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"Why are you so unsure of yourself? You are actually so good. Why don't you think so?"

Jiang Xiaowen was very puzzled. Was it that Qin Feng was deliberately perfunctory himself, or he really thought so?

This let her not understand. Such a good man, but so uneasy.

Was it because of Xiao Jinhua?

Thinking of this, Xiaowen was throbbing, "Qin Feng elder brother, tomorrow's birthday party, you will invite Sister Hua?"


Qin Feng froze, he did not want to do any birthday banquet. He had been in the army for so many years, and every birthday was spent in the army. The leadership would arrange simple celebrations in advance. Although not so fancy, it was also quite happy.

So many years, the next birthday would be spent outside the army. He really hoped that Sister Hua could appear tomorrow. Even if she had no gift for him, just a faint happy birthday was enough.

But Qin Feng was clear, Sister Hua had ill feelings to him. She needed to pursue her own happiness, but he could no longer be her stumbling block. Being able to guard her silently in one side and knowing she has no danger was a peace of mind.

As for feelings, Qin Feng did not dare to expect. He knew, Hua Jie was not an ordinary woman. The person she loved was absolutely very good and who in all fields was very top, rather than such a soldier like himself.

"No, I won't call her. Why do I want to call her?"

Qin Feng said faintly.

Although his heart was ups and downs, he still wanted to put on a calm look. This was not the result he wanted, but in the face of Sister Hua's boredom and driving several times, Qin Feng had no place to place his fragile heart nest even if he had thick skin of his face.

On the battlefield, he was omnipotent warrior, so that hostile forces around the world were scared, but in the feelings, he was completely underage, unable to explore the other party's thoughts, could not feel the depth of love.

Perhaps, Qin Feng and Sister Hua were destined to meet but not meant to be. What he thought was only his single lovesickness. What he adhered to, after all, would fracture because of Sister Hua's farewell.

It was painful for him.

Qin Feng thought that in the name of Xiao He's last wish, it would be logical to walk with Sister Hua and hold her hands for a lifetime. However, he did not expect that this woman, who had been at night clubs for many years, had hidden an independent personality in her heart. She had a very independent view. She could decide her own life and direction, not as ordinary girls, subservient because weak.

Even if Sister Hua was a loser, she could still let the other party feel her powerful aura. This was what Qin Feng could not shroud, because in the edge of love, he was still a beginner.

Hearing this, Jiang Xiaowen was excited. She smiled and said, "What? Isn't it nice to be with her? You were inseparable.

Haven't you been in touch since you left the Free Man Bar?"

Qin Feng was stunned and immediately said, "That's right. I used to get close to her when I was in Free Man. Because she was the store manager, we all want to fawn on her. Getting along well with her, not only we won't get bullied, but we could also do less work, and earn more. Now, no need. She had operated the bar on her own and I was also not involved in it."

Hearing Qin Feng's explanation, Jiang Xiaowen half doubted. In her eyes, Qin Feng was not such a petty person. How could he bend his waist in order not to be bullied and to take advantage of small things? Was he a guy of that kind?

However, this was also a reasonable explanation. In Free Man Bar, if you wanted to work well, you had to get along with Sister Hua, which was the thing every employee wanted.

But on other people it was reasonable, only in Qin Feng, it was a little unreasonable.

Qin Feng said again, "After drinking beer, shall we sing? I have such a good time today and I just want it wonderful."

Singing was a good way to vent. When the mood was not good or life was full of confusion, shouting inner suffocation was the best way to recover.

Qin Feng was also a normal person and he had his normal desires as ordinary people. There were times of inner unrest. He knew that if the emotion could not be excreted, it would affect the whole person's "normal operation."

It was not so much Qin Feng accompanying Jiang Xiaowen as she was accompanying Qin Feng.

Yes, the two of them ran into each other in this way. Qin Feng's understanding of Xiaowen was very simple and superficial, and she was a sunny student. She was happier than those stuffy at school. But she was a little more reserved than the girl who danced with her at the same time, clear in thought, organized in doing things, and of a more mature mind among her classmates.

Although the appraisal was quite high, it was also only this.

Qin Feng did not have any other thoughts about her, but when he came into contact with her today, he gradually had a new feeling.

Perhaps he preconceived that the art college girls, in fact, everyone was an independent individual. No matter how others were, it did not mean she was the same.

Qin Feng liked to chat with people with a high level of thinking. In this way, he could find common ground and could have a good chat. He didn't like to talk with people whose brains were so empty that they couldn't even tell between east, west, and north, south and those girls who all day long only knew how to make up, talked about clothes and luxuries. He felt that they were basically the scum of society. Except dissipating a family fortune, they knew nothing.

But Jiang Xiaowen was different. She was very independent. From a certain point of view, she was even a little similar to Sister Hua.

However, Xiaowen's beginning was a little bit tall. She was at least a senior college student. It was not just a part-time job in a bar. She was an actor who had won prizes in the province. In the future, she might be able to enter the entertainment industry.

"Yes, yes."

Hearing Qin Feng's proposal, Xiaowen exclaimed excitedly, "Oh, I've wanted to mention it for a long time, but I'm afraid of holding you up for too long, so I'm embarrassed to say it. I didn't expect us to think the same thing, ha."

When words fell, Xiaowen picked up the glass, and drink up, "Cheers. Today let's drink happily."

Qin Feng also came to the mood. He drank up two glasses of beer. He would not get drunk by drinking beer, but drinking beer could make him excited. He had not had this kind of state for a long time.

Xiaowen, I'd like to ask you a question."

Qin Feng hesitated, but still wanted to ask.

"You say, you say."

Xiaowen was pleased that Qin Feng was becoming more and more intimate with herself, as could be seen from the tone and manner in which he spoke.

"A woman's attitude toward a man suddenly turns cold. What do you think could have caused it? What could be the reason? You can help me analyze it."

Qin Feng said.

He had palpitations of Sister Hua's indifference to him. He always felt not willing to be reconciled. When he had nothing to do, he would ponder. But he could not make it clear during this period of time.

Perhaps, let Xiaowen think from a woman's point of view, the perspective should be different.

Xiaowen was so smart, and naturally thought the one Qin Feng said was Sister Hua.

It seemed that as her guess, Qin Feng and Sister Hua indeed had special relationships. But now Sister Hua took the initiative to stop the panic that should not exist.

"It's cold, isn't it? How cold is it? Do you need a down jacket?"

Xiaowen pretended to be naughty, hoping to lighten the atmosphere a little. She did not want to see the Qin Feng with his withered head drooping over his head.

Qin Feng smiled helplessly, "Don't joke. I am asking you business."

"But your question is too obvious. You're telling me you're thinking about why other women are snubbing you. And you're with me now, just to calm your own broken heart."

Xiaowen pouted her mouth, with an unhappy face. She rarely showed coquetry. If she was in front of ther boys, she would feel very artificial, affectation, but in front of Qin Feng, she could not help but want to become a little woman, as a little bird rests upon a man.

Qin Feng waved anxiously, "No, no. I'm just thinking. It's not about me. It's about someone else. All right, I don't want to ask you. Look at you. You just know thinking at will. Let's drink."

Jiang Xiaowen giggled, "Hha, see what makes you nervous. I'm joking with you. Since it's someone else's business, but I just casually talk. Ha, anyway, it doesn't matter to you. Let's just chat at leisure."

"Yes, yes."

Qin Feng listened and felt happy, and anxiously said.

"I think women are sentimental animals. No matter how indifferent they appear, when they encounter serious feelings, they are very single-minded. If she suddenly became very cold to guys, it can only prove that her heart has gone. The colder, the worse, which proves that the farther she goes away. They may have a new partner, and want to get rid of the entanglement of the past quickly. That's why they become so cold."

Xiaowen said, "Actually, this is understandable, but women, unlike men, can naturally reveal their yearning for other women. Women are relatively conservative, but they also have their own aspirations in their hearts. Once they feel inappropriate, they

will not consciously consider the new reliance. Of course, until found, she will not have any appearance. Once she has changed, it must be a big change."


After listening to such an explanation, Qin Feng slowed down for a long time and was able to understand.

So, Sister Hua had already found the man she liked? Being so mean to himself was just trying to get rid of him?


Qin Feng heart was very unhappy. Although he had already prepared for it, when it was really confirmed, it was very suffocating.

"Is there no other reason?"

Qin Feng asked tentatively.

"Yes, there are many elements. It may be because of her family, work pressure, physical discomfort, bad mood, bad weather, capital problems, or bad temper and so on. However, you think that except for the fact that her heart belongs to others, will all this objectivities make her suddenly that cold? That shouldn't be real. Women are like this. They could be either not fall in love or to love desperately."

Jiang Xiaowen smiled, "I like such girls who dare to love and hate. Dislike is dislike. No being unable to make a decision. Like is like. They are brave to chase, and do not leave regret."

"But don't you think it's too unfair for men?"

Qin Feng sighed, lit a cigarette, and with depression looked out of the window. The bright stars under the lonely night, was also like his mood, dark.

"Fair? There is no justice in the path of love."

Xiaowen seriously said, "Everyone has a chance to suffer a setback, but no matter how many times one failed, sooner or later, they would meet the right person. When the women turned away, it does not represent the end of the world. It's just for men, an opportunity for Nirvana rebirth."

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