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Chapter 95 Immortal Burial Diagram

Qin Yun followed Qin Yonghe to a forbidden zone behind the Hua Ling Wu Courtyard.

This area was close to a large mountain in the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range.

At the foot of one of the giant mountains, there was a cave.

Qin Yonghe led Qin Yun into the cave and into a stone room filled with books.

"Dean, what are you going to give me?" Qin Yun could not help but ask out of curiosity.

Qin Yonghe took out an old, square piece of beast skin, placed it on the table and asked, "Look at this, what does this looks like?"

The snow-white beast skin seemed to have been there for a long time, and was about one meter in length. Although the surface was old, it was very soft to the touch. One could feel that the surface was quite tough by strongly pinching it.

"This beast skin came from a very strong demonic beast …" The beast skin has been specially refined. It's not simple at all. It's invulnerable to swords and spears, impervious to water and fire. " Qin Yun felt it carefully and exclaimed in surprise.

Qin Yonghe did not expect Qin Yun to be able to see so many things. He was slightly alarmed and asked, "And then?"

"There are cut marks …" It should have been cut out from a large square piece of beast skin. " Qin Yun carefully looked at the incision and said with a frown, "Also, this hide is made from several pieces that have been compressed together. There are traces of spirit inscriptions carved into it …" Just what was this thing? The rank of the beast skin is extremely high. It is simply impossible for me to carve spirit markings on it with my carving knife. "

After Qin Yonghe exclaimed, he smiled. "You are indeed a genius in the Dao of Inscription Forging. To tell you the truth, this is a fragment of a map! "

"Map?" What map? They actually used such expensive and rare materials to make it. The surface was snow-white without any traces of drawing, so they should have used some sort of special method to hide it. " Qin Yun looked astonished. This map was definitely extraordinary.

"The map was carved out of dark lines, and I still can't crack it!" Qin Yonghe sighed, "I got the map more than ten years ago, and it was your royal father who gave it to me!"

"My royal father gave it to you?" Qin Yun was alarmed as he hurriedly asked, "What is the relationship between you and my father?"

Qin Yonghe smiled, his eyes became gentle and kind, and sighed: "I am your royal father's grandfather, and am also your great-grandfather. "

"This... How is that possible? " Qin Yun's face was filled with shock as he found it unbelievable.

He was fairly familiar with the affairs of his own ancestors.

Especially his great-grandfather, whose name was Qin Xingchen. He was also one of the first emperors to die in Tianqin and died at the age of thirty-seven.

Qin Yonghe said, "I ventured into the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range very early on and almost died. I was trapped there for dozens of years. Afterwards, I was rescued by the old dean of the Hua Ling Wu Academy, who then groomed me to become a new dean. "Because at that time, I had already stepped into the Dao of Martial Arts and no longer held any attachment to the imperial power, I cultivated peacefully and didn't return to the Imperial Palace. That's why I changed my name."

"Your Imperial Father recognized me when he was studying at the Hua Ling Martial Arts School. He also promised me that he wouldn't tell anyone." Qin Yonghe sighed, "When he tried to break through to the Martial Dao Realm, because he suffered from Qi deviation and suffered severe injuries, he was unable to cure himself, which was why he asked me for help. His injuries were mental trauma, mental derangement. It's much better now. "

"No wonder he's been unable to take care of me. So it turns out that he can't even protect himself." Qin Yun asked, "Where is Father?" Is he feeling better? "

Qin Yonghe shook his head and said, "He is currently in closed-door training to heal his injuries, I'm not sure if he can recover. It's good as long as you can forgive him. Back then, the matter of you being crippled also caused him great pain, and it further aggravated his injuries. "

Qin Yun nodded and looked at the beast skin. He said, "Great Grandfather, you want to give me this fragment of the map, right?"

"This belongs to you in the first place! It was precisely because of this piece of beast skin that your mother met your father and died. " Qin Yonghe spoke of this matter with a solemn expression.

Qin Yun was taken aback. It was actually related to his mother's death!

He looked at Qin Yonghe in astonishment. He really wanted to know what was going on.

Qin Yonghe said slowly, "This map is called the 'Immortal Burying Scroll'. As the meteorite fell, it landed next to a small mountain village and was divided into four pieces. Your mother and three other women were by the river washing clothes."

"After the meteorite fell, it caught the attention of the three empires. They immediately dispatched people to the small mountain village! Your mother met your father at that time, and they fell in love at first sight. At that time, your father was still the crown prince.

Qin Yun also knew that his mother was a commoner. That was why many concubines in the imperial harem envied her.

Qin Yonghe continued, "The two women who obtained the other fragments of the Immortal Burying Diagram were also taken away by the crown prince of the Tian Qi Empire and Tian Xiao Empire respectively, which means, they are now emperors of the two countries.

"Among them, those who went to the Kingdom of Tian Qi were not lucky. They became maidservants in the palace, and soon after giving birth to their children, they died as well!"

"As for the woman who went to the Heavenly Roaring Empire, her luck is pretty good. She became a imperial concubine, but her good fortune did not last long. She died a few years after giving birth to her child, just like your mother."

Qin Yun's thoughts immediately churned as he asked, "What about the other woman?"

"Your Grand Preceptor!" Qin Yonghe's words made Qin Yun's body shudder.

"The Grand Preceptor, she … Will she also die from a curse? " Qin Yun asked with a trembling voice.

Qin Yonghe shook his head, "That's not true. She is a beast race and wasn't cursed, but she was still affected by some of the demonic arts. That group of people took advantage of the opportunity and framed her in her cultivation."

Qin Yun clenched his fists in excitement as he angrily whispered, "So it's like that!"

Qin Yonghe patted his shoulder and smiled, "She will be fine. After all, she has already escaped the curse. Right now, she should only be hiding somewhere to recuperate!"

"Great grandfather, should I find the other three beast skins?" Qin Yun asked.

Qin Yonghe continued, "As far as I know, the female who went to the Qi Empire to serve as a maid, but because of her outstanding appearance, she had an affair with the Tianqi Emperor, and later gave birth to a baby girl called Qi Meilan. And the woman who went to the Heavenly Roar Empire was the mother of Xiao Yuelan and Xiao Yueli. "

Those two women were actually the mothers of Qi Meilian and Xiao Yuelan. This made Qin Yun alarmed yet again!

He also understood why he was able to get engaged to Xiao Yuelan. It was because his mother knew Xiao Yuelan's mother, so their relationship must have been very good.

Qin Yun recalled the fact that both he and their mother had been dead for many years. He could not help but sigh and say, "Do they know about this?"

Qin Yonghe shook his head, "I'm not too sure either, so I need you to find out for yourself that, your relationship with Qi Meili is not bad. On the other hand, on Xiao Yuelan's side … It might be difficult. When you crippled Xiao Lang previously, Xiao Tian has already viewed you as a great enemy, and has restricted you from entering the Heavenly Roar Empire. "

Qin Yun put away the beast skin with mixed emotions.

"The Hua Ling Martial Arts School has already been secretly taken over by the Blue Spirit Star Palace. I'm almost in the air. This is good as well." Qin Yonghe caressed Qin Yun's head and said with a smile, "To have a great-grandson like you, I can finally relax and explore the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range."

"Great grandfather, you're leaving?" Qin Yun was extremely reluctant because he had once again experienced kinship after so many years.

"The Nine Desolate Land is extremely vast, I wish to take a look." Qin Yonghe sighed as he laughed, "When you have my strength in the future, you will have the same thoughts."

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