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evil girl saints was angry.

The dignified sect master of a evil sound sect was actually humiliated like this?

Three slaps!

Having been slapped three times in front of the heads of the seven great demon sects, he had never been humiliated like this before.

She was unhappy.

He felt extremely displeased.


Just as she was about to crawl up from the ground, Long Fei grabbed with his right hand and directly grabbed the dragon salyer and held it against her neck.

The two eyes of the sinister Dragon Spirit Shadow on top of the dragon salyer were staring straight at her, as if it would devour her if she moved even a little.

Too fast.

It was unimaginably fast.

evil girl saints's face sank, his cheeks were red and swollen, as he said gloomily: "Long Fei, you're dead for sure today!"

Long Fei said lightly: "I don't know if I will die or not, but I am very clear on whether you will die or not."

If not for the Sound Binding poison in Xie Qin's body still not being dispelled, he really would have ambushed this old granny two times and killed her.

The evil girl saints's gaze tensed up as he stared at Qiu Wantian who was not far away and said, "Sect Master Chou, why are you still standing there without making a move?"

The heads of the seven great demon sects did not leave.

They were all shocked.

How did Long Fei do it?

Breaking through the sound array was simply too difficult.

If it was that simple, they would also want to break through the array. Because, once they broke through the array, they would be able to become the sect master of the evil sound sect.

Qiu Wantian slightly smiled and said: "Holy Maiden, don't be anxious."

He turned to Long Fei and asked, "How did you break the array, I really want to know."

The others nodded as well.

"For the tens of thousands of years that the Sonic Sealing Array has been in this mountain, even the god's devil ancestor has not been able to break it. How did you break it?"

"Just smashing the rocks?"

"I've carefully researched it. Those rocks aren't Formation Apertures at all. Even if they were shattered, it would be of no use. How did you break them?"

… ….

Rather than saving evil girl saints, they wanted to know how Long Fei broke the sound array.

You know.

This was the strongest secret of the Soundtrap Array, a secret that had been puzzled for tens of thousands of years.

Long Fei smiled faintly, and said: "It's useless to tell you guys about this matter, because... "I guessed it too randomly, hahaha …"

Blindly guessing?

Not at all.

This was all thanks to the fact that Long Fei had accidentally seen the 'Science Education' channel in his previous life and found a rock like the 'Echo Stone'.

The three boulders weren't the core of the formation, but they were more important than the core.

As long as they had the same strength, they could destroy the inside of the rock and the sound trap array.

Everyone shivered.

Chi Mei coldly snorted, "I knew he was making wild guesses."

"No one can break the sound barrier array. It's impossible for him."

evil girl saints was completely crushed by the dragon salyer.


The ancient, fiendish aura of the dragon salyer crushed her mind. Even though he was an expert of the level 7 war emperor, she did not dare to move recklessly.

evil girl saints shouted, "Sect Master Chou, can we make a move now?"

Long Fei laughed faintly: Do it?

"Old demoness, do you think you're still evil sound sect Lord?"

"According to your Master's rules, I am now the new Sect Master. Just now, when I broke the sound trap array, all the disciples in evil sound sect knew about it."

"You're just an old hag now, you understand?" Long Fei laughed in disdain.

As soon as he finished.

Long Fei coldly snorted, and said: "Right now, I order you to hand over the antidote for the Sound Binding Poison, this is your only chance of survival!"

Xie Qin was almost at his limit.

One more day at most.

If he didn't treat her now, he would really die!

This was what Long Fei was most worried about.

Qiu Wantian's eyes moved extremely quickly as he looked at Long Fei, then at evil girl saints, and then he thought of the evil sound sect …

evil sound sect was the best location amongst the eight great sects.

It was also the place with the densest Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth.

With evil girl saints watching over him and her zither protecting him, his blood sea sect simply had no chance at all. But... If evil girl saints dies!

That was different!

The world would be much quieter.

It was just a matter of time before the blood sea sect occupied the entire evil sound sect, and from then on … All of the female disciples in evil sound sect had beauties. Qiu Wantian laughed lewdly in his heart, and said to himself: "Long Fei, I will slowly settle the score of killing my son."

And then …

Qiu Wantian smiled blandly: "Holy Maiden, Long Fei is right, you are just a young lady now, you are no longer the sect master of evil sound sect, there is no use in saving you."

"If we save you, we will instead split the god's devil ancient case's treasures, don't we?"

"Hahaha …"

"Vengeance Sect Leader is right."

"Previously, it was divided into eight parts. Now, we only need to split it into seven parts."

"Old Demoness Xie Yin, just accept your fate."

"Hahaha …"

The seven sect leaders all smiled.

Long Fei was also sneering in his heart, "I knew it would be this kind of situation, filled with greed and greed, basically not putting allies in their eyes, how can the Devil Sect grow to be like this?"

"This is a complete mess!"

However …

This situation was actually advantageous for Long Fei.

At least.

If it was a one on one battle, he would definitely not be a match for evil girl saints.

Long Fei laughed complacently, and said: "Old demoness, if you want to live, hand over the antidote."

"Hahaha …"

"Wuhahaha..." The evil girl saints laughed sinisterly. He raised his eyes and stared at Long Fei and said: "I never would have thought."

"A mere lowly commoner actually wants to become the sect master of the evil sound sect."


evil girl saints's body trembled as he said, "You want the antidote, right?"


The evil girl saints moved and took out a bottle, saying, "This place is the antidote for the Sound Twisting Poison …"

As soon as he finished.

A ball of flame seeped out from evil girl saints's palm.

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They all exploded.

The bottle immediately turned into powder, while the evil girl saints released waves of demonic sound, it was like a tsunami.




The entire cave looked like it was about to collapse.

Yan Huang ancestor was shocked. A wave of energy immediately protected Long Fei's mind and his mind as he said: "Protect your mind well!"

"Pfft …"

The distance was too close, and Long Fei was unable to endure the impact of the level 7 war emperor's power, and was directly sent flying, spitting out a large mouthful of blood.

If it wasn't for the Second Saint Body.

Long Fei's head would explode.

evil girl saints's eyes turned sinister, "He actually didn't die?"


"Just you wait, I'll definitely come back!"

She didn't dare to keep fighting.

Because Long Fei still had seven Demon Sect Masters by his side, she could not gain any benefits.

"Whoosh!" 36o search: (. "Half Floating///="

evil girl saints turned into a ray of light and disappeared into the horizon, "You dog, just you wait!"

Her shrill voice still echoed in the air.

Long Fei's mind and sea of consciousness began to churn. After spitting out a mouthful of blood, he forced himself to calm down, because there were still seven sect masters in front of him!

Ye Zichen glared at him like a tiger staring at its prey …

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