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Chapter 318

Lan Fengjin and Qin Yun returned to the woods together.

On the way, she returned the blueprint to Qin Yun and asked many questions.

She was Qin Yun's disciple. She was secretly proud of her master's victory.

The questions she asked were also common ones during matches.

Qin Yun shared his experiences from a few matches, allowing Lan Fengjin to ponder over it. It was also of some help to her.

Yang Shiyue was already waiting in the woods. When she saw Qin Yun and Lan Fengjin chatting happily and returning, she knew that Qin Yun had won.

"You guys continue your cultivation, I'll go back and practice some inscriptions."

Lan Fengjin had suffered a lot in the competition but she had also become very diligent.

"What did you get?" Yang Shiyue asked with a smile.

"Xuan Artifact's blueprint, a saber!" Qin Yun said very happily, "I can't forge it yet but it'll be soon!"

He felt that once he stepped into the Martial Dao Realm, he would not be far from refining Xuan Artifacts.

"The Inscription Competition is over, there is still no Martial Arts Competition! The reward must be pretty good too, let's hurry up and learn the Mysterious Star Steps."

Yang Shiyue also wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to teach Qin Yun more martial techniques.

Qin Yun nodded repeatedly. Then, he entered the woods with Yang Shiyue and began learning the Mysterious Star Steps.

After Yang Shiyue's analysis of the difficulties within the Mysterious Star Steps, Qin Yun was able to understand them better and began to learn them.

He first used the inner strength of the Thunder Flame Inner Core to execute the Mysterious Star Steps.

With regards to the different attributes of internal energy, the Mysterious Star Steps could also display different movement techniques.

After half a day of hard work, Qin Yun finally succeeded in executing the Mysterious Star Steps at night. He was able to circulate his inner force very smoothly according to the mental cultivation method of the Mysterious Star Steps.

Hu hu hu hu!

He used the Lightning Fire Inner core to execute the Mysterious Star Steps and as he sprinted, his momentum was extremely strong, his body overflowed with purplish-gold lightning fire.

In the night, he ran through the sky like a flashing purplish-gold flaming meteor.

"I have finally entered the initial stage. My speed is much faster than the Flame Cloud Steps. It is indeed an Earth Level martial art! However, to the current me, the consumption rate is still too high. It isn't suitable for me to spend that much time on it. If there's nothing urgent, just use the Flame Cloud Steps."

When Qin Yun landed on the ground, he too descended like a thunderfire meteor.

Just as he landed in the forest, he saw Yang Shiyue flying towards him.

She wore a pure white dress surrounded by silver moonlight. She was light and elegant, like a goddess from the Moon Palace. She was holy and elegant.

Yang Shiyue had also used her Mysterious Star Steps. As she had a Moon Martial Spirit, her movement technique looked very different from Qin Yun's.

"When there is moonlight, I will use the 'Mysterious Star Steps' and fly in the air. The consumption rate is not big and the speed is also very fast!"

Yang Shiyue smiled gently: "This Mysterious Star Steps is different for different people."

Qin Yun said with a nod, "When I use it, it is very violent. If it's during battle, during the sprint, it can also bring me a lot of power!"

"Yes! Next, you can try using the Vibration Inner Qi!" Yang Shiyue said in a low voice: "Let's see if it can expose your Vibration Martial Spirit!"

Qin Yun had the same thought as well. He immediately channeled Vibration Inner Energy.

After using Vibration Inner Force, every step he took caused the ground to shake. With a "peng peng peng" sound, the ground cracked from his stomps.

This was even more ferocious than using the thunder and fire inner force!

"Teacher... This doesn't seem to be ideal!" Qin Yun smiled. "Not only is the consumption rate high, there's also a lot of commotion. Furthermore, the speed is also slow!"

"Un, it completely exposed your Vibration Inner Force! Vibration inner strength is not suitable for movement techniques! But, it should be good for fighting. When you use your footwork, it will create a very strong shockwave."

"If you are in close combat with others, you can also launch an appropriate counterattack when you are running and dodging. If the shockwave is strong enough, it can still shock the opponent's inner core." Yang Shiyue said.

When Qin Yun heard this, his eyes lit up. He immediately said with a smile, "Indeed but it cannot be used so easily! Teacher, thanks to you guiding me, otherwise I would have needed a lot of time to figure it out myself!"

Yang Shiyue patted his head, gently smiled and said: "I hope that you can become stronger in the future!"

"I will definitely become stronger!" Qin Yun nodded seriously.

They all had a tacit understanding that not mentioning the matter of the grand marriage would ruin their good mood.

"Teacher, I am already at the initial stage, if I were to learn to small success stage, what would happen?" Qin Yun asked, "Is the Mysterious Star Steps has this written on it?"

Yang Shiyue said: "Small success is quite difficult and requires a large amount of inner qi. If you can learn to small success, when you use the Mysterious Star Steps, you will be able to produce star power."

"Star energy can make a person easily float out, this way, when you step on it, it will be like a dragonfly touching the water and with the power of thunder and fire, you will be able to move even faster!"

"After all, it would already be pretty good if I could master an Earth-grade martial art!" Qin Yun was satisfied and said with a smile.

Only late into the night did Qin Yun, who was cultivating his movement technique, return with Yang Shiyue to rest.

The next day, Qin Yun woke up early in the morning to continue practicing the Mysterious Star Steps. He wanted to familiarize himself with them.

After a whole day of practice, he was even more familiar with the Mysterious Star Steps.

The martial arts competition wasn't over yet. There were still the fourth and fifth rounds left.

Today, the fourth round had finally begun!

There were only a total of thirty or so people who could make it into the fourth round.

In the past few days, they had been staying with their mentors, receiving all kinds of tutorials and training.

As winner of the fifth round of the Inscription Competition, Qin Yun became the top figure.

This had already caused the face of the inscriptionists from Blue Spirit Star Palace to fall to the ground.

If they were to lose martial arts competition, the Blue Spirit Saint Palace would lose even more face.

After all, the grand event organized by the Blue Spirit Saint Palace was to show off their strength.

If someone else won in the end without a single person from the Saint Palace, it would be too ridiculous.

Qin Yun, Yang Shiyue and Zhuo Chuan arrived at the Spiritual Martial Palace and were told to wait at the foot of the Blue Spirit Profound Tower.

The Blue Spirit Profound Tower was a Nine Floor Tower of the Blue Spirit Star Palace and it was very close to the main entrance.

It was also the most eye-catching building in Blue Spirit Star Palace.

The Blue Spirit Profound Tower was very big and tall. It's entire body seemed to be constructed from blue crystals and was illuminated by the nine suns. The light it radiated was very dazzling.

From the outside, it looked like there were nine levels but every level was very tall. It was unknown just how many layers there were within.

Qin Yun and Yang Shiyue were dressed in white and there were many people from Blue Spirit Star Palace who wore blue robes. This made them, as a teacher and student, the most eye-catching.

Xie Wufeng, Lan Huayu and the rest who stood beside them were also wearing blue robes. Their group of people were very strong and they discussed in hushed tones wherever they went.

Xie Wufeng looked at the Blue Spirit Profound Tower in front of him and said with a frown: "The fourth round, they actually want you to enter the Blue Spirit Profound Tower to undergo a trial, this is pretty dangerous!"

"Eldest Brother Xie, you've been in there before?" Qin Yun asked hurriedly.

"I've never been in there before! I've heard of it!" Xie Wufeng looked at Lan Huayu and said, "Elder Lan, you should have a good understanding of the situation inside!"

Lan Huayu nodded his head: "There are a lot of puppets. The puppets inside are all refined by the Inscription Sect back then. Only those ghosts from the Inscription Sect were able to create such a thing. It's extremely terrifying."

"Puppets are created based on the talent of those years and have a very strong combat ability. Originally, there were many puppets that could rival a Martial Dao Realm cultivator. However, all of them were taken out by us to fight, causing serious damage!"

"Right now, all the puppets in the tower are at the 9th level Martial Body realm!"

A puppet that could rival a Martial Dao Realm cultivator was truly formidable. Just thinking about it made him frightened.

Everyone couldn't help but sigh with emotion. The Inscription Sect was so terrifying, it was actually able to refine this kind of thing.

Lan Huayu added, "The Blue Spirit Profound Tower has a total of nine floors. The ninth floor had other uses, the other eight floors were for testing! Each level is guarded by a group of golems, whose strength is comparable to that of a ninth level Martial Body."

"Every once in a while, martial artists at the eighth level Martial Body realm will be allowed to enter to train."

It was clear that Xie Wufeng and the others had never gone in before.

Lan Fengjin said, "I've been in there before. Those puppets were very strong and they were all made from Royal Grade Bone Steel. Even if you used a Royal Grade spirit artifact, it would not be easy to harm them. Of course, if one could enter the smelting trial and not use weapons, they could use defensive gear!"

Just by thinking about it, one could tell that the puppet forged by Royal Grade Bone Steel was formidable.

Murong Daren exclaimed, "Those puppets must be very expensive. How much are they worth? Is there a female Puppet? Beautiful? Is it like a normal person?" (TL NOTE : his mind is in the right place!! what a man of culture!!!)

Xue Ziye rolled her eyes at him. She now seemed to know a little about the affairs between men and women and had seen through his dirty thoughts.

Lan Huayu laughed and said: "That's expensive! That is equivalent to the strength of a ninth stage warrior. Just think about it!"

"Murong Xiaozi, if you want, do you want me to refine a wood person for you? One hundred million crystal coins for one!" Lan Fengjin giggled.

"I don't want wood! I want those beautiful and fair puppet beauties to be my maids!" Murong Daren snorted, "If you can make this, I'm willing to buy it with 200 million crystal coins. Isn't it just a small amount of crystal coin?"

"I can refine it but can you pay?" Lan Huayu laughed.

"This... I was just speaking casually!" He didn't have that many crystal coins.

Qin Yun could also forge puppets but they were of the beast type.

To refine a humanoid puppet, one would need totem inscriptions that were close to human form, such as a monkey gorilla.

At the bottom of the Blue Spirit Profound Tower, there were many people gathered.

Many martial artists and instructors had come to participate.

Ji Kailin and his teacher had just arrived as well.

Today, Ji Kailin was wearing a golden-blue, flexible armor. With just one glance, one could tell that the construction price was not cheap.

Ji Kailin's mentor was an old saint of the Blue Spirit Holy Palace. His name was Xiangyu and he was on very good terms with Ji Kailin's grandfather.

It was said that Ji Kailin had followed him to train in martial arts since he was young.

A person who was able to teach a character like Ji Kailin was naturally not a good person.

Xiangyu was an extremely treacherous and sinister old man. His face was covered with wrinkles, making him look even more sinister.

Xunyu was an old saint with a higher status. Many saints would have to be respectful to him when they saw him.

"I will be invited to observe the situation in the tower. The four palace masters are also there. I will head there first!" After Lan Huayu finished, he entered the pagoda first.

Now that all of the participants were present, the ones that were the most favored were of course the few Blue Spirit Saints!

This was especially true for Ji Kailin, who was wearing a shining armour that made people envious. One look at him was enough to tell that his defensive capabilities were extremely strong.

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