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Chapter 110 - Demonic Beast Leader

Xie Wufeng asked in a deep voice, "How many evil beasts are there?"

"A dozen of these beasts are at the sixth step!" Qin Yun took out the Giant Spirit King Hammer and said, "I'll also join the battle this time!"

"Me too!" Mu Rong Jun waved his fan and said.

Previously, it was only Huo Zhong, this big guy, fighting, but now it's the four of them fighting together!

"Charge!" Huo Zhong shouted. He was the first to go over. His momentum was not any weaker than the Jade Armor Rhino's.

After running a few dozen meters, he saw a giant black wolf pouncing towards him. The stick in his hand nimbly swept forward.

The thousand-pound wolf was sent flying with a strike of a stick. It broke a tree and its skin split open. Huo Zhong's brute force had once again shocked Qin Yun!

Mu Rong Jun, who hadn't fought for a long time, lightly flew over. He waved his fan and shot out a few strands of inner strength to knock down a leopard. He then shot out a ball of purple light that accurately hit the leopard's head and killed it.

Although Mu Rong Jun wasn't as rough and crude as Huo Zhong, his attack from afar was powerful enough to kill a leopard that was over a hundred meters away.

Xie Wufeng's attacks were very fierce. After flying over, he waved both of his hands and released waves of energy, accurately breaking the beast's four limbs. Then, Huo Zhong rushed over and smashed the beast to death with a pole.

Before Qin Yun and the Jade Armor Rhino could attack, the horde was dealt with by Huo Zhong and company.

"It's not that amazing!" Mu Rong Jun said with a smile. He had only killed one beast, so it was obvious that he was a lazy guy.

The Jade Armored Rhinoceros lowered head a few times, but no one knew what it meant.

"Third Hou, since you have the Martial Spirit of Ox, this rhinoceros should be considered as your hometown. Do you understand what he is saying?" Mu Rong Jun smiled and jumped onto the back of the rhinoceros.

"I don't understand …" Just as Huo Zhong finished speaking, the Jade Armor Rhino started running.

Mu Rong Hai said with a smile, "It's great to be my mount. Let's go!"

Qin Yun said, "Let's follow him and see. Who knows, he might be bringing us somewhere!"

Xie Wufeng and the others could feel that the Jade Armor Rhino was very docile. This was a feeling they had never had before towards demonic beasts.

If not for Qin Yun being there, they would have started fighting the demonic beasts the moment they saw them.

"Brother Yun, you come up as well. You can still sit down!" Mu Rong Jun said with a smile.

Qin Yun also floated up and sat on the back of the Jade Armor Rhino.

The Jade Armored Rhinoceros was six or seven meters long and three meters tall. Its skin was like white jade, smooth and exquisite to the touch, and it had two very beautiful white jade horns on its nose. The front was large, while the back was small, so it could be said that the entire body of the Jade Armored Rhinoceros was a treasure.

Huo Zhong and Xie Wufeng also jumped onto the back of the Jade Armor Rhino.

The rhinoceros had a very strong regenerative ability. After stopping the bleeding, white liquid started to appear on its wounds, and the damaged white jade armor was beginning to take shape.

"If I were to raise such a demon beast as a mount, how cool would that be? This big guy is vegetarian, so he's very easy to raise. " Mu Rong Jun sat at the front and said with a smile.

"If not for Brother Yun's warning, we would never have known that demon beasts could be so intimate with humans." Huo Zhong laughed foolishly, "My martial spirit is the Martial Spirit of Ox. I also don't like killing cattle."

Xie Wufeng said, "There are many fierce beasts among the demonic beasts. If you don't have a good understanding of demonic beasts, you can't decide whether to attack them or not right away. Brother Yun, you're still young, I didn't think that you would have so much knowledge on demonic beasts . "

At that moment, Qin Yun was secretly grateful to his good teacher, Ding Tianchun. Otherwise, he would not have understood.

"The injuries on the rhinoceros should not have been caused by those ten odd beasts!" Qin Yun looked at the wounds and said, "The Jade Armor is extremely tough. It is not something that can be easily broken through by a Class 6 demonic beast!" I think the Jade Armored Rhinoceros is a level seven beast, or maybe even stronger one, and maybe the leader of the beasts. "

Huo Zhong became excited when he heard that, "Does the big rhinoceros want to take us to find someone? "If that's the case, then that's great, to be able to kill a seventh stage evil beast, you will definitely get even more Xuan Points!"

More than four hours after the Jade Armor Rhino ran, Qin Yun suddenly sensed the mental undulations of the demonic beast!

Qin Yun's expression was solemn as he said, "There should be a nest of evil beasts up ahead!"

The Jade Armored Rhinoceros suddenly slowed down and did not continue forward.

Qin Yun and company jumped down from the back of the rhinoceros.

"I will be the one in charge when you deal with the small evil beasts." Xie Wufeng looked towards the mountain cave in front of him. A cold and foul wind suddenly blew through the forest.

"The evil beasts are coming!" He could sense it very clearly. There were dozens of ferocious beasts charging in his direction.

"Come, let's attack together this time! Brother Yun, you must be careful!" After Huo Zhong finished his sentence, he flew out.

Xie Wufeng was no longer where he was, flying through the air.

Qin Yun raised the Giant Spirit King Hammer and used the Cloudfire Steps to charge to the side. The large hammer struck the black tiger that was pouncing towards him.

The Thunder Style attack landed on the tiger's head, causing the internal force to explode, making the head of the tiger sink.

The Class 6 ferocious beast had been killed by Qin Yun with a single strike!

His strength left Murong Datong, who was standing behind him, stunned. He never expected Qin Yun, who was similar to him in stature, to burst forth with a wild power.

Qin Yun's movement techniques were much more nimble than Huo Zhong's. While avoiding the ferocious beasts that pounced at him from both sides, he could kill them simultaneously. At most, he could finish them with two strikes.

The jade armored rhinoceros also joined in the battle.

Even though Mu Rong Jun wasn't in the battlefield, he was still useful in the distance.

The inner strength that he shot over from so far away could accurately hit the head of a ferocious beast.

Even if they did not die, their movements would become slower. Some would even be knocked to the ground before Qin Yun and Huo Zhong would rush over and kill them with a strike of their staffs.

It could be said that Murong Dazren's attacks were graceful and could ease the pressure on Qin Yun and Huo Zhong.

From the mountain cave in front of them came a sudden, explosive roar that sounded like the roar of a dragon!

"Boss Xie, how are things?" Mu Rong Jun asked when he saw a white figure floating out of the room.

"It's a Black Flood Dragon! It's extremely savage!" It was already injured by me a moment ago, and now that we have teamed up, we should be able to take it down! " Xie Wufeng said solemnly: "Old Huo San, you must be careful when you engage in close combat. Try not to get too close! "Murong, you and I need to prepare. As soon as the Black Jiao comes out, it will release its strongest inner strength."

"Brother Yun, follow behind Old Huo San and act according to the situation!"

Xie Wufeng hovered in the air, while Huo Zhong rushed forward with his staff in hand.

At this moment, a huge black shadow jumped out. Xie Wufeng shouted anxiously, "Kill!"

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