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Chapter 808: Does He Have a Bottom Line at All

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Did Fang Zhengzhi have any balls? He did! Therefore, he wouldn’t give Qian Ye a second chance to crush another ‘ball’, even though this ball wasn’t the same as that ball.

As the saying went, “Your ball is not a ball, but it’s also my ball…”

Fang Zhengzhi had a simple solution. He instantaneously lifted his leg and kicked Qian Yu’s thigh without any hesitation.

Boom! Qian Yu was already above Fang Zhengzhi, so the kick sent her flying at an even faster speed. She almost flew towards the sky like a stream of light.


Ling Yun Tower’s disciples were definitely shocked by what they saw. After all, they couldn’t think of any reason why Fang Zhengzhi would attack Qian Yu.

In that case, the only possible explanation was the lack of cooperation between the two of them. In fact, their cooperation was bad that they were getting in each other’s way.

Of course, that wasn’t Fang Zhengzhi’s intention.

He didn’t kick Qian Yu by mistake or because he had impure intentions towards the empress of Great Xia Dynasty.

He needed an external force if he wanted to stop Qian Ye from squashing the ‘ball’.

To put it bluntly, he needed a launching pad, so he needed to choose between Qian Yu and Ping Yang.

Choosing one based on their seniorities was a choice, but it wasn’t suited for Fang Zhengzhi.

This was because he wouldn’t kick the one… That he was closer to!

He didn’t check if Qian Yu had survived the radiance from the sky. With the help of the counterforce from kicking Qian Yu’s leg, Fang Zhengzhi reached Qian Ye in a flash.

If Fang Zhengzhi’s original speed was already extremely fast, the only apt description for his speed with the help of the external force was freakishly fast.

Qian Ye’s expression changed when Fang Zhengzhi suddenly appeared in front of her eyes as if he had teleported.

It might be due to what he did to Qian Yu, or it might be due his unbelievable reaction and speed.

Nonetheless, it didn’t affect Qian Ye’s movement.

As soon as Fang Zhengzhi appeared in front of her, she squashed the golden orb.

However… She felt that something was wrong.

Neither did she hear an explosion, nor did she see a world of snow appearing in front of her eyes.

Feeling lost and confused, she naturally looked towards her hand for an answer. However, much to her surprise, the golden orb which was supposed to be crushed by her hand… Had disappeared!

It was replaced by an ugly object that looked kind of like a stone.


This was a weird feeling, as if you were walking around the streets with your pretty wife acting all lovey-dovey, but she left for someone else all of a sudden.

Most importantly, she was replaced by a hideous overweight woman with pimples all over her face, shouting, “Honey, I just bought a new perfume. You have to find out if I smell nice…”

Smell nice?

To hell with that!

This was how complicated Qian Ye felt at the moment. She didn’t know how to react as she stared at the ‘ugly black stone’ in her hand.

At this moment… The ‘ugly black stone’ blew up.

A dazzling white light lit up in front her eyes. It was so bright, almost as if all the sunlight had converged at one spot.

Qian Ye only felt that the world had become completely white in her eyes. Moreover, there was a sharp and intense pain at her eyes.

“Ah! My eyes…” Qian Ye let out a heartrending scream, and she felt a powerful kick to her face at the same time.

The immense impact and the pain on her nose made her body fell to the side uncontrollably.

Everything happened quickly… From the moment she squashed the orb, to the moment it was replaced by an ugly black stone, and eventually till the blinding white light and the kick to her face… It all happened ridiculously fast.

Of course, it also left Qian Ye stunned…

She wasn’t stunned that she lost to Fang Zhengzhi, rather, she was stunned that as the leader of Ling Yun Tower and one of the strongest people in the Holy Region, she was kicked in the face in front of so many people.

How humiliating was that?

Qian Ye didn’t know how to describe her feelings right now. All she knew was that she was absolutely fuming with anger at this instance, so much so that she could tear Fang Zhengzhi into two pieces alive.

“Ah!!!” Qian Ye roared and unleashed a terrifying aura. Given how knowledgeable she was, she obviously knew that she had fallen for Fang Zhengzhi’s ‘trick’.

It was Heaven Dao!

Heaven Dao’s ‘Shifting Forms’ technique!

Having mastered four of the six Rebirth Dao Techniques, Fang Zhengzhi’s attacks were definitely unpredictable even if he wasn’t as strong as Qian Ye.

However… What was the ugly black stone and the blinding white light that came out of it?

“It’s obviously a flashbang!” Fang Zhengzhi could guess what Qian Ye was thinking, so he mockingly answered her question.

“Do you want squash another ‘ball’? Do you really think that’s possible?” Fang Zhengzhi thought to himself.

Using Heaven Dao’s Shifting Forms technique, he switched the golden orb with a flashbang in that blink of an eye and took advantage of the situation to kick Qian Ye’s face. Besides Fang Zhengzhi, who could have thought of such a smart move?

Fang Zhengzhi was feeling good at the moment.

However, those around him didn’t feel the same, including many Ling Yun Tower’s disciples who were too stunned to say a word. Lin Mubai was also left agape and speechless.

Even Qian Yu wasn’t in a good mood.

In fact, Qian Yu was already injured before Fang Zhengzhi kicked Qian Ye’s face.

As a victim of this sudden change of situation, Qian Yu really didn’t expect Fang Zhengzhi, who was supposedly on the same side as her, would ‘backstab’ her.

Fang Zhengzhi didn’t kick Qian Yu with much force, but as a result, she couldn’t even defend herself properly against the radiance that fell from the sky.

In that case, she was obviously not in her best shape now.

That was because even Qian Yu wouldn’t be able to escape unscathed after taking a direct hit from Qian Ye. The golden radiance that rushed into her body turned her face a little pale.


Qian Ye and Qian Yu almost crashed into the ground at the same time. They were both kicked by Fang Zhengzhi, the only difference was, one of them got kicked in the face while the other was kicked in the thigh.

Silence ensued!

After a brief silence, everyone heard a voice.

“Eh? Are you both injured at the same time? That’s great! You two could finally have a fair fight!” Fang Zhengzhi blinked at Qian Ye and Qian Yu and gave them his sincere ‘blessings’.

After he said that, he carried Ping Yang up, who was standing there like a stunned mullet, and ran like the wind towards Lin Mubai, and handed the battlefield to Qian Ye and Qian Yu.



The disciples of Ling Yun Tower stared at each other before they glanced at Fang Zhengzhi, who had already escaped to the side of the battlefield. They all looked like they were extremely speechless.

‘A fair fight?’

Such a ‘righteous’ comment! However, wasn’t Fang Zhengzhi the one who injured both Qian Ye and Qian Yu?

What kind of logic was that?

Rather, how shameless did a person need to be to call this ‘fair’ under such circumstances?

The disciples really didn’t know what to say.

In fact, even Qian Ye and Qian Yu were staring at Fang Zhengzhi intently.

Qian Ye needed to relieve her anger. She wanted to kill Fang Zhengzhi. In fact, she wanted to kill Fang Zhengzhi more badly than she wanted to kill Qian Yu.

However, Fang Zhengzhi ran away with Ping Yang outright and even acted like he was doing the right thing.

Qian Ye was mentally strong enough to contain her anger. If someone else was in her shoes, he would have already been consumed by anger.

“Does he have any shame at all?”

“Does he have a bottom line at all!”

These were Qian Ye’s actual thoughts. Even Qian Yu’s shared the same feeling at this moment. As the most innocent victim, she wanted to slap Fang Zhengzhi to his death too.

Putting the ‘backstab’ aside… He actually had the audacity to run away?

Furthermore, according to Fang Zhengzhi’s words, she should thank him for kicking her so that she could fight fairly against Qian Ye.

More importantly, she couldn’t disagree with him.

That pissed her off the most!

“Come on, why aren’t you guys fighting? What happened to the deep-rooted grudges? If I was sealed away for a dozen years, I’d surely lose my cool!” Fang Zhengzhi continued to pour gas on fire after he disregarded Qian Ye and Qian Yu’s chilling gaze.

Fang Zhengzhi believed that he should always fight if he could. However, that wasn’t always true. If he was in a situation where he couldn’t fight, then he shouldn’t do it.

The situation now was the latter!

Firstly, there was zero cooperation between him and Qian Yu, and he didn’t know her strength and abilities at all. He had to base everything off his instinct, which led to a problem.

How could he determine which one of Qian Ye’s attack could she withstand? If Qian Ye was about to kill her, should he take the bullet for her? There were too many uncertainties.

Secondly, Fang Zhengzhi was equally clueless about Qian Ye’s strength.

In fact, after he was trapped inside the Mountain River World, the only thing he did was borrowing and controlling the power of the Dao of Nature.

He ended up ‘deceiving’ Qian Ye.

In simpler words, Fang Zhengzhi used his techniques to borrow the Mountain River World’s source of power and created the illusion to lead Qian Ye into thinking that he and Ping Yang had died.

In that case, she would obviously stop wasting her energy to sustain the Mountain River World.

Hence, there was some luck involved for Fang Zhengzhi to be able to escape with Ping Yang so quickly.

That led to another problem.

Did Qian Ye have any other hidden cards? For example, what was Ling Yun Tower’s ultimate treasure, Ling Yun Realm, capable of?

As the old saying went, “If it’s not my business, I’m going to leave it alone.”

Fang Zhengzhi wasn’t going pretend that this had nothing to do with him. However, it was time for a ‘honorable discharge’.

Furthermore, if he took 10,000 steps back… Protecting Ping Yang and Lin Mubai and keeping them out of harm’s way was also a tough job.

That was Fang Zhengzhi’s honest thought.

However, combining his thought with his provocative words and sincere expression, made the rest feel like beating him up.

“Fang Zhengzhi, you aren’t getting away!” Qian Ye was one of those who wanted to beat him up, and she put her plan into action.

Just as she said that, she wiped away the shoe print on her face and disappeared from the spot.

The nine golden stars on top of the golden light screen that covered Ling Yun Tower glowed dazzlingly as soon as she disappeared.

Afterward, nine rays of sunlight descended from the sky. They were twice as big as the earlier ones and also much faster.

“What the hell? Why are you fighting me instead of settling the grudge that had lasted over a decade first?” Fang Zhengzhi couldn’t help but be frustrated when he saw the sunlight that was coming for him.

After all, all he wanted to do now… Was stand around and look pretty!

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