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Chapter 244

The majority of the following matches were between intermediate and beginner warrior, out of the ten matches, only one is a high class warrior match.

From this, it could be seen that there weren't many high-level warrior and there were even fewer who were confident in winning.

Therefore, high-level warriors rarely challenged others. They would only fight when their condition was very good and they were very confident.

After observing a few rounds of fights since the morning, Qin Yun had experienced many martial arts techniques. He knew why there were students who were willing to spend so many crystal coins to watch the duels. There were a large number of students who had come to watch various high-level martial arts techniques.

It was noon. It was finally Qin Yun's turn to make an appearance!

"Qin Yun will be fighting with Triple Radiants!" the old referee shouted.

When the students in the martial arts arena heard Qin Yun's name, they wanted to cry out in alarm but when they heard the two words, "Triple Radiants", they immediately froze.

The entire arena fell into silence.

After a few seconds of silence, waves of exclamations broke out!

The battle between Qin Yun and Triple Radiants meant that Qin Yun needed to fight one against three!

The name Triple Radiants was very famous in the arena because it was the name of a triplet fighter squad!

The triplets were extremely terrifying. They were invincible amongst intermediate level warrior.

In order to maintain their stability, they had used crystal coins to prevent themselves from advancing to a high level warrior. They had stayed in the middle class warrior and formed a small team, dominating the middle class.

Qin Yun had already arrived at the dueling platform. Many people felt that he had gone mad. He was going to challenge the strongest team in the eighth level martial body with his own strength.

Qin Yun came to the dueling platform but Triple Radiants did not take the stage.

If they did not appear within the appointed time, it meant that they had given up the match. The victor was Qin Yun.

"All three of them appeared to be very late. Don't worry, they will definitely appear."

"As long as they are still alive, they will definitely go on stage. After all, Qin Yun gave them Xuan Points for nothing. Only a fool would not want them!"

"There's really something wrong with Qin Yun. He had just earned two million Xuan Points yesterday and now he's giving it away."

"He's too shortsighted. Maybe because the two matches yesterday were too easy to win, he thought he could challenge three people at once today. If he wins, it would be three million profound points."

"After all, he's young and arrogant. He's only sixteen years old."

When Qin Yun heard the discussions of the crowd, he did not care. That was because Lan Fengjin and Xue Ziye had already said a lot to him earlier.

He could understand the opinions of others as well. After all, none of them were able to understand his powerful strength.

Furthermore, everyone knew that Qin Yun, a student of the Star Black Xuan Wu Academy, was severely restricted by the arena.

This would result in him not being able to go hard on others and would greatly restrict his strength.

There would be a period of time after a battle is over to prepare for the next battle and usually, the Triple Radiants would only appear at the end very end of that time period.

The preparation time was almost over when someone suddenly cried out.

"Triple Radiants have appeared!"

"They're still the same as always. They always appear so late, could it be that they're trying to put pressure on the opponent?"

"Haha, Qin Yun definitely did not know that his opponent would be so terrifying. Look at his expression. It's very ugly!"

Qin Yun was only unhappy that he had been deceived by the elder. That was because the elder had said that although the three of them came from the East Palace, their strength was average.

But from the looks of it, the strength of these three people was extremely terrifying.

Qin Yun looked at the passageway into the dueling platform. There are three handsome men in blue robes. From top to bottom, they are dressed in blue. They are triplets and looked identical. They had long, thin, handsome white faces.

As soon as they entered the arena, they waved and greeted the audience. They were very polite and their faces are also full of confidence and hearty smiles.

Finally, they came to the stage and stood fifty meters away from Qin Yun.

"Qin Yun, you are indeed a great figure. I've heard of your great name for a long time. I've finally met you personally today and you have not disappointed us." The man who spoke laughed.

"I can see that you three are more popular than me. Many of the audience members are very friendly towards you." Qin Yun smiled bitterly.

"That's only because we can bring benefit's to them. If we win against you, they will win quite a lot of crystal coins." The man who spoke laughed: "Right, my name is Da Yao, this is my second brother and third brother, Little Yao! The three of us have a mutual understanding of each other. In normal times, it would be I who speaks for them."

Qin Yun said with a smile, "What a strange combination. I was hoping that you would show mercy."

Big Yao laughed out loud, "Actually, our Eastern Palace Mistress has always hoped that you could join us, but.. it's a pity that you have decided to go to the Western Palace. However, we will still be fellow disciples of the same sect in the future."

"The disciples of the Eastern Palace are indeed different from the disciples of the other three palaces." Qin Yun smiled slightly. His politeness made him somewhat surprised.

"The other three palaces are full of wolves, so they can obtain a lot of resources. Our Eastern Palace is too gentle, therefore, we are the weakest palace in Blue Spirit Star Palace."

Qin Yun suddenly understood the reason they came to the arena was to earn Xuan Points, if they were to earn Xuan Points in the Blue Spirit Star Palace, their competition would be too great.

Da Yao's tone was gentle as he said with a smile, "Qin Yun, we will definitely win against you today. We do not wish to injure you in this martial arts match. Otherwise... In order to avoid being blamed by your wife in the future, you better admit defeat. We will give you three hundred thousand crystal coins so that you will have less to lose."

Qin Yun could imagine just how overbearing Xiao YueLan was within Blue Spirit Star Palace. She had actually made the disciples of the Eastern Palace fear her so much.

"It's fine. Even if I can't beat you, I won't be hurt by you." Qin Yun smiled.

"That's good!" Da Yao also let out a sigh of relief.

After the preparation time was over, the audience immediately became excited. They had bet a lot of crystal coins on Triple Radiants. As long as they won, they would be able to earn a little crystal coins from the arena.

The entire audience stood up and began to shout loudly, "Victory for Triple Radiants! Victory for Triple Radiants!"

The continuous waves of roars could be heard in the center of the Star Xuan Wu Academy. It was so passionate that many students outside the arena wanted to go in and have a look.

When the old man saw that the hourglass was filled, he shouted, "Let the martial arts match begin!"

With a flip of the hourglass, the duel officially began!

At the instant it began, two of the three brothers suddenly began moving rapidly. They stood at three different points and surrounded Qin Yun.


The three brothers suddenly bellowed as they released three balls of blue inner strength from a distance. They charged at Qin Yun from three different directions.

Qin Yun's body had been stretched taut the entire time. When he heard their shouts, he hurriedly took a few steps and left his original spot. He avoided the three blobs of blue light that were rushing at him.

Qin Yun successfully avoided the attack as he rejoiced in his heart.

He thought that the three balls of blue light would explode upon colliding but they did not!

After the three balls of blue light clashed, it actually formed a big ball of blue light.

And as if it was under control, the blue blob charged straight at Qin Yun!

Qin Yun had not expected it. He was sent flying by the blue blob of light and nearly fell off the dueling platform.

Fortunately, he reacted quickly, adjusting his balance the moment he was sent flying. The moment his feet touched the ground, he fiercely dashed forward, avoiding the blue light ball that was hot in pursuit.

Qin Yun dodged the attack from the blue blob of light and rushed at one of the brothers. However, just as he charged over, that person struck out with a blue blob of light.

This blue ball of light was very strange and it's speed was also very fast. It contained a very strong energy and after being struck, it was like being struck by a heavy object!

Qin Yun hurriedly dodged. However, at the instant the blue light flashed past him, it suddenly exploded!


A blue storm arose and sent Qin Yun flying. His black clothes were also tattered.

"This is really strange!" Qin Yun cursed silently.

The audience immediately began to shout with praise.

"Triple Radiants are indeed powerful. This is their best attack formation, the Triangle Death Formation!"

"The three of them pressed on the same spot and then used a mysterious technique to unleash a bunch of inner strength to chase up to the person inside the triangular formation."

"From the looks of it, if the people inside the triangular formation didn't react fast enough, they would have been defeated. Even if they reacted fast enough, they would have been slowly exhausted to death."

"If Qin Yun were to target one of them, the three of them would unleash their inner strength and focus their attacks. Furthermore, there would also be a floating ball of inner strength that could explode at any moment."

Qin Yun dodged left and right in the triangular formation, avoiding the blue blobs of light. They were all waves of inner strength and mental strength. Sometimes, he could dodge it but when the blob of light flew past him, it would suddenly explode.

"These three guys have very strong mental power. They're using it to control the inner strength!"

Although Qin Yun was in a sorry state, he had also sensed the other party's tricks. He thought to himself, "They are not telepathic. It's because their mental energies are very strong that they have been secretly communicating with each other."

"If that's really the case, then I'll use even stronger mental power to destroy the triangular formation that they built with their mental power. Only when the three of them fuse their mental power within the triangular formation can they control the rapid movement of their inner strength."

After his analysis, Qin Yun had thought of a strategy. With a loud shout, he executed the extremely powerful Spirit Concentration Kill Technique!

Mental power was released through the Spirit Concentration Kill Technique. The formless mental energy is like countless transparent needles that pierced through the triangular formation, destroying the formless mental energy net and causing the floating inner force balls to lose control. The triplets all flew into the sky and collided with the barrier, causing a violent explosion.

The beautiful faces of the triplets were filled with terror!

Of course, they knew that Qin Yun's mental strength was strong and he had his defenses up. However, they never expected it to be so terrifying. It was several times stronger than their mental strength.

The moment the three of them were hit by Qin Yun's Spirit Concentration Kill technique, they were immediately thrown into a state of confusion.

When Qin Yun saw this, he seized the opportunity and executed the Flame Cloud Steps to the extreme. In an instant, he arrived in front of a person and roared at him, sending him flying off the stage.

Roar... Roar...

Following that, another two roars sounded out!

The remaining two people were sent flying by the sound wave and landed below the battling platform.

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