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"How strong the Qi Power is!"  Junior Leopard squinted at the dark red fire pillar with a cold light flickering in his eyes.

However, Qi Power can normally only be used to boost your courage!

Junior Leopard sneered in his heart. He had already gotten the effect that he had intended to. No matter what composition of murder they had arranged in the Cool Breeze Gang, it must to be destroyed by his arson. Presently, people in the Cool Breeze Gang were about to lay siege to him. Though it wasn't their most skillful method, it was the best method they could adopt now.

As their rival, of course, Junior Leopard wouldn't let his opponents achieve what they wished under such circumstances, otherwise, he must face an unfavorable condition.

Since he could not let them attain their wishes, he needs to do the exact opposite.

Looking around at all the killers, Junior Leopard sneered and stepped forward with a rush.


His footstep on the ground was like a meteor crashing to the earth, making the ground quiver along with it. At the same time, by virtue of the bounce of this footstep, he jumped up with his big twin hammers in his hands and roared.


In total, he had shot out 49 Demon Devil Needles.

"Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh—!"

As slight swooshes that induced toothaches were heard, a burst of crying rang out among dozens of killers who rushed out of the Cool Breeze Gang. And within one breath, they all died.

People like them who rushed out indiscreetly had no other use other than being targets of his Demon Devil Needles.

Junior Leopard was now soaring in the sky. After slaying all of the killers, the Demon Devil Needles entwined around him and formed the Demon Devil Tactical Formation.

"Just go to hell!" Junior Leopard roared in the air. The twin hammers in his hands began revolving, which drove his body into a high-speed rotation as well.

"Enjoy my Whirlwind Hammer!"

The rotating hammers smashed toward the courtyard with incessant might, targeting that dark-red fire pillar.

Killers should only hide in the shadows and wait for their chance to assassinate covertly. How could you set such a gigantic posture?

Junior Leopard whispered secretly, while his hammers had already hit that dark red fire pillar successfully.

For Junior Leopard, the flames now possessed neither lethality nor deterrence. As for their Qi Power, Junior Leopard didn't take it seriously.

The Whirlwind Hammers had hit in the center of the dark red fire pillar.

"Crash—!" Just like thunder in fine weather, the earth began to violently shake. A figure was thrown out straightly to 100 feet away and didn't stop until it smacked into a wall that had been scorched.

He kept spitting out blood as if blood was a totally useless thing. Though he was trying to stand up, he had no strength to do so.

Seeing was one thing, while suffering was another.

It was obvious that the masters of martial arts and the experts in the Cool Breeze Gang had underestimated Junior Leopard's twin hammers.

"Again a Level Seven expert? How boring!" Looking at the brawny man who had been arrogant but now failed to get up, Junior Leopard was pretty insatiable.

A huge crater appeared when Junior Leopard defeated him and hit him on the ground. Now, Junior Leopard was standing in the crater. He expanded himself with his big hammers, like a great hawk spreading its wings. Then he knocked away the remaining debris that was left from the fire.

"I wonder, is the Cool Breeze Gang really at such a low level? It's so easy for me to trample you down. How disappointing!" Junior Leopard said in a loud voice, revealing his disdain.

There was no reply or trace of a sound. The surrounding was so silent that you could clearly hear the sound of a pin drop. Junior Leopard stood still, while his expression became more and more dignified. He spread his spiritual mind all over the courtyard, yet nothing could be found.

There was nobody there, utterly no one.

Except for the killers who had rushed out and the Level Seven expert which had been smacked away by him just now, there was no living person in the courtyard now. Or it could be said that those were the only people who were in the courtyard.

"The Cool Breeze Gang has three Level Seven experts, one Level Eight expert, and the Mansion Master, Lan Wu, whose fighting capability is over Level Seven. So they have five experts in all. But till now I have only met two of them. Where are the rest?"

As Junior Leopard pondered attentively, suddenly the awareness of a crisis overwhelmed him.

"This situation is quite unusual. Could it be so coincidental that they have all gone out today?"

"Was there truly anything so coincidental?"

From the information the Immortal Palace gave him, he knew clearly these five experts usually stayed in the Cool Breeze Gang and would not leave if there was nothing special. So how could the three of them be gone at the same time? It was illogical.

Junior Leopard looked up. Now there was only one thing suspicious in the courtyard — a bronze mirror which was burnt nearly to the point of melting.

That was the only difference between this courtyard and the others. Looking at the position of this bronze mirror and its style, Junior Leopard found it was quite incompatible with the courtyard. But he couldn't find anything abnormal after he examined it with his spiritual mind, as if it was just a common bronze mirror.

"Wait, it must be the Hollow Travel!"

In a rush, a ray of delicate verdurous light flickered behind him, and Junior Leopard sharply changed his expression and tried to protect the middle of his back with the big hammers as soon as possible.

A ray of silver sword light flashed out of the green light and shot straight toward the middle of Junior Leopard's back, as if a viper was poking out its forked tongue.


With a ringing sound emerging, the sword light hit directly on the hammer and then disappeared. At almost the same time, the verdurous light appeared again at Junior Leopard's side. This time, what flashed out of it was a ray of overbearing saber light with heavy Evil Qi.

But Junior Leopard didn't use his hammers to fend it off this time. The saber light chopped at the Demon Devil Formation that surrounded him. After the attack, white fog arose and the Demon Devil Formation began to launch automatically without hesitation.

Nearly at the same time when it launched, the verdurous light disappeared again.

While being covered by the fog, Junior Leopard seemed to be a little at a loss. He did feel helpless.

"What the hell was that?"

The Hollow Travel! One disappeared in a flash, while in the very next second, he appeared behind you! Could there be anything more uncanny or more intricate than that? Could it be more nonsensical?


Just because of the affirmative answer, Junior Leopard, who seemed to be at a loss and had to passively defend in the fog, nearly laughed his head off.

It was really hard to judge things in this world!

If one was really suffering misfortune, he might even hit his heel with his fart.

"It seems to be the Cool Breeze Gang's ace in the hole. I'm afraid it may also be the treasure of the Cool Breeze Gang, which helped them to develop. Well, it really brings out the best in each other when killers have the Hollow Travel."

Junior Leopard said to himself.

The Hollow Travel may truly have great impact on other people. It could even slay a Level Seven expert in one second.

But to Junior Leopard, it was just a joke.

As soon as the verdurous light appeared behind him, Junior Leopard was clearly conscious of the mysterious, yet familiar, fluctuation. And his 360-degree vision that had no dead zones also captured the entire process. From the appearance to the formation, Junior Leopard viewed all. It was not mysterious to Junior Leopard at all, but on the contrary, inferior.

Totally inferior.

When the Three Realms Division traveled the hollow, it would also cause a spatial fluctuation. While as Junior Leopard's cultivation became more and more advanced, such spatial fluctuations were more and more subtle, unlike the way people in the Cool Breeze Gang caused.

They acted like they were throwing a big stone into a river. It was hard for ordinary people to detect, but for people like Junior Leopard, who was skilled in the Three Realms Division and the Space Division Skill, it felt like someone was teaching his grandma how to suck eggs.

But Junior Leopard didn't want to expose his skill in the Hollow Travel, so he covered himself in the Demon Devil Formation.

"There must be numbers of eyes that are staring at me. I should hold back my Three Realms Division and Space Division Skill."

Suddenly, the verdurous light flashed again, appearing at the side of the fog that was caused by the Demon Devil Formation. After the sound of a howling dragon was heard, a ray of cold green light, which shaped like a new moon and had a golden radiance encircled around it, rushed out from the green light as quick as a flash. In just a minute, both ends of the radiance elongated several feet and emitted out countless peculiar lights — golden and green, gloomy and cold.

It cut apart the Demon Devil Formation in front of Junior Leopard in just a moment.

"Damn you!" Junior Leopard cursed. Luckily, he was alert enough to block it with his twin hammers in time.

"Clang!" The loud noise resounded, like a loud drumbeat. The harsh sound echoed beside his ears, like people were playing gongs and drums around him.

The Demon Devil Formation had been wholly cut apart now, and along with his two Big Iron Hammers, Junior Leopard was beaten away by the cold green light, which was now several feet in length.

"That's it!" When the verdurous light disappeared and reappeared again, even with Junior Leopard's body still in mid-air, he found the strong spatial fluctuation in the place behind him.

"Damn you!" Junior Leopard roared. His body, which was heading backward at a high speed in mid-air, came to a halt.

The Dragon Flying Technique!

He forcibly stopped his inertia of heading backward and steadied himself in mid-air. However, due to the twin big hammers that he held in his hands, he nearly vomited blood with this hasty halt.

Forcing blood down his throat, he fiercely spun his body. As fast as lightning, he combined his twin hammers and smashed towards space in front of him. At almost the same time as he smashed, the verdurous light appeared precisely in where Junior Leopard had attacked.

"Hollow Travel?! Just enjoy your last travel!" As he roared, blood sprayed out of his mouth while cruel laughter was revealed in his eyes.

"Oh no!"

A low shout, which sounded a bit panic, came out of the verdurous light. The verdurous light showed its transient presence and disappeared, thus the twin hammers came away empty-handed.


With a cold snort, Junior Leopard spread his arms and waved the twin big hammers, smashing towards the space behind him this time. Just as the time before, the hammers smashed and the verdurous light disappeared as soon as it had appeared. But Junior Leopard made some changes this time.

How lucky I am!

He truly was lucky. Unexpectedly, this attack had the power of a Critical Hit. It was known that only when the pulsing crest of the Heavenly Jade Technique and the Snake-like Breath Holding Skill coincided could a Critical Hit be achieved. This coincidence had only a two percent of chance.

Two percent was just a rough and average probability. It did not mean that if you struck 50 times then a Critical Hit would occur. Among 50 attacks, it might happen the first time, or might happen the last time. Two percent was only a probability that he calculated after punching thousands of times.

To be frank, he had smashed over 10,000 times continuously before and it nearly made him exhausted. Among those 10,000 times, there were only about 200 Critical Hits. He had also tested it a few more times, but the results were similar.

This time, Junior Leopard was pretty lucky enough to achieve a Critical Hit with his following attack. And he also detected that this sudden Critical Hit brought some problems to them.

Hence, the next time when the verdurous light appeared, it kept 100 feet away from him.

Just 100 feet of distance couldn't force Junior Leopard to give up. After another two attacks, he had already landed on the ground. On this occasion when Junior Leopard sensed the mysterious fluctuation when the verdurous light broke open the hollow, he smiled coldly.

He detected the unstable spirit of the space.

It was definitely unstable.

Such a kind of spatial fluctuation would only appear after he had continuously performed the short-haul Three Realms Division for 120 times or the long-haul Division for 18 times.

Once he came across such a kind of spatial fluctuation, he would stop right away. Because if he kept on, then the space would become extremely unstable, and he would be casually transferred to somewhere other than where he had aimed to go. Junior Leopard had drawn this conclusion after he was transferred to the bottom of Luo River when he was practicing one time. Actually, he congratulated himself privately for not being transferred to the inside of a stone or underground that time.

"I'd like to see where you would be transferred to next time!" Junior Leopard sneered. He had already jumped up with his twin hammers towards the destination where the verdurous light flashed before the spatial fluctuation appeared.

This time, the green light didn't disappear. Instead, a cold green light was shot out from it to Junior Leopard's twin hammers again. Obviously, they also understood they couldn't do the Hollow Travel anymore, so they wanted to use the cold green light to withstand Junior Leopard's hammers and then come out from the hollow.

But unfortunately, they had overestimated the cold green light and underestimate Junior Leopard's strength. The twin hammers had drawn a weird arc in the sky, keeping the cold green light away and, at the same time, smashing towards the verdurous light.

That cold green light failed to contact the hammers, then it was too late for them to fight back. But Junior Leopard's iron hammers had severely hit the verdurous light.

"Clang!" A rattling sound resounded. Though it was subtle, Junior Leopard heard it clearly. The verdurous light disappeared again, but Junior Leopard had already wore a victorious smile.

"Hollow Travel?! Why don't you keep traveling now?" He sneered, holding his iron hammers firmly. Then he covered all the courtyard with his spiritual mind.

The Hollow Travel required skill. It also suffered a lot of limits, just like Junior Leopard's Three Realms Division. Though they could travel through the hollow, the distance was short. The Cool Breeze Gang was no exception. As a matter of fact, when traveling through the hollow, they were not so skillful as Junior Leopard.

Whether it was the speed or the efficiency of the travel, they couldn't equal Junior Leopard. Therefore, once they had been fought back by Junior Leopard, they would certainly lose control. And that was what Junior Leopard was waiting for.

"How can this be? How can Zhou Bao always discern the time and place about our appearance?" Inside the hollow, Lan Wu, the Mansion Master of the Cool Breeze Gang, together with a First Elder and a Level Seven expert, sat on a big capacious red carpet, cursing.

A Hollow Magic Carpet!

This was the foundation for the Cool Breeze Gang, and the guarantee that helped them run smoothly everywhere at the very beginning. But now, the Hollow Magic Carpet had eerily lost its efficacy. More than that, it even firmly stuck them in the hollow, not allowing them to display their original strength.

"First Elder, we can't wait any longer. Next time, we must rush out!"

"Rush out? How can we? Zhou Bao has employed an unknown way to figure out the rules of our Hollow Magic Carpet. Since the Hollow Magic Carpet is now damaged, it will be harder for us to break out forcibly."

"It's all up to you, First Elder!" In this case, Lan Wu put all scruples aside and said, "First Elder, only when you perform your Dragonslayer at its full power can we make an escape from death!"

"I have already tried my best to perform the Dragonslayer just now, but I suffer so many limits in the hollow that I can't do it."

"Then what should we do now?" Lan Wu's expression became even uglier.

"I can't control the Hollow Magic Carpet any longer. I just wish Zhou Bao couldn't predict where the Hollow Magic Carpet will show up next time. Later, when our Magic Carpet breaks up the hollow, I will try my best to perform the Dragonslayer again. And you guys must rush out recklessly at the same time. Only in this way can you gain the slim chance of survival!"

"Only us? How are you then?"

Lan Wu looked rather pale as he sensed something ominous in the First Elder's words.

"Me? Can there be any other ending left for me? Since we have lost control of the Hollow Magic Carpet, I must use my brute force if we want to break the hollow. After breaking the hollow and performing the Dragonslayer, I will lose all my combat capability." The First Elder said with a bitter smile.


"There's no time. The Hollow Magic Carpet is about to break the hollow. Get ready. Hurry up!"

All of a sudden, the First Elder pressed the Magic Carpet beneath them with a gloomy look on his face.

A looming fluctuation flashed out from his palm and the verdurous light appeared in front of the Magic Carpet.

"Over there!" Inside the courtyard, Junior Leopard looked a bit ruthless. After the fluctuation of the Hollow Travel disappeared for few minutes, it showed up again. This time it got pretty close to Junior Leopard.

Junior Leopard combined his twin hammers together, but instead of rushing out, he faded his body and hid to the side. The fact proved to him that his decision was wise.

Almost at the same time when the verdurous light appeared, the cold green light showed up. Moreover, it covered an area of 30 feet around the verdurous light. If Junior Leopard were to rush out conspicuously, he would surely run into it. Though Junior Leopard's hammers were heavy, they were not as strange as that cold green light, which had broken up the Demon Devil Formation in one flash. So, Junior Leopard didn't dare to let his hammers get in touch with it. After all, you could never be too careful.

Therefore, Junior Leopard just hid to the side and looked at the cold light quietly. He didn't move until he saw two figures go out from the verdurous light as the cold green light faded. Then in a rush, Junior Leopard brandished his hammers and smashed straight out.

Lan Wu and another Level Seven expert were ready with weapons to defend with as they rushed out of the verdurous light, but they encountered no attack and were not blocked. Having gotten out so easily, they could not help but feel relaxed. They thought that Junior Leopard had not predicted the fluctuation of the hollow this time, so they tried to keep calm and stood beside the verdurous light like two doorkeepers.


Two people were not enough. Junior Leopard had long since predicted the fluctuation of the hollow and he thought there would be someone trying to get out this time. So, he'd better not attack prematurely.

All was just as his expectation. Before they could get a firm foothold, Junior Leopard had already brandished his hammers. Due to his position which was just behind the verdurous light, he could smash straight out before they were able to look around.

"Jesus!" The Level Seven expert was first to respond, then Lan Wu. But both of them were too late. By the time they had a response, the verdurous light had already disappeared, but Junior Leopard's hammers hit the green light straight-on.

"Clink, clink!"

This time, the sound of crackling glass was clearly heard. Inside the hollow, the verdurous light came to a halt, and a strange spirit stream began to pervade. Following that there was a spatial fluctuation which was visible to the naked eye.

At this moment, the space was fiddled by an invisible hand, as a paperboard which allowed everyone to play with.

"Clink, clink, clink!"

The ringing sound became clearer and clearer. Suddenly, it disappeared, and so did the spatial fluctuation. In the place where the verdurous light had just been, an eccentric carpet appeared and suspended in mid-air, with a person sitting on it.

The state of suspension only lasted for a moment, and then the carpet along with the person sitting on it fell on the ground, just like a common carpet would do. Following that, there was a ray of verdurous light.


"First Elder!" Lan Wu cried and rushed towards that figure. While the other person, a Level Seven expert, moved to face Junior Leopard. A gloomy and cold light was gleaming in his eyes now.

"It seems that we have misjudged this time," the man said in a husky voice.

"Yes, you've misjudged! My spiritual mind is born with sensitivity, therefore, few can escape from it." Junior Leopard smiled. He waved his hands and the Demon Devil Needles, which had scattered all over when they were hit away by the verdurous light, flew back to him. But he was pained to see that half of the needles were broken.

"What is that? It's pretty fierce!" Junior Leopard looked towards Lan Wu and the First Elder, who slid down on the ground, and asked them as if they were chatting.

"It's the Dragonslayer, a Mysterious Level celestial device, one level higher than your Demon Devil Needles." He answered in a cold voice.

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