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Junior Leopard was a little nervous, which was reasonable.

Leaving aside Wang Cheng and Jiang Xiao, Zhu Ba had been practicing under his teaching these days. Since Zhu Ba's aptitude was good, his martial arts improved tremendously every day. Although his cultivation was still at Level Three, his strength and combat capability were at least three or four times stronger. He could only manage a draw against Jiang Xiao before, but now, even if Jiang Xiao and Wang Cheng joined together, they could not beat him. Among the masters of Level Three in Jianghu, his present combat capability was of a high level.

But now, his man told him that Zhu Ba had also been defeated.

At least it meant that the person's cultivation had reached the peak of Level Three, even Level Four or Level Five.

Only Junior Leopard's cultivation had reached Level Four in the whole Jiang City. Now there was another one on River Heart Island. Obviously, the person was going to cause trouble for him.

Junior Leopard was nervous and irritable at the thought. "I just want to live a peaceful life here. Did I offend anyone? Why make trouble for me?"

With a bleak expression, he followed the soldier to the spot.

"At the port?"

"Yes, Your Excellency. That woman began to make trouble as soon as she got off the ship!"

"A woman?

 It's a woman!"

"Yes, it's a woman, and..." When it came to the woman who made trouble, the soldier's expression was a little eccentric, "Your Excellency, you'll know once you arrive there!"

Junior Leopard did not ask much, but from the soldier's expression, he knew that this woman was not going to be easy to be deal with.

In fact, arriving at the spot, Junior Leopard found that he was right, this woman was not only hard to be deal with, but she was also a geek.

The event happened on the new road that led from the port to the new goods yard. It was built in consideration of transporting a large number of goods. Thus the road was very solid and was more than 100 feet wide. Now, the wide road was already mobbed.

"Here comes His Excellency! Here comes His Excellency!"

When Junior Leopard and the soldier came, the crowd of onlookers made a noise. People consciously made a passageway, including the soldiers of the Water Army Camp, the businessmen who watched the fun, and the people with ulterior motives.

"Your Excellency, I'm ashamed!" Wang Cheng and Jiang Xiao walked to Junior Leopard from the crowd with an ashamed look and apologised to him.

Junior Leopard just waved his hand, "where's Zhu Ba?"

"Well... He's still lying there!" Jiang Xiao said in a low voice. At the same time he peeked at Junior Leopard's expression from the corner of his eye, very carefully.

"I would like to see who is so bold as to act boorishly on River Heart Island!" There was a flash of anger on Junior Leopard's face before he passed them to go straight towards the center of the field.

As he walked a few steps, his expression became eccentric and his eye muscles twitched. Although he had not quite reached the scene, he clearly saw the situation in the field with his powerful eyesight. Zhu Ba was lying on the ground moaning in a very undignified manner, which made Junior Leopard want to hit him. Additionally, the girl standing in front of Zhu Ba was not what Junior Leopard had imagined.

A woman!

There were not many famous women in Jianghu, especially those whose martial arts had reached over Level Three. Of these famous women, there were even fewer that were interested in causing trouble for him. Therefore, he thought that the woman might be a guard who was secretly trained by a clan or a powerful influence and never appeared in Jianghu. Unexpectedly, this one in the field was a tsundere girl.

She was tsundere, really tsundere!

She was like the girls in comics that odd Wang Bo, Junior Leopard's identity in his previous life, searched on the Internet for when he had the interest. The girl who beat his three men looked exactly like the tsundere girls that he had seen in the comics.

The exquisite figure, delicate and beautiful features, a pair of crystal-clear pupils suffused with coldness, occasionally flickering a bit of fierceness and stubbornness. She looked cool. She wasn't smiling, but it seemed that she was pretending. Besides, she was thin and weak. Junior Leopard guessed that she was only about 1.5m tall. Her long black hair went straight down her back to the lovely pink dress she dressed in. But alas, all the gorgeousness was ruined by some oil stains on the front of her dress. Of course, only Junior Leopard was still paying attention to the oil stains on her dress, the others were focusing on the big saber that she was leaning on.

The length of the saber was similar to her height. Moreover, the back of the saber was very wide, full of a fierce bloodthirst from beginning to end, which was unmatched with the girl. It looked extremely strange to be held in her hands, but there was a faint sense of harmony hiding in the strangeness.

The girl's eyes gradually lit up as Junior Leopard approached slowly. Her hearing was amazing. Though she did not see him across the crowd, she was thrilled to hear the steady, scalp tingling sound of his footsteps approaching.

The crowd, at last, was completely separated and this allowed the girl in the field to see Junior Leopard's appearance, which was obviously beyond her expectation.

"You're Zhou Bao?"

The girl's eyes flashed a little doubt, but she asked first, "you're the Wu's disciple who was supposed to die in the underground fire vein?"

"Hiss!" The muscles in Junior Leopard's face twitched suddenly and he inwardly cursed, "She's really tsundere. What a sharp statement! What is the Wu's disciple who was supposed to die in the underground fire vein? Was I supposed to die?"

"I'm Zhou Bao, but I don't think I should die in the underground fire vein. But you, miss, you came to River Heart Island and injured the Water Army Camp soldiers for no reason. What are you trying to do?"

"These big men have lived all these years in vain. They can't even take my one movement. How can you speak for them without being shy?"

Hearing this, Junior Leopard had an impulse to stuff his dirty socks into her mouth. At this point, Wang Cheng and Jiang Xiao, on the side, wished to disappear. "Yes, you win, but why should you talk so viciously?"

However, Junior Leopard did not entangle himself in this issue. According to his experience from comics in his previous life, there was no point in reasoning with tsundere girls. If he bickered with her, he would die of anger. Hence, he had better get straight to the point.

"You're right, miss. They are so old, but they can't take your three movements. They do have to reflect. Anyway, they're my men. Since you hurt my men, I have to save their face, right? Besides, this is the port of River Heart Island, you must give me an explanation for your causing trouble here, OK?"

"Unless you win my saber!" The girl responded with a sneer, and her eyes became sharp. Then she put the giant saber in her hand in front of her. According to the size and material of the saber, it weighed at least 50kg. However, she seemed to take it with little effort as if she was waving a juncus effusus. Combining with her thin and slender body, it looked weird.

"Well, since you knocked them down with three movements, you are very strong. As their commander, I must have a try!" Then Junior Leopard gently pulled his left foot back, clenched his hands and placed a defensive fist in front of him.

"Wait, where are your hammers?" The girl asked coldly, "do you want to fight me empty-handed?"

"Two fists will do against you. There's no need to use weapons!" Junior Leopard jeered, with flirting eyes, "Little sister, come on, let brother give you a good lesson!"


Obviously, she had never received such treatment or heard such a sardonic tone that even had a hint of flirting before.

"That depends on whether you have the ability!"

Junior Leopard evidently underestimated the girl's mind. After a moment of turmoil, she soon regained her composure.

"She is a girl, hard to handle!"

Junior Leopard sighed in his heart, having already felt the cold from the giant saber in her hand.

"How could such a thing happen to me?" Junior Leopard groaned secretly. Then he fiercely lifted his Qi and a hot spirit came out from him like the eruption of a volcano. Almost instantaneously, the surroundings were enveloped in a searing heat.

"Great!" The girl coldly praised before suddenly wielding the long saber. A huge half-moon saber-light directly struck at Junior Leopard. With a jump, he dodged the saber-light and then his left fist with a searing heat, aimed straight to the girl.

Thirteen Punches of Desolation!

The girl waved the long saber easily without a sign of weakness. The long saber was surrounded by a sharp light and struck towards Junior Leopard. They began a close fight.

Junior Leopard finally gauged her strength. To be exact, it was the strength of her long saber. He hit the back of the saber with three punches which could smash two fists printing on pig iron and stainless steel, but it did not have any other effect aside from shaking the saber. Instead, his fist was hurt by the anti-shock from the saber.

"Damn it! This saber is at least a Genuine Weapon! No, no, even if it's a Genuine Weapon, it couldn't be intact after my two blows. It's a Secondary Heavenly Weapon!"

Yes, a Secondary Heavenly Weapon!

With his present fist strength, using the Extraordinary Strength Fist, along with the Internal Qi of Nine Dragons Heavenly Fire after several condenses and his physical strength, even if it was a Genuine Weapon, it would show signs of melting under his fists. Perhaps only the Secondary Heavenly Weapon could be as undamaged as it was now.

"Damn it! Who is the little girl? Running around with a Secondary Heavenly Weapon!" Junior Leopard cursed secretly.

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