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[Newborn Ranger]: Your Ranger medal’s effects increases by 1%.

This is the effect of this Title. To Ma Wen, this effect is only just better than none. Just so you know, when he gotten the Thief Class in the past, because he perfectly completed the Class Change quest, the Title he gained was actually [Genius Criminal].

[Genius Criminal]: All your Thief Class Skill +10

This scary Title together with Agility Trait [Wall Walking], made Ma Wen different from other Thief in the beginning and made his life smoother. And the Thief’s weakness lack of offensive power in the early stages was covered up to a certain extent.

Just so you know, in , Thief is very lacking in offensive power in the beginning, they are mostly defined as the explorer of an adventure team, the expert in removing traps in the dungeons, exponent in opening treasure chests and the one to sneak attack in a chaotic fight. If Thief’s advanced Class [Assassin] did not have very terrifying instant damage output, many players who love Thief may have already given up.

Other than very BUG-like existence like Ma Wen, most Thief can only leech EXP in the team during the beginning stage. Occasionally, opening a treasure chest, removing a trap is not that much of a help. Many other Class can replace Thief in the beginning stage, for example Ranger and Druid.

It is precisely because of this reason that made Ma Wen grits his teeth to give up his favorite Thief in his Class choice in this lifetime. Although Thief’s stealing and lock-picking abilities can let him earn some money, the pressing matter at hand is to raise his combat prowess, especially frontal combat ability. In this field, the “all-rounded” Ranger is more suitable.

And one of Ranger’s advancement route is very similar to Thief and can transit over to [Ruler of Dark Night] at the end.

Everyone can only equip 1 Title at any time. The Ma Wen now has no other choice, so naturally he chooses to equip Newborn Ranger.


After handing in that “recommendation letter” at the Ranger Guild, Ma Wen even obtained a Beginner Ranger Crest. Typically, Beginner Ranger has 3 types of crest to choose from, they are Wolf Crest, Eagle Crest and Sika Deer Crest respectively. 3 types of crest has different effects——

[Wolf Crest]: Tame Wild Animal +5

[Eagle Crest]: Super Vision +3

[Sika Deer Crest]: Hide +9

The effects of 3 crests are all directly increasing Ranger’s Class Skill and within this 3 Skills, the experienced Ma Wen quickly made a choice.

Ranger’s [Hide] Skill is very strong, in the wild, if Hide is above 100, it is almost equivalent to the effect of Tier 2 Class Assassin’s [Strong Invisibility]. Although Tame Wild Animal and Super Vision are also very practical Skills, they are definitely not as important as Hide.

To Ranger, Hide as important as Stealth to Thief.

As the same time, after successfully changing Class to Ranger, his HP increases by 11 and obtains a free stat point and 96 starting Class-specific Skill point. His Class column also turns into:

[Adventurer Class: Level 1 Ranger (0/50)]

A valuable free stat point is allocated to Agility without hesitation. Ranger’s most important stats are Agility and Intellect. The former lets them have nimble movements and the latter bestows them the ability to cast spells. The route Ma Wen is taking, Agility is more important than Intellect.

Free stat points are very valuable. Other than the point given when getting the first Class, subsequently, only 1 free stat point can be obtained every 2 Class Levels raised.

And the 96 Class-specific Skill points are used up by him very quickly. Soon after, the below items appear in his Class Skill:

Hide 41 (+9), Ste

alth 20, Perception 35

Ranger can use weapons like sabre and bow and arrow etc, this is one of the hidden abilities of this Class.

Thus, Ma Wen’s character stats turned into:

Name: Ma Wen

Race: Human / ?

Stats: Strength 11, Agility 17, Physique 9, Intellect 14, Sense 14, Charm 13 (+1)

Class: Noble 3 (150/200)

Adventure Class: Level 1 Ranger (0/50)

Title: [Newborn Ranger]

HP: 37/37

EXP: 40 (Noble) [Unallocated]

Skill Points: None

Stat Points: None

Class Skill

————Noble (Baron): Majesty 25, Management 31, Observation 16, Negotiation 交涉19, Accounting 28, Equestrian 30

——Ranger: Hide 41 (+9), Stealth 20, Scouting 35 游侠:躲藏41(+9)、潜行20、侦察35


——Sika Deer Crest


“Finally have a combat Class already.” After leaving the Ranger Guild, Ma Wen excitedly feels for the active energy in his body.

He feels full of energy, the success of forging the “recommendation letter” lets him see a glimmer of hope that his experience is still very helpful. Just so you know, within all Class, only Ranger is gotten through recommendation letter by high rank Rangers. There is no possibility of cutting corners in other Class. Ma Wen determined that vagrant was a high rank Ranger through his actions and then used Gold Rum to bribe him. This sequence of actions were not created by him but the real-life experience of a Ranger friend from his previous lifetime.

That fellow was also a legendary figure. When normal players were struggling with Tier 2 Class advancement quest, he was already rampantly charging for Tier 3 Class——[Forest Guardian]. Ma Wen also know from him that the Ranger Class actually has this loophole. Recommendation letter can be forged as long as one can get hold of a high rank Ranger’s crest.

Ranger Guild only acknowledges recommendation letter and not the person and this gave Ma Wen the chance to take a shortcut.

Successfully becoming Ranger also means that those experiences of his can also come in handy. Although he is not familiar with Hirst City, a quick search in his memories, there are still some ways to earn money and quickly raise his strength——Of course, if it was where he spawned originally, the [Gem Bay] further northeast, he have an even better time.

There are still 30 silver coins in his pocket. After buying a blank machete in a blacksmith shop in the commercial district, the remaining wealth were also used up by him.

The stats of the blank machete is very poor, it only provides 2-5 attack power, using it to defend is barely enough, killing monster will take a lot more effort.

The Ma Wen now urgently needs to raise his strength, and of course, wealth too. He has not forgotten his mission. Sister Anna is still waiting for him at the Strong Horse Hotel. This half-elf women who is stewardess in name, has always accompanied him since young and is a very important person in his heart.

She is someone who needs to be protected with his life.

Two people entered Hirst City. After Ma Wen loses his income, it is Anna who went to that mean uncle’s to work for him every day only to exchange some petty reward. If not for Anna, Ma Wen probably had already been robbed of his money by ruffians long ago and died in some smelly ditch.

It can be said that it was always Anna who is taking care of Ma Wen.

Now, it is time to make some changes.

Before the Hirst City’s gates are closed, Ma Wen pins the machete on his belt and quickly left the city.


The wilderness in Fernand Continent is quite a dangerous place. Other than the main roads between cities, any place has the possibility of deadly monster appearing——Theoretically, even the main roads that officials regularly clear has a chance of scary man-eating creatures appearing. With Ma Wen’s mere Level 1 Ranger, not to mention encountering man-eating devil or anything, even a group of small goblins is enough for him to have a hard time.

However, in the vicinity of major cities, because of guards patrolling every day, it is still relatively safe.

Then again, Ma Wen did not go out to kill monster for leveling but to earn money.

Outside Hirst City, there is a large river called Pine Nut River. 40 miles downstream of Pine Nut River is a turn and forms a river distributary called [White River]. Ma Wen’s territory White River Valley is at White River basin.

Pine Nut River stretches over thousand miles. It becomes calm and wide at Hirst City and forms large patches of sandbank.

Loess from Gordon Plateau upstream is washed down and forms silt causing the land here to be very fertile.

On Pine Nut River’s sandbank, a small type of crab called [Blue Glow Crab] occasionally appears. Blue Glow Crab is a superior delicacy. To Wizards, the crab roe of this creature can raise a certain amount of mind power. Hence on the Hirst City’s market, the price of this type of crab is always very high. If Ma Wen’s memories are not wrong, the price of a Blue Glow Crab is over 20 silver coins.

Therefore, he actually left the city in the night to catch crabs.

Of course, the high price of Blue Glow Crab causes the number of people catching crabs in Pine Nut River’s sandbank to be always high but their efficiency is very low. They can only wait for them to come or search blindly. Even if they searched for a day, they may not even find 1 Blue Glow Crab. These fellows are really too small. They are easily neglected in the day, not to mention at night.

Therefore, the Pine Nut River’s sandbank at night is still not that filled with people.

This suits Ma Wen just well. He knows of a technique to catch Blue Glow Crab which just so happens must be done at night.

With no one disturbing him, it is the best situation.

Very quickly, he reaches his destination.

However, right at this time, a set of footsteps can be heard from behind him!

“Someone is following me?”

Ma Wen’s heart sinks, he actually made this kind of mistake!

He is no longer that omnipotent Ruler of Dark Night already. His Sense is only a miserable 14 now, only slightly stronger than normal people and only reached the standard of sharp ears and keen eyes.

Successfully advancing to Ranger just now has made him a bit numb and careless. He actually did not pay attention to whether anyone is hiding behind him!

A silhouette quietly appears. His height is not tall and is carrying a dagger on his hands and jokingly looking at him.

[Perception (35) activating……]

[Going through related test……]

[Perception successful!]

The basic information of the Thief immediately appears before Ma Wen’s eyes:

Level 5 Civilian/ Level 3 Thief, HP 42.

This is a Thief!

“Lord Noble, going out of city alone is not a good habit.” The Thief laughs out loudly and says: “Although you’re carrying a sabre, do you really think that thing can protect you?”

“A useless noble, dying in the hands of us, Akron Gang, you can be considered honored.”

Right at this time, a few silhouettes pounces over from the main road not far away.

Ma Wen grits his teeth in his heart: “Damn it, more helpers!?”

“Akron Gang? I have no feud with these people, why do they want to kill me?”

However, now is obviously not the best time to think about it. He suddenly runs away without any sign and the target is apparently the small forest beside the sandbank!


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