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Chapter 11: Single-handedly
Noon the next day, Marvin was woken up by hunger.
He quietly got up, and saw the young half-elf lady still sound asleep on one side of the bed. Her sleeping posture was very graceful, eyelashes slightly trembling, peaceful and beautiful.
He quickly cleaned himself up without disturbing Anna and left through the door. He had quite a lot of things he needed to deal with.
Marvin left the Black Horn Eagle Inn and went to the market area to find the blacksmith from last time. He bought two identical common curved daggers before leaving.
Even if he was used to the dagger he was using, it still couldn’t display the two-handed style properties. As for the third dagger, it was kept as a spare.
Experienced fighters would prepare an extra weapon to be able to deal with all kinds of situations.
He then took a trip to the slums in the northeast, where there were quite a lot of beggars ready to do anything for a few coins, along with quite a lot of informants. Marvin needed their help for his operation.
He returned from the slums, 30 fewer silvers in his pouch.
He then bought some food and necessities from a nearby grocery store before quietly going back to the inn.
When Marvin got back to the room, Anna was already awake. She was massaging her sleepy eyes, somewhat surprised to see a lot of things in Marvin’s hands. "Young Master Marvin, are we really going against the Acheron gang?"
"After all, there are only the two of us, alone."
Anna wasn’t afraid for herself, she was only afraid of something happening to Marvin.
Marvin handed over a hard piece of freshly baked butter bread, whispering, "We won’t be alone. This city is darker than we thought; perhaps our initial appeal for help here was a mistake. No one will help us. To get back our territory, we have to rely on our own strength. Eat first. Once you are done eating, I need you to go to the countryside."
Anna was surprised while drinking her water, responding, "To to the countryside?"
"Green Village and Fog Village. Andre and them were probably already unable to hold back," Marvin indifferently said, standing by the window and watching the unending flow of people on the street.
"How do you know…?" Anna was even more shocked.
"I watched in the end. That day, Andre stealthily entered the city looking for you. His idea was to use his own strength to seize back the territory."
Marvin shook his head, saying, "It’s a pity that you still thought that the city hall would help at that time, so you pacified him, right?"
A different color flashed through Anna’s eyes, "Young Master Marvin, I might understand your idea. If the young guards could come, the Acheron gangsters naturally wouldn’t be their opponents. It’s just that… River Shore City won’t allow them to enter armed."
"Let them disguise themselves and sneak into River Shore City. As for weapons, I’ll think of a way." Marvin casually grabbed a piece of bread and snacked on it, "I give you ten days."
"Ten days later, I would like to see the full White River Valley twenty man garrison standing before me."
Anna was slightly excited.
Marvin just displayed incredible boldness; it really was outstanding! To dare to gather his private guards inside River Shore City, even if he was a noble, was still a provocation toward the River Shore City Hall! But only this kind of Young Master Marvin could let Anna see a glimmer of hope.
Only in this way could they end the humiliation they suffered from River Shore City.
Young Master Marvin was indeed a noble, but here in River Shore City, the city hall deceived them, the casino employee deceived them, and a merchant was secretly hiring a gang to get rid of them!
These humiliations, she had long kept in mind. Her only sole reason for not exploding was because of Young Master Marvin.
Marvin was al

ready different now. He had undergone an astonishing transformation. Even Anna couldn’t really see through that youth who had followed behind her since he was a child to learn how to administer the territory.
"But, when I leave…" Anna looked at Marvin, somewhat hesitating.
She was worried about Marvin’s safety.
"I’ll hide in this inn. You should also believe in my current abilities. No one can spy on me."
Marvin showed a confident smile. "Go! I await your good news."

That afternoon, disguised as a countryside woman, Anna left River Shore City alone, heading south.
Shouldering Young Master Marvin’s mission, her speed was faster than usual.
As Marvin silently watched her leave, he suddenly showed a faint smile.
That smile had a strong killing intent.
Sending Anna away had two purposes. First, he really needed the strength of that energetic garrison. And also, he wanted to kill tonight; he couldn’t display his full strength with the half-elf butler at his side. For instance, previously, while dealing with the grave robber, Anna had nearly ruined his plan.
Sometimes, killing was a very simple thing. Especially when a Ruler of the Night was involved.
Marvin wasn’t showing off; he knew when it was time for him to undertake a task alone, and when he should optimize the allocation of his forces. The reason he sent Anna to the countryside earlier was to dispatch the garrison for the protection of the ordinary villagers.
After White River Valley got occupied, a large number of civilians ran away to take refuge in the mountain, Green Village, Fog Village, and also Disk Water Lake. Those were all part of Marvin’s territory. They were in the mountains, so it was easy to avoid the gnolls chase. Because of River Shore rules, Marvin could only enter with his butler to ask for help. His garrison stayed behind in the countryside.
Those young guys were already unable to bear waiting and wanted to kill their way back, and were only awaiting Marvin’s order.
They were all extremely loyal guys, young and strong.
However, this was still not enough.
Marvin knew that there were many shadows behind the gnoll invasion. A twenty man garrison would be unable to resist against a trained gnoll army. He had to gather an even stronger force.
And before that, he had to figure out who was targeting him.
It might be stingy Uncle Miller, but it might also be someone else.
In short, after tonight, everything would be clear.

Nightfall, before River Shore City’s curfew, was the time when the whole city’s sinister powers were the most active.
Every major gang accountant began counting the profits of the day, and a few novice thieves would be beaten by the person in charge for not completing their daily quota.
Soon, they would learn through the pain how to use their own hand dexterity. At that time, they would be spared from the physical pain, but their share would be merely enough to feed their family.
This was a grey area of the survival rules.
Gorgeously dressed prostitutes were standing on the alley beside the main street, a thick layer of powder on their faces; sometimes putting on a thick layer of poor quality cosmetics wasn’t because of their average looks, but to hide terrible acne. But nothing in this job could surpass the two scariest things, getting pregnant and falling ill. Both meant they would lose their job.

Pyroxene Pub, backyard cellar.
The light of the candle shone on the bodies of the dancing women. Two men secretly plotting together were sitting on a sofa made of tiger skin, laughing wickedly.
"Young Master Farmar, I specifically found women fitting your tastes today. Now, you must properly enjoy yourself."
Among them, a tall man pointed to one of the dancers with nice curves.
There was a scar between his heavy eyebrows and he had a ruthless look.
The other had a short build and a wretched look, with heavy bags under his eyes, typical of someone that had his energy depleted by wine and women.
He was unable to take his eyes off that dancer, continuously nodding, "Good good good! Mister Diapheis, as long as you get rid of that trash, I’ll go back and definitely say something good to my father, and make him increase your investment."
Diapheis calmly said, "Many thanks Young Master Farmar. That little kid named Marvin won’t be able to escape our grasp. We already sent a small team to hunt him down, so it won’t take long before his head floats on the Pine Cone River."
"At that time, White River Valley will belong to my father!" Farmar fiercely said, "Jean and his son took over my father’s territory for so long, and it’s time to get our things back!"
"Of course." Diapheis laughed out, "That group of gnolls’ price wasn’t high; the provisions were just dispatched. Marvin will die and everything will be fine."
The two laughed wickedly, when suddenly, a black clothed man hurriedly walked in. He crouched and whispered into Diapheis’ ear.
Diapheis’ face didn’t change after hearing the report, "Have two teams take a trip. Such a trivial matter still needs my attention?"
The black clothed man quickly left.
Just when Diapheis wanted to say something, Farmar suddenly rushed up, scaring the dancers away, only leaving that one curvy lady behind, confused.
Farmar embraced her and dragged her into a small side room.
The dancer struggled, and said in a frightened voice, "Sir Diapheis, when you looked for me, you definitely said it was only to dance?!"
Diapheis indifferently replied, "Sorry, change of plans."
The small room’s door was closed. The voice of the frightened dancer could be heard along with Farmar’s lewd laughter.

Diapheis frowned, focusing, and his expression became quite grave and stern.
"One team already went out for so long. How come there is no news, what’s going on?"
At that time, that black clothed man returned, and after checking the surroundings, he whispered, "Two pieces of bad news. One team was found in the grove at the banks of the Pine Cone River, all dead. The enemy used a curved dagger, and the killing skill was very penetrating."
Diapheis frowned.
"In addition, our warehouse in the dock area was set on fire and a crowd fight happened at the casino in the east. The people keeping the street under control didn’t come."
Diapheis glared, "Someone is secretly picking a fight?"
"Might be the Azure Snake or the White Peacock people." The black clothed man worriedly added, "We expanded quite quickly lately, enough to arouse their enmity."
"No matter who it is, Acheron’s rise is already set in stone." Diapheis suddenly stood up from the sofa and ordered, "Send three teams to check the disturbances, and kill all those who are causing trouble."
"But in that case, there would only be two teams left here in the Pyroxene Bar, along with some average members," the black clothed man said.
"Who is afraid, I am here!" Diapheis walked quickly toward a wall, picking up a huge axe.
At that time, a young underling suddenly rushed down from the floor above.
"No good! Boss! Someone is causing trouble above, he killed a lot of our men!"
"How many are they!?" The black clothed man asked loudly.
The young underling swallowed, scared.
"... One!"

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