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Chapter 65 - Misunderstanding in Stirring the Base.

"In fact, I really accidentally fell just now." Jiang Qi seriously explained and turned to Ke Yan for help.

Ke Yan’s face had a slight teasing atmosphere as he finally helps Jiang Qi to clarify.

“It’s true. Just now Manager Jiang nearly fell. I’m just lending him a helping hand.”

Jiang Lu and Xiao An quickly nodded in understanding. Of course, they cannot treat Mr.President’s words as they did to Jiang Qi.

When they finally walk away, Jiang Qi felt relief.

Looking at Jiang Qi’s expression, Ke Yan couldn’t help but pinched his face.

Jiang Qi’s face was indignant as he accused Ke Yan. “Why did you not help me to explain just now!”

“Don’t you think the more you’re trying to explain, the more suspicious it will become?”

Jiang Qi also thinks Ke Yan’s reason was logical. It will be highly suspicious when you’re trying so hard to explain things. It’s better to act candidly so you would appear guiltless without having to explain anything.  

But Manager Jiang didn’t know… an explanation is a must! But…. the most important is who that person is!  

The two returned to their room and take off their clothes, planning to take a bath together.

When the two are bathing, suddenly the doorbell sounded. Jiang Qi was surprised. Who? So late already.  

As his mind wandered, Jiang Qi got up from the bathtub. Looking at Jiang Qi’s intention to see who is it at their door, Ke Yan stops him from going out. “ You wash first, I’ll see who at the door.”

After he spoke, Ke Yan got up from the bathtub, took the bathrobe hanging on the wall, and went out.

Jiang Qi continues to enjoy the bathtub as Ke Yan goes out.

Ke Yan opened the door and he was surprised to see Jiang Lu holding a bag and Wang Si Qi standing next to her outside the door. He did not expect to see Jiang Qi’s sister knocking on their door this late. Therefore, he could only ask, “Is there something?”

Jiang Lu was astonished since she thinks it should be her brother who will open the door, not their president. On top of that, it looks like he was just out of the shower with all those steam lingerings on his body. Jiang Lu peeked inside the room, trying to look for her brother whereabouts.

To say that Jiang Lu was astonished when she saw Ke Yan, Wang Si Qi’s situation was more embarrassed than her as she had gone completely paralyzed. So handsome! Because Ke Yan did not tie his bathrobe properly, the collar was lowered and part of his chest can clearly be seen. So, Wang Si Qi saw Ke Yan’s chest while thinking that his muscle should be very strong.  

Wang Si Qi’s face immediately turned red.

Jiang Lu lifted the bag in her hand and said, “Just now when I sort out my luggage, I saw this thing that I’ve forgotten to give to my brother. “

"Okay." Ke Yan took the bag from Jiang Lu's hand. "He is taking a shower, I will give it to him later."


As the matter was solved, Jiang Lu almost walks away before she suddenly remembered Manager Wang was next to her: "I must thanks Manager Wang as well because without her bringing me up, I would have ended up lost. I can’t remember which room my brother lived in."

Wang Si Qi was happy because it’s finally her chance to speak, so she smiles and said, “ It’s just a matter of lifting one’s hand.”  

As Wang Si Qi waited to be praise by Ke Yan, a voice wipe out all her expectation.

“Ke Yan, what are you doing? Why are you taking such a long time? Didn’t we agree to take a bath together just now? I waited so long for you, I have already clean up. Come quickly and take your bath.”  

Because their room is a suite style, Jiang Qi couldn’t see the door from where he is standing and as a result, he didn’t know where Ke Yan was.

Hence, it caused an unprecedented situation happened at the door. Three people were stunned to silence. Jiang Lu and Wang Si Qi stared at Ke Yan, and he, in turn, stared back at them……

Jiang Qi turned around inside the room looking for Ke Yan, but didn’t see him. Maybe he went out? As he was thinking, he walks to the door and saw the three people who had been stunned to silence by him. Jiang Qi stayed for three seconds before he asks in a trembling voice, “How long have you all been standing here?”

Ke Yan feels funny looking at Jiang Qi who had been scared enough to jump.  

Jiang Lu soon reacted and looking at his brother in a complicated gaze, she asked, “Are you still in the bathroom just now.”

At first, Jiang Qi thinks that he was finished. But then he thought, both of them are men so there’s nothing to be misunderstood about. It’s different if both of them had a different gender. So, he immediately regains his calmness.

“Brother, I never knew your relationship with the boss is so good. You both can even take a shower together.”

Jiang Lu’s words made Jiang Qi’s heart jump once again. Just as he about to start an explanation, he remembers Ke Yan previous words. The more you explain, the more suspicious you become. So, Jiang Qi just nodded and completely forgo any explanation.

“Oh…” Jiang Lu had a string of meaningful ‘O’ inside her heart.

On one side, Wang Si Qi listened to Jiang Qi’s words with a strange heart. They are so good until they can even bath together? Although it’s nothing for two men to bath together, she doesn’t know why she always had this weird premonition going on.  

She looks at Jiang Qi and Ke Yan briefly and saw how Jiang Qi answered Jiang Lu openly and with ease. Then she looks at Ke Yan and saw his face remain as cold as ever. Hmm, maybe she thinks too much!

When Wang Si Qi still immersing herself in her mind, Jiang Lu was already planning to go back. Then, both of them took the elevator together going downstairs.

After they left, Jiang Qi first looked at Ke Yan for a while before he buried his face in Ke Yan’s arms. Then, he gently knocked his head to Ke Yan’s chest several times.

Ke Yan chuckles as he closes the door. As he laughs, his chest moves slightly and it caused annoyance to Jiang Qi. Ke Yan wrapped his arms around Jiang Qi’s shoulder and pulled him to sit on the sofa.

Jiang Qi gave Ke Yan a nudge, “Go to your bath!”

“ En.” Ke Yan responded but in the end, he did not move. Instead, he pulled Jiang Qi to sit on his lap. Just as Jiang Qi wants to rebel, he felt something hard poking on his buttocks from below.

Jiang Qi looks at Ke Yan with indignant and bashful expression, said, “ We already done it today!”

“It’s not enough.”

Jiang Qi was choked by Ke Yan blunt answer.

But, in the end, he did not refuse. He let Ke Yan dealt with his bathrobe.

Ke Yan’s hand reached to Jiang Qi’s waist and untied the strap fastened around his body. As the strap was released, Jiang Qi’s white chest was revealed. When Ke Yan gently tugged the neck of the bathrobe open, traces of previous love bites glaringly visible on the white skin…

Jiang Lu rushed back to her room and jump onto the bed in excitements. Her antics succeeded in waking up Xiao An who was sleeping due to her excessive drinking at the dinner table.

“Xiao An, Xiao An, quickly wake up!”

Xiao An wakes up after she couldn’t stand of being pushed for so many times. “What are you doing?”

“I saw something incredible just now!”

“What thing is so incredible? You can just tell me tomorrow ah!”  

“My brother and president taking a bath together! And they still using the same bathtub oh.”

".........." Xiao An was quiet and looks like she was still asleep.

Jiang Lu pays no attention to her reaction and with her head still full of excitement headed to the bathroom. Suddenly Xiao An shot up from the bed. But, because of a headache, she sits back on the bed and looked at Jiang Lu with her eyes wide open. " Are you telling me the truth?"

“Of course.” Jiang Lu continues to speak with a smug look. “ I even got to see how they look in their bathrobes. My brother even told the boss, he had been waiting for him in the bathroom for a long time and asked him why he had not come back.”

“ Fuck! If I knew I wouldn’t drink too much just now. At least I would have not missed the opportunity to follow you to their room.”

Xiao An’s heart is full of regrets while Jiang Lu smiles with a good mood walking to the bathroom.


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