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Chapter 285

Qin Yun had been curious as to why the Blue Spirit West Palace wanted the beast oil. Now, he understood that it was meant to be used to burn Xuan Yuan steel.

Xuan Yuan Steel is a material used to refine Xuan Artifacts. It was said that they would have to use intense flames to burn Xuan Crystal Iron and refine it for a long time before they could obtain Xuan Yuan Steel.

If there was a large amount of Xuan Yuan Steel used to refine powerful Xuan Artifacts, it would definitely be able to make a force become very strong.

Of course, there was another great benefit to the beast oil, which was to feed the magical beasts.

"Those magical beasts have to eat humans in order to hatch a magical beast crystal egg. Otherwise, just based on the amount of oil we have, we can control a large number of magical beasts." Xiao Yanglong opened a big barrel's lid and said.

"Ah Long, you said you want to marry Yang Shi Yue as soon as possible, is she willing? She is a Saint if Blue Spirit Saint Palace right now. If she doesn't want to, we can't force our way in!" Palace Head Yang said.

"Don't worry, the Yang family that Yang ShiYue belongs to is completely controlled by me. If Yang Shiyue doesn't agree, she will know the consequences!"

Xiao Yanglong was very confident and said with a cold smile: "Otherwise, the Yang family wouldn't have let Yang Shiyue get engaged to me."

Qin Yun had guessed long ago that Yang Shiyue had been forced and as expected, it was as he had expected.

"That's good! At that time, I will be in charge of inviting powerful guests to come over so that you can enjoy the limelight. After all, this is a joyous occasion for our Blue Spirit West Palace!" Palace Master Yang laughed, it could be seen that he valued Xiao Yanglong a lot.

The youth following them was called Zhang Hang, Xiao Yanglong's disciple. He also seemed to be sixteen or seventeen years old. Even if he was in the 9th level Martial Body realm, this sort of genius was still extremely rare.

Zhang Hang said, "Teacher, didn't that Qin Yun want to challenge you? If he comes, I promise I'll beat him until he kneels down and apologizes to you! To actually challenge Master so arrogantly and even ruining Master's good fortune time and time again!"

"Alright, when the time comes, you will fight. If he can't even beat you, then don't even mention challenging me! If my disciple were to beat him half to death, that would be great!"

Xiao Yanglong patted Zhang Hang's shoulder and laughed loudly: "If you beat him to death, I will think of a way to marry YueLan to you!"

Upon hearing that, Zhang Hang was overjoyed: "Then thank you Master! YueLan, this spicy little girl, I had wanted to teach her a lesson in bed for a long time. At that time, not only will I cripple Qin Yun, I'll also ride on his woman."

Qin Yun was infuriated when he heard that. He wished that he could charge out right now and smash Zhang Hang's dog mouth to smithereens.

"Master, where did all this beast oil come from? So many of them and the Beastmen have been eating for a long time but they still haven't finished!" Zhang Hang restrained his malevolent attitude and asked while looking at a large barrel.

Qin Yun, who was hiding in an empty barrel, was also very curious about this question.

"I don't know. In short, this beast oil is a very precious resource in the magic realm!" Palace Master Yang shook his head doubtfully.

Qin Yun, who was in an empty barrel, did not know the answer and was secretly disappointed.

Suddenly, he felt the empty bucket move. The minotaur picked up the bucket, tied the chain onto it, and threw it into the well.

Qin Yun, who was hiding in the well, was alarmed. He did not know what would happen if a person fell into the oil of beasts!

In his panic, he quickly took out a water repelling talisman.

The Water-Repellent Talisman was crafted using the Water-Repellent Spirit marks. As long as the talisman was activated, it would constantly produce a barrier, preventing the surrounding liquid from getting near it.

This was something that Qin Yun had taken the time to create after he dived into the Myriad Star Lake. It could allow his body to swim without contact with water and also allow him to swim underwater.

"I wonder if the Water-Repellent Talisman is effective against this beast oil!" After Qin Yun activated the water repelling talisman, the large barrel plummeted to a depth of a few hundred meters and was soaked in the beast oil.

The Water-repellent Talisman worked and the beast oil did not touch his body.

It was as if a transparent barrier was covering the exterior of his body, preventing the liquid from seeping in.

"Since I'm already here, I might as well dive down and take a look!" This crazy idea suddenly appeared in Qin Yun's mind. Furthermore, he had crawled out of the vat and entered the depths of the oil well.

There were one or two such oil wells in the vicinity of each mountain.

The beastmen, like drawing water, brought up buckets after buckets of beast oil and left them in the open area next to the oil well for the people of the Blue Spirit West Palace to collect.

The amount of beast oil in the oil well had always been great and had not dried up over the years. This was unbelievable.

Therefore, Qin Yun decided to dive into the depths to investigate the source of the beast oil.

After Qin Yun dove into the depths, he quickly sensed a gushing flow. The gushing flow was in the direction of a large amount of beast oil.

Having found a direction, Qin Yun immediately increased his speed and swam towards the direction of the gushing stream.

It was because he had the talisman, he wouldn't be touched by the beast oil. Otherwise, it would be extremely difficult to swim in the heavy beast oil.

Deep beneath the region was a gigantic sea of beast oils. Qin Yun, who was deep within it, felt more and more astounded. He was also more curious about the reason why there was so much beast oil.

More than four hours later, Qin Yun arrived at a deep pit after following the torrent of oil. The torrent was growing stronger by the moment.

He quickly took out a glowing stone and illuminated the area in front of him. There, he discovered a bottle. It was filled with large amount of beast oil. This bottle was overflowing!

Qin Yun was astounded. The bottle was not naturally formed but was refined by a human. It could hold so much oil.

He wasn't surprised at all by this powerful divine tool because his Nine Yang Spirit was also so mysterious and powerful!

He quickly swam over and grabbed the bottle. Then, he dripped his blood on top of the bottle to let it recognize him as it's master.

The process of binding the bottle was extremely smooth. However, Qin Yun did not obtain any information from the bottle. He only knew that there was a large amount of beast oil inside the bottle.

"I wonder how much more there is. If it wasn't for me controlling it, the beast oil would have continuously flowed out!" After Qin Yun obtained the bottle, he carefully examined the body of the bottle.

The body of the bottle was black. It looked like a very ordinary wine bottle, so it was impossible to tell what it was.

What was even weirder was that Qin Yun could not pour the beast oil into it. This bottle can only go out, it's very strange.

"Forget it, there are still a lot of things left. I don't need to spend so much effort like Xiao YangLong and the others to obtain them!" Qin Yun secretly rejoiced and headed back the way he came.

After tossing and turning for more than ten hours, he finally ran out of the oil well. He calculated the time and waited until it was dark before he came out. This would allow him to hide in the darkness.

Qin Yun came out while sitting in an oil barrel. Just as he came out, he sensed an aura. It belonged to Xiao Yanglong's disciple, Zhang Hang!

Xiao Yanglong and palace Master Yang were no longer here. They should have gone back to Blue Spirit Star Palace, leaving Zhang Hang in charge of supervising the various oil wells.

Zhang Hang was storing buckets of beast oil into his storage artifact but he did not discover Qin Yun hiding in the darkness.

As Qin Yun had the Water-Repellent Talisman, his body was not smeared with beast oil. However, when he came out of the oil barrel, he was still hiding beside a huge rock at the foot of the mountain.

Zhang Hang was not wearing the blue robe of the Blue Spirit Star Palace. Instead, he was wearing black and he also had a very small build. He had a sharp mouth and monkey cheeks but his talent was not bad.

He whistled, took out the lid and placed it on the oil barrel, then put it away.

Qin Yun took out a top-grade Body Securing Talisman and tossed it over, enveloping Zhang Hang's body.

Zhang Hang immediately could not move. He was incomparably terrified because he was very clear that this was a Body Securing Talisman!

"Who is it!" Zhang Hang shouted with difficulty.

"Who? I am Qin Yun, the person who will be defeated miserably by you!" Qin Yun chuckled as he charged over and punched Zhang Hang's abdomen. He released a violent internal energy as he executed Flaming Fist.

The force of that berserk flame fist pierced through Zhang Hang's Vajra Body, smashing it heavily and almost breaking it to pieces. This caused Zhang Hang's face to be filled with endless pain.

"Qin... Qin Yun!" Zhang Hang shouted in fear while spitting out blood.

"Yes! I thought you said you were going to ride my woman? Is that so? After saying that, Qin Yun sent a slap towards Zhang Hang's face. It was the Thousand Horse Palm. Although he did not use much strength, it had completely distorted Zhang Hang's face.

Zhang Hang was in extreme pain. He was furious in his heart but he was also incomparably terrified. He never expected Qin Yun to appear in such a damned place and even eavesdrop on their conversation.

"Xiao Yanglong's strength is not bad but this dog-like disciple of his is far too weak!" Qin Yun saw Zhang Hang's pained expression and said with a smile, "In that case, I can challenge Xiao Yanglong directly. I don't need to fight you, you dog!"

As he spoke, he began to extract Zhang Hang's martial spirit.

Zhang Hang quickly felt the Vajra Inner core being slowly pulled out. He cried out in pain as Qin Yun covered his mouth.

Previously, it was rumored that Qin Yun had mastered a soul refining art. However, it had been denied.

Now, Zhang Hang was certain that Qin Yun had truly mastered a terrifying soul refining art!

"You dog, do you know how powerful I am? Heh heh, don't worry, Xiao Yanglong and that Palace Master Yang will only die a more miserable death than you!" Qin Yun looked at the martial spirit he had extracted and could not help but exclaim in shock, "It's actually a Purple-Gold Saber Martial Spirit. That's great. It's perfect for me to refine it into my saber! Thank you, dog!"

Zhang Hang was filled with hatred. Originally, he had planned to compete against Qin Yun when Qin Yun challenged Xiao Yanglong and defeat him. By doing so, he wanted to make himself famous and show off.

But who would have thought that he would die in this damned place!

Qin Yun kept the purple gold saber martial spirit into a Soul Sealing Orb and took a jade pendant from Zhang Hang. It was a storage artifact.

"I can't die, I'm a genius that the Blue Spirit West Palace has nurtured with great effort..."

Qin Yun said with a sneer, "Go to hell! You should go to talk to those geniuses that I killed and you even wanted to defeat me with that kind of temperament? You even have vile intention on my woman!"

With that, he easily killed off Zhang Hang, who was filled with fear and hatred.

"With so much beast oil, we can't let Xiao YangLong and the rest get the upper hand!" Qin Yun stood near an oil well and conjured a ball of fire and shot into it.

Flames exploded out and the Taurens who were working beside the oil well suddenly panicked and started running away from them.

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