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Chapter 29

Omae Mitai na Hiroin ga Ite Tamaruka! 29

Fengfeng Gakuen's primary school is different from other private schools . Even more so compared to public schools .

The students who attend are upper class children . In other words, there are many children from companies that support the Japanese economy .

Basically, parents rarely come out to resolve quarrels between children .

If the parties are similar to each other, it will end with both successes and losses .

It is a tacit understanding that the disputes in the school should be contained within the school . However, if an excessive situation occurs, it will develop into a problem between houses and parents will come out .

Although children, the students are rich children . There are quite a lot of troublesome children who have high pride, are a little arrogant, and have the ambition to stand at the top .

Therefore, teachers treat their students with great care .

Don't be licked in a good mood . If it is too strict, parents will come out and it will be troublesome . It is difficult to adjust it .

Therefore, 90% of the teachers in the elementary and middle schools are graduates of the primary school .

A rich teacher for rich children . They know how to treat them, and if someone from the upper class is teaching, the children will listen better

Even so, there are a certain number of people from ordinary households who become teachers of Fengfeng .

Those who say that they are from ordinary households will be taught in advance by other teachers about the unspoken rules and how to handle the students .

The students are not stupid, so they listen to what the teacher says unless you do something extra .

The reason why Tsubaki is thinking about this is because that exception has occurred .

The cause was that the teacher took a rest due to a sudden illness .

Furthermore, it was bad that there was a pool class that day .

It was even worse that the alternative teacher was a new teacher from an ordinary household .

And it would be out of luck that the teacher was a very enthusiastic teacher who would be popular with students if it was a public school .

To put it simply, what happened was just a scene that you often see in public schools .

After the pool class, there was a lost item in the women's changing room . The lost item was underwear .

After class, the teacher announced, "Who do these panties belong to?" in the classroom where all the males and females were together, showing the actual object to Tsubaki .

In this case, the correct way to put it is, "There was a lost item in the changing room, so students who have lost something should come to the staff room . "

Tsubaki's head hurt from this lack of consideration towards the students in the middle of puberty, who had reached the second growth phase of the upper grades, and the lack of recognition from the teacher that this was Fengfeng Gakuen .

And at the same time as the teacher showed the panties, Tsubaki saw a first-year female student looking down and trembling .

Tsubaki immediately realizes that she was the one who forgot her panties because her figure far from her usual dignified appearance, and she wanted to hold her head .

Tsubaki wanted to ask Todo why she forgot her underwear in the changing room, but she couldn't do that .

However, Todo's current attitude was unbelievable to those who saw it .

A girl who can be said to be Todo's right arm, who was sitting next to her, noticed Todo's state and began to panic .

"What? Nobody is there? It can't be helped . Will you ask another class?"

The novice teacher says so, and Tsubaki throws out all the abusive miscellaneous words at him in his heart .

You're a big boy! Are you an idiot?

Some idiots can't imagine how embarrassing or hurt adolescents are!

Would you like to be exposed during the school year? Who hired that teacher?

Tsubaki didn't want to benefit Todo because of this, but if Todo was defeated here, Tsubaki would be in trouble .

Tsubaki was afraid that Todo, who was respected at first sight, would be the target of teasing by other students this time, and she would atrophy .

Todo, a child of a typical good family, cannot be tolerant of off-color humor . It was easy to imagine how the boys who were in good shape would say various things .

As expected, Tsubaki quietly raised his right hand .

"It's me"


"So, that underwear is mine . "

At the moment, the students started to buzz

Eh? Is that Asahinsan's? Tsubaki also heard that the students were talking from various places in the classroom about whether she was wearing underwear or not right now .

It doesn't hurt or itch where the reputation has fallen .

"What's that? Was it Asahina? Be careful . "

Tsubaki stood up and received his underwear from the teacher .

Of course, all while not forgetting to advise him .

" . . . Is the university Fengfeng?"

"That's right . "

"If so, I think it's unavoidable that you don't know, but this is not a public school like the teacher attended . All the students attending are the sons and daughters of famous families . Parents don't come out in the quarrels between children, but if it's a teacher, it's a different story . I want you to realize that disrespecting us means disrespecting our house . You should have heard from other teachers what teachers should be at Fengfeng Gakuen . If you can't protect it, it's better to retire from the teaching profession . "

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"Ah! It may be embarrassing, but don't take it out on me . "

"Not a blow, but a piece of advice . "

When he had nothing more to say, Tsubaki turned her heels and returned to her seat .

Then, the chime rang, and the moody teacher glanced at Tsubaki and went out of the classroom .

Even after the teacher went out, the classroom was quiet and no one spoke or moved .

They glanced at Tsubaki without reserve .

Tsubaki stood up, thinking that it wasn't clear, and glared at her classmates who were looking at her .


Tsubaki matched her eyes with the boy and made a voice full of her moodiness .

When asked by Tsubaki, the boy shook his head and shouted, "Nothing!"

With that as a trigger, the other classmates started to move in a hurry as if they had snapped out of it, and started preparing for their return .

While looking sideways at her classmates, Tsubaki prepared for her return and went out of the classroom to the corridor with her bag .

As Tsubaki walked to the front door to get home quickly, a girl, who could be said to be Todo's right arm, was waiting for Tsubaki in the hallway .

"Would you like a little time?"

"Should I go to the private room in the dining room?"

As she knew what happened, Tsubaki presented the place that she would probably be called to . The girl had a strange look on as she wondered why Tsubaki knew it before she said it .

However, Tsubaki didn't want to explain the reason to her politely, so she asked her for the room number of the private room and headed to that place .

When she stood in front of the door and knocked on the door, She heard a voice from inside, and Tsubaki opened the door and went inside .

Sure enough, there was Todo inside, and she was sitting alone on the sofa .

Tsubaki couldn't feel the dignified atmosphere as usual, but she seemed to feel guilty somehow .

Tsubaki approached Todo, took out her underwear from her bag, and presented it in front of Todo .

"Yes, was this yours?"

Todo received her underwear silently with a bitter face, and opened her mouth after putting it in her bag .

"What are you going to do by selling me a favor?"

"I don't mean to sell you a favor . That teacher's behavior was so bad . I also wanted to go home early . "

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"I don't want to make a loan . "

"So, I don't think it's a loan . "

"It's a lie! You can't help me without any other intentions!"

It seems to be unbelievable that Tsubaki, who is in a hostile relationship with her, helped her so, Todo stubbornly rejected Tsubaki's words .

Now, Tsubaki, who cannot afford to expose everything to Todo, thought about how to convince Todo and decided to offer the terms of exchange .

"If so, there is a shop that is famous for cheesecake in Kagurazaka . Do you know of it? That's what I'm going to do . "

"I've heard of it, but is it okay with such a thing?"

"Yeah . I can't think of anything else . "

Having them return the loan with sweets .  What? While thinking about the things that Anna and Kyosuke could see with white eyes, Tsubaki waited for a reply from Todo .

If she didn't want to leave a lump between Tsubaki, she decided that it would be better to return it as soon as possible . Todo agreed with two replies .

Tsubaki returned her underwear to Todo, so she had no more business to remain here .

Tsubaki told Todo that her lessons were about to start, so she left the private room .

The next day, Todo came alone to where Tsubaki was with Anna while breathing roughly .

"You've deceived me! That shop, isn't it a shop that you refuse at first sight!"

Tsubaki whispered to Anna in the eyes of Todo who was angry at her .

"Hey, Todo-san is cute, isn't she?"

"You have a really good personality . "

After swearing at Tsubaki for a while, Todo was soothed by the girl who came to pick her up and pulled her arm away .

For better or for worse, Todo is a serious person .

Since then, the new teacher has never attended Tsubaki's class, even if it was temporary . Perhaps it had reached the grade chief's ears and was being taken into consideration .

When they met in the staff room, he glared at Tsubaki and showed off a small amount of underwear in an attempt to criticize her narrowness when her underwear was displayed . Tsubaki wondered what his attitude was like as an adult before taking up the teaching profession .

A colleague's teacher, who couldn't see it, warned him, but he said, "My father is friendly with the director of the school, so there is no problem . "

Furthermore, at a later date, that new teacher, who had been looking at Tsubaki as an enemy, began to get scared every time he saw Tsubaki, and began to leave so as to escape from her sight .

Tsubaki didn't say anything to her parents, and the school didn't say anything .

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Tsubaki was wondering what to say, but it seems that Saeki turned his hand .

Since spring, Kyosuke has been talking to Saeki more often, and Saeki has been able to talk to Kyosuke more than before .

Kyosuke, Anna, and Saeki used a private room several times, and he offered me sweets .

At that time, Tsubaki heard about a new teacher from Saeki .

"As a teacher of Fengfeng, I thought that he would have the attitude of a teacher . And he said that he had connections with the president . When I told my mother that I couldn't see it, I was unexpectedly indignant . She went to school to complain the next day . After all, she couldn't overlook it as the daughter of the president . "

"I'm really sorry . "

"It's okay . That teacher who always remembered what the child said is stranger . "

As Saeki said, it would be strange to take what the child said and say it .

Tsubaki didn't put it well either . Nevertheless, it was not good to ignore the school's rules as a teacher .

Speaking of which, Tsubaki remembered that Saeki's mother was the daughter of the president .

Tsubaki didn't remember the story very much, so she thought it was a bad thing to say Saeki's route was a little bit of a problem .

However, I was grateful that the situation was resolved thanks to Saeki before it became worse .

"Generally, if you don't complain immediately, that teacher will blame you again . At that time, if you get angry and the chairman's face is crushed, you won't be able to see it . "

"It's about school credit issues . If you sympathize with the school's philosophy and let your kids go, but the top manager makes a mistake, the number of new students next year will be visibly reduced . "

As Kyosuke said, that new teacher wouldn't have changed his attitude unless he was in trouble .

In the worst case, if you turn the children and parents of the upper class family into enemies, there is no doubt that you will be turned away from other famous families .

Tsubaki didn't think that she would do anything extra because if she's quiet, she can get a salary and live a safe life .

"But it's okay because I'm no longer unnecessarily hostile . That's amazing . "

"You are making too many enemies . This battle brain . "

"Kyosuke, there is no peace you can get without fighting . "

When Tsubaki murmured, Anna turned her dismayed gaze towards Tsubaki .

"Stop thinking, 'Fight and take what you want . '"

"I can't . "

Tsubaki replied immediately .

It was impossible to change her personality that had been ingrained in the previous life .

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