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Chapter 350

One of the Xuan realm old people, an old woman who was holding onto a walking stick, suddenly stood up and said, "Fellow brothers, please give this old lady Du some face and let this boy go!"

When Zi Qingcheng saw old lady Du bravely stepping forward, she felt very grateful as well. However, she didn't dare to raise her head to look at her.

"Old Madam Du, although your Moon Profound Valley has contributed quite a bit, however... This is the key point, you must know, young geniuses of the martial dao realm are better off but martial dao realm still retains the body of a child, which is very rare!"

An old man in the Xuan realm coldly smiled. "Once we break out of the immortal tomb, if we can obtain immortal pills, we might be able to step into the Martial King realm!"

Qin Yun cursed at the group of people in his heart. He felt that there was no justice. He had cultivated well and entered martial dao realm at very early age but in the end, he had become the best offering.

"Old Madam Du, this is none of your Moon Profound Valley's business. Just come in with us when the Immortal Graveyard opens, please leave now!"

A black-robed old man holding a black heavy sword stood up, his voice full of severity.

Although old lady Du was in the Xuan realm, only she was able to help Zi Qingcheng. It could be seen that her relationship with Zi Qingcheng was not bad.

Wang Tian Shi said: "Today is the full moon, so the yin qi is slightly heavier. It's more suitable for the sacrifice. If we were to open the Immortal Graveyard, we will be able to reap great rewards tonight!"

"You dogshit Heavenly Master, don't speak nonsense! Qin Yun....Qin Yun is my husband and you are not allowed to sacrifice him. If not, when I self-destruct the Dao core, I will perish together with you!!" Zi Qingcheng got anxious as she scolded.

Qin Yun and Lan Fengjin were also taken aback. In order to save her, Zi Qingcheng was willing to sacrifice herself.

"Self-detonation? Hahaha!" That sword-wielding old man instantly dashed over and without anyone noticing, his sword had unsheathed itself from it's scabbard and stabbed towards Zi Qingcheng's throat.

With a cold snort, old lady Du quickly swung her cane at the sword.

With a dang sound, that sword was opened, letting out a crisp sound.

Their speed was so fast that no one could catch them.

"Old Lady Du, if you continue to obstruct us, I can guarantee that all one hundred of your Moon Profound Valley's disciples will all die here!" The old man holding the sword shouted in anger.

"Sword Master! As the Sect Leader of the Sword Profound Mountain Sect, are you making a public declaration of war on our Moon Profound Valley by saying such words?" Old Lady Du shouted coldly.

"Opening the Immortal Graveyard will benefit both you and I! Isn't it just sacrificing a little kid? Is there a need for us to go all out?" A skinny old man sneered.

The other elders of the Xuan Martial Realm echoed him and expressed their determination. They wanted to sacrifice Qin Yun.

Qin Yun was so angry that blood dripped from his heart. These old geezers were actually looking down on his life!

How many hardships had Qin Yun gone through in order to achieve his current accomplishments? But now, he had to be sacrificed!

What made him most angry was that this group of powerful experts from the famous sects were disdainful of his life!

"Old Madam Du, sorry..." One of the Xuan realm cultivators formed a ball of light mist in his hand as if he was preparing for a big battle.

The other Xuan martial Realm warriors were also prepared for battle!

Old Lady Du was on her own. Facing a few Xuan realm cultivators, she had no chance of winning!

Heavenly Master Wang was the fastest to act. He captured Qin Yun through the air and placed him in a golden cage.

Zi Qingcheng was furious, her face full of killing intent. The energy of her Dao Core was also surging crazily. She was going to risk it all and blow her own Dao Core away!

Old Lady Du did not expect Wang Tian shi to move so quickly. It was too late to save Qin Yun now!

She hurriedly took out a pagoda and stored Lan Fengjin and Zi Qingcheng inside it.

"Let's go, we're about to open the immortal tomb, save some energy to seize the immortal treasures!" He used his mental energy to carry the cage out of the hall.

Old Madam Du clenched her fists and sighed. At this point, there was nothing she could do. She had no choice but to save Zi Qingcheng.

The other old men of the Xuan Martial Realm also laughed and followed him.

The people in the Spirit realm all slightly sighed in relief. If the seniors in the Xuan realm fought a huge battle, not only would it affect them, it could even attract the dragon.

"You bunch of old bastards! You are all a bunch of bastards! What kind of bullshit Sword Maser are you, you must be from the Sword Profound Mountain, right? Just you wait, I will not rest until I am at the sword mountain and bury it with you, and you, beast king master, what sect do you come from, if you have the guts then tell me!"

Inside the cage, Qin Yun was also sealed by waves of energy. He was unable to mobilize the internal energy of the Dao core.

"Brat, I will let you scold me enough right now. You're going to die soon anyway!" Wang Tian Shi laughed loudly.

"You old bastards, you old bastard, you old dogs!!" Qin Yun swore in every way he could, causing the faces of Master Wang and company, who were at the Xuan realm, to twitch in anger.

No one had ever scolded them like this, not to mention that they had scolded them in front of so many disciples!

There were thousands of sect disciples in that giant pit.

They had all seen several Xuan realm experts being cursed by a little brat!

If not for the fact that Qin Yun was a very important offering, those at the Xuan realm would have killed him hundreds of times over.

"You bunch of naive dumb pigs, do you really think that you can obtain a treasure just by opening the immortal tomb? Dream on! I'm afraid you guys won't be alive to take the things inside!"

Qin Yun was tied to the golden tower on a stone platform in front of a tomb as he constantly cursed.

The stone platform was made of bronze and it looked extremely ancient. This was the sacrificial altar.

Many people surrounded the altar, eagerly waiting.

Wang Tian Shi laughed: "We need to release his blood! A boy like him who is in the Martial Dao Realm has very special blood. It can cause the altar to produce a very special power and close the Immortal Graveyard formation!"

"How can you sacrifice your lord? The consequences will be very tragic for all of you, your grandchildren will grew up eating shit!!" Qin Yun cursed angrily when he felt his wrist being cut open.

Qin Yun's blood flowed incessantly. It was as though the altar had magical powers that constantly drew out the blood in his body.

In order to prevent himself from losing too much blood and dying, he could only constantly consume the energy in his body and draw blood.

His blood was the Heavenly Lion's blood, it was extraordinary.

When he saw his Heavenly Lion blood constantly flowing out, Qin Yun's heart ached. He could only curse at this horde of beasts.

"Am I really finished?" Qin Yun felt the altar shake as he began to despair.


Suddenly, a dragon's roar rang out!

The night sky was blotted out by a burst of blue glowing clouds.

A massive dragon body could be vaguely seen in the blue cloud!

The dragon had appeared and it was a light blue one at that. It was several hundred meters long and very large. It soared up into the clouds, covering the skies!

"Hahaha... You have received retribution! The dragon is here, the dragon is here! Let your bunch of grandsons bleed for me, the dragon has come to kill you all!"

Qin Yun could not help but laugh when he saw the Xuan Martial Realm elders. Their faces filled with fear.

When old lady Du heard the dragon's roar, she immediately fled!

A Xuan realm martial artist actually fled after encountering a dragon!


The scarlet golden tower suddenly cracked open and just as the immortal tomb was opened, the dragon also appeared!

Qin Yun was still tied to the altar and was unable to move.

Lying on the sacrificial altar, he could clearly see the colossal dragon in the sky!

The pressure from the dragon caused the earth to tremble.

The Martial Dao Realm disciples quickly left with the other Martial Body Realm disciples. There were only a few seniors of the Xuan Martial Realm and twenty to thirty warriors of the Spirit realm watching.

The sacrificial altar did not continue absorbing the blood because the immortal tomb had already opened!

The cracks on the surface of the Scarlet Gigantic Tower were several hundred meters wide and they split the tower into two sides. In the middle of the tower, there was a huge hole with an unfathomable depth.

"Wang Tian Shi, what's going on? How was the immortal tomb like this? And that dragon, why did it suddenly appear here?"

Jian Xuanzi hurriedly asked. He had also prepared to leave but seeing that the immortal tomb was open, he was unwilling to leave.

Wang Tian Shi frowned, "I don't know. The situation with this Immortal Graveyard is somewhat different from what I expected!"

Qin Yun secretly admired their guts. He hurriedly shouted, "Why aren't you letting me go? The immortal tomb has already been opened and the dragon is about to descend. Aren't you guys going to run?"

"Kid, you have to continue staying there! The sacrificial ceremony will last for twelve hours and only after the sacrificial altar devours your flesh and blood can it be considered a success!" Wang Tian Shi said.

Jian Xuanzi looked at the dragon in the sky and said: "This guy only dares to hover above, he doesn't dare to come down! Looks like it is afraid of something inside the immortal tomb!"

"Haha, we don't need to be afraid of this dragon anymore, let's continue!" Wang Tian Shi laughed loudly, "The immortal tomb has just been opened and has been covered in dead Yin energy for many years. It is also very dangerous. We can only enter after a while!"

The dragon in the sky danced and roared but neither descended nor attacked.

The originally pitch-black land was now illuminated by the light blue clouds in the sky.

Qin Yun could not feel any more blood flowing. He also found it strange that the sacrificial altar did not continue absorbing the blood.

In other words, the sacrifice was over.

"This immortal tomb is truly powerful. Even dragons are afraid of the things that are hidden inside. What exactly is it?" Jian Xuanzi's old eyes were filled with excitement and fanaticism, as he looked at the huge, pitch-black tomb.

Black smoke rose up from the tomb, giving off a horrible wave of yin qi!

It was filled with a sinister aura, even though it was very scary.

However, those at the Xuan realm were not afraid. That Wang Tian Shi also said that it was a normal occurrence!

The sacrificial altar that Qin Yun was on was closest to the tomb. He could sense the terrifying evil energy from the tomb!

That power was gradually increasing!

Qin Yun did not know why but the totem on his arm, the Heavenly Lion totem started to go crazy!

Suddenly, a huge black qi gushed out of the tomb and shot straight up into the sky, blowing away the thick clouds that were flashing with blue light!


A deep and cold roar came from the bottom of the crater!

Beneath the tomb, there was actually a huge beast and it was extremely terrifying!

When Qin Yun heard the roar, he was even more shocked because he could tell what beast it was!

It was the roar of a heavenly lion. It was exactly the same as his own voice when he was using the heavenly lion's roar!

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