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This was only an assumption from Junior Leopard. Though there seemed to be one more phase over Level Nine which in the legends was called Tongxuan. But Tongxuan was just a legend in the gathering of martial arts. And the best explanation of that legend was the phrase, "Being in neither the three realms nor the five elements".

Being in neither three realms nor the five elements!

Who were those men?

They must be celestial beings! Only celestial beings could be in neither three realms nor the five elements!

Junior Leopard didn't think too much about that. All he thought now was about the elixir prescription in his hand. Five elixir prescriptions were all attached with particular refining techniques. It seemed like the reading notes of Junior Leopard in his previous life which were elaborate, too.

"This elixir prescription has been in between the pages of The Medicinal Bath Formula all this time. Sun Hua must be a black sheep. Though he is literate, he seems to be only interested in the first two books. As to the book in my hand, I guess he has never read it. Hey, hey... " Junior Leopard sighed, together with continuing to recite the six elixir prescriptions and refining techniques in his mind.

Reciting was a piece of cake for Junior Leopard who had passed CET-6 and majored in Chinese.

Though this paper was filled with small and dense fonts, there was only one paper in all. Little time would be taken to recite it. What was more, he had already recited a complete set of Ignis Skill in his present life. He had experience in reciting cheats now.

Instead of going out, he stayed at The Wu's ironware shop to forge iron the next day and continued to recite that elixir prescription. By doing so he knew five elixir prescriptions and refining techniques thoroughly by heart in a few days. After affirming it many times, he finally burned that elixir prescription.

Fascinated by that elixir prescription, he kept reciting even during the time he was forging these days. He cared nothing about ruining several weapons. But Qin Xuanlong, who had half of the responsibility of supervising, had realized Junior Leopard's absent-mindedness. Several days later Qin asked Junior Leopard whether he had worries during lunch time, for he really destroyed too many weapons in a few days.

Junior Leopard had already prepared for that question. He said that he was in a poor state these days and wanted to have few days off.

Qin Xuanlong outright approved Junior Leopard to have three days off on hearing his words.

After all, according to Junior Leopard's capability now, there still was abundant time left for him to finish his monthly target.

After bidding farewell to Qin Xuanlong, Junior Leopard went out of The Wu's ironware shop. He strolled in the street and went back to the shop several hours later with a number of packets.

People in the shop who saw him with a number of packets were all confused. Junior Leopard explained to them that those medicines were bought for his parents, therefore people cared no more.

"Ouch! I am exhausted!" Junior Leopard couldn't wait to throw all the packets in bed as soon as he got in his house. These packets were medicine for sure, but they were not bought for his parents, but for refining Anesthetic Pills.

The elixir prescription seemed to be amazing. He had recited it all, too. But the accuracy remained uncertain. He needed to check.

But how?

The most proper way to check the accuracy certainly was to refine them out. But he could neither acquire materials for Bone Forging Pills nor materials for Tendon Changing Pills at present. He definitely recited The Medicinal Bath Formula fluently and there were lots of medicinal books at home, also. But the materials to refine those two pills were beyond Junior Leopard's imagination.

Junior Leopard had read lots of medicinal books and he could recite the basic The Medicinal Bath Formula. So he was sure that he knew quite a lot of kinds of medicinal materials in the world. But among those six elixir prescriptions, medicinal materials that were needed for refining Bone Forging Pills, Tendon Changing Pills, Pulse Settling Pills, Blood Exchanging Pills, and Marrow Cleansing Pills were extremely strange, and only medicinal materials for the Anesthetic Pill were common. Actually, he was not a stranger to most of Bone Forging Pill's medicinal materials. Except two, Junior Leopard had heard about the rest and all of them were precious. According to his property, Junior Leopard couldn't afford them even if he wiped out all his fortune. But it was better than the Tendon Changing Pill, which needed lots of medicinal materials that he never even heard about except a few. As for the Pulse Settling Pill, he had heard about poor kinds which were treasures, even unmatched in this world — let alone Blood Exchanging Pills and Marrow Cleansing Pills. He had no hope for the last two pills.

Though the medicinal materials for Bone Forging Pill were precious, there was a possibility to refine them.

But Junior Leopard had to confirm the accuracy before he refined the Bone Forging Pill, or else it would be a huge loss if he found all the medicinal materials with tremendous effort but the prescription was fictitious.

Therefore, the Anesthetic Pill on the same elixir prescription, which had medicinal materials that were easy to find, turned out to be his first choice.

Medicinal materials for the Anesthetic Pill were not precious. As a matter of fact, he had bought most of the medicinal materials easily, except one, called Kuhe, which made him search a few more drugstores. He also bought a small crock-pot to boil herbs in.

On the elixir prescription, there was not only medicinal material that was needed in refining pills, but also particular refining methods, and the true order of putting in medicinal materials. Actually, so many things needed to be paid attention to. For example, whether the material needed to be crushed, which material needed to keep fresh, to what degree another material could be put in, when and how much water should be added, when to make conflagration and when to make soft fire, what degree the conflagration and soft fire should reach, and so on. It was really intricate. Each process must maintain veracity or else the efficacy would be affected.

Refining pills were not the same as that in immortality cultivation novels, which needed things like an oven. To refine this Anesthetic Pill a crock-pot was enough. First, put medicinal materials according to the order on the elixir prescription, and add water and make fire and boil them to a paste. Then twist the paste to grains of pills, which are as big as soybeans, and dry in the sun. Then it's done.

Most pills in this world were made like this. Things like ovens were used to burn incense in the temple but not refining medicines.

Refining with the first trail, Junior Leopard was not skilled. As he was wasting all the medicinal material after several times refining, finally achievements were obtained. He decocted a big bowl of gray plaster and then twisted the plaster into pills, which were as big as soybeans. Though those pills were not shaped in standard balls, they looked very good with several dozens put together.

After being dried in the sun, they became grains of pills. In all, there were 34 granules.

It was true that pills were made successfully. But they still needed testing.

The elixir prescription said that the Anesthetic Pill was very powerful. But practice is the sole criterion for testing truth.

Thanks to so many gate-keeping wolf-dogs in The Wu's ironware shop, Junior Leopard secretly mixed five Anesthetic Pills in the tank which was used to provide water for dogs. In fact, that tank was a huge size and the Anesthetic Pill seemed so small. For fear of lacking efficacy, Junior Leopard put in five pills in all. As a result, Junior Leopard was shocked.

The Anesthetic Pill was pretty easy to be melted in water after drying. They became colorless and odorless after melting. Even those wolf-dogs, which were famous for their sensitive nose, had realized nothing unusual. After drinking water, dozens of wolf-dogs at the ironware shop all fell into a deep sleep soon. Not one could be awakened.

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