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There were many different opinions on the bride kidnapping in Jianghu. Still, one thing was beyond doubt: It was a woman who kidnapped this bride. Besides, the woman was strikingly similar in appearance and dress to one of the Chiefs of the Tian Long Taoism, Nian Wushuang, a Level Eight expert.

This way, the problem was more serious than Wang She kidnapped the bride himself. If it only involved Wang She, the Tian Long Taoism could argue that it was a personal conduct. But now there were two Chiefs involved. This meant that the Tian Long Taoism deliberately made things difficult for the Mingyi School.

Thus the Mingyi School launched queries on these grounds. But before the Tian Long Taoism responded, news broke out. The other Chief of the three Chiefs of Tian Long Taoism, Lei Xu from the Lei Family suddenly came to Qinlingjun City and carried incomparably generous presents for Ma Changtian in hoped of marrying his daughter. Lei Xu said he was the mastermind of this bride kidnapping. And he and Miss Ma had known each other for years and loved each other. However, since he had been practicing and delayed the time to proposal, Lu Shaoyou beat him to the punch. It was because of the success of Lu Shaoyou's early proposal that the Mingyi School reached an agreement with the Tian Long Taoism. Therefore, Lei Xu had been confined atop Tian Long Mystic Mountain by the experts from his family and the Tian Long Taoism. Stripped of the freedom to act, he could only ask both of his sworn friends for help ruin the wedding. He declared that he would accept all means of revenge, whether they were from the Mingyi School or the Golden Lights Cave.

As what he said, on the day before he proposed, Nian Wushuang sent Ma Linglong to the Governor Mansion herself. At the mansion, Nian Wushuang talked with the Governor's wife behind the scenes for half a day and no one knew what they had talked about.

It was a pity that Lei Xu's proposal did not go smoothly and he was driven out of the Governor Mansion that day. According to witnesses, Lei Xu came out with a bloody, bruised face, as if he had taken one hell of a beating. Even the betrothal gifts were also thrown at the door of the Governor Mansion, dazzling the crowds of passersby. Most people had never seen such treasure and said they had lived in vain.

What most excited and surprised the passersby was that Lei Xu walked away regardless of the betrothal gifts on the ground. Then idle passersby made a small fortune.

This incident complicated the entire affair, but naturally also made the entire affair clearer.

With the entire affair revealed to all from beginning to end, it became clear why Junior Leopard kidnapped the bride, why Nian Wushuang, a lofty and detached woman took part in this deed and why these two had the self-assurance to defy the original agreement reached between the Tian Long Taoism and the Mingyi School.

This was why we said that the entire affair was clearer, but this had complicated the entire affair in turn.

With the appearance of Lei Xu, the three Chiefs of the Tian Long Taoism were completely implicated in this affair. Once the actions of these three and the facts all came to light, people in Jianghu all came to believe what Lei Xu said. If he and Miss Ma did not love each other and pledge to marry without parental consent, then who else would have taken such drastic actions for the sake of a woman? But who were the three? They were the three Chiefs, three pillars and the backbone of the Tian Long Taoism. One was a Level Eight expert from the Lei Family; another was a newly Level Nine expert, and the third, Nian Wushuang, whose background was even more mysterious. Rumor had it that Nian Wushuang's background was no lower than Lei Xu. The three worked together to commit such an act. Then would the Tian Long Taoism ignore this? Would they dare to ignore this? Could they free from it?

Under these circumstances, there was no possibility of launching an attack. Therefore, Junior Leopard won 100 taels of silver at a casino.

With military force not an option, the oral conflict heated up. To those with discerning eyes, the Tian Long Taoism should resolve this matter by making a concession and returning the profits they had received previously from the Mingyi School; specifically, they should pay reparations to the Mingyi School as a compensation for the losses caused by breaking their word to the Ming Yi School and the Golden Light Cave. As for whether Lei Xu or Lu Shaoyou could finally marry Ma Linglong, that would depend on their capability.

Nevertheless, judging by the Mingyi School's style, this marriage was already over and no one else would mention it again. What remained was personal enmity of White Blademaster Lu Shaoyou and the three Chiefs of Tian Long Taoism. However, it seemed that Lu Shaoyou stood no chance of success. At least, he had to swallow the insult for the time being.

For this marriage, both the Mingyi School and the Tian Long Taoism were the losers.

The Mingyi School had thoroughly lost face. They had hoped the newly promoted Level Eight expert, the White Blademaster Lu Shaoyou, could take charge of the overall situation in the future, but his wife was kidnapped in public at the wedding. No matter how strong he was, or how high status he possessed, Lu Shaoyu would feel shame for a couple of years in Jianghu unless he would win back his dignity.

As for the Tian Long Taoism, they seemed to be the winner of this farce, and gained great fame and prestige since Wang She had become a Level Nine expert. But at the same time people saw the other side: The pillars of Tian Long Taoism, the three Chiefs with cultivation of over Level Eight, violated their sect's orders. No, they were not violating, but trampling! The agreement reached between their sect and the Mingyi School, which would benefit their sect enormously, had been torn to shreds. Besides, the Mingyi School had to clean up the mess at the expense of sect's profit.

What did this mean?

It meant that there had been a huge contradiction between the strongest of this generation and the real power holder in the Tian Long Taoism. The strongest could not alter the power holder's decisions in authority, but he could break the decisions in strength.

In a way, this was a strong signal from the strongest of this generation in Tian Long Taoism. They were no longer satisfied with flaunting their strength to the world; they wanted to utter their own voices and make their own decisions in the Tian Long Taoism. This joint action of the three Chiefs may actually act for their senior brother, because they were all disciples of the Tian Long Taoism, grew up together and had a great relationship. On the other hand, there should be a demonstration against the power holder of the Tian Long Taoism. They may want to tell the power holder that they were no longer content to be just a thug, simply fighting for the Tian Long Taoism.

Therefore, for some busybodies in Jianghu, this was undoubtedly a wonderful and exciting story. They were dazzled and exhilarated.

For Junior Leopard, who was remaining dormant on the River Heart Island, it was like watching a play. He often drank tea, ate dessert and listened to the rumors in Jianghu in a tea house in Jiang City. From time to time, he interjected his own speculations without any consciousness of being a participant. You knew, he was personally involved in the bride kidnapping and even killed a Level Eight expert.

"You live quite comfortably!"

When Junior Leopard was looking at the long dragon composed of ships of all sizes on the Luo River, wondering what to do to maximize his benefits, a familiar, feminine voice suddenly came to his ears.

He sprang up with a startle from the rock he was sitting on, while Little Du beside him was more alert and jumped out of the cliff with a whoosh. It was just that the moment when it jumped up, it felt a sinking in its forehead. Then it was pinned to the ground by a tremendous force.

Little Du was naturally bright. It instantly realized it couldn't match the person in front of it. It dared not to resist, obediently motionless on the ground.

Junior Leopard could not help admiring Wang She who had completely overpowered Little Du with only one finger on its forehead. However, he suddenly thought that Wang She was a Level Nine expert, and then his expression immediately changed.

"Chief Wang, you are so awesome! Is it great that a Level Nine expert bullies my Little Du?"

"Your evil beast is very interesting. I feel a familiar spirit in it!" Wang She slightly raised his eyebrows and retracted his finger, a flicker of confusion in his eyes.

Suddenly, Junior Leopard recalled that Little Du was one-eyed wolf's son and one-eyed wolf was tamed by the guy in front of him. Because of blood lineage, it was natural that their spirit was very similar.

However, he could not tell Wang She this thing. Hence, Junior Leopard just said, "I discovered Little Du by accident in the Misty Mountain. Have Chief seen him before?"

"I also have an evil beast that is very similar to it. Maybe they're the same kind!" Wang She lightly answered.

"Good, how about getting them together sometime?"

"Maybe later!" Wang She replied and turned his attention away from Little Du. Junior Leopard patted Little Du and motioned it away. Then Little Du, as if it was amnestied, looked at Wang She for a moment and jumped out, disappearing within a few jumps. It seemed that it was really freaked out by Wang She.

"Chief, you are not here to frighten my evil beast, right?"

"What do you say?" Wang She laughed, following Junior Leopard's gaze. "Boy, you're really smart. You've occupied a good place. Having made a lot of money these days, right?"

"No, just barely enough to live on!" Junior Leopard answered with a smile. "It's you, Your Excellency Chief. You've become a Level Nine expert. You're the focus of the world now!"

"I'm going to Northern Yuan!"


Junior Leopard lost in thought suddenly. "He's going to Northern Yuan. What does he go to Northern Yuan for? No, it's none of my business. Why he told me?"

"I may run into some trouble on this trip to Northern Yuan. Even if I were able to come back alive, I would probably not appear in public over a period of days!" Junior Leopard's heart sank a little.

"What exactly does he go to Northern Yuan for?"

As a Level Nine expert, at the peak of the world's pyramid of strength, how could he not be sure to come back alive from Northern Yuan?

You knew, there were no more than three to four Level Nine experts in Northern Yuan. Perhaps a Level Nine expert could not beat three to four Level Nine experts. However, it was hard to kill a Level Nine expert even if 10 Level Nine experts worked together.

"You don't need to care what I do in Northern Yuan? But if I can't come back, I want you to do one thing for me!"

"Chief, command me please!" Junior Leopard replied respectfully.

"Give this to Ji Zhongtang of the Mingyi School!" Wang She handed a parcel of green cloth to Junior Leopard. Receiving the parcel, Junior Leopard felt it was light and did not seem to contain anything valuable.

"Besides, there's a letter inside. It's for you. If you get the news of my real death, you should do me a favor to open it and follow the instructions in the letter. And if I'm still alive, you should act as if nothing happened!"

"Yes!" Junior Leopard looked hesitant. He was somewhat frightened, because Wang She's words sounded like the last words!

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