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It had been more than half a month since the end of the world, and the number of zombies was increasing.

Although there were zombies in the community, everyone was hiding at home, so they were not that scared, but when they were on the road…

They had a lot of people, and they attracted a lot of zombies. Those who followed Nie Yi and others killed the zombies and those people were fine. The family members who were in the trucks were frightened. The trucks were very tall. The zombies on the road couldn’t catch them, but they still feared so much that they hid in the middle of the car. A group of people were huddled together.

For the sake of safety, Nie Yi left Shao Zhenglan and one of his own bodyguards in the truck he opened. Jiang Huai and another bodyguard stayed in the truck behind them. Jiang Huai had a good temper and saw the people in his car squeezed into a group. He didn’t say anything.

Especially when he saw the family team, the man who had grown up big and took advantage of his own strength. After squeezing the two children to the ground, he was not angry.

She was the kind of person who couldn’t bear it. She simply licked a stick and hit it on the man’s lap: “You give me a little more!”

“You hit me! You are this…” The man was shocked and angry.

After he hadn’t finished speaking, Shao Zhenglan went straight to a few sticks. She couldn’t speak without saying anything: “How about I beat you? If you are uneasy, I will throw you off the car and feed the zombies!”

This man was suddenly the same as a beggar.

“The front was blocked, Shao Zhenglan, you can try to get rid of the car on the road.” Nie Yi stopped at this time.

Just in front of them, some private cars collided together, they had completely blocked the road, and they had gathered a large number of zombies. These zombies had no shortage of broken arms, and there was dried blood on the ground, they put off a rancid smell.

If it took a few more months, the B City security base would take time out to clean up the road, but at this time…

A large number of zombies with darkened skin and long nails rushed over here. Some of the family members in the truck were still able to calm down, but some were already crying in fear, or pouting and vomiting.

Before, because he pushed the man who was beaten by Shao Zhenglan, he started to hide in the middle of his own high horse.

“You clean up a place.” Shao Zhenglan had already refused the man, and said to Nie Yi.

Shao Zhenglan must use the power to stand on the land now. Nie Yi knows this. He took a gun. After a series of gunshots, there was a zombie that was smashed. Seeing this, Shao Zhenglan did not hesitate. The ground jumped down, and then a low mud wall was erected in the middle of the road ahead, and the car on the road was pushed by the mud wall to fall on both sides.

Her thoughts were correct. Unfortunately, her abilities were not enough to turn the blocked roads into mud walls, so that when the last face was white, the power was used up, only a small part of the road was cleaned up.

“You get on the bus, we rushed over.” Nie Yi stopped Shao Zhenglan in time. He did not expect Shao Zhenglan to clean the road, but he wanted Shao Zhenglan to use her abilities.

Shao Zhenglan nodded, climbed up the car from the side of the truck, and sat down in the corner, only to take a few breaths to let herself slow down.

She didn’t actually want the mud wall to be so wide, but she didn’t know how to control it…

The zombies had gathered more and more, and Nie Yi stepped on the gas pedal and rushed forward, hitting a road hard. Some of the cars that were on the road were pushed directly by the truck he was driving.

For the zombies, this truck could be called a giant, and even after it had been crushed, it would become a smashed rotten meat, but they had no wisdom, they still rushed to the car, some were rolled up. He didn't have a lower body under the wheel. As a result, he still climbed with both hands and wanted to chase it. The "perseverance" was amazing.

The truck was very tall. Most of the zombies rushed over and could only get the wheels rolled to the bottom of the car. But some zombies climbed to the top of the car and rushed toward the truck. Some of them caught the back of the car or kneeled on the front window.

The zombies who tried to grab the carriage and climbed up were killed by Shao Zhenglan and the bodyguards. As for the zombies on the front of the car…

In exchange for others sitting in the co-pilot position and separated from the zombies, he was scared, but Qi Jingchen was still squatting there, still looking at the zombies outside the window with great interest.

Nie Yi saw that he looked like this, and he didn’t play a fight. Qi Jingchen was looking forward to the zombies coming out of the window. Or how could people who were not interested in eating even be interested in those zombies?

Nie Yi had fire in his stomach, but he could not send it to Qi Jingchen. He was so disgusted with the zombies who wanted to smash the window.

There were many flames on both sides of the truck, and the zombies and cars on both sides were scorched while the zombies climbing on the windows were scorched.

The flame was not very big at first, but it was getting stronger and stronger. It ignited the car oil that was spilled in the car. In the end, it took out all the zombies in the surrounding meters.

Such a flame would cause an explosion. However, all of this was controlled within a certain range, and it did not affect the middle of the car at all. It could be seen that Nie Yi had strong control.

When the family members of his car had just risen again, they were all scared and frightened. Until now, there was only the worship of Nie Yi. They saw that there were flames on both sides but they could not hurt themselves. Excitement couldn’t be covered at all.

Nie Yi's face was very handsome, but although he later controlled the fire that formed the gasoline on both sides, he used the power at first, but in order to deal with the zombies on the window…

About the outside suddenly appeared due to the high temperature, the window glass of the truck suddenly burst, and all kinds of glass slag were scattered. Some of them even fell on him and Qi Jingchen.

“…” Nie Yi had always been strict with the control of the abilities. Although this time it suddenly broke out, he also separated all the flames, but did not expect that such a thing would happen…

“Jingchen, you don’t move!” Nie Yi quickly said, he slowly lowered the speed, lest the car was still so open or the brakes would let the glass fragments cut through the skin of Qi Jingchen.

Although it was summer, they all wore long trousers for safety reasons, but Qi Jingchen was too hot to wear it, and now he wore a white short sleeve.

When the car stopped, Nie Yi was relieved, he first shook off the glass pieces on his body, and then carefully began to clean Qi Jingchen’s body.

After the road that was blocked, the place was empty and it was already on the outskirts.

A Great Wall van on the back chased it. Ping Shengchao, who was in the co-pilot position, asked loudly: “Boss, why did you stop?”

He just asked for the exit. From the bottom up, he saw Nie Yi in the co-pilot. He didn't know what he was doing when he was bent on the position. He heard him and gave him a look.

Sitting in the co-pilot position was Qi Jingchen, his boss was leaning down like this… He seemed to disturb the good things for his boss?

Ping Shengchao thought that Yan Zhe, who was in the car with him, naturally felt that under the broad daylight, Nie Yi would not do too much time, but he would kiss his mouth… seeing this scene, think about it before Nie Yi used his power to ignite those cars and turned everything around him into a fly ash. His hands were getting tighter and tighter.

Ping Shengchao had surpassed Yan Zhe’s eyes and his impression of Yan Zhe was even worse… No wonder his boss let him stare at Yan Zhe. Seeing this person’s appearance was really not as simple as it used to be!

It was Qi Jingchen, although he had lived for a long time, in order to let his boss give up his tossing a lot of things, but he really had to say no bad things. Before eating fish, he didn't think it's good to eat. Leave it to his boss to eat?

Qi Jingchen didn't know that Ping Shengchao had changed his mind because of Nie Yi's words. He was finally cleaned by Nie Yi's glass pieces. He frowned at the moment: "It's awesome to play with fire, why don’t I know how to play with water?”

Nie Yi heard the words and couldn’t help but smile. He didn’t know if it was a very easy way to practice the powers that no one used before. His current firepower ability had been enhanced a lot. However, the water system had no point at all…

“I will take a shower when I wait.” Qi Jingchen said again.

There was a lot of water in the car, but it was also extravagant to take a bath, but since Qi Jingchen wanted to take a bath, it must be against it!

Nie Yi immediately agreed, and then continued to drive, the last line of people settled in a new community in the suburbs where almost no one lived.

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