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Zhonghe City, geocentric fire vein.

Junior Leopard stood above the rock flows. His shoes had already melted from the scorching hot lava, leaving him barefoot. But it was strange. The lava flows that surged forward detoured voluntarily when they were two centimeters away from him as if blocked by a mysterious force.

Junior Leopard moved slowly on the rock flows. He stretched one of his hands, clenched the other and then stretched his body. With this movement, the coverage of his fist intent became wider and wider.

The gigantic black sun was burning fiercely. Surrounding the sun, the black ball that shone with metallic luster was twice as big as it was before.

This was his Hammer Spirit and also his fist intent.

Three months. He had stayed three whole months in the underground basalt chambers practicing his fist. After a great deal of contemplation, practice, infusion, and effort, he finally fused his Hammer Spirit and fist intent together. Meanwhile, his punching skill and hammering skill worked as a whole too. Now, there was no difference between fist and hammer.

His fist was a small hammer and his hammer was a huge fist!

The two were combined as one, so their power increased greatly.

His one hand was half-closed in an abstruse angle as if it covered all the other stars and galaxies besides his own fist intent galaxy. His fingertips moved slightly and it looked like he was plucking a string.

Beyond the galaxy was a dark hollow. Perhaps it was because Junior Leopard was too weak to deduce more stars in his own fist intent. However, innumerable stars which did not exist shone in his mind so that his eyes flashed with bright starlight.

Numberless stars, galaxies, black holes and star cloud...

All kinds of celestial bodies appeared in his mind, destroyed, reborn and destroyed again. At first, Junior Leopard could not adapt to this condition; he could not comprehend why there was such a result after he fused his Hammer Spirit together with fist intent. But once a couple of days passed, he gradually adjusted and understood it. What appeared in his mind was probably the complete fist intent that he had created through imitating the universe. It was a pity that his intact fist intent was too horrible and groundless for him to interpret outside his body.

It was great progress for him to see his complete fist intent in his mind. However, he soon found a problem. His fist intent was very messy.

It was extremely disorderly.

All the celestial bodies in the universe moved along their own orbits, day after day, year after year, unchanging all the time. However, when their life came to an end, they would be destroyed. In the same way, when the condition was right, a new celestial body would be born.

But the universe in Junior Leopard's mind was disordered. These celestial bodies had their own orbits, but these orbits were not very clear. Thus, a collision between two celestial bodies' was inevitable every now and then.

It was very normal for the orbits of celestial bodies to converge in the same place and thus two planets would collide. But the chances were too high in the universe of Junior Leopard's mind. Even in a small celestial system like the solar system the collision between planets occurred. Sometimes, a planet in this celestial system would be thrown out by a great force and fall into another system, making a big bang and causing a great mess.

In the beginning, Junior Leopard was unaware of the reason. But gradually, he realized it was his own fault.

His fist intent had been formed by accident. Meanwhile, the formwork he had used to make the fist intent was from a scene that he had seen in popular science reading and documentaries in his previous life. He only had a general view of the birth of the universe. As for the orbits that celestial bodies moved in, he knew what they were like, but not how they moved. After all, he had learned Chinese instead of astrophysics in his previous life. He knew nothing about the angles, gravity, or gravitation between celestial bodies, or celestial mechanics. Hence, such a condition would appear.

Generally speaking, his fist intent was complicated and horrible. Although it had formed successfully, it was extremely disordered and needed adjustment.

But how could he adjust it?

Through punching skill!

The fist intent in Junior Leopard's mind was a total mess and it was closely connected to his punching skill. It didn't matter that he knew nothing about astrophysics; it would be ok if he knew punching skill.

The fist intent emerged in his mind when he was practicing fist and fusing all kinds of punching skills together. Equally, the evolution of his fist intent was also controlled by his punching skill.

In these three months, he had gradually figured out the rules and found the solution to it.

He could use his punching skill to adjust it. With one hand holding the galaxies in his mind and the other smashing the disordered celestial bodies, Junior Leopard felt that there was an unchanging rule guiding his fist. He didn't know the correct orbits of these celestial bodies, but after he smashed these celestial bodies several times and adjusted these orbits to some degree, he would feel that his fist intent had disappeared completely. After that, no matter what method he used, he could no longer change their orbits. When this happened, he knew that these orbits were correct and meanwhile, his punching skill gradually began to take shape.


Junior Leopard's relaxing movement suddenly changed and grew fierce. His half-closed hand clenched tightly and the other hand which had been clenched into a fist before stretched leisurely now.

Junior Leopard's imposing manner suddenly changed through this movement. The formerly moderate adjustment became a violent destruction.

Each time a fist struck out, a star in his mind was shattered.

Affected by his fist intent, the Earth Fire Yuan Essence around him surged fiercely and violently poured into his body.

Junior Leopard's face suddenly flushed. But he paid no attention to it and continued to strike out his fists one by one. He did this every day for 10 days.

Fierce, aggressive, ruthless and destructive!

These were the best four words to describe Junior Leopard's fist.

The nature of punching skill was destruction!

Though he couldn't destroy real stars now, with his fists destroying stars in his mind one by one, his fist strength, fist wind and fist intent all carried an artistic conception that could destroy everything.

The fist was used to destroy everything!

In order to survive and go against the might of heaven and earth, people of the ancient times had held weapons and created various kinds of techniques and Divine Sense. But they had used their fists in the beginning. They had made a living and survived with their fists. However, for others, fists represented destruction.

Because only in this way could these people have survived.

Thus, the nature of punching skill was an art of destruction!

Junior Leopard finally comprehended this point after destroying numerous stars.

Destructive punching skill, devastating spirit!

This was the true meaning of Junior Leopard's punching skill and also the target that he would pursue his whole lifetime.

Taking Tai Chi Fist as the framework and foundation; Thirteen Punches of Desolation as flesh and blood; Snake-like Breath Holding Skill and Heavenly Jade Technique as meridians; and Flipping Sky Hammering Skill and Wild Hammering Skill as the reference; Junior Leopard interpreted the universe in his mind. After three months, he finally had a comprehensive understanding of punching skill and successfully practiced a punching skill that belonged solely to him.

When he displayed his martial arts again, there was no difference between Tai Chi Fist and Thirteen Punches of Desolation, no distinction between Flipping Sky Hammering Skill and Wild Hammering Skill, and he no longer utilized Snake-like Breath Holding Skill and Heavenly Jade Technique deliberately. He had deduced and fused all these into his new punching skill.

This punching skill was far from complete, however. It had just reached the Basic level!

Junior Leopard even thought that it was impossible to practice his punching skill for completeness. Because his fist intent was so gigantic, it was unlikely he could adjust all the mess in his fist intent and smash all the disordered stars.

But on the other hand, it also demonstrated that his punching skill still had infinite possibilities to evolve.

Infinite evolution was the very advantage of this punching skill.

But Junior Leopard didn't think too much. He just wanted to combine all the fist intent and Hammer Spirit that he knew together as one and that was ok.

In the three months, he absorbed the Earth Fire Yuan Essence and practiced his punching skills. He suffered considerably from the Earth Fire Yuan Essence day by day. By doing so, he tempered his muscles and bones. And he used up a bottle of Tendon-Changing Pills. Luckily, all the pain was worth it.

Once he achieved mastery through a comprehensive study of his punching skill, the Internal Qi of Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire in his body finally transformed into liquid and wandered through his tendons and meridians. This meant he had reached the Advanced Level of Level Seven!

Eventually, his actions stopped. The fierce and aggressive Qi Power that he had just unleashed suddenly withdrew and all the starlight in his eyes disappeared. He stepped out and left the rock flows.

Phew! It's been almost three months. Living in this damn place for three months, with only dry provisions to eat. Even drinking water was troublesome. Now he can finally leave this place. 

Junior Leopard was secretly glad. In these three months, he had lost a lot of weight and also grown taller. He had only eaten dry provisions. Thanks to the Wu Family using the underground fire vein during this period, he hadn't needed to exit the fire vein to get water. Otherwise, he would have had to leave every few days and wouldn't have been able to concentrate completely on his punching skills.

I owe that guy a favor for this. I better return it! 

In these three months, Wu Lei had helped him a lot. He would definitely not forget. Through these three months, he also came to realize why many experts who already had quite high cultivation still kept registered assistants in certain organizations. That was because practice also needed logistics.

If you wanted to do a closed-door training alone to break through a phase, which lasted for three months, half a year or possibly even a year, could you go the whole time without eating or drinking?


Even if you could endure the hunger, you still needed to drink water. Unless, of course, you found a place where there were food and water to do the closed-door training.

However, when people cultivated to the phase Junior Leopard was at, the site requirements for doing closed-door training were demanding. Many pieces of training required extreme conditions. Like Junior Leopard, he had needed to practice in the geocentric fire vein to increase his chances of breaking through. Others needed to break through in a world of ice and snow. In addition, every breakthrough had high requirements against body conditions, so ample energy storage was needed. Without enough preparation, you might starve to death before breaking through any phase.

Junior Leopard hadn't realized this until now. The closed-door training he had done before was all done in a better environment. But now, in the geocentric fire vein, he truly realized that an expert, except for in extreme conditions, could definitely not be a sole being.

And perhaps this was the reason why the Immortal Palace had such a powerful influence!

He went out of the fire vein without disturbing anyone. He morphed into a cyan streamer, flying toward the sky.

Great changes had taken place during the closed-door training. He had merged and refreshed all the punching skills he knew, except for Dragon Flying Technique and Nine Changes of Heavenly Birds.

Dragon Flying Technique was not a punching skill. It was a mysterious mental cultivation method. Hence it could not be merged in the punching skills, at least he was unable to do it for now.

As for Nine Changes of Heavenly Birds, it was not a punching skill either. It had been a complete Unique Technique in antiquity times and included abstruse mental cultivation methods and movements, which he was unable to practice. He hadn't learnt it thoroughly, so there was no reason to merge it in his punching skills and fist intent. He would do it later, once he had studied it thoroughly.

The problem now is finding an earth vein to cultivate Gang. Damn! Actually, Blood Essence Evil Yuan is the best Evil Qi to cultivate Gang, but I totally used it up. I exhausted almost all the Earth Fire Evil Yuan in the geocentric fire vein to greatly refine my Internal Qi, but it also affected the quality of this fire vein. I can no longer find Evil Qi the same quality as Blood Essence Evil Yuan to practice. How troublesome it is! 

Junior Leopard displayed Dragon Flying Technique. He stretched his arms and stepped into the air, rushing out of Zhonghe City and heading to Jiang City at an extremely fast speed.

Three years earlier, the duel location agreed upon had been River Heart Island in Jiang City.

June 6th of the lunar calendar, the sun appeared after a rain.

Zhonghe Prefecture, Jiang City.

As a border city, Zhonghe Prefecture was not that eye-catching. But today, it drew the attention of more than half of Jianghu. Zhou Bao, the Elder of the Wu Family, and Meng Qingrong, a young master of the Meng Family in Ningzhou, would have a duel in River Heart Island of Jiang City. With Junior Leopard's military exploits, reputation and prestige, the duel arranged three years previous drew more and more attention.

"Who do you think will win this time?"

"Of course it will be Zhou Bao. He's a monster! He slew a Level Eight expert!"

"Well, that depends. Perhaps the Meng Family has some magic weapons. Just like the magic weapon that killed Ba Siba, an expert at the Mysterious Realm. Never mind Zhou Bao!"

"Yeah, right. Are you joking? Do you think that kind of magic weapon is common as a cabbage?"

"Even if it can't be obtained easily, the Meng Family might still have one. It's a well-known family and they have existed for several thousand years. How could it not have something valuable!"

"It makes sense!"

"No way! Even if they had one, they won't show it. Aren't they afraid of getting robbed?"

"Nonsense! Who would steal it? Who would dare to rob the Meng Family?"

"Not necessarily. If the Meng Family actually took that kind of magic weapon out, there would be someone willing to take the risk!"

A month earlier, all the inns in Jiang City had been completely booked up. People even dwelt in the houses of local residents.

Three days earlier, countless martial arts practitioners had swarmed to River Heart Island and they hadn't left since. Now, the whole Island was jam-packed with hordes of people.

In the center of the island, a spacious area had already been cleared out. Originally, people had wanted to build an arena here, however, they were stopped fiercely by Zhu Ba and gave up the idea.

"Do you consider our Commander as a monkey who will perform here for you?"

He dampened the enthusiasm of everyone with one sentence.

Junior Leopard didn't want others to see him as a monkey, but plenty of people came here to watch him.

Meng Shian, Family Head of the Meng Family in Ningzhou as well as father of Meng Qingrong, and the most powerful man of the Meng Family, Level Eight expert Meng Haichen, had both come. At the same time, Wu Yansheng, Family Head of the Wu Family, and Lyu Yiyue, the most powerful man in the Wu Family, had come here too. In addition to these two well-known families, members of other well-known families and big schools were also here. They wanted to witness Zhou Bao, the so-called first genius in the martial arts world for 1,000 years and discover his special talent.

The first genius in the martial arts world for 1,000 years!

This was the new title that Junior Leopard had received when he came back from Northern Yuan. The first genius in 1,000 years!

But what about 1,000 years ago?

In 1,000 years, no one could fight against a Level Seven expert at Level Four cultivation, cope with a Level Eight expert at Level Five cultivation, deal with a Level Nine expert at Level Six cultivation and keep sound and safe, except Junior Leopard. But whether there were other geniuses that had appeared a millennium ago, no one knew for sure!

There are so many people. Are they really here to watch my performance? 

Junior Leopard didn't look well from 10 days earlier.

Seeing all the martial arts people coming here continuously from Jiang City to River Heart Island, Junior Leopard had an impulse to kill people.

"Junior Leopard, don't think too much. People in the martial arts world like to watch entertaining and amusing things. Besides, you've attracted so many people's attention. Thus, there are lots of people, as was expected."

Wu Yansheng stood by Junior Leopard. He had been there for a long time and naturally knew that Junior Leopard was very unhappy to be treated as an object of amusement. What was more, he had wanted to close River Heart Island, but he also understood that River Heart Island was not a forbidden area. If he forcefully prevented these idle men in Jianghu from entering, God knew what would happen!

Besides, Junior Leopard was no longer the Navy commander of Jiang City. He had gotten a sinecure from Li Yuan and Li Yuan was not responsible for Zhonghe Prefecture. Therefore, if Junior Leopard released an order to close the island, it would sound unjustified.

It was the crucial time for the imperial court to reward officials. If he was tripped by some insidious people in the imperial court and lost his reward because of this matter… It was not wise.

Though they didn't know what the reward would be, Junior Leopard's merit was considerably larger than the whole Wu Family combined. Moreover, Junior Leopard was the Elder of the Wu Family. If he received benefits, the Wu Family would naturally benefit from him too. Hence, Wu Yansheng didn't want to affect Junior Leopard's reward over this matter.

Different from Wu Yansheng, Junior Leopard knew the truth of this reward from the imperial court. He was avid for the fief, so he adopted Wu Yansheng's suggestion. But upon seeing the huge crowd after he went out, he felt somewhat unpleasant.

Junior Leopard followed Wu Yansheng and lagged a bit behind Lyu Yiyue. Though his strength had far surpassed the Family Head of the Wu Family and the First Elder Lyu Yiyue, he was just an Elder whose status was a little lower than the two. He was a member of the Wu Family. He could not look down upon them just because he had powerful strength. Even if he wanted to do so, he couldn't do it in public. It was just like his previous life. As a civil servant, though he had disdained his leader, he had to behave well and be obedient before his leader.

"Here he comes. Here he comes. Zhou Bao is coming...!"

"Where? Where? Which one is Zhou Bao?"

"Where is he? Why haven't I seen him? Are you playing me?"

"Of course not. Look, the one in black!"

Junior Leopard wore a black cloak today. Aside from this cloak, he appeared the same as any well-behaved high school student. But he was a little taller and thinner than before, and the eccentric skull earring that hung on his ear before had disappeared. He folded his hands at his back with no expression on his face. Looking indifferent, he entered the center of the vacant land slowly.

"Is that Zhou Bao? How young he is!"

"Are you stupid? Don't you know that Zhou Bao is only 17 years old? Otherwise, he wouldn't be so famous!"

"Yeah, yeah. He's the first master of martial arts of the young generation, understand? If he was 40 to 50 years old, could he be so famous?"

"He is really good-looking!"

"I heard that he isn't married yet. Your sister still has hope."

Such discussions pervaded the whole spot. Junior Leopard looked up and exhaled gently. He had meant to show some respect to Meng Qingrong and the Meng Family by fighting for a longer duration with her, but now all his good mood was ruined.

Is she here? Oh, good. Let me finish this and leave earlier!  

A trace of a smile flashed across his face. The crowd divided into two and a girl in purple with a strange long saber in her hand came forward.

A Level Eight expert and a Level Six expert together with 30 Level Five masters. The Meng Family members here today are enough to wipe the entire Wu Family out. Hehe, the Meng Family in Ningzhou does enjoy a well-deserved reputation! 

Junior Leopard secretly thought. He turned his gaze to the girl in purple.

Three years had passed. She was also tsundere. Her figure hadn't changed much, neither had her visage. But her eyes had become sharper.

Just like Wu Yansheng and Lyu Yiyue, the Family Head of the Meng Family and their experts didn't follow Meng Qingrong to enter the arena, instead, they retreated to the side. The surrounding people moved aside for them, leaving them enough space.

This was a fight, a duel. According to the rules of the martial arts world, a notary was needed. However, no one, not the Wu Family, the Meng Family, Junior Leopard or Meng Qingrong; none of them mentioned it.

Thus, a strange scene occurred. The huge space was crowded with people without any order. But people were very particular about the positions they stood in; people with powerful strength stood in front while those with weaker power stood behind. There were two people whose cultivation was higher than Level Seven among the crowd; one was Meng Haichen, Level Eight expert of the Meng Family and the other was Lyu Yiyue, Level Seven expert of the Wu Family. They and the two families' Family Heads naturally stood in the first row with the best positions. Following were several leaders of the Navy of Jiang City, including the incumbent commander of the Navy. Others stood according to their strength from the inside to outside. Thousands of eyes stared at the two people in the arena.

Nothing unusual could be found on these two people. Junior Leopard didn't care about all this while Meng Qingrong, the one in front of him, except for being tsundere, was somewhat innocent, ignoring all the burning eyes.

They didn't talk to each other. Meng Qingrong glanced at Junior Leopard to ensure that he was her true opponent. While Junior Leopard gently took a glimpse at Meng Qingrong and nodded his head. They took all these as greetings.

In others' eyes, Junior Leopard's indifference could be regarded as contempt. Meng Shian and Meng Haichen's faces revealed anger. But Meng Qingrong, the one confronting Junior Leopard, had no special feelings. After assuring her opponent, she didn't take on an attack posture. Instead slashed directly towards Junior Leopard with the odd long saber in her hand.


All the people on the spot exclaimed except Junior Leopard. Meng Qingrong made this movement without any sign and her speed was so fast that among all the people here, only Meng Haichen reacted.

This could almost be considered a sneak attack!

The odd long saber was about to slash Junior Leopard. Everyone was shocked, but after a second look, they exclaimed in surprise.

What Meng Qingrong's saber hit was a shadow. Her saber was fast, but Junior Leopard was even faster. It was totally beyond the crowd's imagination.

In the face of this sneak attack, Junior Leopard didn't show any discontent. He continually wore an indifferent expression and folded his hands behind him. He didn't make any attack. He was waiting for Meng Qingrong to execute the power of Taixuan Thunder Saber.

The audience was in chaos.

"Zhou Bao is so fast!"

"He's too arrogant. How can he fold his hands behind him like that? Isn't he afraid of being hurt by the saber?"

"He is too good at pretending!"

Discussions fell incessantly on everyone's ears. Meng Shian frowned tightly, while Meng Haichen's countenance became serious and solemn. Judging by Junior Leopard's speed and his state now, Meng Haichen was sure that Junior Leopard's strength now far surpassed that of Meng Qingrong. Zhou Bao had become a Level Seven expert now. Even if Meng Qingrong had Taixuan Thunder Saber with her, she had no chance of winning, unless she could display the power of Taixuan Thunder Saber when Zhou Bao was off guard.

In the arena, Junior Leopard and Meng Qingrong fought fiercely. Meng Qingrong was extremely swift. After she failed to slash Junior Leopard the first time, she began executing other movements incessantly. In a few breaths, Junior Leopard was caught in the surging silver light.

"It's useless. Your saber technique and speed are not bad, but the strength gap between us is huge. Your speed and saber can't close the gap!"

Meng Qingrong's strength had advanced considerably in these three years and she had reached Level Five. She could be regarded as a rarely-seen genius. But in Junior Leopard's eyes, Level Five cultivation was somewhat weak. Thus, there was no need for him to fight with her any longer.

But Meng Qingrong didn't say a word. She wielded the saber in her hand a little faster.

"I told you, it's useless!" Junior Leopard sighed gently. His left hand which had been folded behind, stretched out, flicking gently.


A melodious sound rang. Though Junior Leopard's finger seemed slow, it flicked the blade of Meng Qingrong's saber precisely. Meng Qingrong only felt a strong force coming towards her and the Taixuan Thunder Saber in her hand almost fell on the ground. Looking like a lost kite, she stepped back more than 10 steps and then stood firmly.

Junior Leopard folded his right hand behind him. He put his left hand down and stood leisurely.

Meng Qingrong gritted her teeth. Strands of blue light surged violently on the long saber.


The mysterious blue light and the "pipa" sound made everyone tremble in their heart.

As the precious and priceless magic weapon of the Meng Family, Taixuan Thunder Saber contained the power of the Thunder of Ninth Heaven. It was invincible when it combined with the Universe Saber that had passed down from generation to generation in the Meng Family.

Meng Qingrong was the first genius in the young generation of Meng Family, and also the daughter of the Family Head. Although she had been defeated by Junior Leopard once, she wasn't discouraged, rather, she seemed to have a goal for her practice. In these three years, she had practiced hard and finally successfully refined the Taixuan Thunder Saber. Only a Level Seven expert could fully display its power. Now, she could execute 70 percent of its power.

And 70 percent of its power was enough.

The only shortcoming was that her strength was too weak. In order to fully display the 70 percent power, she needed a long time to store up the power.

A deep blue electric arc was flashing. Several lightning balls the size of tennis balls formed, encircling the Taixuan Thunder Saber.

"What is Zhou Bao doing?"

"Now is the chance!"

"Right. Why doesn't he rush over her? If he lets her finish storing up power, it'll be troublesome!"

"Zhou Bao is so arrogant! How can he sit and wait for his opponent to store up power?!"

Amidst the fierce and chaotic discussions, Meng Qingrong finished storing up the power. She pushed her long saber forward and grasped its handle tightly. The surging lightning shot everywhere and covered her body immediately.

Fierce and violent saber intent carrying countless thunderbolts shot towards Junior Leopard.

Universe Thunder Saber, fierce thunder rushed into the Ninth Heaven!


It sounded like thunder in the Ninth Heaven. The flash of thunderbolts whizzed and arrived in front of Junior Leopard instantly.

Soon after, everything stopped!

Yes, stopped!

Meng Qingrong was surrounded by a layer of lightning from head to toe. Her body was in the air and her hands held the saber, keeping the posture of thrusting forward with the saber point pointed between Junior Leopard's eyebrows.

But now, there was a hand in front of the saber point!

It was Junior Leopard's left hand.

He closed his hand. It was his palm that faced the point of Taixuan Thunder Saber. A sliver of blue lightning condensed between his palm and the saber point and grew bigger gradually, while the lightning that covered Meng Qingrong and the long saber slowly shrunk, weakened and disappeared.

A strange strength emitted from Junior Leopard's half-closed left hand. It withdrew all the power from Meng Qingrong and the saber to space between his palm and the saber point.

Soon, ping-pong ball sized, but more condensed and clear blue lightning sphere appeared between his palm and the saber point.

This electric sphere was different from the one surrounding the long saber. The latter had strands of electric arcs encircling it and made a "pipa" sound. The former was deep blue, just like a water ball. Wisps of streamers flashed around it, but no electric arc overflowed.

The other spectators naturally didn't understand but experienced Meng Haichen saw through it. Simply put, Junior Leopard had withdrawn and condensed Meng Qingrong and the Taixuan Thunder Saber's power. Easily, with one palm.

Meng Haichen's body shook fiercely and he took one step forward.

"Senior, what...!"

Meng Shian, who stood aside suddenly asked Meng Haichen what he was doing. But Meng Haichen raised his hand and stopped Meng Shian from finishing his words.

Not far away from here, Wu Yansheng and Lyu Yiyue looked at each other with panic in their eyes.

Meng Haichen was a Level Eight expert. If he wanted to intervene in the fight, no one could stop him.

But what made them rest assured was that Meng Haichen only took one step forward without taking any further action. His gaze fixed on Junior Leopard as if he wanted to engrave the figure of Junior Leopard in his heart.

Junior Leopard's grasp seemed casual, but in his eyes, he could sense that Junior Leopard's half-closed palm could cover the whole heaven and earth with an infinite artistic conception.

This kind of artistic conception was only perceived by him, an expert who had cleared and condensed saber intent.

Thus, he could only take one step forward. He dared not to move forward continuously.

He knew that the whole situation was under Junior Leopard's control. No matter if it was Meng Qingrong or the Taixuan Thunder Saber, nothing was a threat to him. Junior Leopard could even spare a hand to cope with him.

Under these circumstances, he didn't even care about his reputation. The Meng Family couldn't afford the loss of their prestige.

Moreover, though Junior Leopard was powerful, he didn't show any killing intent. Therefore, he stopped and waited for the cat to jump.

"Then, let me finish this farce!" Junior Leopard said softly. He suddenly jerked his left hand backward. Meng Qingrong and his saber were dragged behind him by his force.

"Aagh!" Meng Qingrong lost control of her saber. She rolled away and stopped 15 meters away, behind Junior Leopard. She no longer had the strength to stand up. Taixuan Thunder Saber and the blue thunderbolt were in front of Junior Leopard's palm. But now, the saber had lost some of its lusters.

Junior Leopard stretched out his right hand which had been folded behind him this whole time. He grasped the handle of the Taixuan Thunder Saber and separated it with the thunderbolt. Then, he threw the saber forward and thrust it into the earth right in front of Meng Qingrong, leaving only a handle.

With his left hand holding the blue thunderbolt, a trace of smile flashed across his face.

What a wretched girl she is! How dare she use the thunderbolt to deal with me? I've experienced more dangerous situations before, so this was nothing to me. 

Junior Leopard snorted and suddenly withdrew his left hand. He released the blue thunderbolt, and it flew to the most crowded place instantly.

"Oh, no...!"


"What are you doing?!"

Shrek screams rang in the crowd. Though they didn't know how powerful the blue ball was, just by looking at the process of its formation, many people were trembling in fear and dared not to touch it.

All of a sudden, wails could be heard in the crowd. All the people were in a panic.


The blue thunderbolt changed its route when it was six centimeters away from the crowd. It swept 100 meters upward. Then, Junior Leopard made it explode with his left hand.

In a flash, a glaring light flickered through the sky. It even covered the light of the sun and took a long time to disperse.

"Both the saber and your martial arts skills are good, but your cultivation is not high enough!" After the light disappeared, Junior Leopard turned around and spoke to the tsundere girl who had stood up. "Maybe in several years, you can fully display the power of this saber. And at that time, you may pose a threat to me!"

"She has lost the fight and it's a fact. There's no other probability!" Meng Haichen's voice rang behind Junior Leopard. He walked to Meng Qingrong's front, picked up the Taixuan Thunder Saber from the earth and handed it to her.

"What do you mean, First Elder Meng?"

"This time, it's us, the Meng Family who lose the fight!" Meng Haichen said in a sonorous voice as if he was not a loser but a winner. "Elder Zhou has excellent martial arts, I respect him a lot. If we, the Meng Family did something wrong and impolite before, I'm here to pray for your pardon!"

"First Elder Meng, you're too courteous. This affair was brought about by mistake and it has come to an end today. There's no need for me to pardon anyone."

Junior Leopard saluted with folded hands and smiled.

"Right. It's all over." Meng Haichen also saluted in the same manner. He brought Meng Qingrong and the rest of the Meng Family away. He did it quickly without causing a mess.

"This old man has quite a discerning eye. How smart he is!" Junior Leopard thought in his mind. He nodded at Wu Yansheng and Lyu Yiyue and they left together.

Only the numerous stunned people of Jianghu remained. They came to themselves after a long time and then left.

The long-awaited duel had come to an end two years later with Junior Leopard's complete win.

Zhou Bao, Elder of Wu Sect had shown an overwhelming advantage in this duel. Thus, no one on the spot saw through his strength.

Several days later, River Heart Island and Jiang City calmed down from the chaos. Meanwhile, Junior Leopard received the document from the imperial court which required him to arrive at the capital city to accept the reward in a month!

Many people in Jianghu also received the same document, for they were the ones who had made contributions in the battle of destroying Northern Yuan.

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