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Chapter 1034 - Entering the Savage Domain

At night, starlight filled the sky. It was as if diamonds were embedded in a dark curtain as they shone brightly.

Long Fei stood on top of the mountain, and looked up at the night sky.

When his father appeared, he didn't have the time to feel his father's love.

According to Yan Huang ancestor, his father had taken a step further from death.

Ten-odd years ago.

When Long Zhanting fell into the abyss, he signed a contract with Death God at that moment. The strange rune on his face was the Death God Runes.

Only those who had signed a contract with the Grim Reaper would have that rune.

Every time he went into closed door cultivation, he would be in the death space.

Every time he appeared, if he wanted to unleash power beyond his own, he would have to burn his life to call out power to the Grim Reaper.

In god's soul mountain.

With one heavy injury, he was able to endure ten thousand lightning strikes and enter the death space.

This time again.

He used his powerful strength to help Long Fei block everything.

After these two heavy injuries, Long Zhanting's lifespan was almost up.

In the death space.

One of them was dressed in a black robe. Beneath the black robe was an empty void, and it was impossible to see his appearance clearly. His voice was gloomy and thick, "You still have one more chance."

"Once, you will be my slave."

Long Zhanting's body recovered as he said, "I will abide by our promise. The next time I appear, I hope that Lord Death God will give me his full strength."

The Grim Reaper laughed coldly and said, "I will give you everything you want, but … …" Shouldn't you give me some of what I want as well? "

Before he could finish.

Without waiting for Long Zhanting's reply, a black mist surged into Long Zhanting's body. He suddenly grabbed, and something that looked like a soul came out from his body.

Long Zhanting screamed in pain.

The pain of being peeled off was too unbearable. It was an incomparable pain.

"Ahh, ha, ha …"

"Ahh, ha, ha …"

The death space burst into wild laughter.

For more than ten years, Long Zhanting had endured pain that ordinary people could not bear!

He had never regretted it.

… ….

palace question of god.

As Gu Tongtian bathed in the divine pond, if he was present, he would definitely be incomparably shocked, because the amount of blood on top of Gu Tongtian's head was swiftly recovering.

5 billion HP was fully replenished in less than two hours.

The depth was astonishing.

"Huff …" Gu Tongtian exhaled deeply, a cold light flashed past his eyes as he said sinisterly: "Long Fei, I will definitely not let you go."

His heart was filled with killing intent.

Being blasted to death by Long Fei, the scene in his mind made him feel incomparable rage.

At this time.

western devil lord opened his eyes slightly, and said indifferently: "This outer space palace is really a good place, it only took you four hours to completely recover."

outer space palace was a Sky Battleship.

There were many foreign technology here, and the Deity's Lake was the same as well. It possessed an extremely powerful regenerative ability.


He also had the ability to recreate a Primordial Spirit.

Gu Tongtian laughed blandly: "Master of Magic Tribe, outer space palace is but a hair of nine oxen compared to Secret Treasure of Long Clan. Wait until that brat Long Fei, we will wait until we get the secret treasures of Dragon Domain to enjoy ten thousand years of longevity. At that time, I won't believe that we can't break through the shackles of god's martial continent."

The western devil lord trembled, and said: "So you're saying, you give up on hunting Long Fei?"

Gu Tongtian said: "Without him, we would not be able to find Dragon Domain, furthermore, he has Long Zhanting by his side right now. We have yet to figure out what realm his cultivation is at."

Thinking about Long Zhanting, his heart turned cold again.

He could not understand, who in the god's martial continent could block the pressure of the six of them combined attack.

What kind of power did Long Zhanting obtain?

western devil lord also frowned, and said: "The energy aura on his body is completely different from that of god's martial continent's. You must have had some fortuitous encounters in the years that you disappeared."

Gu Tongtian laughed: "Don't worry, when we obtain the Dragon Domain's secret treasure, let alone Long Zhanting, even if the Long Family's most powerful powerhouse stood in front of me all those years ago, I would still be able to kill him."

As long as he could obtain the Dragon Domain's Secret Treasure!

As long as he got this, he could change everything.

western devil lord looked at Gu Tongtian, his heart feeling even more shocked, "Looks like Secret Treasure of Long Clan must be a very powerful being."

"Oh right, didn't you say that you can reconstruct my descendant's body?"

Gu Tongtian laughed: "Very simple, I will help him revive now."

This Deity's Lake possessed incomparable strength.

As long as the primordial spirit is here, the body can be reconstructed and resurrected. However … He needed the power of the eighth level of the Flying Immortal Stage, and only he knew this cultivation technique.

He placed his primordial spirit into the Deity's Lake.

The Deity's Lake began to surge and churn, quickly condensing. In just a few seconds, a human form took form, and half an hour passed.

Young Demon Lord, Zhou Lie has resurrected!

Zhou Lie's eyes slightly opened, looked at western devil lord, and immediately said excitedly: "Master."

western devil lord was also shocked, he looked at Gu Tongtian and said: "Brother Gu is indeed someone with a great ability."

"This is nothing."

"Master of Magic Tribe, as long as you and I can obtain the secret treasures of Dragon Domain, the entire god's martial continent would be ours! Hahaha …"

Gu Tongtian laughed out loud.

western devil lord also laughed out loud.

The supreme god that was killed by Long Fei had been revived, and Zhou Lie had also revived.


He had become even more powerful than before.

… ….

Early morning.

Fatmen Chen was the first to get up. Looking around at the silence, he called out, "Boss!"

At this moment.

Those who had recovered woke up.

Yun'er slowly said: "Big Brother Long Fei left last night. He told me to tell everyone to hurry to Nantian Region today, two years later, after you've fully recovered."

"This is the Space Ring that Big Brother Long Fei gave me. There are immortal roots and immortal crystals that you need for cultivation inside."

Long Fei left behind all his cultivation resources.

"The boss has left?"

"Boss, why didn't you bring me along?" Fatmen Chen was depressed.

Everyone's gaze turned grim.

Everyone's expression sank, feeling very uncomfortable.

Because they weren't strong enough.

qiu wandao said: "Two years, we still have two years. In our eyes, we must become stronger, stronger than even the heavens!"

"Only then can I help Long Fei share the burden!"

Everyone clenched their fists tightly.

Everyone's heart became incomparably firm.

… ….

"green dragon ancestor, are you sure this is the Dragon Tail Tomb?"

In a desert.

No border visible.

This is the Savage Domain!

According to the direction that green dragon ancestor pointed, the Dragon Tail Tomb was in the middle of all the Savage Domain.

It was the first time Long Fei stepped into the Savage Domain.

green dragon ancestor replied, "Dragon Tail Tomb is somewhere in the Savage Domain. As for the exact location, I'm not too sure either. The current Savage Domain is completely different from the previous Savage Domain."

"A completely different world!"

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A beast suddenly rushed out, with a powerful physique, his fist tore through the air and smashed heavily into Xiang Longfei!

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