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Chapter 2947 - One Sword, Slash!

The sudden attack caught everyone off guard.


This Divine Weapon Appraisal Assembly was a very mysterious event, and very few people knew about it.

Therefore, they didn't defend against the demon dwellers.

Even Old Man didn't have time to react when it appeared in an instant.

Long Fei frowned, and tightened his grip on the Zhenshoulong sword.

This was his sword.

How could he give it to someone else?

Old Man said in a low voice, "Red Devil Lord, this is god's design attic's assessment and selection. Aren't you looking down on my god's design attic by doing this?"

"god's design attic?"

"What is it?"

The red haired demon dweller's eyes turned sinister as he stared at Old Man. Under his robes, his hands started moving.

Long Fei immediately cried out, "Senior, be careful!"

The red-haired demon dweller's pupils shrank and in a flash, he turned into a red vortex of blood mist. Soon after, a series of giant palms came out from the vortex.



"Bang, bang, bang …"

Blood splattered everywhere.

The blood mist became even more scarlet, and the vortex suddenly stopped. There were over a hundred bloody palm prints on Old Man's body, and all of the bones in his body were messed up.

His face was pale.

Crack! Crack! Crackling sounds came from within his body as he collapsed to the ground.


Too fast.

Old Man's cultivation was at least above the Emperor Realm, but … If he was killed instantly, the Red Devil Lord would not be able to describe it.

Red Devil Lord directly smashed Old Man's head apart with a single kick and icily asked: "god's design attic? What bullshit is this? "

It was also at this time.

Four disciples of the god's design attic s also instantly rushed over.



The four of them moved at the same time and summoned their weapons, booming towards Red Devil Lord at the same time.

The cultivation levels of the four were also Royal Realm s, if they worked together, Emperor Strongman would probably have to dodge, but he did not even look at them.



Four consecutive sounds rang out as four scarlet Soul Locking Hook shot out from the darkness and landed squarely on the necks of the four people.



… ….

Four heads flew into the air, blood spurting from their mouths.

Those weapons craftsmen masters were so frightened that their bodies were trembling and their lips were trembling. A few of them were so scared that they almost peed their pants.

Red Devil Lord walked in front of Long Fei and immediately lifted Long Fei's mask and flew away. Looking at Long Fei's young appearance, he was slightly shocked.

"I thought it was an old man, but I didn't expect it to be a youth."

"That's right!"

To be able to pass the god's design attic's examination and pull out the Zhenshoulong sword, you must have some outstanding points. " Red Devil Lord laughed: "Brat, I give you a choice. Hand over the Zhenshoulong sword and take me as your master, and I can spare your life."

Before he could finish his words.

The master refiners eagerly said, "Hurry up and give him the sword."

"Brat, you aren't Xian Wu pavilion Lord at all. Who are you? It's not important who it is now, so hurry up and give him the sword. "

"Did you hear that?"

"Give him the sword!"

All of them were extremely afraid of death.

Long Fei looked at Red Devil Lord, and said indifferently: "And if I don't give it to you?"

"Not giving?"

The Red Devil Lord laughed sinisterly.

His five fingers slightly spread out as he abruptly clenched them.


The head of a master refiner suddenly exploded.


This power was so strong that he couldn't understand it at all.

Red Devil Lord said: "Brat, do you think you have a choice? Either die or accept my request. "

Long Fei was completely unable to release his idea.

How many people were there in this valley?

I don't know.

Long Fei said: If you want me to hand over the Zhenshoulong sword, then I can, but this sword is used to guard the underground demons, what do you want him to do?

Red Devil Lord said: "Seems like you know quite a lot, ah. Correct, it is used to guard the underground demons, as for what do we need it for? That's not something you can know. "

"Hand it over."

"Then, kneel down and kowtow to acknowledge me as your teacher, and your little life will be saved."

The surrounding master refiners trembled in fear as they asked, "Honored Devil Lord, what about us?"

"We are innocent."

"We didn't do anything."

Red Devil Lord was a little impatient, he said in a deep voice: "So noisy!"

"Swish, swish, swish..."

"Swish, swish, swish..."

A dozen hooks shot out in an instant.

"Bang, bang, bang …"

Just like a human head harvesting machine, all the heads of the equipment forgers flew out and blood sprayed out from their bodies. They were all powerhouse s above Royal Realm.

He had no power to retaliate at all.

Long Fei's expression turned sinister, but soon after, the corners of his mouth lifted as he laughed: "I hate people who threaten me the most, and furthermore … Unless I don't want what's in my hands, it can't be in someone else's hands. "

Red Devil Lord smiled faintly, and said: "Seems like you choose to die?"

"What a pity!"

"What a pity!"

"I, the Red Devil, have not taken a fancy to a single disciple for over ten years, but to think that right now, I would actually choose to die."


"It seems like my Red Devil is destined to never have a disciple ever again."

The Lord stared at Long Fei with his cold eyes. Soul Realm was too terrible, so he said, "Die."

As soon as he finished.

The blood mist suddenly condensed and engulfed Long Fei.

Long Fei moved and shouted, "Mongoose!"


Blood Cloud's black robe had exceptionally cold eyes, but his eyeballs had turned into kaleidoscopes.

He formed a seal with his hands, so fast that it was impossible to see them clearly.

At that moment.


A stream of blood shot out.

In that moment, the aura on Red Devil Lord's body suddenly stopped, and the blood mist surrounding Long Fei also dispersed. Long Fei let out a long breath as he looked at the Universe Weasel and then at Red Devil Lord.

At this moment.

Red Devil Lord took out his sword and extended it towards his neck.

Illusion Techniques?

Long Fei didn't know.

However …

The weasel's power was too strong, in just a moment, Red Devil Lord was trapped in an illusion.

Long Fei bellowed, "Damn it, you want me to die? Who is dead now? "

The weasel's illusion technique was too awesome.


With a hundred percent Loyalty Level, he would be able to unleash his full strength without holding back.

However …

One weakness was that the weasel was not at its peak state. Long Fei could vaguely sense the aura from the weasel's body.




Suddenly, a huge bloody cow rushed out of the darkness, completely out of control.

At the same time.

Soul locking hooks shot out one after another.

Long Fei was shocked, "Damn it!"

After all, he was only a character that had been summoned, he didn't think too much about it. The main target of his illusion technique was the Red Devil Lord, while the other demon dwellers in the forest were slightly stunned and didn't stay there for too long.

As the giant blood colored bull broke through the illusion, the demon dwellers quickly attacked the weasel.

"Holy sh * t!"

Without caring about that, the idea moved and immediately summoned the weasel back. It was also at this time that the Red Devil Lord was in a daze, looking at the sword on his neck.

At this moment.

His aura, strength, defense, everything about him was still an illusion.


Long Fei moved his right hand, "The heavy sword has no edge."

"One strike..."


"Swish …" His figure was like a sword, his sword images were like lightning, it was as if Long Fei's entire person had pierced through Red Devil Lord's body, and a thin line of blood appeared between Red Devil Lord's eyebrows.

His eyes widened.


It slowly slid down and split in half.

And at this moment.

The system sounded out!

"Ding … …"

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