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Chapter 152 - Gigantic Thunderstorm Bear

The five failed teams all walked to the side of the training field in frustration, waiting for their families to come pick them up.

Dean Bai shouted, "Let's begin the test to determine the strength of stored energy!"

He took the four large Strength Restoring Pearls and placed them behind him, leaving only one pearl in the middle of the training field for Liu Ning to test its strength.

Qin Yun sneered in his heart. Wasn't the reason why they refused to allow Dean Bai to test him because he isn't allowed to temper with test?

Liu Ning stood beside the two meter long Strength Storing Bead and released a shield. Then, he threw out a powerful palm attack!


The Strength Storing Pearl exploded and a violent wind surged out, engulfing the entire valley. Anyone who was close to the bead was blown away by the wind.

Liu Ning shouted, "Team Two has passed! Now, let's begin the test for the sixth team!"

Dean Bai carefully lifted one Strength Storing Bead and placed it in the middle of the training field. Then, he quickly retreated to protect the other three Strength Storing Beads from the shockwave.

Just like before, Liu Ning released his protective barrier and started attacking. This time, he had to use three punches before the bead exploded!

"Sixth team, qualified!" "Bring seventh team's bead down there!"

Following that, teams seven and nine qualified. Qin Yun and company were in tenth team!

Finally, it was Qin Yun's tenth team's turn. Everyone was in high spirits!

Yang Shiyue frowned as she looked and coldly said "Liu Ning has a grudge with Qin Yun, yet he was the one to test him. This is clearly unfair!"

Duan Qian's face was also filled with anger "How did this happen? Look at Liu Ning, he did not even use the protective barrier and is obviously trying to do something. "

Master Wei said with a laugh, "Liu Ning is a good teacher, so all of you have to trust him!"

When the Duke of Yan saw that Liu Ning was present, he knew that Qin Yun and company would not be able to pass. He smiled and said, "We can completely trust Liu Ning. After all, these are the three Xuan Level Martial Academies and the Hall of Marking. Why do you suspect him?"

Beside the training field, Mu Rong Daren and the others were gnashing their teeth in anger.

Huo Zhong gritted his teeth and cursed in a low voice "I'm going to kill this bastard. It's clear that he won't let us pass!"

"If you don't let us pass, I'll dig out your ancestral grave!"

Qin Yun was expressionless as he watched Liu Ning attack!

Liu Ning struck out with his palm and it seemed like it was very strong. When he came into contact with the Strength storing Bead, there was a crisp sound of his palm hitting it. However, the Bead did not explode!

"I struck so hard but it still didn't explode. I already said that the inner strength of their Strength Storage Bead was not strong enough, so I didn't even use shield." Liu Ning smiled complacently and then struck down with his palm.

(TL NOTE : idiot so close to death and doesn't know it.)

The second palm, still no signs of movement!

Everyone began to discuss and they all thought that Liu Ning was right. This method of quickly absorbing spiritual energy made the inner strength very low.

Qin Yun and Xie Wufeng believed that Liu Ning had cleverly retracted her strength when he struck out. Although it looked like he had struck with great force, he had only actually gave it a slight bump.

Liu Ning laughed, "The third palm, I will use even more strength!"

Sure enough, Liu Ning continued with great strength. When his palm shot out, a complacent smile was plastered on his face.

This time, the Strength Restoring Orb actually shook and then suddenly exploded!


This sound was even louder than the previous ones!

The power unleashed by the Strength Storing Pearl was even more terrifying.

Qin Yun and the rest of the students were at the side of the training grounds. They were blown to the edge of the valley and crashed into a mountain wall.

The giant mountain around the valley shook even more and a lot of rocks fell from the sky.

The huge stone floor in the middle of the training field exploded into pieces.

With this explosion, the entire valley was in a complete mess!

The houses that the students lived in were all torn to pieces by the violent internal energy waves. Even the wooden house that was just built halfway up the mountain had been destroyed after being destroyed by the shockwave.


"Liu Ning!" Guo Cheng flew down from the mountainside, looking for Liu Ning. He saw a bloodied person sticking to a mountain wall, slowly sliding down.

Dean Bai was in the Martial Dao Realm, so he was fine. He flew to Liu Ning's side and checked. He frowned and said "He's dead!"

Liu Ning died!

Everyone was shocked!

He was a teacher of the Tian Xuan Martial School, yet he died just like that!

Murong Daren, Huo Zhong and Xie Wufeng were filled with admiration for Qin Yun. Although they did not know how Qin Yun operated the weapon, they were certain that Qin Yun had done it.

Guo Cheng looked angrily in Qin Yun's direction. He wanted to say something but he did not speak.

This was all Liu Ning's fault. When he was bombarding the pearl, he thought that it would not explode, nor did he release his shield.

However, it exploded later on and it's power was extremely terrifying. Liu Ning was killed by the shockwave before he could even defend against it!

Dean Bai announced loudly, "The first round of the assessment has ended. Squad Two, Team Six, Team Seven, Team Nine and Team Ten have passed the first round of examination. Rest for two hours and begin the second round!"

Yang Shi Yue smiled coldly, looked at Master Wei whose face was ashen and said coldly: "You've lost, 25,000 purple coins, quickly hand it over!"

The Duke of Yan's face paled as he lost and his entire body trembled. He muttered: "Impossible, impossible, this is impossible... How could the four of them fill up such a large Strength Storing Pearl?! "

Duan Qian laughed. "Quickly take out twenty-five thousand purple coins and give it to me. If you owe me a debt, i will take your old life!"

With Yang Shiyue and Duan Gan here, there was no way for Yan Guo and Master Wei to escape, so they could only give out the purple coins with heartache.

Xie Wufeng smiled and patted Qin Yun on the shoulder. He said, "Liu Ning is courting death. There's no need to put it to heart!"

Qin Yun chuckled lightly. Just now, he had injected a large amount of vibrating energy and mental energy into the Strength storing Pearl.

As a result, under the control of his will, it could cause the inner force to shake up, erupt with strong power and detonate the storage bead that was full of inner strength. This kind of power was even more powerful than if it were directly blown up.

Guo Cheng carried Liu Ning's corpse and flew up in anger. He naturally knew that this matter wasn't that simple but he couldn't say it out loud because it was Liu Ning who did it first.

Dean Bai announced loudly, "The second round of the assessment is the Class 8 Magical Beast that attacked the Blue Spirit Star Palace, the Violent Thunderstorm Gigantic Bear. One could use weapons, not fly and not climb the walls. you need to strike the Thunderstorm Bear ten times and then you need to endure for an hour. Also, within one hour, you cannot let any member die or else you will be deemed as having failed."

He could use weapons!

When Qin Yun heard that, he revealed a look of joy and said with a smile, "It's good that I can use a weapon!"

Huo Zhong took out his big stick and said with a grin, "My stick can finally be used. This examination shouldn't be too difficult!"

Xie Wufeng nodded his head, "As long as it's fair! With our strength, it won't be a big problem for us to hit a Class 8 Magical Beast ten times. To avoid the Thunderstorm Bear in the valley for an hour and prevent any member from dying, is not a problem! "

The other squads were thinking the same thing!

Just when they thought that this round of the examination would be easy, a few roars suddenly rang out. Two white, three-meter-tall, giant thunder bears slowly walked into the valley from the entrance!

Unexpectedly, there were two bears, causing the mood of the students to immediately turn heavy.

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