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Chapter 187

Xiao Yang Long also anxiously said: "If Elder Luo is able to buy the contract, our Tian Xiao Empire can discuss the matter of changing the marriage with you! Marrying Yue Lan to your grandson is also a very good choice."

Qin Zhengfeng and the Queen immediately looked at Xiao Yanglong with cold eyes.

None of them expected that in the blink of an eye, Xiao Yanglong had decided to marry Xiao Yue Lan to the grandson of the First Elder of the Western Palace.

"If it really succeeds, then the betrothal gift we give will definitely not be lacking." Elder Luo stroked his long white beard and laughed.

The so-called betrothal gift was to buy Xiao Yue Lan's belongings!

Elder Luo looked at Qin Yun and continued, "Qin Yun, even if you marry Xiao Yuelan, she will not be happy. Furthermore, you do not have the strength to control her!"

Xiao Yuelan's face suddenly became incomparably cold. She angrily stared at Elder Luo's table and the killing intent that burst out caused everyone present to tremble.

Everyone in the great hall was secretly shocked. Xiao Yuelan, a young woman, actually had such a terrifying killing intent.

The nobles that came to attend the meeting knew that today's matter would not be so simple. Furthermore, Qin Yun had also come. They felt that it would definitely be very lively in the future.

"Qin Yun, are you willing to sell the contract?" Even though Elder Luo could feel Xiao Yue Lan's killing intent, he wasn't affected at all.

Qin Yun said loudly, "Not selling!"

Elder Luo smiled, "Fifty million crystal coins!"

Qin Yun answered, "I'm not selling it!"

Elder Luo said, "70 million crystal coins!"

Everyone was secretly amazed. The Blue Spirit West Palace was extremely wealthy. They didn't even bat an eye when it came to 70 million crystal coins.

When Xiao Yuelan saw that Qin Yun did not agree, her expression eased up.

Xie Wufeng and company knew that Qin Yun and Xiao Yuelan had a good relationship. Therefore, they believed that he would not sell.

Murong Daren was no longer mad and suddenly said, "Qin Yun and Xiao Yue Mei are getting along well. If you were to marry both of these Heaven's Pride sisters into his embrace, it would be priceless! If it were me, I wouldn't sell it at all!"

Xiao Yue Lan immediately glared angrily at Murong Daren. She really wanted to slap him twice. Her face was also extremely gloomy.

When the crowd heard this, they could not help but have their imaginations run wild. They thought of the two exceptional sisters, Xiao Yuemei and Xiao Yuelan, being together with Qin Yun. This sort of enjoyment was indeed something that no amount of crystal coins could exchange for!

Xiao Yanglong looked at Murong Daren with killing intent but Murong Daren simply laughed and continued, "Inner Qi is destroyed? Spirit Vein is weaker? So what?? Qin Yun's two lovely wives are both gifted with unparalleled martial power!"

"Shut up!" Xiao Yanglong roared in anger.

Meng Feiling smiled sweetly and said, "I'm just worried that little brother Xiao Yun's body won't be able to hold on. Speaking of which, he gave me a storage bracelet but it's expensive. He shouldn't be lacking crystal coins!"

A storage bracelet was given to them as they wish. This was indeed not lacking in crystal coins. Many of the women looked at Meng Fei Ling with envy.

Qin Yun was a inscription master who could forge storage spirit artifacts and give away as he wished. Everyone suddenly recalled!

At this time, Elder Luo was not as relaxed as he was before. He frowned and asked: "100 million crystal coins, are you selling it?"

Qin Yun shook his head and said, "Not selling!"

"150 million!" Elder Luo said.

Qin Yun fell silent and everyone quieted down, waiting for his response.

One hundred and fifty million was not a small sum. It was enough to buy many pills.

Elder Luo said loudly, "Qin Yun, if your strength does not increase, you will age before long. If you had enough crystal coins to buy a large amount of medicinal pills, in addition to your Inscription Talent, you might be able to live for two to three hundred years! You have a lot of crystal coins, what kind of beauty don't you have? As much as you want!"

Qin Yun nodded. "You are right! I've decided that I will give up on marrying Xiao Yuelan! "

Murong Daren stared at Qin Yun with his mouth agape. Xie Wufeng and company were also astounded.

Everyone was also discussing, a hundred and fifty million crystal coins, to many people, was also a huge temptation.

Elder Luo laughed: "A wise man knows what to do. I promise you, you will never regret the decision you have made! If you give me the contract paper, I'll immediately give you the crystal coins. With so many people here, I definitely won't renege on my debt."

Xiao Yuelan was filled with boundless killing intent as she looked at Qin Yun. She said angrily, "Qin Yun, I was wrong about you!"

Elder Luo walked towards the front with a smile.

Qin Yun suddenly said, "I said that I would sell it but I never said that I would sell it to you. Princess Yue Lan is so outstanding. There must be many outstanding people who want to marry her, so I decided to auction the contract in my hands. This way, I can obtain even more crystal coins!"

Everyone took a light breath and could not help but admire Qin Yun's tact. He had actually thought of selling the contract book at a good price!

Elder Luo cursed at Qin Yun with all his profanities in his heart!

Qin Yun said with a smile, "Friends who wish to purchase the contract in my hands, you can now bid. 150 million is the starting bid. You can bid freely!"

Murong Daren secretly despised Qin Yun. He had shamefully auctioning the contract. To think that he was so adamant that he would not sell the contract just a moment ago.

Qin Zhengfeng and the Queen were even angrier because there was nothing left for them to do here. Furthermore, they could only watch as Qin Yun made a huge profit!

Xiao Yuelan was also infuriated. She felt so much hatred that blood dripped from her heart. She wanted to charge at the grinning Qin Yun and chop him into eight pieces to resolve her heart!

Xiao Yanglong was also displeased that Qin Yun had used this chance to make a fortune but he had no choice but to help Qin Yun. He said loudly, "We will marry Yue Lan to whoever buys the contract!"

Qin Yun knew that Xiao Yuelan was furious but he still had a backup. If he allowed Xiao Yuelan to marry him randomly, he would definitely be beaten to death when he saw Xiao Yue mei and Xiao Xuanqin in the future.

Yang Shiyue also frowned slightly and lightly shook her head at Xiao Yuelan, indicating that she should not act rashly.

Here, only Yang Shiyue understood Qin Yun the best. She knew that Qin Yun's actions were definitely not that simple. She had a good relationship with Xiao Yuelan in the East Palace and often talked about Qin Yun.

In the Eastern Palace, after Yang Shiyue got along with Xiao Yuelan, she was surprised to discover that she had a certain amount of feelings for Qin Yun!

That was because after the news of Qin Yun's death reached her, Xiao Yuelan was saddened for a period of time. She revealed a rare look of sorrow!

"170 million!" Qi Yu shouted as she received a signal from the middle-aged man beside him.

Elder Luo raised his hand and shouted, "180 million!"

"190 million!" An old man from Nangong shouted.

"200 million!" the middle-aged man from the Northern Palace shouted.

An old woman from the East Palace swept everyone with her cold eyes and shouted, "Two hundred and thirty million!"

At the top, Empress Ye clenched her teeth and shouted coldly, "250 million!"

The bid was extremely hot, even Empress Ye joined in the bidding.

Qin Yun sat down and smiled as he ate the sumptuous meal on the table. He paid no heed to Xiao Yuelan's murderous gaze that shot at him like thousands of arrows.

In just a moment, it had risen to more than 400 million crystal coins.

"450 million!" Elder Luo from the Blue Spirit West Palace shouted in a low voice.

This time, no one followed because if this went on, the price wouldn't be something they could afford right now.

Empress Ye was sweating profusely. Even they would not be able to take out that many crystal coins in such a short period of time.

"I will count to ten but if no one raised the bid anymore. It's Elder Luo's." Qin Yun wiped his mouth and began counting. "One, two, three..."

Everyone in the great hall listened quietly as he counted. They were all looking around to see if there were others who raised the bid.

"Ten!" When Qin Yun counted to ten, Elder Luo finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Qin Yun said with a chuckle, "Congratulations Elder Luo for successfully buying this contract! Give me the crystal coins first."

Elder Luo walked over, took out a crystal card and said, "I have four hundred and fifty million crystal coins here. I'll give it to the Great Elder of the Divine Inscription Palace first, then when you give me the contract, he will give the card to you."

Zhuo Chuan nodded and took the crystal card.

Qin Yun was completely at ease with Zhuo Chuan and handed the contract letter to Elder Luo.

"It's the contract letter!" Elder Luo's old face was filled with smiles.

Qin Yun had also obtained the crystal card. He was now extremely rich and his smile was much more resplendent than Elder Luo's.

Elder Luo set the contract on fire. He looked at Xiao Yanglong and asked: "Can we talk about the marriage now?"

Xiao Yanglong smiled, "Sure!"

Qin Zhengfeng and the empress were the most furious because today, it was originally Qin Zhengfeng who was engaged to Xiao Yuelan but now it had become someone else!

They looked angrily at Qin Yun because the sudden appearance of Qin Yun had ruined their plans.

Xiao Yuelan quickly came to Qin Yun's side and said coldly, "You sold me. You earned so much. Isn't that great?"

Seeing this, Yang Shiyue also hurried over, worried that Xiao Yue Lan would do something.

Du Gui, Duan Qian and Hou Xingfeng, who were all in the Martial Dao Realm, stood up. They were afraid that Xiao Yuelan would kill Qin Yun out of anger.

Xiao Yuelan's face was filled with killing intent as her entire body emitted a freezing aura, filling the entire hall with her killing intent.

Everyone looked at Qin Yun and shook their heads secretly. They felt that he had gone overboard in selling Xiao Yuelan away.

Qin Yun suddenly chuckled. Furthermore, he took a bite of a chicken leg and said with a laugh, "I only sold a contract of engagement. I didn't sell you!"

"What do you mean?" Xiao Yueran coldly asked.

Qin Yun chewed on the meat as he said, "Everyone knows that there are two blood contracts. They need to be completely burned to end the contract!"

"Forget about the blood contract, even if it's just an ordinary contract, it's still two or three. As long as there's one more, the contract will still exist."

When everyone heard this, it was as if they could hear Elder Luo's clear and melodious heartbreak!

There were indeed many agreement letters. The contract letters that the Blue Spirit West Palace had spent a huge sum to buy were actually completely useless!

Xiao Yanglong was also dumbfounded. Qin Yun had actually used a piece of scrap paper to swindle 450 million crystal coins. No wonder he was smiling so happily.

After Elder Luo calmed down, he slowly said, "Then where is the other contract? If you can't take it out, you can't prove that the contract still exists! "

Xiao Yanglong replied, "Because royal father had cultivated erroneously, his memories are in chaos. He definitely does not know where the contract book is located! Yue Lan's mother has died for many years and no agreement has been left behind. If the two of you are unable to take out another agreement, then your marriage contract will be completely dissolved."

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