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Chapter 21 - Speed Competition

Yang Shiyue pulled Qin Yun to the side and did not allow him to continue arguing with Yan Yun. It was not a rational thing to offend a Grandmaster Qing Wen.

Qin Yun saw many people walk over to Yan Yun's side to flatter this proud and unkind girl. He understood how honorable the status of an Inscription Master was.

Even though Yan Yun looked extremely hateful, everyone was suppressing their disgust and praising her to the skies in order to curry favor with her.

Qin Yun was moved by this as he suddenly thought of the strange patterns he had obtained from the first ball of the Nine Yang Divine Spirit. If he were to master and use them, he could also become an Inscription Master!

Yang Shiyue was worried for Qin Yun. As Yan Yun would be distracted, she said softly, "Qin Yun, don't think too much." At noon, the registration will be suspended and the assessment will begin. You only have two competitors, so you just need to maintain your performance! "

Qin Yun said with a nod, "I will definitely pass the assessment. I will definitely not disappoint Teacher Yang's expectations!"

Suddenly, a hubbub could be heard.

At the entrance of the Skylion Palace, a tall, skinny, handsome man walked in with a group of people, as if he was a star surrounding the moon.

There was a smile on his face, but his eyebrows were raised. The arrogance in his eyes was not concealed at all, and those who went to kiss his ass did not care about his arrogance at all.

When Qin Yun saw Yan Yun and company rushing over, he knew that the person was Master Wei's son, Wei Xuankun!

When he saw Wei Xuankong, he curled his lips slightly and said in a low voice, "He looks to be around seventeen or eighteen years old, right? However, he is only at the fifth level of the Martial Body realm! "

Compared to the sixteen year old Xiao Yueran, the difference was too great.

Yang Shiyue could also tell that he wanted to use Xiao Yuelan as his goal, and this goal was extremely high.

Yan Yun seemed to have said something to Wei Xuankun. When he looked over, his arrogant eyes were filled with malice and contempt, as though he was warning Qin Yun!

At noon, the bell in the Sky Lion Hall rang. Dean Zhang announced the end of registration. The fourth level of the Martial Body realm examination was about to begin!

Only by passing the examination would one be able to proceed to the next round of martial arts.

Only Qin Yun, Yan Yun, and Yuan Yanying remained of the fourth level martial body students that had come to participate in the Heavenly Lion Martial Meet. They were all in front of the hall, preparing to begin the assessment.

"There are a total of two rounds. The first round is the speed test. We will release ten trained leopards on the battling platform, and they will have a wooden sign hanging around their neck. "

"The three of you can't attack the leopard, you can't fight with each other, so you can only rely on your speed to catch up to the leopard and get off the wooden signboard on their neck. The person who obtains the most wooden tablets will be able to pass the first round. As for the others, they will be eliminated. "

"Please make some preparations and begin the assessment."

After Principal Zhang finished speaking of the rules, he waved his hand towards the distance.

Not long after, ten burly men, each led a fierce leopard that had undergone special training.

The leopards are trained to be faster, but they don't hurt people. If he did not injure them, it would be difficult for him to remove the wooden plate from their neck.

"Qin Yun, I'm warning you. If you dare harm my junior sister Yun during the assessment, I'll kill you at any cost." From not too far away, Wei Xuankong's cold voice, which was as sharp as a knife, echoed with killing intent.

When Yan Yun heard that, she smiled contemptuously at Qin Yun and said, "Brother Kun, with my strength, it would be difficult for him to even touch me, much less injure me."

"That's true. The Yan Clan's Flying Swallow Steps is a top grade spirit rank martial arts. Even my father praises it endlessly. Junior sister Yun, you are very intelligent, I believe you have already reached the basic level, right? "

When Wei Xuankun finished speaking, he looked at Qin Yun and said with a loud sneer, "A impoverished prince has only learned a few unorthodox techniques or suddenly got lucky in order to gain some strength." "He only has one spirit vein after all. He could be lucky for a while, but not for a lifetime. In the end, it's only a fleeting flower and he won't be able to make much of a climate."

"Big Brother Kun's words are extremely true. Seeing how self-righteous he is, it's really laughable." Yan Yun coldly derided Qin Yun, who was standing beside her. She was somewhat anticipating him retorting back. That way, Wei Xuankun would be infuriated and kill him.

Everyone also thought that what Yan Yun said was right. One spiritual vein was still a severe injury. Qin Yun could only enjoy the limelight for a moment. In the future, he would definitely be far surpassed by many people with spirit veins.

Cui Hui was beaming with pride, as if she had the upper hand while Yang Shiyue remained expressionless and did not say a word.

Qin Yun remained silent. As long as she obtained first place, he could prove himself with his strength.

"You can go on stage now!" Principal Zhang shouted.

In the center of the Sky Lion Martial School, there was a large round battling platform. It was over a hundred meters wide, and it was intended for the use of the Sky Lion Martial Arts Competition.

Qin Yun, Yuan Yanying and Yan Yun walked up onto the dueling platform. The ten men were leading the ten leopards.

This was the test of the fourth level of the Martial Body Realm. Most of the students surrounding the stage were at the fifth level of the Martial Body Realm. They all wanted to see who would win in the end.

"The leopard only knows how to run and dodge, you guys don't have to worry about being attacked." Principal Zhang said loudly, "I will shout three times before we begin the assessment."

Yan Yun and Yuan Yanying were both women, but they came from prestigious sects and had followed the elders to hunt since childhood. They were not afraid of wild beasts, and as long as they were not demonic beasts, it would be difficult to harm them.

"One, two, three … "Begin!" As soon as Principal Zhang's voice faded, the big men immediately let go of the leopard.

The ten leopards growled in a low voice and started running wildly on the battling platform. Their speed was extremely fast, causing one's eyes to be dazzled.

Back then, Qin Yun had circulated the Flaming Cloud Light Technique's inner Qi. However, with a shout from President Zhang, he dispersed the inner Qi from the fiery cloud he was operating. Now, he had to start operating the inner Qi from the fiery cloud once again.

Yuan Yanying, Yan Yun, and the others were the same. The inner Qi of their Qing Gong that they had used earlier had been scattered by the shock.

"At most, they are only at the beginner level of Qing Gong. They need a very long time to be able to circulate the inner Qi of Qing Gong. Therefore, from the very beginning, the elders had already scattered the light Qi which they had already activated, allowing them to all be at the same starting point! "

"That must be because Yan Yun is the fastest. She should have learned the Soaring Swallow Steps. Yuan Yanying and Qin Yun's lightness techniques are definitely not a match for the Soaring Swallow Steps."

Some of the older students discussed in low voices.

"Flying Swallow Steps is the king of Qing Gong below the Xuan Level." Wei Xuankun smiled proudly. As Yan Yun's fiancé, he definitely already obtained the Flying Swallow Steps.

Yan Yun was extremely confident in her Flying Swallow Steps. She looked contemptuously at Qin Yun and Yuan Yanying and began circulating her cultivation …

However, just as she was feeling pleased with herself, Qin Yun shot out like an arrow that had left the bowstring!

The crowd that was discussing immediately fell silent when they saw this scene. They looked in shock at Qin Yun, who was performing a lightness technique!

Qin Yun ran lightly, running like a cloud. In just a few seconds, he had caught up to a leopard before reaching out his hand to take off the wooden token at the leopard's neck.

After obtaining a wooden token, he jumped about ten meters.

He leaped a few times and caught up with another leopard!

The leopard was flying around like a fly, but Qin Yun could chase it relentlessly. Finally, he obtained another wooden token!

Not long after, Qin Yun obtained two wooden plates, causing many older students to exclaim in shock!

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