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Chapter 357

Bang bang!

The middle-aged man was struck twice as he screamed miserably. His mouth was full of blood as well and his teeth had been shattered by Qin Yun.

The Flame Light Fist could make a fist extremely hot. The hot air it emitted also shocked Hong Yan, who cultivated fire.

Even Yue Sha was astonished by Qin Yun's few moves!

He was also in the Martial Dao Realm, so he could tell that Qin Yun was not an ordinary Martial Dao Realm cultivator.


With a punch, Qin Yun sent the middle-aged servant flying to Yue Sha's feet.

The middle-aged servant vomited blood and rolled on the ground in pain.

"He lost, 10,000 purple coins!" Qin Yun said indifferently.

Yue Sha didn't think that he had made a mistake. He had thought that Qin Yun was the type of person who wanted to curry favor with Hong Yan's lackeys. He never expected him to have such powerful strength.

The fighters lining up at the door were also shocked. They had also thought that Qin Yun was Hong Yan's henchman but from the looks of it, he was definitely not an ordinary person.

Yue Sha's face was filled with rage as he gave Qin Yun another ten thousand purple coins.

This amount of purple coins was nothing to him but it made him lose a lot of face. People like him loved face very much.

"You really have a heavy hand. You must be a vicious and treacherous warrior! People like you cannot enter our Northern Spirit City! I will stand at the door and have the guards ban the sale of the pass to you!" He then walked towards the city gate and sat down on a chair.

Hong Yan said, "Brother Yun, I was blind, I made a mistake! Your strength is not bad! "What is your background?"

Qin Yun smiled. "I'm just a wandering cultivator!"

Hong Yan didn't believe him at all but he didn't ask about it. He only planned to look into it in the future.

Qin Yun wanted to enter Northern Spirit City very much because Xiao Yuemei was inside but he was stopped by Yue Sha.

As for Yue Sha, he had no choice. After all, he was the son of the Martial King and although he would not meet with the Martial King father multiple times every year, if he were to kill the other party, it would mean slapping his father in the face.

Suddenly, Qin Yun saw an elder flash a golden badge. It was the badge of a high-ranked Inscription Master.

When Yue Sha saw this Inscription Master, he also revealed a smile and greeted him.

"Seventh Prince, a high-level Inscription Master, can he casually enter and exit a spirit city?" Qin Yun immediately asked, "I remember that a high-ranked Inscription Master might have a passage permit!"

"How come you don't know anything? Did you just get out of the womb?" Hong Yan smiled and said, "A high level Inscription Master can purchase a travel pass at half price! If you are a high-level Inscription Master, Yue Sha is unable to stop you from entering."

"A high level Inscription Master. That is the status symbol of the Divine Inscription Palace. If anyone can deny this status symbol, it is the Divine Inscription Palace! If he has a personal grudge with an Inscription Master, fighting and killing isn't a problem."

"But if we were to violate the contracts of the Inscription Palace and the big cities, then we will be in deep trouble! So, even if you're a prince, you can't restrict the movement of Inscription Masters!"

Qin Yun stood behind Hong Yan and was secretly relieved.

He had the gold badge of a high-level Inscription Master. It was given to him by the Divine Inscription Palace. Although he had obtained it from the branch at the edge of the world, it was still applicable here.

Everyone felt it was odd. Qin Yun had been restricted by Yue Sha but he was still queuing up.

Hong Yan only believed that Qin Yun was here to speak with him.

Hong Yan already had his token. As long as he confirmed his pass, he would be able to enter.

After he passed the pass, he was at the city gate. He was prepared to bid farewell to Qin Yun.

Unexpectedly, Qin Yun took out a bag of purple coins.

"I've said it before, it's very dangerous for a heavy fighter like you. You can't go in!" Yue Sha said proudly. "Hurry up and get lost!"

"Hurry up and go, don't waste our time!"

"The Sha Prince has already said that a cruel person like you can't go in, didn't you hear him?"

"Why are you so thick-skinned? Hurry up and leave!"

Qin Yun took his time and took out a golden badge!

Yue Sha, who was sitting on a chair, couldn't sit still any longer when he saw the badge. He suddenly stood up.

The people in the back of the queue who were blindly shouting also quietened down!

This is the badge of a high-level Inscription master!

In the Martial Desolate land, high level Inscription Masters were the most common!

However, it was very rare to see such a young, high-level Inscription Master!

The guards who often guarded the gates were no stranger to this kind of bage. It was easy to tell whether it was real or fake with a single glance.

The old man in charge of selling the pass said to Yue Sha in a low voice, "Prince Sha, this is real! The badge belongs to him, this is a high-grade Inscription Master!"

Hong Yan was even more dumbfounded. His fire talent was very good, his flames were strong and his control over fire was also very good.

However, he didn't have the slightest bit of talent in Inscription, so he couldn't become a Inscription Master.

He hadn't thought that the fellow that was with him for two or three days was actually a high level Inscription Master!

"Yue Sha, if you dare to stop him, hehe, all the members of the royal family in Yue Wu Country will no longer be able to enter the Divine Inscription Palace in the future!" Hong Yan smiled.

Yue Sha was both angry and shocked. All he could do was wave his hand and tell the old man to sell the pass.

A young Inscription Master and one that was very strong at that, this was a relatively rare sight! Generally speaking, the Inscription Masters that had studied the dao of inscription were quite ordinary in terms of battle strength.

Only when using spirit equipment and talismans would one have a high combat strength.

Qin Yun spent five thousand purple coins to purchase a pass!

Hong Yan was extremely excited. He did not think that he would be able to make friends with an Inscription Master. He hurriedly laughed and led Qin Yun into the city.

When Yue Sha saw Qin Yun walk into the distance, he immediately sent someone to investigate Qin Yun's origins.

Everyone felt that this type of Inscription Master must have a background.

There were a lot of people inside the Northern Spirit City. The buildings inside were quite old. The spiritual energy inside was much denser than outside and this was also the work of the large array.

As it was close to the Cloud Dragon Mountain Range, it became a place for many hunters to trade and recuperate.

Hong Yan brought Qin Yun to a rather narrow street. Such places were usually rather messy.

"Inns in Spirit City are very expensive, if it's in a bustling area, it would cost seven to eight hundred purple crystal coins a day! Over here, it's only around 200 purple crystal coins!"

Hong Yan was also poor for a period of time. Only then did he understand all of this and learn to be meticulous.

They stayed in an inn and asked for a small suite with two rooms and a living room. Even so, it only cost five hundred purple coins a day.

"I will first recuperate properly and tomorrow I will go challenge Xiao Yuemei! I must win back my items!" Hong Yan looked full of confidence.

He looked at Qin Yun and asked curiously, "Qin Yun, honestly, are you an old man?"

"No!" Qin Yun asked with some confusion, "Why do you say that?"

"You are an old man! Such a young high level Inscription master and his combat strength is also so strong, this is rarely seen!" Hong Yan said with certainty, "Uncle Qin, you're an old man. Don't lie to me!"

Qin Yun smiled. "Alright, since you think so, I'll be it!"

Hong Yan laughed, "Uncle Qin, the storage bag you refined is of a very high grade! You must have been studying hard often, so you don't know much about the outside world! From now on, I will follow you for a period of time and help you understand the outside world!"

"Have you never seen an Inscription Master in the royal family of Hong Wu?" Qin Yun found it strange that Hong Yan was so intimate with him.

Hong Yan said, "In our Hong Wu Country, there is a Dao Master with the ability to refine Dao artifacts! There are other inscription masters too but they rarely show up, so it's not easy to communicate with them!"

And it was very difficult for Hong Yan to find an Inscription Master like Qin Yun who he could chat with easily.

Qin Yun and Hong Yan chatted for a while before they returned to their rooms to rest.

Qin Yun was also somewhat anxious to see Xiao Yuemei and Qi Meilian. Hence, he quietly left the inn at night.

Previously, he had heard from Hong Yan that Xiao Yuemei lived in a villa.

The Northern Spirit City was very big and the bustling area was right in the middle of it.

The White Maple Villa was a very mysterious villa. Even Hong Yan did not know who this villa belonged to.

"White Maple Villa? And there's even a formation!" Qin Yun arrived outside the walled manor and sensed it. He was secretly alarmed.

With a formation, it wouldn't be that easy to sneak in.

Qin Yun used Shadow Power to hover outside the gate for a while before he suddenly saw a caravan drive over.

He had seen this car outside the city gates before. It belonged to Yue Sha!

"Why would this fellow enter the White Maple Villa?" Qin Yun hurriedly ducked under the car. At that moment, the sky was dark. Furthermore, he had concealed himself well so he had not been discovered.

The carriage smoothly entered the manor, making Qin Yun even more curious as to what sort of existence the manor was.

Qin Yun came out from the bottom of the car and entered a pitch-black region to prevent the light from shining on him.

The villa was very spacious. There were many gardens, pavilions, lakes, small rivers, artificial mountains and so on. It was just like a pleasant little mountain village.

He followed the cart into a garden.

In the middle of the garden, there was a small two-story building.

Yue Sha was the only one in that car.

Wearing a set of red clothes, he rubbed his hands together and walked towards the two-story building with expectation written all over his face.

Arriving at the door, Yue Sha knocked and asked, "Princess Yuemei, I am Prince Sha! You said you wanted me to come and find you tonight, I'm here!"

Qin Yun was taken aback. Having hidden himself in the darkness, he hurriedly rushed into the building.

Once inside, he could feel Xiao Yuemei's aura!

Xiao Yuemei did not discover Qin Yun as she hurriedly opened the door.

When Yue Sha opened the door and saw Xiao Yuemei in a white dress, he said joyfully: "Princess Yuemei, it's so late. What are you asking me to do here?"

"Of course I need your help!" Xiao Yuemei laughed with a hint of charm.

This made Yue Sha laugh even more happily. As soon as he entered the room, he immediately closed the door.

Just as he closed the door, Xiao Yuemei took out several long thin needles and pierced them into Yue Sha's body.

Qin Yun, who was hiding on a beam in the hall, was astonished when he saw this scene. Thinking about it, he found that it suited Xiao Yuemei's style of doing things.

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