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A+ A- Chapter 120: The Alarming Trick in Overcoming Disparity

What a strong Qi Power!

Pei Zheng stood still even when Junior Leopard's turbulent Qi Power was rushing toward him, just like a black reef in the rough sea, standing firm despite the wind and rain.

However, he could not help frowning when the blaze of Qi Power actually hit him.

The temperature. The temperature that caused him to be surprised.

As an expert at Level Five, he certainly knew what Qi Power was, and he himself had his own Qi Power too. That was why he knew Junior Leopard did not simply depend on his Qi Power to achieve what he did.

Pei Zheng advanced half a step. Qi Power as heavy as a mountain rushed out from his body, trying to compete with Junior Leopard's.

"It's not right?!"

"It's not right!" Seeing that Pei Zheng had also released his Qi Power, Junior Leopard laughed and grabbed his twin hammers at the speed of lightning. At the same time, his body bounced off the ground. "Your biggest mistake is competing Qi Power with me at such a place!"

While speaking, his hammers were constantly smashing at Pei Zheng. As Pei Zheng was an expert at Level Five and yet he was only at Level Three, Junior Leopard took the initiative if he wanted to win.

"Hu, hu, hu...!" With a series of wind-breaking sound, Junior Leopard continuously swung his hammers, hitting

18 times in a row. Though he missed his target each time, Pei Zheng was not in an easy position either.

He looked a little pale and he only barely avoided Junior Leopard's hammers by drawing back 18 steps. Most importantly, he found that he had fallen into a trap after releasing his Qi Power.

He did not know how this kid did, but Junior Leopard somehow merged his Qi Power with the underground fire vein!

"How could this happen? How could such a thing happen?"

"How could the Qi Power of an ordinary person be merged and even integrated with the underground fire vein?"

This had completely surpassed Pei Zheng's cognitive range. "Unless..."

An odd idea flashed across his mind.

"It's impossible! He's only at Level Three. How can he condense his spirit? I can't grasp my spirit even though I'm already at Level Five..."

Pei Zheng was still in astonishment when something even more unbelievable happened. Though Junior Leopard failed to hit Pei Zheng, he had gained a preemptive opportunity. In this case, he should have followed up his success by attacking, but he unexpectedly retreated. More importantly, his fiery Qi Power that was merged with the underground fire vein was withdrawn like it had never existed.

"Is it there's a time limit for the Qi Power merged with the underground fire vein?" This was his first thought that came to mind. Before he could think of anything else, his Qi Power that had been suppressed by Junior Leopard broke out.

His Qi Power surged like a spring that had been badly suppressed and finally exploded when the external pressure was lifted. Pei Zheng neither had the time to stop nor thought it was necessary to stop.

Since Junior Leopard's Qi Power explosion was limited and he had lost his chance, Pei Zheng would be a fool if he did not grab this opportunity.

A brief moment later, Pei Zheng realized he was a true fool.

But he no longer had time to regret or comprehend the profound question of whether he was a fool.

Junior Leopard's Qi Power did not disappear. Instead, it was condensed into something unbelievable. In front of him, Pei Zheng's mountain-like Qi Power was easily dispersed without any ability to fight back.


The strong power, mingled with heat so strong it could melt gold, destroyed his Qi Power in a flash and invaded his body following the Internal Qi in the Qi Power. Pei Zheng could only grunt as he flew back with his

with his Internal Qi. The heat flow invaded him through the Internal Qi passageway on his right hand. It nearly destroyed the tendons and vessels of his hand in an instant. But he did not care. He simply stared at Junior Leopard and the shimmering black fireball around him.


Yes, it was a spirit!

The cruel reality subverted his mind again. He could not believe a kid at Level Three could own a spirit. Furthermore, it was such a strange spirit that not even experts at Level Nine could condense!

So he lost. He had lost in an utterly aggrieved and helpless manner.

This was all pre-planned. In the beginning, Junior Leopard released his Qi Power and used the underground fire vein to suppress Pei Zheng. He attacked quickly so as to gain the preemptive opportunity. When his enemy's Qi Power was suppressed to the extreme, he withdrew his Qi Power and condensed it. When his enemy's Qi Power exploded without external pressure, he used his powerful spirit to force the heat flow into his enemy's body through the Internal Qi passageway. This way, he could win the battle despite the cultivation gap between them.

Of course, with his cultivation at Level Three, this was the best result he could achieve. The so-called elimination of cultivation gap was only good for experts at Level Five. It was unlike Pei Zheng whose fighting strength that had been halved by the damage. If his enemy was in Level Six, his body could resist Junior Leopard's invading heat flow.

Though Pei Zheng was an expert at Level Five, it was nearly impossible for him to win against a monster who could condense spirit at Level Three with his fighting halved.

So, Pei Zheng could only retreat!

He finally found his footing after dropping back 30 feet. With his right hand dropping, he looked up and stared in bewilderment at Junior Leopard who had hunkered down like before. With his hammers scattered before him, he looked pale and tired.

"This senior, I really don't have a choice. I'm not the one who won't let you in. There's a guy inside who told me to stand guard here for three days. He's too powerful. I can't risk his anger so I can only obey him. If you really want to go inside, you can wait here for a bit. The three days have long passed. Even if he breaks his promises, he should really be coming out by today!"

Pei Zheng was preparing to leave, just like those people from Jian Family and Luo Family that he met when he came. He did not expect to hear this. He smiled bitterly. "Forget it. I'm not going inside. There's no use for me to go in this way. Young man, you're very strong, unexpectedly strong. Can you tell me who's inside? Is it Chief Wang from the Tian Long Taoism?"

"Who else could it be except that bastard!" Junior Leopard spluttered with rage. His answer sounded like a complaint.


The muscle on Pei Zheng's face twitched, somewhat shocked. Just as he was about to speak, he heard a lazy voice.

"Brat, even if I owe you a favor, you shouldn't scold me behind my back!"

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