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Chapter 534: Uncovering the Abilities of the Thousand Transformations!

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It was as if a streak of lightning had flashed across Bei Feng’s thoughts, smashing apart the veil in his mind!

An idea suddenly formed in Bei Feng’s mind, causing his entire body to tremble lightly with excitement!

“The Thousand Transformations has already fused and become part of my own body. In that case…” Bei Feng mumbled to himself.

The more he said, the brighter the gleam in his eyes grew, as if he was looking at a supreme beauty.


A black-colored long sword formed in Bei Feng hand. Following that, without any action from it, it shot off into the distance, disappearing from view!

“Haha, as I expected!” Bei Feng looked at the black sword hovering around his body and laughed loudly.

“The Thousand Transformations had already become a part of my body, and even my soul has been fused with it. As expected, I can also control it with mental power.”

An excited smile hung on Bei Feng’s face as he looked at the huge cobblestone 800 meters away, split cleanly in half.

But this wasn’t the main reason for Bei Feng’s happiness. If it was just being able to control a weapon with mental power, it was still not worth such exhilaration.

The thing that truly excited him was the Thousand Transformations’s potential power. If he could merge the Thousand Transformations into someone else’s body, wouldn’t that mean that he would have control over that person’s life or death?!

Thinking up to here, Bei Feng called out, “Lu Bu.”

“Your subordinate is here!” Lu Bu hurried over, not daring to be slow.

“Go and capture a few Demonic Beasts back for me. I want them alive, all of them ranging from the First Layer of the Hundred Year realm to the Fourth layer of the Hundred Year realm,” Bei Feng instructed.

After all, this was just an idea for now. Whether it would be successful remained to be seen. So, for now, Bei Feng was prepared to experiment with his theory on Demonic Beasts first.


Lu Bu nodded and left the gorge with a few men.

Not satisfied with that, Bei Feng went deeper into the gorge by himself.


As he saw the gangster rabbit Gu Qi, he suddenly laughed loudly. That fellow was sitting by the side of the lake, using its fluffy tail as a bait to catch fishes.

It was unclear if the fishes in this lake had gone too long without having any natural enemies. The moment they saw the little tail swaying lightly on the water surface, they swam over and bit down without any hesitation.

Following that, the gangster rabbit directly fished the silly fishes and dumb prawns up. After that, it stood to the side and watched them flop on the ground.

Not mentioning the other things, perhaps because the Heaven Earth Lingqi here was much denser, these fishes and prawns were huge and strong. A crayfish about the size of a football waved its pincers at the gangster rabbit, challenging it to a fight. In the end, it was crushed into pieces by a single foot.

“Looks like you’re really quite bored. I’ll give you something to do, then,” Bei Feng said, somewhat exasperated. An esteemed Thousand Year King realm Demonic Beast was actually using its tail as bait to fish for prawns and fishes. If word of this were to spread outside, it would definitely cause others to laugh to death.


Gu Qi rolled its eyes and kicked the remaining fishes and prawns back into the lake. Knowing that one never visited unless they needed something, it hopped arrogantly before Bei Feng and lifted its head as if it was looking at Bei Feng with disdain.


Bei Feng raised his lips and stretched out his hand, walloping the smug fellow across the head.

“No respect for your elders.”

“Ji-ji!” the gangster rabbit spat coldly, and sent Bei Feng flying with a single kick.

“Peng!” Dust flew everywhere, and Bei Feng crawled out from behind a bunch of rocks. A huge footprint could be seen in the middle of his white robes.


The gangster rabbit bared its teeth happily as if it was laughing.

Bei Feng felt exceedingly helpless. Although gangster rabbits’ intelligence was not inferior to humans, their temperaments were volatile. Sometimes they behaved maturely, and sometimes they behaved childishly.

Patting the dust on his body and looking at the human-shaped imprint on the side of the cliff, Bei Feng’s lips twitched lightly for a moment. “Alright, stop playing around. I have a proper matter for you,” Bei Feng said seriously.

“Ji!” Seeing Bei Feng’s seriousness, the gangster rabbit kept its arrogant behavior and raised it long ears highly.

In these few days, the Thousand Crane technique had worked its magic, gradually affecting the gangster rabbit’s mind, and causing them to grow closer.

The fact that Bei Feng was not angered by the gangster rabbit’s kick was also an evidence of their close relationship.

Bei Feng looked at Gu Qi seriously and nodded in his heart. After that, he said, “I need a Thousand Year King realm Demonic Beast, alive.”

“Ji-ji!” Gu Qi nodded its head and agreed.

“Be careful, if it’s not possible to accomplish, just forget it.”

Bei Feng was worried that Gu Qi would mess around, so he reminded it sternly.

“Ji!” Gu Qi squeaked loudly and hopped away. Each hop took it several hundred to a thousand meters away. With just a few hops, it’d disappeared from his view.

Bei Feng sat down cross-legged, using his will to constantly create all kinds of weapons with the Thousand Transformations.

Everything took practice to perfect. The same went for controlling the Thousand Transformations. At the beginning, it took five minutes to congeal half a sword with the Thousand Transformations. But now, Bei Feng only needed a few seconds to make a full-length sword!

But it was only the sword that was easy to make. Other weapons still required Bei Feng to practice for some time to be familiar with them.

Half an hour later, he stopped practicing. In a moment, Lu Bu would return with the Demonic Beasts, and he’d already used up quite a bit of his mental power.

Controlling the Thousand Transformations to form into all kinds of weapons was very exhausting on mental power. Bei Feng didn’t want anything unexpected to happen later due to his mental power being insufficient.

His blood Qi surged like a mighty river; blood Qi and mental power were intricately connected, so with a bit of time and after consuming some mental power recovery spirit herb, Bei Feng’s exhausted mental power had mostly recovered.

“Family Head, the Demonic Beasts you wanted have been captured. There’s a total of 64.”

Lu Bu stood to the side, his body heaving with battle intent, surging and falling like a wave. From the looks of it, he seemed to have gone through a tough battle.

“It’s been tough on you.” Bei Feng nodded, and had Lu Bu bring over one of each Hundred Year realm Demonic Beasts.


The Demonic Beasts roared at him, not afraid in the slightest.

How do I control the Thousand Transformations and put them into these Demonic Beasts’ bodies?

Bei Feng pondered deeply as a black needle appeared in his palm. Without saying much, he grabbed a First layer Hundred Year realm Demonic Beast over. His great strength was enough to render the Demonic Beast unable to move at all.

It isn’t safe to put this needle elsewhere. In that case, I can only plant it in the Demonic Beasts’ brain. If I control the needle to move in its head, it should be able to kill it in an instant.

Bei Feng carefully observed this Demonic Beast and made his decision. If he didn’t put the needle in its head, he didn’t think it would be very useful.


Bei Feng flicked the needle out, and it instantly pierced through the creature’s scales, directly penetrating its head.


The Demonic Beast in Bei Feng’s grasp suddenly froze, and it instantly struggled violently. Its body spasmed violently, and in a moment, its eyes rolled up and white foam flowed from its mouth.

“What did I stab?”

As he looked at the dead Demonic Beast in front of him, Bei Feng felt somewhat awkward. This Demonic Beast had died so suddenly, so the only reason had to be that he’d stabbed the needle into a wrong part.

After making a gesture to the guards at the side, another First level Hundred Year realm Demonic Beast was brought in.

The second Demonic Beast was slightly better off at the end. Except for being alive, its entire body was completely motionless.

The third Demonic Beast didn’t die or become paralyzed. However, it’d turned into an idiot. Drool ran down the sides of its mouth freely, and in the end, Bei Feng delivered a single slap as coup de grâce.

Bei Feng had an awkward expression on his face as the guards brought in yet another Demonic Beast. This time, he pierced the black needle as carefully as possible into the creature’s brain.


After doing that, he loosed a sigh of relief and dabbed at the nonexistent sweat on his brows with his sleeves as he observed the Demonic Beast.

The moment the Demonic Beast was released by his restrictive ability, it felt its body lighten. Grunting heavily, it stood up and began to run.

“Success!” Bei Feng was stunned momentarily before he cried out with a wide smile on his face.

When the Demonic Beast had run five, six hundred meters away, Bei Feng made a subtle command, and the needle in the Demonic Beast’s brain spun!


A wretched cry rang out, and the Demonic Beast collapsed to the ground, its life extinguished.

“As expected, Thousand Transformations is exactly like a part of my body when it’s within the boundaries of my mental power; moving it is as simple as moving my arms,” Bei Feng mumbled to himself. Although the guards did not know what Bei Feng was doing, they still knew to bring the Demonic Beast’s corpse back to him.


With a simple slash, the Demonic Beast’s skull was cracked open with ease. Its brain had already been turned into mush, and a single black needle lay quietly within.

With a flick of his hand, Thousand Transformations returned to him, and Bei Feng once again instructed for the next Demonic Beast to be brought in.

Although the experiment had succeeded, Bei Feng still wanted to see if his control over the needle could exceed 1,000 meters.

With the first success, Bei Feng managed to replicate the result easily again. After he released the Demonic Beast, it also began to flee like the Demonic Beast before it.

500 meters!

800 meters!

1,000 meters!

Bei Feng had already raised his guard. Although it was most likely not possible to control the needle out of the range of his mental power, humans always tended to have hope for the impossible.

The moment the Demonic Beast left the 1,000 meters’ range, Bei Feng sensed that his connection with the black needle had disappeared. Although he was prepared for this result, he was still disappointed.

With a few steps, he easily killed the Demonic Beast. Once again, Bei Feng turned into a mad scientist, continuously using Demonic Beasts to conduct his experiments.

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