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Chapter 122 - Arrogant

The students watching from afar could sense the rage in Qin Yun's heart when they saw how he was holding back his anger and could not flare up.

At the same time, they could deeply feel how arrogant the disciples of the Star Palace were!

However, not only did some of them not feel any disgust, but they also wanted to become disciples of the Star Palace, because they wanted to become this arrogant!

Qin Yun clenched his fists as he took a deep breath. He was doing his best to repress his anger. It was truly irrational to provoke the Star Palace, so he could only endure it.

Ge Dong saw that Qin Yun was holding back his anger and laughed maniacally. "Qin Yun, I'll give you three choices!"

"First, die!"

"Second, break your own arms!"

"Third, hand over your light patterns!"

Qin Yun immediately came to a realization. The group of people in front of him were headed for his light engravings. The light pattern equipment that he gave to Xie Wufeng had landed in the hands of this group of people, they were definitely able to tell that it was high-grade light patterns.

Even the Blue Spirit Star Palace would want these high-grade light patterns!

Xie Wufeng, who had been silent all this time, also held back his anger and asked in a deep voice, "What if I don't agree to your request?"

Ge Dong sneered: "If you don't agree, then we'll kill all of you! Qin Yun, aren't you very powerful? Back then at the Star Palace's gate, you severely defeated our West Palace's outer sect disciples.

"You don't dare! You know how scary our Blue Spirit Star Palace is, so you can only bear with it. You coward, do you know how to be afraid now? "You know that our Blue Spirit Star Palace isn't easy to mess with!"

Qin Yun took a few deep breaths before the anger on his face vanished. He said calmly, "I'll give all of you a chance. Return Boss Xie's arm and the light pattern equipment!"

Ge Dong suddenly laughed out loud and said: "He is trash without a Martial Spirit. Wouldn't it be a waste if he had an arm?"

With that, he rolled up his sleeves and continued to laugh maniacally, "Your arm is here for me, if you have the guts then come and get it! Also, the light pattern equipment is also on me! If you have the ability, come and get it then! "

Anyone could tell that Ge Dong held a high position within the Blue Spirit Star Palace. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to have all the good stuff on him.

Ge Dong truly had the ability to act arrogantly. This was because he had suddenly released four iron men in front of him!

Four iron men and a teacher at the seventh level of the martial body!

Qin Yun and company could not even compare to him!

"Qin Yun, be more nimble. Hand over the light patterns and I'll spare your lives!" Otherwise, I will let you all have a taste of the pain of having your arms cut off alive! That cripple you all, your boss already knows how much pain he's in. " Ge Dong laughed sinisterly.

A disciple from the Star Palace said with a laugh, "Qin Yun, hand over the light patterns and kowtow a few more times to us. We'll let you off!"

"Kowtowing is boring, I want him to crawl under my crotch!"

"This is the number one person of the Hidden Dragon Martial Arts Competition. He went through my crotch. How interesting!"

"So what if you're first? Don't you have to lower your head to us? "

"Haha …"

"Right, cripple with the surname Xie, quickly remove the blood contract on this storage belt!" Ge Dong took out a belt full of bloodstains and grinned: "Your good-for-nothing boss's arm was snapped by us using this belt. The process is very interesting, who asked him not to remove the blood contract? You're asking for trouble! "

When Qin Yun, Mu Rong Jun, and Huo Zhong heard the final sentence, they were stunned. Their hearts were greatly shocked and they could not help but look at the ugly Xie Wufeng!

In order to let the three of them escape, Xie Wufeng had gone to block the Star Palace disciples, thus he had lost his arm!

However, his arm wasn't cut off by a single blade, but it was strangled by his storage belt!

How painful the process was!

All along, Qin Yun had never known what a true fiendish demon was!

Now, he'd seen it with his own eyes!

These people in front of him were all evil demons wearing human skin!

Xie Wufeng closed his eyes and sucked in a small breath!

"Boss Xie, I'm sorry. We shouldn't have left that time!" Qin Yun could not help but shed tears. He felt extremely guilty.

The tall and big Huo Zhong could not help but shed two streams of tears, "Thank you, Boss …"

"There's no need to say anymore!" "We're all brothers!" Eldest Brother Xie gave a carefree smile.

Ge Dong sneered: "Since you are all brothers, then let's try it out together. The feeling of having your arms amputated!"

The few iron men suddenly moved!

Qin Yun hurriedly used his primordial spirit to form a few balls of white light. They seeped into the metallic figure and wiped away the wisp of mind. The metallic figure came to a halt!

Then, he took out the Giant Spirit King Hammer and threw it at Ge Dong!

The Giant Spirit King hammer infused with a large amount of berserk inner energy quickly rotated and smashed into Ge Dong's face!


Everyone was stunned. Qin Yun had actually attacked. He had beaten the honorable disciple, Ge Dong, until he was bleeding all over his face!

"Quickly destroy him!" A disciple of the Star Palace shouted in anger.

"You bunch of animals, receive your punishment!" Qin Yun's face was filled with anger. With a deep roar, he threw out more than ten black objects!

It was a spirit armor symbol!

More than a dozen Star Palace disciples and that teacher were just about to rush over.

The spirit armor talisman exploded with a loud bang. Thunder and fire raged like a tide as if a great wave was churning as it ruthlessly swept out!


Xie Wufeng reacted the quickest, he quickly released the Qi wall formed from his Diamond Qi and blocked the incoming attack.

Mu Rong Da Ren and Huo Zhong also quickly circulated their King Kong inner force to block the attack. They were near the core of the explosion of the spirit armor symbol. If they did not block it, they would also be affected!

This scene stunned all the students and teachers watching from afar!

Dozens of meters around Qin Yun and company were covered by a violent barrage of fire and thunder. The flames and lightning roared incessantly with a terrifying momentum!

"Dean Bai..." Aren't you going to make a move? You are of the Martial Dao Realm! " A teacher asked hurriedly.

"Just now, the people from Blue Spirit Star Palace warned me severely not to interfere in this matter. I was just doing what they said. You guys heard it too! " Principal Bai sneered.

"The talismans refined by Qin Yun … This power was at least a high-grade spirit rune! And it's a dozen or so of them! "

"Rumor has it that Qin Yun's talismans are all high-grade!" A high-grade spirit pattern made from high-grade spirit inscriptions is really terrifying! "

"This level of spirit inscriptions should cost at least a hundred thousand crystal coins each, right?"

"A person in the 6th level of the Martial Body realm would either die or be injured while facing this sort of talisman!"

Everyone looked at the area where the fire and thunder was wreaking havoc, and their faces filled with fear.

A moment later, the fire thunder gradually weakened and the stone house was flattened by the explosion!

As Qin Yun and company had used their King Kong inner force in time to withstand the attack, they were fine!

But there were only three disciples of Blue Spirit Star Palace that were able to stand there. Their bodies were charred black and cracked; it was impossible for them to recognize each other.

Ge Dong was also severely injured by the lightning fire, his entire body charred black. The light pattern equipment that he had stolen were only beast skin. But was not something that could be burned so easily, yet it was instantly burnt.

"Qin Yun, have you gone mad?" Do you know what you did? " He was at the seventh level of the Martial Body realm. Although he was injured, it was not as serious as the others.

Qin Yun glowered at the middle-aged man. Stepping onto the Fiery Cloud Steps, he charged forward and picked up the Divine Soul King Hammer. He aimed it at the Star Palace teacher and struck out with the Six Xing Long Styles!

"You want to kill me?" The Star Palace teacher was infuriated and also secretly frightened as he shouted, "Dean Bai, quickly save me …"

"No one can save you!"

Qin Yun consecutively struck out with the Six Dragons Forging Fist. It was an earth-shattering feat that shook the heavens and the earth!

The seventh level Martial Body Star Palace teacher didn't even have the time to defend against the Dragon Tempering Six Style attack and was already turned to ash!

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