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"It's said that those giant blue arms were left behind by some ancient demon kings. It's said that they are quite mysterious. We want to find one to take a look." After exchanging glances with Ling Long Tian, Wei Suo remained silent as he spoke.

After the appearance of Zhantai Linglan, a cultivator who had inherited the legacy of Daoist Void, there appeared actually another cultivator who had obtained the inheritance of the Wasteland Clan. Furthermore, he also had the arm of a powerful elder of the Wasteland Clan, and in addition to the mysterious young man who had previously obtained the inheritance of the Three Sovereigns Sect, both Wei Suo and Ling Long Tian felt that this was not a small matter.

"The arm of the Ancient Demon King actually has such a strange item! It's a pity that I didn't get the chance to see it. " After Shopkeeper Feng heard this, he was also very surprised. After saying this sentence, he passionately asked, "Fellow, would you like to continue strolling around the Myriad Treasures Garden for a while, or would you like to let me see the mysterious treasure on you first?"

"I would like to take a look around, and then I have some urgent matters to attend to. I might have to trouble Manager Feng later, by the way." As Wei Suo said this, he pretended to sweep a glance at the young Chinese-robed cultivator who had already circled around the lake and was walking towards the hill. He asked Manager Feng, "That young cultivator seems to have an extraordinary background, he seems to have a deep understanding of some ancient trees in the Wilderness. I'm interested to get to know him, I wonder if Manager Feng knows who that person is?"

"This is also the first time I've seen that person, and seeing his words, I can't help but think that he is not a friendly cultivator." Fellow can give it a try. Since Fellow wants to take a stroll, then I won't disturb Fellow's mood. I'll be waiting for you to study some unknown treasures with Fellow at any time. In any case, Fellow Ji, please just let my Mysterious Stone Garden's disciples know which one you want and let them report to me. Or if Fellow Daoist is too lazy to come over, get someone to notify him. I can just directly go over to meet with Fellow Daoist. " Manager Feng cupped his hands at Wei Suo and made a gesture to invite him and the others to do as they pleased.

After Wei Suo and the others had walked forward for a while, Shopkeeper Feng, who was standing on the spot, still nodded with a smile.

This white-haired old man had the bearing of a big family. He knew that Wei Suo and the others had extraordinary experience, so he didn't say anything. He didn't follow Wei Suo and the others in case they felt that it was inconvenient. However, it was obvious that he also had a unique hobby towards unfathomable treasures. When it came to unfathomable treasures and knowledge, his eyes shone, and he was infatuated with them. However, it was probably because of the existence of these cultivators that the Mysterious Stone Garden had continued existing for generations. The more mysterious things he came into contact with, the more knowledge he would have from the legacy of the next generation in the Mysterious Stone Garden.

Seeing Manager Feng's appearance, if Wei Suo and the others bought anything else that he didn't recognize, even if he didn't immediately come over, he would definitely write it down and wait for the next time to ask.

"Heavenly Crystal of the Star Path, there's actually such a thing in the Mysterious Stone Garden, what a pity …" If there is such a strange stone garden in the Profound Sky Continent and the Cloud Spirit Continent, it will definitely happen. "

"What's the use of this Star Road Heaven Crystal?"

"These are some of the main materials and crystals that must be used in ancient transportation arrays. The ancient transportation arrays that are damaged can be used to repair them. If you want them, you can decide on your own."

The combination of the Myriad Treasures Garden and the gambling den was known as the Myriad Treasures Store, and it could be because of the fact that the majority of the items stored here were crystals and ores. Along the way, in a small courtyard, Ling Long Tian and the green-robed old man discovered a fist-sized silver crystal stone, floating in the air without any external help.

"Ten thousand low-rank soul stones?" I'll just buy it. "

Although the crystal used to repair the ancient transportation formation wasn't very useful to Wei Suo right now, he didn't lack spirit stones, so he wasn't too surprised when he saw the price was set at 10,000 low-grade spirit stones. With a slight flash, he took out 10,000 low-grade spirit stones and bought it.

Wei Suo's greatest disadvantage was that he had made both the Profound Sky Continent and the Cloud Spirit Continent become enemies, provoking countless of enemies. Other than those few super sects that possessed the power of the Divine Profound Realm, who knew how many sects and antiques he had killed, Wei Suo's greatest weakness was that they had to deal with him secretly.

Even some of the genius disciples of the powerful sects or inheritances that had come across great fortune couldn't compare to him at all. Because, other than him, no one else had dared to kill the heads of those sects and antiques, or to offend so many super sects, much less wipe out a super big sect.

Thus, no matter where Wei Suo went, as long as there was something useful, he would directly buy it. If it was any other powerful cultivator, they would have to think of a way to earn more spirit stones before doing anything else.

"That piece of meteorite should be of great use to me. You should also buy it."

After spending another 30,000 low-grade spirit stones to buy a head-sized, unremarkable piece of green gold for Ling Long Tian, Wei Suo, Ling Jiao, and Dragon Jupiter followed the main road up the small mountain in the garden.

At this moment, the young cultivator dressed in luxurious clothing was also on this small hill in the garden.

"That's a piece of Great Void Purple Stone, its Yuan energy has a strong calming effect. With such a large piece, it's at least enough for Han Weiwei and the rest of them to use when they attempt to break through to the Jindan Stage. At the very least, they won't be attacked by inner demons, so their chances of breaking through to the Jindan will greatly increase." The Exquisite Heaven sent a sound transmission to Wei Suo's ears, reminding him once again that he wanted to buy something.

"That person is leaving!"

However, before Wei Suo's gaze could reach the smooth, round, purple rock next to the spirit flower by the mountain path, Ling Long Tian's and Wei Suo's brows jumped at the same time because they simultaneously discovered that the well-dressed young man had already begun to descend the mountain and leave the Myriad Treasures Garden.

"I want to buy this stone." At this moment, Wei Suo's spiritual sense could cover two hundred miles, so he didn't follow immediately. After buying the Great Void Purple Stone and making an urgent gesture to Manager Feng, he left the Myriad Treasures Garden.

At this moment, the young cultivator dressed in luxurious clothing was flying towards the south side of Congee City. Even though he was only six or seven miles away from Wei Suo and company, he was still unable to see much from the ordinary flying escape technique.

Wei Suo didn't follow too close, pretending to rush towards the market on the other side. He flew close to the ground and stayed more than thirty miles away from this person, hoping to not attract his attention and secretly follow him to see if he had come into contact with anyone. After all, if there was an existence at a powerful level of the Wasteland race here, then he and Ling Long Tian really couldn't bear the consequences. Now that the medicinal liquid for awakening the Ancient Emperor's corpse wasn't even ready, it was impossible for them to throw out the Ancient Emperor's corpse.


However, without any warning, when he crossed a valley without any buildings, a light flashed on his body and he suddenly disappeared on the spot. Even with Wei Suo's spiritual sense, he couldn't detect him at all.

"He's heading towards the north at an astonishing speed. His escaping speed is not inferior to your Easily Splitting Sword Escape!" A golden light flashed within Ling Long Tian's eyes as she quickly transmitted her voice into Wei Suo's ears.

"Did this person discover that we were following him?" Wei Suo took a deep breath. He didn't dare to lower his guard. This person's cultivation was still unknown, and his ability was strange. Even if they were several dozen miles away, he still wouldn't be able to sense it.

"Do you want to keep up?"

After a while, Wei Suo and Ling Long Tian both started to hesitate. This was because this young cultivator had already flown out of the Jadeite City and entered the Arctic Wasteland at the north side of the Jadeite City. The sky had already darkened, so it was very eye-catching to follow.

"This guy stopped, as if he's waiting for us to pass." Suddenly, Ling Long Tian said this to Wei Suo.

Just as Ling Long finished her sentence, there was a flash of light, and the young man in luxurious clothing, who had originally disappeared without a trace, revealed himself again. He unexpectedly looked in the direction of Wei Suo and Ling Long Tian, then flew forward for a while, before stopping above an icy mountain peak.

"Let's go!"

At this point, it was impossible for Wei Suo to retreat. After nodding his head to Ling Long Tian, he used the spiritual light escape technique and flew towards the direction where the well-dressed young man stayed.

From Wei Suo and Ling Long Tian's senses, they could tell that there were no other powerful cultivators within a hundred miles of this young man. However, it was as if thousands of butterflies were dancing in the robe around his body. The extremely gorgeous young man's expression was very calm, and there seemed to be a faint smile hanging from the corner of his mouth.

After Wei Suo, Ling Tian, and Dragon Jupiter had flown about fifty kilometers away from him, the mysterious young man suddenly asked in a calm voice, "Are the three of you trying to kill them for the treasure, or do you have other intentions?"

"I don't want to kill you for the treasure, but I have something that I want to ask Fellow Daoist. If Fellow Daoist can tell me, then I can actually give you a large amount of Spirit Stones. " Wei Suo did not want to act rashly in such a unclear situation, so he stopped and said directly.

"Oh?" This mysterious youth revealed a surprised expression as he sized up Wei Suo, Ling Tian, and Dragon Jupiter. "What do you want to know?"

"I've seen a cultivator with a huge blue arm severed. It was very strange and reminded me of a certain record. I just want to ask Fellow Daoist, where did you get this arm from? " Wei Suo's silent observation of the situation directly threw out a huge piece of information.

"You have also seen other cultivators with such a huge blue arm?!" The eyes of this well-dressed young man flickered intensely. It was obvious that he was greatly shaken and could not help but say this.

Afterwards, the young cultivator took a deep breath and realized that his reaction was too intense, "I didn't expect you to be able to see through what I have on me. Whose body have you seen such a broken arm?" After glancing at Wei Suo, this young cultivator's eyes flashed as he asked a question in reply.

"On the body of a white-clothed Jindan Stage young cultivator, who had an extremely strong aura of water, there was a white watermark on his body. It was very unique." Wei Suo looked at the young man and said, "I just happened to meet him when I was on my way from Cloud Spirit Continent to the Terminator Continent."

"What is a certain record that you're talking about? "How much do you know about the origin of this blue arm?" The eyes of this well-dressed young man flashed intensely again, but there was no change in the expression on his face.

"I've read in ancient texts that a broken arm like this is most likely left behind by a race called the Desolate Clan. That race's cultivators rarely appear in the cultivation world, but their abilities are all extremely shocking, far beyond the imagination of us ordinary cultivators." Wei Suo continued to probe.

"The Wasteland?" This time, the well-dressed young man's eyebrows creased and he unconsciously revealed a thoughtful expression.

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