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There were things that were unreasonable or even ridiculous in the eyes of outsiders. But once you learned the truth, you would find that the profound meaning hidden in them was unimaginable.

What was the value of a Pure Yang Celestial Device?

Only a few people could make it clear.

Actually, before now, most people in Jianghu had not heard about the so-called "Pure Yang Celestial Device", and all they knew was that there were various bizarre magic weapons in the world.

It didn't matter that they didn't know this before.They knew now, and that was enough. The gossip in Jianghu spread like wildfire, especially since all the people were very interested in it. So not long after, the whole Jianghu knew that the Pure Yang Celestial Device was the magic weapon second only to the fairy weapon.

Below the Pure Yang Celestial Device was the Psychic Celestial Device and the Mysterious Celestial Device.The young expert Zhou Bao, who had made a great contribution to the Northern Yuan destruction war and had been in the limelight of Jianghu in recent years, killed a Level Eight expert of Northern Yuan by using a Psychic Celestial Device.

A Level Five master of martial arts could kill a Level Eight expert by using a Psychic Celestial Device. So, what would happen if one used a Pure Yang Celestial Device that was two levels above it?

This sort of reasoning was enough to make the whole Jianghu and the martial arts world go crazy.

Although this was just a joke in the eyes of Junior Leopard, it was sufficient to light up the dreams of hundreds of people who had very little capacity in the martial arts world.

Moreover, what the World Hero Competition had was not just a Pure Yang Celestial Device, besides which, people could also win other awards if they ranked higher. As for what the other awards were, it was believed that the news would come soon.

"Well, don't think too much. Zhu Ba, I assume that with your present capacity, even if you took part in that competition, you'd have no chance to win a prize. Just stop getting your hopes high, and if you meet a real expert, never force yourself to be brave because it isn't worth it, just run away as far as you can."

"Thank you, Your Excellency!"

"Ok, you can go back. Whoever wants to take part in this competition is permitted to. But you should do it according to your ability. Understood?!"

"Yes, Your Excellency!"

Just as people were going to leave, a flicker of confusion passed across Junior Leopard's face. "Jiang Xiao, take some people and go outside and check. It seems that we have a guest!"

A burst of hubbub and reproach came from the yard before Junior Leopard finished his words.

With gloomy expressions, Zhu Ba and the others went outside. But before they arrived in the yard, the gate of the yard was bumped open, and Renzhen Cuo came in staggering.

"Zhou Bao, don't put on airs!"

There were three people following Renzhen Cuo— an old man, a middle-aged man, and a teen. Among them, Junior Leopard only knew the old man, Lyu Yiyue, the First Elder in the Wu Family. Now he was looking inside with embarrassment, and as soon as he saw Junior Leopard, his eyes looked away.

It was the teen who shouted. He was about the same age as Junior Leopard, wearing a magnificent robe, full of pride, and with a sneer on his face. Junior Leopard felt that he looked familiar, but at that moment he could not remember where he had met the young man.

The middle-aged man standing behind him was in black and had a strong body. He looked dignified and although he was not angry, his expression was cold.

"A Level Eight expert?!" judging from his Qi Power, Junior Leopard easily sensed his cultivation. He was undoubtedly a Level Eight expert!

"Elder Lyu, please forgive us for not meeting you at the door!"

"It doesn't matter!" Lyu Yiyue said immediately, "Elder Zhou, let me introduce you. This is our Family Head's son, Second Young Master Wu Yulong, and this is Elder Lin Xiaoqing from Tian Long Taoism!"

"Wu Yulong and Lin Xiaoqing?!"

Junior Leopard gazed at him and remembered that he had met this Second Young Master Wu Yulong at the Selection Contest of the Wu Family because the contest was followed by a banquet to acknowledge his teacher. As Junior Leopard was not interested in this banquet, he barely glanced at Wu Yulong. Now ten years had passed, and Wu Yulong had grown from a little child to a brave teen. No wonder he did not recognize him.

"It's Elder Lin, Second Young Master!" Junior Leopard nodded with hands folded together, "Please come in. Renzhen Cuo, serve tea!"

"Humph!"Second Young Master Wu Yulong gave a cold snort, glancing over at Junior Leopard, and came directly into the house behind Lin Xiaoqing.

"It's weird. The Second Young Master of the Wu family and I are strangers, yet he seems to be very hostile towards me!" Junior Leopard frowned slightly and thought, "I don't want to look for trouble with a foppery like Wu Yulong, but if he looks for trouble first, I don't need to resign because now I'm not a disciple of the Wu Family anymore. Even if it is the Family Head and the First Family Elder, they should still be polite to me, let alone this young man. And most importantly, he is the disciple of Wang She."

Jiang Xiao, Zhu Ba, and Wang Cheng were also dissatisfied, especially Zhu Ba, whose eyes flicked with chilling light. If it was not Junior Leopard who stopped him, maybe he would have turned the table over right away.

"You guys can go back. I can handle this!"

"Damn it, how can he be so arrogant! How dare the asshole come to our domain! If it was not for His Excellency, I...!

"That's enough, Zhu Ba. His Excellency came from the Wu Family, and although he is famous now, he is still the outer core elder of the Wu Family. That Wu Yulong is the young master of the Wu Family, so it is reasonable that His Excellency has some misgivings."


"Don't worry!" Jiang Xiao patted on Zhu Ba's shoulder with a smile and said, "His Excellency is not a person willing to suffer any loss. Just wait and watch. There will be something interesting!"

"You mean, His Excellency will...!" Zhu Ba said with happiness, but soon his mouth was covered by Jiang Xiao, who said, "Lower your voice down, because they have at least two Level Seven experts!"

"How do you know that?!"

"Nonsense, Tian Long Taoism is one of the most powerful schools in the world. If one can be The Elder in such a school, he has to be at least a Level Seven expert!"

"I see!" Zhu Ba giggled, tapping his head.

Junior Leopard led the three people into the house and sat them according to their ranks. Renzhen Cuo served the tea and left.

"Elder Lyu, what can I do for you?"

"Well..., I think it's more appropriate to let Elder Lin talk. Today, I am just here to accompany them." Lyu Yiyue smiled bitterly. He meant to send Junior Leopard a message, but Lin Xiaoyue being a Level Eight expert, could decipher the message which was carried by Secret Acoustic Skill.

"Well, Elder Lin, what can I do for you?!" Junior Leopard turned to Lin Xiaoyue and asked.

"You already know about the World Hero Competition, right?!"

This is the first time that Lin Xianyue spoke. His voice was beautiful and magnetic, but with a bit of coldness and arrogance.

Junior Leopard smiled and said, "I heard about it not long ago. Well, is this why you came? Is Elder Lin going to take part in the World Hero Competition? Haha, I think with your cultivation, it will not be difficult to win that Pure Yang Celestial Device!"

"Not me, but you!" Lin Xiaoyue said, "this World Hero Competition is related to that Pure Yang Celestial Device. But all the several well-known schools and families have some concerns. In order not to ruin the peace among us, we made an agreement that only experts below Level Seven are allowed to take part in this competition, and The Elders and experts above Level Seven are forbidden. But except for the well-known schools and families, those middle-sized or small-sized well-known families also have one or two experts above Level Seven, and some of them even have already cultivated Gang successfully. Besides, there are also some experts who don't belong to any school or well-known family. Although they are in the minority, they are the ones who desire the Pure Yang Celestial Device the most. Maybe their combat capacity is not excellent, but experts below Level Seven are no match for them. Therefore, we decided to let you take part in it. With your capacity, it will not be difficult to defeat them. If you win that Pure Yang Celestial Device for us, we will not treat you shabbily!"

"Hahahahaha...!" Junior Leopard laughed after hearing this, and said, "I'm really sorry, Elder Lin. I think it is trouble, so I don't want to get involved. I think that you'd better ask someone else for help!~"

"Zhou Bao, don't make us do it the hard way. It's an honor to be chosen by us. Don't think that just because you have a celestial device you can ignore others. Don't forget that you are still a disciple of the Wu Family. I'm the young master of the Wu Family, and if I ask you to take part in it, are you going to refuse?!"

"Firstly, I'm not a common disciple of the Wu Family, but an outer core elder. What about you? You are just the young master of the Wu Family, not the Family Head. So you have no right to command me; Secondly, because I'm still the outer core elder of the Wu Family, not even the Family Head can force me to do anything that I don't want to do, and this point is made very clear in the family rules of the Wu Family. If you haven't read it yet or don't understand it, you can go and ask First Elder Lyu!" Junior Leopard held out two fingers, smiling.

"You...!" Wu Yulong smacked the back of the chair with great force and stood up abruptly. The force was so great that the chair smashed directly.

"Second Young Master, stop messing up. You are the Second Young Master of the Wu Family, and once you step out of the door of the Wu Family, you are representing the Wu Sect. You may cause trouble if you keep being so impulsive!" Junior Leopard was still not angry and kept smiling, and then he said, "Do you agree with me, Elder Lyu?"

Lyu Yiyue just smiled bitterly and held Wu Yulong's arm fiercely by one hand. After all, he was a Level Seven expert, and Wu Yulong was just at Level Five, so he easily pulled Wu Yulong back to his seat. Wu Yulong was just about to say something, only to find that Junior Leopard had already turned to Lin Xiaoqing.

"I'm sorry, Elder Lin!"

"Sorry doesn't work!" Lin Xiaoqing shook his head slightly and stared at Junior Leopard as if he wanted to read Junior Leopard's mind and said, "Your refusal is useless because this is not a command by the Wu Family, but the decision was made by Tian Long Taoism together with the well-known families of Wang, Chen, Lin, and Yang, and more than ten middle-sized and small-sized well-know families!"

"Haha, that's interesting. Do Tian Long Taoism and the well-known families of Wang, Chen, Lin, and Yang have anything to do with me?!" Junior Leopard sneered and said. He was still wearing a smile on his lips but his eyes were not smiling, and he said, "I'm neither a disciple in those families, nor do I belong to Tian Long Taoism. What authority do you have to tell me to do things?!"

"Right comes from power!" Lin Xiaoqing was not swayed, and he said, "I have said that this competition is very important, and we must win that Pure Yang Celestial Device. So you must take part in it, whether you like it or not!"

"If I understand correctly, are you saying that even if I go and win first prize, I still have to hand the Pure Yang Celestial Device to you?!"

"Of course. But we will treat you right!" Lin Xiaoqing said with certainty.

"Hahahahahahaha...!" Junior Leopard was so angry that he laughed, "Well, well, you are right. Power comes from strength. If one gets absolute strength, he will have absolute power. But, I think you overestimate your own strength, and therefore, you have overestimated your power!"

"I admit that you are indeed a genius, as you have obtained such a great cultivation and reputation at such a young age. But at best you are just a Level Eight expert and there are lots of people who are more powerful than you. I think you better give it some serious thought. You are no match for Tian Long Taoism together with the four well-known families of Wang, Chen, Lin and Yang, and more than ten middle-sized and small-sized schools.

"Try me!" Junior Leopard snorted. "I'm sorry, I have no time to spare. Please...!"

Junior Leopard held his teacup to send the guests off.

He was ordering them to leave, and he even didn't care that Lyu Yiyue was present.

Lyu Yiyue's face went pale, and he was too embarrassed to stay there. Holding Wu Yulong, he was about to leave when Wu Yulong shoved his hand unexpectedly.

"Zhou Bao, you are so conceited! How dare you be so rude to Elder Lin!"

Junior Leopard did not even glance at him, but just stared at Lin Xiaoqing and said, "Well, does Elder Lin have anything else to say?!"

"The only thing I need is to capture you!" Lin Xiaoqing's eyes flickered with chilling light. Raising his hand, he rushed to capture Junior Leopard.

"Gang Qi!"

Once the expert acts, then you will know if he has any real abilities.

Lin Xiaoqing reached out his hand, and it became extremely chilly. In the blink of an eye, the whole room turned to frost.

His hand went directly toward Junior Leopard's chest, with Qi of frost carried by his hand.

"Humph!" Junior Leopard sneered. A strong red light was surrounding him, and then four Fire Dragons made by Internal Qi went towards Lin Xiaoqing.

"cheap trick!" Noticing the Fire Dragons, Lin Xiaoqing didn't dodge at all, and he just tapped the air downward fiercely.

"Sough...!" The cold wind sweep made the four Fire Dragons disappear immediately in a flash. But it was during this time when he made the wind sweep that Junior Leopard moved away from his chair, and flashed like a ghost to the back of Lin Xiaoqing, attacking Lin Xiaoqing with his two fists.

"Great!" Lin Xiaoqing said deeply, and turning around, he got punched too.

"Boom...!" The frost was swept away by the hot wind.

Standing aside, Wu Yulong was naturally the first one to suffer. He was a Level Five expert, which was very high at his age. But faced with the strength emitted by two experts, he could not withstand it. Thanks to his good foundation in martial arts, after being swept dozens of feet away and somersaulting several times, he finally stood steadily but he had turned pale due to the surging qi and blood and he fell to the ground.

Noticing that the situation wasn't right, Lyu Yiyue held Wu Yulong who had just stood steadily and escaped through the window.

"Smash...!" Lin Xiaoqing and Junior Leopard's fists punched each other, and both of them moved two steps back. The room they were in had completely collapsed.

"This place is too small. How about we change to a bigger place to fight?" Junior Leopard said deeply, using Dragon FLying Technique, he flew directly toward Jilei Mountain.

Lin Xiaoqing seemed to be a little doubtful, but he didn't want to show weakness, so he followed Junior Leopard closely, with frost surrounding him.

"F**k, this guy is from Tian Long Taoism, so I can't kill him and I have to fight with him. Well, I can test my punching skill!" Junior Leopard thought.

Lin Xiaoqing was from Tian Long Taoism, and although Junior Leopard would not obey Tian Long Taoism to take part in that World Hero Competition, he would certainly not kill Lin Xiaoqing. Although he believed that with his cards on hand, even if he killed this Elder, Tian Long Taoism would not do anything bad to him, the loss outweighed the gains as he would sour the relationship between he and Tian Long Taoism. Actually, he thought of drawing Tian Long Taoism over to his side as a backup. But if he killed Lin Xiaoqing, a deep crack would appear between him and Tian Long Taoism. Therefore, he would not kill Lin Xiaoqing. But if he was to not kill Lin Xiaoqing, he could not use many of his skills, such as skills of Sword Practitioner, Extreme Yang Heavenly Sword and Poison Cold Shield, which were the three most powerful skills he had. As for the Three Realms Division, it was better not to use them either, and he had to wait for another opportunity to use his two big hammers. So for now, the best way to defeat Lin Xiaoqing was to use his fists.

After all, Lin Xiaoqing was a Level Eight expert and had already cultivated Gang Qi successfully, while Junior Leopard had not. Just this fact alone showed that there was a huge gap between them, as one was a Level Seven expert and had a water-like Internal Qi, and the other was a Level Eight expert and had a steel-like Internal Qi.

If it was the former Junior Leopard who wanted to defeat Lin Xiaoqing just by his punching skills, he was not sure if he would be able to do it. But now, when Junior Leopard cultivated himself to Level Seven at geocentric fire vein, he also reached the Basic Level of punching skills and condensed his fist intent to Half Closure, which made him more confident about winning.

"Let's fight here, Elder Lin. It's spacious here, and it's also a good place to bury people."

Soon after Junior Leopard flew into Jilei Mountain, he stopped at an open ridge.

"How can you fly without cultivating Gang Qi successfully?!"

Following Junior Leopard closely, Lin Xiaoqing stopped, held his hands back and asked.

"You want to know why? Come and defeat me first!" Junior Leopard said.

"Ok! That's what I'm going to do!" Lin Xiaoqing said full of confidence.

He opened his hands fiercely, and the frost that surrounded him went directly toward Junior Leopard.

"Go!" Junior Leopard raised his hands, and more than ten golden red fist-sized flames went directly toward Lin Xiaoqing.

Seeing this, Lin Xiaoqing just sneered. Junior Leopard had recently become so famous that his usual tactics were well-known to others.

Of course, Lin Xiaoqing knew that the Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique that Junior Leopard used was a little different from the ordinary one. After all, it originated from Tian Long Taoism. As an Elder of Tian Long Taoism, he knew it better than people of the Wu Family. And these weird golden red flames Junior Leopard used to knock people with were also written in the classics of Tian Long Taoism.

"You are indeed a genius, as you have successfully grasped the third form of Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique which no other person has succeeded in doing for over 10,000 years. However, on your cultivation, you just practiced one form of the Nine Forms of Real Dragon. You are undermining Tian Long Taoism if you think that you can defeat me on just one form. Frost the World, put them out!"


The bleak frost put out all the fireballs in a flash.

"What a powerful Gang Qi!" Junior Leopard was surprised and thought, "From the day I started to practice Nine Forms of Real Dragon successfully till today, my fireballs have never been put out so easily."

"The Gang Qi that Lin Xiaoqing practices seem to have extreme coldness, which is the exact opposite of my Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique, or better put, the two are incompatible."

"But first he is one rank higher than me, and second, I can't even cultivate Gang Qi successfully. So how can I compete with Lin Xiaoqing on that aspect?"

"This guy has great strength anyway and is surrounded by Gang Qi. This battle seems to be a little bit difficult!" Junior Leopard mused. He leaned forward suddenly, opening his left hand and stretching his right hand forward to punch, and went directly toward Lin Xiaoqing.


As soon as Junior Leopard opened his left hand, it sent chills down Lin Xiaoqing's spine because at that moment when Junior Leopard opened his hand, it felt like the world had been caved in. And in the meantime, strange suction was produced, although it was not strong, it made Lin Xiaoqing to involuntary move toward Junior Leopard.

"This is fist intent!"

This is fist intent, Junior Leopard's fist intent. In the earth vein, Junior Leopard cultivated his fist intent to the Basic Level and had already combined his punching skill and fist intent into one. As long as he punched, the fist intent would appear.

Fist intent was very strange because it was related to divine thoughts. Therefore, Junoir Leopard's fist would not only cause physical damage but also spiritual damage, if the opponent was not cautious. The reason why Lin Xiaoqing moved toward Junior Leopard's fist was that of his fist intent.

As Lin Xiaoqing was a Level Eight expert, although he had not cultivated intent successfully, his willpower was very strong. Sensing that something was going wrong, he concentrated his attention and roared deeply, and then the frosty Gang Qi went directly toward Junior Leopard's fist.


The bone-chilling cold made his fist extremely strong, and at the same time, an extremely Yin Evil Qi seeped into his tendons and meridians through his fists.

But soon, this Yin Evil Qi was absorbed by Poison Cold Shield.

"Great!" Junior Leopard laughed internally. His Poison Cold Shield could not be seen by other people. If he kept it hidden, Lin Xiaoqing could not see it.

"Child, you want to die? You dare to use your fist to fight against my Gang Qi!"

"I have already lived long enough. It's none of your business!" Junior Leopard roared coldly, and with hot steam surrounding his fists and Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire Technique running fully, he rushed toward Lin Xiaoqing.

"Hum!" Lin Xiaoqing sneered and rushed toward Junior Leopard too.

"Hong, Hong, Hong, Hong...!" The sound was like rolling thunder.

After Gang Qi and the fists bumped for more than ten times, Lin Xiaoqing groaned and suddenly turned pale. He rushed back and looked extremely shocked.

After fighting with Junior Leopard for more than ten rounds, Lin Xiaoqing noticed with fear that Junior Leopard did not fear his Gang Qi and that he also had special heavy fists that were stronger than he had imagined. After being punched more than ten times, his Gang Qi seemed to be unable to persist, but Junior Leopard was still calm and at peace, as if the longer they fought, the more spirit he had. For the first time, Lin Xiaoqing felt terrified.

"Gang Qi vs. fists, would the outcome be the defeat of Gang Qi ?"

"Is this possible? How can this happen? It will be the joke of the century if others hear about this."

But right now, right in front of him, it happened.

"Hahahahahaha, Gang Qi. Is it amazing to have Gang Qi? Do you believe that I can destroy your Gang Qi?!"

Junior Leopard rushed forward, and with wild laughter, he punched fiercely with his hot red ray fists like rainfall on the Gang Qi of Lin Xiaoqing.

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