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Chen Xiang secretly looked down at Hua Xiangyue with contempt. She actually said whatever it was she wanted to say and left, he felt that he was Dan Fragrance Pure Land's honorary Alchemist, what if he was beaten to death? Just now, he even said that the Dan Fragrance Pure Land had the duty to protect him!

"The outcome of the competition is related to the honor of our sect, so all of our disciples will do their best, so this is a life and death battle! None of their sects can hold them accountable. " Xiao Ziliang said. He looked at Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming, and they only nodded disapprovingly.

And the only way was to defeat Chen Xiang in front of so many people, then would he be able to completely defeat Chen Xiang, and let Gu Dongchen have nothing to say, so that he could increase his sect's prestige.

It was not hard to tell that Yue Jianglin, Tang Yichao and the rest had already colluded with Xiao Ziliang long ago, but they underestimated Chen Xiang too much.

In order for them to be able to unleash their skills, they had circled around a very wide area, and now, Xiao Ziliang and the other three had started to release their power to jointly lay down a barrier. These barriers were formed by them using a very powerful force to form a huge barrier, a wall made of steel, and not only could they prevent the chaos during battles, they could also protect a brick and a tile, so as to not damage the barrier.

"Xiangyue, your secret has been exposed, is that alright?" That stingy Gu Dongchen, your mouth is really big! " Seeing Hua Xiangyue coming back, Liu Meng'er anxiously pulled her and asked.

"That's not a big deal. In any case, a huge wave is coming and it's not a big deal if they know about it!" Meng'er, when are you going to undergo your tribulation? It would be best if we can catch up to the storm. " Hua Xiangyue said.

"I don't know, I'll try my best!" It's just that I don't have enough time right now. " Liu Meng'er sighed.

"All the spiritual medicines you bought at the auction were all in that brat Chen Xiang's hands?" She actually gave such a precious thing to Chen Xiang like this, of course she knew about the relationship between Liu Meng'er and Chen Xiang.

"I don't think there's anything wrong. Anyway, we haven't gathered the items yet."

The enchantment was set up, and only Chen Xiang was inside, but his opponent had not come yet. Seeing the expressions of Xiao Ziliang and the others, he knew that they were already prepared, or else they would not make such a request.

The first person to enter the enchantment was a youth with a long sword on his back and a noble aura all over his body. This youth was very handsome and dressed extravagantly.

Seeing the young man, Chen Xiang frowned, and everyone in the plaza started to cry out in alarm. It was fine if they did not recognize this person, but if they did not recognize the golden sword sheath, then they would definitely be ridiculed as ignorant and ill-informed.

"Golden sheathed swordsman, Peng Xianwu?" Chen Xiang asked.

"That's right!" Peng Xianwu replied indifferently, his entire body was filled with haughtiness, making others uncomfortable.

Golden sheathed swordsman was the most famous young disciple of the Proud Sword Sect. His strength was at the sixth level of the True Martial Realm and not only was he powerful, he also had a powerful treasure sword. It was said that this sword was a treasure weapon and no one had ever seen it being unsheathed.

"Do you want to fight me with a sword?" Chen Xiang asked with a smile. His Green dragon demon-slain broadsword had just absorbed a Dragon Soul, he was just worried about not getting the chance to test it.

At this time, everyone also thought of Chen Xiang's terrifying big blade. In their eyes, that blade was also a powerful equipment, and had killed many famous people.

If Proud Sword Sect did not use a sword, it was equivalent to losing an arm, and his strength would be greatly reduced, but if he used a sword, Chen Xiang could use a blade!

Peng Xianwu looked at Yue Jianglin, and Yue Jianglin nodded to him!

Seeing Yue Jianglin nod his head, Liu Meng'er revealed a charming smile. She knew how powerful Chen Xiang's Green dragon demon-slain broadsword was, how could the treasure compare to it? Even the legendary immortal equipment couldn't contend against it, especially now that it had fused with the dragon soul.

"If I use a sword, you can also use a blade! I hope that you can be as powerful as the rumors say, and force my sword out of its scabbard. " Peng Xianwu looked at Chen Xiang contemptuously.

Not to mention using powerful treasures, not to mention Proud Sword Sect, who was extremely arrogant to the bones. If he let such a guy use a treasure, wouldn't he be acting arrogantly in the sky?

Right now, Peng Xianwu was just like that, thinking that just because he had a powerful treasured sword, he could look down on everyone under the heavens. Furthermore, all the famous young warriors that he had crossed swords with before had all lost to his sword, one must know that his sword had never been unsheathed.

Chen Xiang smiled, it was a kind of happy smile, only Liu Meng'er understood his smile, and of course, Su Meiyao and the others did not need to talk about it, the treasured sword that Peng Xianwu was so proud of, was already useless in their eyes.

Peng Xianwu quickly took out the golden sheathed sword from his back, while Chen Xiang also took out a long blade. Seeing the blade, everyone was puzzled, although there was a green dragon on the blade, but it was very thin, like a sword, but it was not a sword, because the blade had a back, blade tip slightly raised.

Looking at the body of the blade, it was very similar to Chen Xiang's treasured blade. It was just that the previous blade was very wide, while the body of the blade was like a sword.

After Chen Xiang allowed the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword to fuse with the Dragon Soul, he could freely control the change in the body of the blade.

The huge appearance from before was extremely domineering and intimidating, but now, it was obviously an ornamental one. Furthermore, it seemed to have a faint air of arrogance and elegance to it.

Seeing that Chen Xiang did not use the tyrannical huge blade that he had heard about, Peng Xianwu felt that Chen Xiang looked down on him and did not use the most powerful weapon. This made him feel that it was an insult, but if his sword was not unsheathed, wasn't it being disrespectful to others?

This was one of the reasons why Chen Xiang had deliberately changed his appearance so that he could tell Peng Xianwu: You aren't worthy enough for me to use that large blade!

When Chen Xiang revealed his weapon, he knew that he had succeeded. Although the power of the big blade and the small knife were the same, he felt that the big blade was a bit more domineering, but now, he was too lazy to use it against this kind of petty Proud Sword Sect disciple, he wasn't even willing to show his sword to others.

"Chen Xiang, I hope that you do not die under my sword, in case my sword becomes stained with the resentment of a dead person!" Peng Xianwu said coldly, pointing his sword at Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang looked at the sword that was still in the center of his brows that was not unsheathed, and sneered in his heart: "Wait a moment, I'll let your sword die in that tortoise shell like sword sheath forever!"

The Golden-sheathed Swordsman was extremely famous in the early years of life. Because Yue Jianglin had always brought him to everywhere to compete, and defeated many famous young True Martial Realm Warriors, many people in the Chen Martial Continent had heard of his achievements, and often discussed who would win when he fought with Chen Xiang.

Now they had finally met!

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