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"What? Who is he?!"

Listening to the words of the servant beside them, Junior Leopard and Jin Nangqing felt somewhat incredulous.

When they saw the person who was riding crazily on the horseback with a face full of beard, these two people thought he must be the horse thief called Beard Ma around the Black Shakou because of the guilty consciences.

They didn't expect, that the servant at the side said that he was Black Three Lady.

"He is Black Three Lady!" A person continued, "Amongst the few groups of bandits in Black Shakou, he is the most mysterious, similarly his strength is also the strongest. Who would've thought that he is actually someone from the Sect of Flame!"

The two of them turned around and saw the supervisor of the Wu Residence.

"Butler Yu, why did you come out?!"

Although Wu's branch in Zhonghe City was hoodwinked by Wu Yuntian, it was just a branch sharing the same personnel structure with other places. Wu Yuntian was the Head Supervisor, and this middle-aged man without a beard was the supervisor. He didn't have any martial arts, yet he still controlled the entire businesses in the Zhonghe City's Wu's branch. He was considered as someone from the Wu's headquarter. Another man from the Wu's headquarter was the blacksmith. It was just that Zhonghe City was much bigger than Qingyang Market. Different from Qingyang Market, Wu's branch enjoyed a separate smelting place.

As a matter of fact, apart from the smelting place, there was also the merchant shop of the Wu Family, which was at a different place from the Wu's branch. Now they were at the Wu's branch, namely, Wu Residence. Speaking plainly it was the private residence of Wu Yuntian.

Normally speaking, Butler Yu would be at the Wu's merchant shop, managing the business of the Wu Family. He would seldom come to the Wu Residence. The two of them didn't expect that they would actually meet him here.

"Why am I here?!" Butler Yu smiled bitterly, "Since a few days ago, there have been several creditors coming to the shop to reclaim their debts. They even held the Wu's written pledge and even the seal of the Wu's. However, I have never seen those monies before. It was not in the accounts too. Furthermore, the sum is too big. Even if I count all the cash flow in the shop, it was not enough to pay. After resisting for a few days, I finally couldn't manage, and can only come to find Housekeeper Wu. But I never thought that such a thing would occur!"

While speaking, that batch of men already reached the Wu Residence.

"Who are you! How dare you trespass to the Wu Residence?!"

In front of the Wu Residence, a person stepped forward and stopped that batch of men. He shouted fiercely. Even though there was a thread of fear and trembling within the voice, this made Junior Leopard and Jin Nanqing admire his boldness.

"Yu Yu Yu Yu Yu...!" [TL: this is the person riding on the horse giving command to the horse]

The leading black-clothed big man, who was Black Three Lady, ordered his horse to rush towards the front of that person. The front hooves rose up high, violently stomping at that person.

"Hmph—!" Junior Leopard coldly snorted. His left hand flashed, and picked up the silver hammer on his left waist, and smashed towards that horse.

If the horse hooves stomped on that person, then, similarly, Junior Leopard's hammer would also smash onto the horse.

"Good fella!" Black Three Lady's eyes flashed a ferocious glint. He grabbed onto the horse collar and narrowly evaded Junior Leopard's hammer. The whip in his hands turned into a black shadow and came rushing forward.

Crack! The whip hit the man blocking the road, and sent him flying.

"Big Head Yan, you are just a Chief Protector. There is no need to work yourself to the bone!"

After sending a person flying with the whip, Black Three Lady said teasingly, yet his gaze still fixed onto Junior Leopard.

Junior Leopard's attack failed, but he didn't attack again. He tightened his hand grip on the silver hammer and kept the silver hammer which he smashed. He looked at Black Three Lady and only coldly smiled. His heart was secretly in awe. The Black Three Lady was actually a Level Three expert. The hand holding the hammer involuntarily tightened.

"Black Three Lady, this is the Wu Residence, it is not the place for you to be arrogant!"

Big Head Yan who fell on the floor climbed up. That whip wasn't light, it ripped open his flesh on the arm. A deep blood stain was revealed. If it was just a bit heavier, then his bones would have cracked.

"You, how do you know me?!" Big Head Yan's injury from that whip was not light. He looked at Black Three Lady with his eyes revealing a fearful expression.

"Of course I know you. Not only do I know you, under this whole Wu Residence, there isn't one that I don't know!"

Black Three Lady said, revealing a combination of hatred and happiness on his face. His gaze fell on Junior Leopard and Jin Nanqing, "Of course, this includes the two of you!"

"I don't care who are you, and I don't care if you all are from the Sect of Flame. But I think that you should understand, even if you all have conquered the whole of Zhonghe City, this isn't a place where you can barge in as you please!" Jin Nanqing said plainly.

"Indeed, you are right; I will not barge into the Wu Residence unnecessarily. However that is for other people, to me, there isn't much to be concerned about. You are called Jin Nanqing right? You came from Yunzhou. This isn't a place for you to make a decision. How about Wu Yuntian, get him to come out!"

"Seneschal Wu is not coming out!"

Butler Yu said helplessly at the side.

"What, why? Does he run away?!" Black Three Lady raised his eyebrows and glanced at Butler Yu.

"Seneschal Wu's study room was set on fire, he was inside, and couldn't escape in time!" Butler Yu sighed. Wu Yuntian was chased by so many creditors that he set himself ablaze. He naturally won't speak out such kind of matter in front of so many people.

However, Black Three Lady was a smart person. After hearing this, his expression stiffened, "What, what did you say, didn't come out in time, he died?!"

Nobody replied. Even though everyone here knew that Wu Yuntian was more or less dead. However, without seeing the corpse, nobody dared to speak anyhow.

"Then now, who can call the shots in the Wu Residence?!"

There was no one answering.

In Zhonghe City, Wu Yuntian's words counted. As for the people below him, no matter Butler Yu, or the supervisor in the smelting room, they just did jobs. Now Wu Yuntian was dead, without the Wu's headquarter sending a new supervisor to Zhonghe City, the branch's authority level was really empty. There wasn't someone to fill in the gap that Wu Yuntian had left.

Black Three Lady obviously didn't think that such a thing would happen. "Okay, I don't care if Wu Yuntian is dead or alive, and I don't care who the one in charge here is. Now I want to go in, you all won't stop me, will you?!"

Black Three Lady said and his gaze shifted on Junior Leopard, "Boy, you won't stop me, will you?!"

"What do you say?!" Junior Leopard's eyes went cold; his twin silver hammers were held in his hands.

"At such a young age, your temper is quite bad?!" Black Three Lady's eyes squinted, with his cold gaze stared at Junior Leopard, "You has reached Level Three at such a young age. I really don't understand how could the guys at the Wu's trust you and let you come out!"

"I also don't understand, you are obviously a man, why are you called a lady. Could it be that your little brother has gone, and the beard on your face was posted on?!" Junior Leopard curled his lips and laughed.

"You are a dead man!"

"Same to you!"

While talking, the twin hammers and the whip were already entangled together.


"Rush forward...!"

At the same time when the two of them started fighting, the servants of the Wu Residence and Black Three Lady's underlings all raised their weapons and started fighting together. 

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