junior Leopard murmured to himself and a cold light flashed across his eyes. "Okay. Let's wait and see who is going to be humbled."

Prince Xiaoming and Wang She smiled at each other.

After walking for some distance together, Junior Leopard took the thing he wanted from Prince Xiaoming and went another way.

Their journey to the earth vein was quite dangerous. But the harvest was more than expected. He not only successfully cultivated Gang but also refined a Pure Yang Celestial Device. With a Pure Yang Celestial Device, Junior Leopard would feel more grounded and confident when facing a Ninth-level expert.

At least he didn't need to run away like how he would've done against Raging Fire Ancestor last time.

"Your Excellency, you finally come back. If you didn't return soon, we would've completely lost our heads."

"What happened?" Seeing the several worried people, Junior Leopard thought to himself, "Had the letter of challenge from the damn Yan Fei been received?"

"I pay my respects to Your Excellency!" A figure flashed past behind Jiang Xiao and he went down on his knees upon seeing Junior Leopard.

"Wang Datong? Oh, it's you. Long time no see. I remember that you should be in Jiang City. Why are you here?"

Wang Datong was former captain of rear services for Navy of Jiang City, afterward he became a shareholder and the shopkeeper of the Anyuan Store.

"Your Excellency, I heard that you came here, so I came to pay my respects and report something to you."

"What is it?"

"Well, Your Excellency, all goods have been packed and we are ready to set out tomorrow. However, with the distance being so far and the terrain including mountains, it's not that easy to arrive at the destination. Since you are here, I'd like to have a discussion with you."

"Oh, really? All goods have been packed well?"

These goods were prepared for Junior Leopard's territory. Because of the location being so remote, bitter and in the cold northwest, his territory had a small population and thus less production. Winter was coming and if there wasn't enough food and materials, at least half of the people in his territory would die. Junior Leopard definitely wouldn't let things like that happen. Therefore, he had asked Wang Datong to prepare and send lots of goods to his territory in batches. This was the last batch of goods. He had made a fortune in both Cool Breeze Gang and Blackwolf tribe. Even if it could not be compared with a country, the money was enough for him to support his people for many years.

But it was not only about buying goods, it was also about transporting and storing these goods. Junior Leopard did not want to manage these trifle things. In addition, Wang Datong used to methodically take charge of finance for the Navy of Jiang City and was experienced in it. Therefore, he asked Wang Datong to manage all of it.

"Yes, your Excellency. Everything is ready." Wang Datong nodded.

"Okay. Then you can ask the caravans to set out. As you have said, it's a long distance. If they don't set out as soon as possible, winter may have already passed when they arrive finally there."

"That's exactly what I'm going to say." Wang Datong added, "It will take at least half a year to deliver those goods. Even though we never delay and hurry on with our journey, we may also be late. Thanks to your great consideration, most of the goods have either been delivered or are due to arrive at the destination now."

"What's your opinion?" Junior Leopard looked at him with confused eyes.

"Well, your Excellency. Given the long distance and cold weather, as well as the blizzard in the north, I'm wondering if we can deliver these goods in early spring. Otherwise, once we encounter heavy blizzard on the way, both the goods and our people would get into danger."

"Fine," Junior Leopard nodded and replied, "It's a reasonable request. Winter is coming. It's indeed dangerous to deliver so many goods. Okay. You can deliver this batch of goods in early spring as you said. By the way, you don't need to ask for my opinion. Just manage such kind of trivial things on your own. It doesn't matter"

"Thank you very much. Your Excellency, there's one more thing I must report."

"What's up?"

"Thanks to you, the Anyuan Store has a good reputation and our business goes well. The losses have also been made up. Those bandits gave back all the goods they robbed and paid us a large sum of money. Now that we've extended several other business lines, after the beginning of spring, I'm preparing to start a business in the south. What I worry about is the Sect of Flame which has great influence in the south. They hide their influence and implant lots of people among ordinary folks. Almost every store in the south is related to the Sect of Flame. Thus, we have to comply with the provisions of the government and also the ones of the Sect of Flame. I'm afraid that they will bully newcomers."

"You really want to expand the business to the south?"

"The south is known for good mountains and rivers. It's an abundant place with a developed water network and advanced business. Three-quarters of the Great Jin's fortune is based in the south. That's why the government never wants to seriously suppress the south. No matter how aggressive the Sect of Flame is. If we can expand our business to the southern market, Anyuan Store will have a more promising future. What's more, if we succeed in extending this route from your territory directly to the south, great benefits will be brought. So I'm trying to carry out the plan through interpersonal networks in the south. We should receive exact information about it soon." Wang Datong said.

"I know little about business, but I'm interested in what you said. If you really want, you don't need to bother. The newly appointed Great Venerable of External Three Halls that belong to the Sect of Flame is Cao Xuetang. He's my friend. You can go and ask him for help," Junior Leopard replied.

"Cao Xuetang?" Wang Datong suddenly trembled. He had heard of Cao Xuetang. That man used to be an ordinary Venerable of the Sect of Flame. Even though he once held a relatively important position, he had fallen into disgrace for a long time. It was just half a month ago, he suddenly stepped into Level Eight and became the Great Venerable of the Sect of Flame. Besides, he gained support from parties who had true power. He defeated his opponents and controlled the External Three Halls. Now he had almost become the most sought-after person in the sect. Wang Datong had never thought that such a man was a friend of his boss.

"Your Excellency, do you really know him?"

Junior Leopard smiled and said, "Just feel free to do business in the south. If you have trouble, you can ask Cao Xuetang for help. "

"Yes, your Excellency. I'll do it at once." Wang Datong said excitedly. He was very smart and good at doing business. Certainly, he knew that it was extremely wonderful for a businessman in the south to have a good relationship with a big shot of the Sect of Flame.

"Don't be happy that early. It's not a problem to find a helper. As for doing business, you must count on yourself."

"Don't worry, your Excellency! If I messed up the business under such good conditions, you can just take my life."

"Why should I?" Junior Leopard said with a smile, "You can do your job at ease. I won't treat you shabbily. You are a shareholder of Anyuan Store. The more money you make, the more bonus you'll get. Isn't that right?"

"You are right, your Excellency. I'd like to express my deep gratitude to you for your understanding." Jiang Xiao, Wang Cheng, Zhu Ba and Wang Datong replied with one voice.

"Okay. By the way, I was informed that Xining King's Eldest Son might make me for trouble. What's your opinion on it?"

"Xining King's Eldest Son? Do you mean Yan Fei, the winner of World Hero Competition who won the Pure Yang Celestial Device?" They were all shocked. Even though they were not strong enough to clearly understand what exactly a battle between experts of Level Seven was, they all heard of the legend of Pure Yang Celestial Devices. His Excellency gained worldwide fame with a psychic celestial device at that time. The one Yan Fei got was a Pure Yang Celestial Device, which was two levels higher than a psychic celestial device and attracted many heroes to fight for it. Despite that Zhou Bao had unfathomable cultivation and great strength, it was not guaranteed for him to win a battle if his opponent had a Pure Yang Celestial Device.

"Your Excellency, we all watched the World Hero Competition. We can't identify Yan Fei's true strength, but we have seen that Pure Yang Celestial Device. When it showed up, it shined and looked really dazzling. At the moment it was taken out from the box, we, even thousands of people on spot, all felt a great power and couldn't move at all. Only those renowned experts of Level Seven were exceptions. That pressure didn't disappear until it was put away by Xining King's Eldest Son. Your Excellency, I have to tell you, that Pure Yang Celestial Device's power is even stronger than yours when you fought with Wang Yuebai."

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