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Chapter 155: A Nimble Play

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After a moment of silence, the field went into chaos!

“Challenge the No. 1 of a higher house?”

“Who’s so audacious?!”

“Is she crazy?!”

The stadium was filled with heated discussions!

“Vice Academy Master Xu, I’m surprised that your academy has such a reckless kid.” On the central viewing platform, Vice Academy Master Yu said with a faint smile.

“Challenge someone from a higher house?” The Royal Princess next to Fang Qi had some contempt in her bright eyes. “After taking first place, she probably lost her mind.”

On the combat field, the opponents walked out from their inspection checking room. Nalan Mingxue wore a white robe and still had the short saber hanging from her belt.

Leaning back lazily on the chair, Fang Qi moved his gaze to the field and said, “Despite her expressionlessness and scheming mind, she’s super talented.”

“Mr. Fang, it’s not a question of talent.” This time, even Mu Donglai looked doubtful.

“It’s good to be young and ambitious, but it’s another thing to be conceited.” The black-robed old man sitting next to Mu Donglai shook his head and said, “I heard about this girl of the Nalan Family and know that she’s the ultimate genius from that family in the last hundred years. She will become a big figure in the future, but now… Her time hasn’t come yet!”

Fang Qi felt speechless. “I say, can’t you trust me for one time?”

The old man glared at him. “It’s not that I don’t trust you. I just can’t believe what you said…”

He stared at Fang Qi and snorted, “How can I believe that?!”

At this moment, the bullet comments on the screens of the internet cafe were quite cheerful.

[Old Man: Keep bluffing! I’ll see how far you can go!]

[Shop Owner: I’m not bluffing. You must trust me! Trust me!]

Fang Qi’s face turned dark when he saw the bullet comments, and he had an urge to turn it off.

He tried to convince them, but they were stubborn. Forget it!

“Hahahaha! I like this scene! To celebrate this gala, I’ll buy a container of Haagen-Dazs to calm myself down!” Nalan Hongwu was happy at the sight. Remembering that he hadn’t eaten Haagen-Dazs today yet, he immediately said, “Xiaoyue, fetch me one container and another for Grandpa Fu!”

Then, he sat on a stool and began to eat it with enjoyment.

“Xiao Lengyu of Shengjing Academy! She’s the one who just defeated the No.1 Disciple on the Xuan List in Xiyi Academy, right?”

“Yeah! She did it with only one spear strike! She was one realm higher than her opponent, and the latter couldn’t fight back at all!”

“It’s a shame that someone is so stupid as to challenge her by skipping two realms! Such a thing never happened in the past!”

The people in the audience talked among themselves animatedly.

In her black warrior suit, Xiao Lengyu held her silver spear with the tip pointing downward.

On the combat field, the two girls, one in black and the other in white, faced each other.

Xiao Lengyu’s face looked cold, obviously angry for being slighted by her opponent who was one house lower than her. With a turn of her wrist, she pointed the flashing spear forward. “Since you insist on giving me your points, I will be gracious and accept them.”

Nalan Mingxue opened her mouth and wanted to say something, but she changed her mind. “Okay, whatever.”

“What do you mean by ‘whatever’?!” Xiao Lengyu’s face turned dark.

She drew back the silver spear and put her weight back, pointing the tip downward. Her body looked like a drawn bow in this position, and then large amounts of warrior qi gathered at the tip of the spear, distorting the air around her!

“Even though you are large realms below me, I won’t show mercy on you!”

“This is…”

Many people in the audience gasped involuntarily. “Piercing Rainbow?!”

“The ultimate technique of the Country-Protection Duke?”

“The Country-Protection Duke once pierced three King Warriors with this technique in battle!”

“I can’t believe that she had learned this technique at such a young age!”

“Will she pierce that girl?” the Second Prince whispered.

After a while, he looked toward Fang Qi and asked, “Mr. Fang, why aren’t you responding?”

Fang Qi’s face twitched. “You don’t believe a single word of mine. What else can I say?”

“Mr. Fang, you’re still sticking to your original judgment?” The Royal Princess straightened her back and watched the combat field with contempt.

However, her contempt turned into shock a moment later.

“Wait! Look over there!”

“This presence…”

“Level 5 Master Warrior Realm…”

“Level 6?!”

“Level 7?!”

“It’s still growing?”

“Level 9 Master Warrior Realm?!”

Everyone stood up subconsciously, staring at the combat field in shock!

With the increase of Nalan Mingxue’s strength, the temperature around her got lower and lower until a layer of frost appeared on the ground!


Nalan Mingxue unsheathed her saber and slashed out like lightning!

“How can a combat technique be used at this distance?! It is still about 30 meters away!”

Thirty meters away from Nalan Mingxue, Xiao Lengyu was still on the verge of finishing casting her combat technique!

Then, she saw a silver light slashing toward her with vicious force!


The lightning-fast saber broke the warrior qi protection around Xiao Lengyu!

Thirty meters! With the speed of the saber, Xiao Lengyu would be hacked several times before she could use her spear technique.


She instantly turned her spear, and an explosive noise sounded when their forces collided with each other!

Xiao Lengyu retreated half a step while that saber was sent flying! It cut into the wall beneath the audience stand, and a large piece of white clay collapsed under its force!

Fang Qi’s lips curved up. “You want to use a powerful combat technique? Impossible! If anyone who knows the sword control technique allows you to cast your combat technique, that person should just get out of my shop!”

The Royal Princess was shocked!

The Second Prince and the black-robed old man’s faces were twitching.

“This is…”

“Is this the sword control technique again?!”

Everyone leaned forward, afraid to miss any detail!

Intact, Nalan Mingxue moved her finger, and the short saber flew out from the wall.

“It’s my turn.” A moment ago, the people had just seen the speed of the sword control technique. Now, they would witness the application of this technique!

Nalan Mingxue was very smart. While Song Qingfeng was still gaining proficiency, she was already proficient. She waved her hand, and the chilling saber energy spread from it!

She moved her hand again, and the short saber shot out toward Xiao Lengyu as a silver light beam!

Then, Nalan Mingxue followed the saber closely and attacked as well.

Being attacked by her opponent’s saber, warrior qi, and fists, Xiao Lengyu felt like she was facing three opponents.

The swift and nimble sword control technique, the close-range combat skill, and the exquisite combat techniques that Nalan Mingxue were proficient in instantly turned the tables!

Despite her higher cultivation strength, Xiao Lengyu found that she no longer had a chance to attack after her first move failed.

“This play is quite good!” Fang Qi’s eyes lit up slightly.

In the internet cafe, many people sent bullet comments.

[This control is quite good!]

[One step closer to the level of the shop owner!]

[It is almost like she was taught by the shop owner!]

[Sir! Turn the camera to the audience! I want to see their faces!]

[Hahaha! Me, too!]

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