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Chapter 98 Chu Yao Takes Action

Ha Qi's fist had just been about to smash them into pulp when he felt his heart tighten. Relying on his experience, he felt a grave sense of danger.

He forcibly changed the direction of his fist to punch to the left.

BANG! Ha Qi's fist blocked the sword, but the powerful force behind the sword still forced him back several steps, shocking him.

Hastily stabilizing himself, he saw a youthful woman in long robes. Her hair was in a high bun, her phoenix eyes contained true power, and the edge of her sword rippled like water. She possessed an unspeakable grandeur.

"Third princess?!" Shi Feng and the others let out a startled cry. That sword-bearing woman was precisely Phoenix Cry's third princess, Chu Yao.

"You guys be careful. Don't be reckless. We have to stall until Long Chen returns," quietly whispered Chu Yao to them.

Shi Feng slowly nodded. Two of them bent down to help their companion who had been heavily wounded. The right side of his stomach had been impaled by a spear and he was already on his last breaths.

Shi Feng quickly took out a medicinal pill and gave it to him. Although this wouldn't let him recover, it would be able to keep him alive for a while longer so that he wouldn't immediately die.

Although everyone had already made their resolve and accepted their deaths, naturally if they didn't have to die, they wouldn't want to. Seeing that Chu Yao was actually able to force back a Muscle Rebirth expert, a slight hope ignited inside them.

Chu Yao's appearance shocked everyone, whether it was Xia Youyu or Chu Xia. They were all looking at her in disbelief.

Xia Youyu immediately thought of something and said with complete shock, "You've broken the Nine Dragon Sealing Field?"

Chu Yao tightened her grip on her sword and pointed it at Xia Youyu. "You contemptible bastards, today I'll make you pay for your sins!"

Although she didn't know what the Nine Dragon Sealing Field was, it was obvious he was talking about the nine foreign spiritual qi seeds that had been in her Dantian.

If it hadn't been Long Chen, her life would have become incomparably tragic. She would have become a tool used by others without even her knowledge. Thinking of that, her fury blazed.

"Hmph, looking at your aura, you've only just broken through to Muscle Rebirth. You probably can't even probably control your own strength, yet you dare make such wild ravings? Ha Qi, capture her," ordered Xia Youyu with a sneer.

The fourth prince was also looking at Chu Yao in shock. Her appearance caused his confidence to be shaken slightly. He was starting to feel a bit uneasy.

Long Chen's face appeared in his mind. Even up till this day, he had yet to receive any further news of Long Chen. He was just like a permanent thorn in his side, and now that Chu Yao had appeared, that thorn became even bigger.

"Hmph, let me test Phoenix Cry's princess." Ha Qi laughed. Veins popped up all over his body, and his terrifying aura advanced another level as he punched out.

Before he had even arrived, just the wind from his fist caused her hair and clothes to blow back. Ha Qi had now clearly exploded with his true Muscle Rebirth power.

Chu Yao didn't face Ha Qi's fist head on, instead sliding her feet to dodge and stabbing her sword towards his throat.

Ha Qi coldly laughed and didn't dodge. A light yellow light appeared on his other hand and he swatted away Chu Yao's sword.

Chu Yao felt a huge force send her flying, and she also felt an intense pain on her hand.

Xia Youyu had been completely correct. Chu Yao had only just advanced into the Muscle Rebirth realm, and furthermore, she had had to complete her advancement in secret since she hadn't dared let anyone else find out.

And she was also helpless that after advancing, she hadn't had any chance to test her strength. So her control over her own power was limited.

Now that she was facing a Muscle Rebirth expert that had already experienced hundreds of battles, she immediately fell into a disadvantage. That was especially true since she had almost zero combat experience.

"Hmph, it's just an empty state is all. Give me your life!" Ha Qi sneered. Without giving any damns about her gender, he sent a punch smashing at her.

Just as Chu Yao was preparing to forcefully block it, a red ball of light suddenly flew over and collided with his punch.

BOOM! Ha Qi felt as if his fist had been enveloped by lava and was immediately forced back.

"Being so ruthless to a little girl, don't you feel ashamed?" An aged voice rang out as a figure appeared in front of everyone.

"Grandmaster Yun Qi?" Chu Yao couldn't help celebrating that grandmaster Yun Qi had finally come out at this critical moment.

"Yun Qi, as an alchemy guild head, in compliance with the alchemist treaty, you cannot meddle in secular matters. Are you not afraid of the guild's punishment?" coldly shouted Xia Youyu.

"You are correct; an alchemist guild head cannot participate in worldly matters." Grandmaster Yun Qi laughed slightly and suddenly turned his head. "Sun Mian!"

"Present." In a distant crowd was a middle-aged man in Pill Apprentice robes who hastily walked out and respectfully bowed.

Grandmaster Yun Qi waved his head, sending something flying over. When Sun Nian saw that that was, his expression immediately changed.

"Sun Nian, I hand the guild signboard to you. You are the new guild head," said grandmaster Yun Qi.

"Guild head…" Sun Nian was completely shocked.

Grandmaster Yun Qi cut him off. "I am no longer the guild head. Our guild's rules cannot be ignored. If you still think of me as the guild head, then you cannot stop me."

Sun Nian looked at the guild signboard in his hand and didn't know what to do. But he realized that a major event was about to occur.

"Now I am no longer a member of the alchemist guild and have the qualifications to participate in secular matters," lightly said grandmaster Yun Qi.

No one would have imagined that grandmaster Yun Qi would actually expel himself from the guild for the Long household. Without his status as a guild head, then even if someone killed him, no one would be able to investigate it.

"Of course that's true. I've waited a long time for this day. Yun Qi, as expected, you haven't let me down."

Two people walked out from the crowd, and when the people saw one of them, many let out startled cries.

"Wei Cang!"

That was grandmaster Wei Cang who was equally famous as grandmaster Yun Qi. People could tell that there seemed to be an intense hatred between the two of them from the time they had exchanged blows at the Phoenix Cry Lantern Festival.

But both of them had kept things in reserve back then. It was practically just a symbolic fight without any display of their true strength.

Now hearing what grandmaster Wei Cang said, it seemed grandmaster Yun Qi's appearance today was entirely in his expectations.. Perhaps a truly great battle would be fought today.

"Who's the other old guy?"

"I know! That's Wang Luyang, another Pill Master." That was a person who had attended the Huayun Pavilion's auction, and so he recognized him.

During the auction, Wang Luyang had been low-key all the way until the final Flesh Bone Restoration Pills. Only then did he shock everyone, leaving behind a deep impression.

The fact he was now standing together with Wei Cang today was rather interesting.

Despite seeing Wei Cang appear, no change appeared on grandmaster Yun Qi's face. He glanced at Wang Luyang. "Have you thought this through?"

Wang Luyang smiled slightly. "Actually I don't want to become enemies with grandmaster Yun Qi, I couldn't help accepting brother Wei's kindness. So I can only offend you."

"Stop with the crap Yun Qi. Hand over that thing, otherwise I'll send you to hell right now," icily said Wei Cang. "Now that you've separated from the alchemist guild, you no longer have a support to rely on. I don't need to have any misgivings about killing you."

Grandmaster Yun Qi looked at the fourth prince with a complicated expression. "Fourth prince truly is a dragon amongst men. Your scheming truly causes me admiration."

The fourth prince smiled slightly. "Grandmaster's praise makes this youngster blush."

"Since fourth prince is so proficient in scheming, I wonder if he has heard of a certain expression?" lightly asked grandmaster Yun Qi.

"What expression? Please give me some pointers senior."

"Man proposes but God disposes." Grandmaster Yun Qi smiled slightly.

The fourth prince narrowed his eyes. He didn't know why, but hearing that caused his heart to jump a bit.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Fourth prince is smart, so how could you not even understand such a common proverb? Or are you afraid to admit that you know what it means?" asked Yun Qi.

The fourth prince's expression changed slightly. His scheme had definitely been completely flawless, but unforeseen incidents continued to pop up.

The first mishap was that Ying Hou had failed to kill Long Chen. Although Ying Hou said Long Chen was already heavily wounded and was most likely unable to survive, he still continued to feel that Long Chen wouldn't die so easily, and so he had sent Manhuang Hou to search for him.

The second mishap was that Chu Yao had managed to silently resolve the Nine Dragon Sealing Field in her body and broken through to the Muscle Rebirth realm.

Although she had only just broken through and wasn't worth fearing yet, it was still something unexpected. That caused him to feel as if the situation wasn't as sure as he had thought.

And now grandmaster Yun Qi was still as calm as ever despite knowing he had stepped in a deathtrap. That caused him to feel even more uneasy, and he even felt a bit of fear.

He was born to be just a chess piece. Now he had finally managed to escape that chess board, and now that it was his turn to control the board, he definitely didn't want his own chess pieces to be escaping from him.

"Your plans are laughable. Just for some resources, you wasted so much time. So stupid." Grandmaster Yun Qi shook his head.

That truly made the fourth prince's expression change greatly. He looked at grandmaster Yun Qi in disbelief. "You actually knew?"

Grandmaster Yun Qi smiled slightly, but he didn't respond.

The fourth prince glanced over at the distant crowds and immediately calmed himself down. He coldly laughed, "In the face of death, it seems you've taken to spouting nonsense. Grandmaster Wei Cang, what are you still waiting for?"

Wei Cang smiled. "Well he's an old friend I've kept up with for dozens of years. Before I send this friend on his way, I have to give him some time first to say his final words. Well, it looks like he's finished anyways, so I'll be sending him on his way."

Flames completely wrapped around Wei Cang's body. A blazing spear appeared in his heads, and he was practically just a human shaped blaze as he charged at Yun Qi, bringing with him a terrifyingly high temperature.

Wang Luyang also summoned flame armor and a sword. They pincered Yun Qi on both sides.

That terrifyingly high temperature caused space to distort. It was as if they were in rippling water, becoming practically illusionary.

Suddenly Yun Qi's eyes brightened and he actually smiled. The person he had been waiting for had finally arrived. It was time to resolve his grudges.

BOOM! Yun Qi's arms shook and a terrifying red blaze arose. Rolling waves of heat spread in every direction, roasting Wei Cang.

"Wei Cang, give me your life!"

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