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Chapter 157 - Yue Kai

"Seventh team, failure! Ninth team, go up!" Dean Bai shouted.

When the 9th team came on stage, they chose the method of rotation!

The two cultivators who were fighting against the ninth team came from the Lin Xuan Wu Academy and they were also middle-aged, one of them jumped onto the stage lightly.

The ninth team had sixteen people. After they had finished discussing, they sent one of their members up to compete with that seventh stage martial artist.

This team member's strength wasn't bad. After holding on for a few dozen moves, he ran down from the stage and switched people.

The people who went up came down after a few more rounds, like this, an hour passed and the seventh stage martial artist was finally defeated!

However, they couldn't bring themselves to be happy because there was still another seventh level martial artist waiting for them to finish.

The seventh team from before were filled with regret. They felt that if they were to compete in this manner, it was extremely likely that they would pass the examination!

An hour later, at the most critical moment, the ninth team managed to knock the seventh level martial artist off the battling platform and passed the third round of the examination!

The people of the ninth group were cheering wildly. They had successfully passed the three rounds of examination and could finally enter the Tian Xuan Martial school!

Only the tenth team could be seen waiting to go onstage!

Qin Yun's four-man team faced a seventh level martial artist from the Tianxuan Martial Arts Academy!

Xie Wufeng said, "First, Murong and I will take down one and the rest will be up to you and old third Huo! Murong, you go first!"

Mu Rong Jun had already walked up to the stage.

On the side of the Tian Xuan martial school, there was a middle-aged man dressed in black.

In this sort of competition, death or injury was permitted, so one had to be extremely careful!

Mu Rong Daren's movement technique was really good and he was also good at long-range inner strength attacks. Right now, he didn't approach his opponent but was always running around the edge of the battling platform. From time to time, he would release a stream of Vajra inner strength to attack that middle-aged man.

He was mainly responsible for the consumption of this middle-aged man's internal energy. When it was about time, he would have Xie Wufeng take the stage. This would allow him to clearly see this middle-aged man's abilities.

"Brat, don't let me catch you or I'll kill you!" The middle-aged man in black shouted in anger. He was not as fast as Mu Rong Jun. There was no way he could catch up to him.

"Hehe, we'll talk about it after you catch me!" Mu Rong Jun smiled mockingly and released a few more balls of inner strength.

Just like this, he grinded on the stage for about an hour before jumping off.

Xie Wufeng stepped onto the stage, using his single arm as a sword and with a few blows, he caused the middle-aged man's body to be covered with sword scars.

When the people of Team Seven saw how Xie Wufeng won so easily, they became even more envious. They had chosen the wrong method, otherwise, they would have definitely passed this round too!

The fact that a 7th level martial artist of the Tian Xuan Martial School lost so quickly was very surprising.

At this point, everyone could tell that Xie Wufeng was very strong, as if he had not used all of his power yet.

Next, Qin Yun and Huo Zhong only needed to defeat another martial body seventh level martial artist to pass the assessment!

Suddenly, many people descended from the mountainside and stood around the battling platform. No one knew why they had suddenly descended.

Among them, a man landed on the battling platform. He looked extremely young, around eighteen years old. He was handsome, wearing luxurious blue clothes, with a golden crown on his head. His brows were like swords and his eyes were cold and proud.

When he looked at Qin Yun, the corner of his mouth curled into a disdainful sneer.

When Huo Zhong saw this man, his face immediately filled with anger. He said in a deep voice, "He is Yue Kai from the Tian Xuan Martial School!"

Qin Yun knew that Huo Zhong was an honest and straightforward person but he had never known about his background. He had never asked about him.

Duan Qian came to Qin Yun's side and said softly, "Yue Kai, who entered the academy at the age of fourteen, he is now at the peak of the seventh level of the martial body. He possesses the explosive Martial Spirit, a very special kind of legendary Martial Spirit."

"Kai, can you help those people understand what a powerful warrior is?" A blue-robed man said with a faint smile.

The color pattern of this blue-robed man's blue robe was actually the same as the few Blue Star Palace Elders. It could be seen that his status was very high.

The man was standing beside Yang Shiyue, so Qin Yun sized him up very carefully. He was very sure that the blue-robed man was the crown prince of the Tian Xiao Empire, Xiao Yanglong!

Xiao Yanglong was thirty years old but he looked to be in his twenties. He wore an extravagant blue robe, a blue crystal crown on his head and two tufts of beard. His eyebrows were slightly thick, and his nose was pointed, making him look extremely handsome.

Xiao Yanglong also looked at Qin Yun. His eyes were filled with scorn and a faint viciousness, as though he was issuing a warning.

Qin Yun met Xiao Yanglong's hostile gaze and turned his head to look at Yue Kai, who was standing on the battling platform.

Yue Kai had a legendary martial spirit and was a very strong seventh level martial body cultivator at such a young age. Now, he was arranged to fight the four-man team of Qin Yun. Clearly, the Tian Xuan Martial School was determined to prevent Qin Yun and company from entering.

With so many people flying down from the sky, they must have come to watch Yue Kai's match. After all, he was an outstanding young elite.

"Old third Huo, do you have enmity with Yue Kai?" Xie Wufeng asked coldly.

"Yes, we can't let him go!" Huo Zhong gritted his teeth and said, "We have to win!"

Xie Wufeng coldly said: "Because the situation is special, our tactics need to change. Second Brother Murong and I will go first, then you guys!"

Murong Da Ren and Xie Wufeng still had some inner strength left, so they had to use them up against Yue Kai.

"Hurry up. Time waits for no one." Dean Bai said in a low voice.

Mu Rong Jun jumped up and just like before, he performed his movement technique as he ran back and forth on the battling platform.

However, Yue Kai caught up to Mu Rong Da Ren before he could get far!

Yue Kai's movement technique was even more terrifying. In the blink of an eye, he had already arrived beside Mu Rong Da Ren. Then, with a light wave of his sleeve, a meter wide ball of air was formed and blasted towards Mu Rong Da Ren.

Mu Rong Da Ren didn't have time to dodge and was hit by the ball of air. He was sent flying and crashed into a distant mountain wall. He was severely injured and his body was covered with blood.

Guo Cheng sneered, "Yue Kai's movement technique is among the best in the Tian Xuan Martial School and only Xiao Yuelan can compete with him. He actually wants to compete with Yue Kai in movement technique, he's courting death!"

Xiao Yanglong smiled slightly, "In the last Profound Ranked Martial Arts Academy's seventh level martial artist competition, Ah Kai took first place. He even had the strength to fight with eighth level martial artists!"

Qin Yun came to Mu Rong's side and helped him put on his light inscriptions equipment. He consoled him with a few words of consolation.

The other students were all secretly surprised at Yue Kai's strength. Not only did he have a handsome appearance, his talent was extremely high as well. To reach the peak of the seventh level of the Martial Body at the age of eighteen meant that there was a high possibility of entering the eighth or even the ninth level under the age of twenty.

"Young master, don't worry. I will definitely fix Qin Yun properly. He actually dares to tarnish Yue Mei." Yue Kai sneered.

"Well, I'll be waiting!" Xiao Yanglong indifferently said.

Yue Kai, this promising young warrior, actually called him Young Master!

The young students looked at Xiao Yanglong with faces full of worship!

Yang Shiyue's expression was frosty. She did not even look at Xiao Yanglong because she knew that Xiao Yanglong hated Qin Yun very much. He would definitely make Yue Kai use all his strength to deal with Qin Yun.

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