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Chapter 233

Lan Fengjin and Qin Yun walked into the magnificent hall and sat on a seat beside it. There were also a lot of people sitting around, as if they were waiting for someone.

There were some people who came to ask for the help of the Divine Inscription Palace in inscribing or to refine weapons, all of which needed to wait.

Qin Yun had come here to see Zhuo Chuan and ask him if he could exchange some of the medicinal ingredients he needed.

Lan Fengjin was a high-ranked Inscription Master and also someone who had gone through the Palace's entrance exam. Thus, she had a very high status. As long as she revealed the badge of a high-ranked Inscription Master, she would be able to see Zhuo Chuan.

The people of the palace had already reported to Zhuo Chuan and told them to wait.

Not long after, a young man came over and told Lan Fengjin that Zhuo Chuan was free and had time to see her. Then, she and Qin Yun followed the youth up to the second level and into a living room.

Qin Yun and Lan Fengjin entered and saw Zhuo Chuan.

Zhuo Chuan is the Great Elder but he is wearing an extremely simple and unadorned white robe. When he saw Qin Yun, he was slightly alarmed before walking over with a chuckle. He had a head full of white hair and did not look old at all. On the contrary, he looked much more spirited than many other youths.

"Greetings, Great Elder!" Lan Fengjin greeted Zhuo Chuan with a smile.

"Grand Elder, long time no see!" Qin Yun chuckled.

Zhuo Chuan smiled and patted Qin Yun's head. He said, "Kid, how do you have the time to come to my place? Have you thought it through and decided to join our Divine Inscription Palace? "

Qin Yun's martial spirit had recovered and Zhuo Chuan knew of the matter as well. Back then, he was very happy and had planned on going to the Star Xuan Wu Academy to look for Qin Yun.

"Not this time, I'm restricted from exchanging Xuan Points, so I came to ask if I can exchange something with you." Qin Yun took out forty Class 9 Magic Cores and said, "Great Elder, do you have any pills that can help me increase my cultivation? I can now condense supreme inner force!"

Zhuo Chuan naturally knew of Qin Yun challenging Xiao Yanglong in Blue Spirit Star Palace. He also felt that Qin Yun had gone a little too fast in challenging Xiao Yanglong.

"Three Xuan Level Martial Academies and Blue Spirit Star Palace restrict the exchange of Xuan Points between the disciples. If I use Magic Cores to exchange for Xuan Points, I can only exchange for 100 million per year. This is simply not enough!" Qin Yun sighed.

Zhuo Chuan looked at the pile of Class 9 Monster Cores on the table and nodded. "If you don't have this restriction, with the speed at which you obtain the monster cores, it is very likely that you will enter the 9th level Martial Body within two years!"

"Ninth Layer of Martial Body?" Qin Yun curled his lips.

Lan Fengjin snorted and said, "Be contented! Reaching the ninth level Martial Body at the age of eighteen is already considered very fast! Xiao YueLan started earlier than you, so her speed is normal. Xiao YangLong was also at the ninth level martial body at the age of twenty-five and stepped into the martial dao realm at the age of thirty. Could it be that you want to step into the Martial Dao Realm within two years?"

That was what Qin Yun thought. If he did not step into the Martial Dao Realm, it would be difficult for him to defeat Xiao Yanglong.

"Qin Yun, I need to ask around to see what kind of pills I can help you obtain. It will take some time! About a few hours." Zhuo Chuan said, "Put away the magic cores and wait for my news! Oh right, there's an alchemy tournament here. It's mainly for high-level Inscriptionists to discuss materials. Are you interested in participating?"

"I want to go!" Qin Yun immediately answered, "Sister Lan, let's go together!"

Lan Fengjin was also very interested, she nodded and said, "En! The materials refined by a high level Inscription Master are all used to make top grade spirit artifacts. top grade spirit artifacts, not only they require bone steel but some also require many other special high grade materials. Every Inscription Master has their own experience and understanding in refining this kind of high grade material."

Zhuo Chuan told Lan Fengjin and Qin Yun of the location before leaving in a hurry. The reason why Qin Yun had sought his help was because he had taken a fancy to Qin Yun's talent in inscriptions.

The Alchemy Exchange was held in a large hall on the 10th floor of the Divine Inscription Palace. All of the participants were high level Inscriptionists who had been invited a long time ago.

Because of the appearance of magical beasts, magical beast bones and magical beast cores, they could be considered as materials for refining. That was why the palace had invited high-ranked inscriptionists from all over the place to discuss how to use magical beast items for refining.

Qin Yun and Lan Fengjin were led by a tall woman to a hall on the twelfth floor.

This was a circular hall with a width of several tens of meters. The walls were made of ancient bronze walls and under the illumination of the glowing stones, one could clearly see the spirit marks on the walls.

The center of the hall was empty. The chairs were placed in a circle against the wall. There were only about a hundred chairs in total.

Qin Yun and Lan Fengjin were the first to arrive. They sat on chairs and waited for the other Inscription Masters to arrive.

"This place looks very dignified. It should be an important meeting." Qin Yun carefully observed it and said, "The soundproofing effect is very good. Furthermore, the walls can absorb energy. Even if we were to spar here, the entire Palace would not notice."

Lan Fengjin said, "Qin Yun, aren't you still a beginner level Inscription Master? Bring your badge along when you enter the palace. It's best if you keep your badge along with you."

Qin Yun took out his badge and looked at Lan Fengjin's badge. It was of a gold color.

"Mine is only a Bronze badge, so I won't be able to hang out with you!" He felt that it was time to upgrade his badge.

The Bronze badge was Beginner, the Silver badge was Intermediate and the Gold badge was Advanced or high ranked inscriptionist.

Qin Yun felt that he was already at the level of an intermediate Inscription Master. As for the advanced level, he was not sure. He needed to be able to refine high-grade spirit marks, high-grade arrays or spirit formations and high-grade spirit artifacts.

Presently, he was only able to refine high-grade spirit marks and a high-grade spirit weapon and he never created a high-grade spirit formation.

It was rather difficult to set up a formation, especially one of high grade. It would take a great deal of time for a single person to complete it.

People came one after another. Most of them were old, only a few were middle-aged and only Lan Fengjin is a woman and very young at that.

There were only thirty or so people who came in and there weren't that many Senior level Inscriptionists.

In addition to high-level inscriptionists, there were also a few young people. They were all brought here by high-level inscriptionists and every high-level inscriptionist brought along two juniors.

When these people came in and saw Lan Fengjin and Qin Yun, they did not think much of it. However, a few sharp-eyed people immediately saw the golden badge on Lan Fengjin's chest. It was the badge of a high-ranked inscriptionist!

A young female inscription master and one that was a high-level one at the time, was extremely rare.

Only the high-ranked Inscription Master sat there, while the other young people stood on both sides of the elder's chair. Even if there were many empty seats, they still couldn't sit because everyone who could sit down had a certain amount of status and were all invited.

"Brother, you don't seem to understand the rules! The seats here are not places you can sit." A man in azure clothes said coldly when he saw Qin Yun, the young man, sitting there calmly.

Qin Yun looked at the youth and said, "On what basis are you saying that I can't sit?"

When the old man in green heard this, he became a bit unhappy. His old eyebrows furrowed and he said coldly: "You are the reason! I've been here twice and I'm a Senior Inscriptionist, only an Inscription Master can sit in this chair."

Qin Yun hurriedly took out his bronze badge and said, "I'm also an Inscription Master. Now, all of you can shut up!"

Although this young Inscription Master was only a beginner level, he was still very arrogant!

This caused the hall to be filled with low voices of surprise!

"It seems like the only very young Inscription Master is Qin Yun! I wonder if you are that Qin Yun?" a middle-aged man asked loudly.

"That's me!" Qin Yun clasped his hands at the middle-aged man. "It was Elder Zhuo Chuan who invited me here!"

It really was Qin Yun!

Everyone was astonished once again. According to the rumors, Qin Yun had mastered many high-grade spirit marks.

The expression of the youth who had accused Qin Yun and his elder turned ugly. Especially the youth. He was embarrassed by the other youths who were now making fun of him. He could not help but secretly feel jealous of Qin Yun.

"Little brother, the female inscriptionist beside you is very unfamiliar. I, Li Jun, have never heard of such a young, high-ranked female inscriptionist." The middle-aged man asked.

The other old inscriptionists also nodded slightly.

Here, there were only a hundred or so high level Inscriptionists. If there was a new high level Inscriptionist, they would all know about it.

Lan Fengjin normally stayed in the saint palace of Blue Spirit Star Palace and her Inscription master exam was not held here but at Martial Desolate Land.

"I'm from Blue Spirit Star Palace. It's normal for you not to know that I took the exam from Martial Desolate land branch." Lan Fengjin's tone was ice-cold. He swept a glance over this group of people; this was also to ensure her own dignity.

Upon hearing that she was from the Martial Desolate Land, all the high-ranked Inscriptionists here felt an yearning. To them, the Martial Desolate land is a martial arts holy land.

Lan Fengjin had a cold expression on her face. Although these proud Inscriptionists were not happy, they didn't say anything because they were the same.

Qin Yun had noticed earlier that the high-ranked inscriptionists were all very proud of themselves. He was suddenly somewhat disappointed. This exchange was not as beautiful as he had imagined.

A yellow-robed old man took out a large golden bone. It was the leg bone of a giant beast. He placed the golden bone on the ground and smiled proudly, "This is a spirit beast that I killed over ten days ago! I have to say, these magical beasts are really powerful. They actually managed to cultivate a very good Bone."

"What's a piece of broken bones? This large horn of the spirit beast I killed is the real powerful one. Even if you use a royal grade spirit weapon, you might not even be able to destroy it." An old man with a long beard took out a two-meter-long, black beast horn that looked like a fork.

The other high-ranked Inscriptionists also hunted spirit beast bones, scales, beast horns, beast teeth. Showing off all of their abilities, this was simply a show of power. They were communicating with each other.

The azure-dressed man who had accused Qin Yun earlier said with a sneer to Qin Yun, "Qin Yun, you, the Inscription Master, should also have something up your sleeve!"

Qin Yun was very unhappy and said loudly, "Whether I take it out or not has nothing to do with you. Why do you talk so much? For youngsters like you, who are standing to the side, just shut up and stop talking so much."

An elder mocked, "Qin Yun, you are only a beginner level Inscription Master! But this exchange event was prepared for the high level Inscriptionists. There was originally no place for you, yet you are actually so arrogant here. What a conceited fellow."

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