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Chapter 44 – Meal and Smile after Medical Examination



A Little while after the screaming baby, the five people resumed their friendly chat.
Of course the screaming baby――naturally me, Lilianne La Christophe can’t join the friendly chat, so I was listening while being teased by Annela Obaasama.

The main speakers are Theo and Ellie, and they keep on rapidly talking without stopping. The subject is mostly me, Lilianne.

It’s precisely the prideful and magnificent way of talking of Brother Fool and Sister Fool.

While listening to the two’s proudful imouto talk, I heard a knocking on the door, and someone entered the room right after.
It wasn’t possible to check because I was held by Annela Obaasama, but I immediately knew who came.


「Excuse me. Randolph-sama has arrived」

「Understood. We will immediately prepare so tell him to wait for a moment」


The butler who has approached informed us of old man Randolph’s arrival.

Does Christophe house have perhaps a priority? He’s quite concerned about me, he’s a person who will run his old body out of breath because of me.


「Well then, Roland-sama, Annela-sama. I’m taking Lily to change clothes, so I will excuse myself for a moment」

「I will help. Saa, Lily-chan, shall we go?」

「Obaasama, I will help as well!」

「Then, me too」

「In that case, I will also he」


It has ended up with everyone wanting to help, but Roland’s words didn’t finish in the end.

I held a memorial in my mind for him who fell to prostrate on the floor.


Naturally, it was only female camp when we returned to my room.
Theo wanted to tag along, but he dejectedly returned to the object which was kissing the floor after getting glared by Ellie.



I have been wearing room wear in my room recently――with plenty laces and frills, a feminine camisole decorated with ribbons in various places, and frilly short skirted pants with ribbons on left and right side of the waist.

They are attached to every clothes. There is no other way anymore.
By the way, the cloth used instead of the diaper is slightly bulky, but it seems to have been calculated as it’s not getting in the way of pants.

Sister and Obaasan raise a scream after finishing changing my clothes, but I dare to ignore it.

Certainly, my current gender is female. I can’t choose clothes to wear by myself, nor refuse clothes that are put on me. No, I screamed in my mind when I realized for the first time, you know?
Although my body is that of a woman, my mind is still that of a man. I am uneasy about walking the life of a woman and truth to be told, I have not accepted the reality yet.

But, my mental state is unrelate to these women. When they shout, Theo ‘still not done~?’ keeps on urging.


The medical examination was repeated three times, and it ended with the conclusion that I’m completely blind.

It seems that he wanted to cling onto the possibility no matter what it takes.

There might have been the conclusion Jiisan has wanted if the old man’s tools had magical power, but unf

ortunately, the tools the old man used to inspect my eyes were all without magical power.

Even if a baby sees, it would be difficult to expect a complicated answer.

In addition to that, it seems that he has used many more instruments, but all of them had no magical power.
Therefore, I don’t know what he was doing specifically.


Roland’s serious expression wasn’t destroyed after hearing the conclusion, but he uttered just single ‘I see.’

Theo and Ellie dropped their shoulders sorrowfully, but Jiisan with serious expression took the old man outside. The door was closed, and I naturally haven’t heard anything.
Theo and Ellie were like, even if blind Lily is Lily! Therefore, everything is all right! They said as if persuading themselves.



It was time for dinner after the medical examination, but because grandparents are eating with us today, they decided not to eat in my room as usually, but in one of the rooms downstairs.
I think that we could have eaten in my room even with the addition of the two grandparents, but because of the consciousness of wealthy or perhaps because of the labor of carrying food upstairs they decided to eat in a different room. Anyhow, good fragrance filled the room.

Maid-sans began carrying good smelling dishes on the table and we immediately began eating.

Seeing that, Annela Obaasama was nonchalantly smiling as usual, and Roland Jiisan was observing.

There’s no feeling of doubt anymore. The proof being that Annela Obaasama is not particularly minding him.

The dinner advanced with everyone quietly eating with the exception of Ena.

It seems that my dishes aren’t the same, but they are similar to an extent.

Recently, butter friend carrots are my favorite. It’s not the usual long and narrow type, but they are carved into star shapes.

The flavor is mainly salty or just lightly seasoned, so among such flavors, the sweetness of this butter fried carrots is very delicious.

I guess my tastes reflect those of a baby. Sweet things are delicious. On the contrary, bitter things are not.

Because I loved bell peppers in my previous life, I’m slightly uneasy.
Incidentally, bell peppers haven’t come out so far. It might be possible that they taste differently, but I have not come across anything that tasted close to a bell pepper. There’s a possibility that it doesn’t exist here since it’s a different world, but if they do, I want to eat them by all means when I grow up.

In my previous life, I didn’t like onions that much, but it’s different now. The onion-ish tasting soup and the garnish that often appears is most likely an onion.

A child’s palate is simple.

So it’s because of that? Although the dishes are generally sweet, but I don’t like most of them because the taste of salt is strong or it’s too bland.

I eat both things I like and dislike, but I don’t find it tasty unless it’s a fruit or it has a sweet flavor.

I eat bread torn into small pieces that are handed to me.

I think that I would like to eat this with the remaining butter fried carrots sauce, but I don’t know where the plate with the carrots is so I can’t do it.
Ena also doesn’t offer such consideration. Although I understand, it’s irritating at times like these.

Side dish, bread, soup or fruit water, I slowly savor the taste in such order.

Ena doesn’t attend me the whole time today as Annela Obaasama switched with her when she finished eating.

In the meanwhile, Ena seemed to finished eating as well. I’m sure that she didn’t eat hastily, but even still, she finished earlier than me.
It takes me that much time. Anyway, eating while having to be guided by other people takes time.

Although it’s such mysterious dish that hardly changes in taste even after cooling down, why is the taste so salty or bland?
As expected, asking for a new meal because it has cooled down is not possible. It’s different from the black tea.

After slowly eating the slightly cooled down butter friend carrots, my stomach became full. After all, the type of food that tastes of saltiness is not good even after cooling down.
But, it was a satisfactory dinner.

I don’t mean to say that I’m not usually satisfied, but I was able to eat together with Ena today.
Moreover, grandparents were with me as well. As expected, eating a meal together makes it feel more delicious.

A scenery of a warm meal is the best spice.



Today’s meeting of grandparents and their startling actions. The peerless sensation of Mofumofu-sama. Due to the fatigue from being teased by Annela Obaasama, I fell asleep faster than usually.

My memory skips here and there from around the time when Ena started talking about preparing the baby bath.

Still, it seems that I’m being properly washed.

It’s important, so I said it twice.


So sleepy.


Today was a difficult day.
It might have been the first time since I was born in this world I found a day to be so difficult.


My last memory today is of Holy Mother’s smile that lasted throughout the whole day.

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