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Marvin's words completely infuriated the Shadow Prince!

He always believed that he was the one who understood the most about the Shadow Domain.

And in fact, before Marvin's appearance, this was the truth.

But after Marvin appeared, he no longer was!

In the game, Marvin used the abilities of the Ruler of Night and, without the help of an advanced False Divine Vessel, made the Shadow Prince suffer a heavy loss in the Shadow Plane before killing him in the Prime Material Plane, ultimately seizing his Domain and successfully ascending to Godhood.

In this life, Marvin was even more confident!

In the Shadow Plane, the Gods' strength were greatly limited.

Only the Shadow Domain would gain great bonuses.

Glynos' Divine Law had no effect on Marvin, this meant that both sides could only fight a fierce battle!

No fancy skill, nothing extra, a fierce battle, a pure contest of strength!


The two collided, flames shining all around.

Sodom Blades colliding against Nightfall, none of them having the upper hand.

There was no superfluous move, they knew that after this battle, only one of them could survive.

The two kept jumping from Shadow Vortex to Shadow Vortex continuously colliding.

The two had a deep understanding of this world, the transition between defense and offense was smooth.

The Shadow Prince's Blade Techniques were very good, there was no doubt about that.

Marvin seemed to be restrained by those daggers.

But Marvin had mastered the Desperation Style.

Desperation Style was a skill of the Martial Path, in his hand, Desperation Style's countless changes successfully defended against the Shadow Prince's vicious attacks.

Both sides kept trading blows in close combat, but the outcome was very unsatisfying.

Evenly matched!

After stealing the power of the Ancient Nature God, the Shadow Prince's biggest weak point, his strength, was made up for.

Marvin and Glynos fought for a long time, already preparing to change strategies.

'Seems like it'll be hard to kill him in a direct fight.' Marvin thought.

He suddenly retreated and disappeared from Glynos' sight.

Glynos coldly laughed, swiftly following behind him.

In fact, in the Shadow Prince's mind, such an outcome was also unacceptable.

A mortal Blade Techniques were able to match the techniques he trained over the years, how could it be?

And why could he feel that Marvin's melee abilities were higher than his own?

'How old was he?!'

'How could he have such a rich battle experience?'

But regardless, he had to go ahead and chase him.

He knew that this was the battle to return to the Astral Sea.

Even if most Gods were focused on the Astral Beast, they were still paying attention to this special fight.

If he lost or let Marvin retreat, he would never have a spot among the Gods, they would never acknowledge him!

"Insignificant mortal! Today is the day you will die!" Glynos shouted.

He immediately rushed in a vortex!


The Shadow Vortexes were actually wormholes of the Shadow Plane, linking spaces together. Through the Shadow Vortexes, it was possible to reach far away places.

Glynos had watched Marvin going to that Vortex, but he was shocked to find out that Marvin actually was nowhere to be seen after crossing that Vortex!

He didn't leave the plane!

If he did, Glynos would have definitely felt it.


"Trying to assassinate me?"

The Shadow Prince disdainfully laughed.

'Who am I?'

'I'm the king of assassinations!'

'Feinan's East Plane Guardian couldn't escape from my assassination!'

Marvin dared to try assassinating him in the Shadow Plane? His home ground?

Glynos was extremely confident.

He spread Divine Power, covering the entire area where Marvin might be hiding to prevent him from escaping.

In this trip to Black Dragon Wing, the one thing he was most afraid of was Marvin escaping.

After all, he had seen Marvin's progress. If that Ruler of the Night escaped and returned to Feinan, it would be very difficult for the Shadow Prince to handle him later on.

Marvin not escaping and fighting instead was an amazing news for Glynos.

"You want to hide?" Glynos focused on his perception to the maximum while his silhouette slowly disappeared in the Shadow Plane.

The area sank into an eerie silence.

But in a corner that Glynos didn't notice, a smile appeared on Marvin's face.

It wasn't wrong to say that the Shadow Plane was his home ground!

If before, Glynos fell under Marvin's plot, this time, he was bound to lose due to his sudden increase of strength!

Marvin's sight was fixed on an empty location as he unhesitantly slashed over!

The Sodom Blades let out a cruel whistle as the pair of blades fell down and viciously cut in Glynos' back.

The two daggers crossed each other, nearly cutting down the Shadow Prince!

If not for the Ancient Nature God power protecting his body, he would have needed Divine Source to reform his body.

Marvin wasn't complacent after his successful attack, he actually retreated and hid in another Shadow Vortex.

Night Boundary!


Marvin hid once again after a hit!

Since killing Glynos in a direct battle was difficult, then what about playing dirty? Marvin wasn't an inflexible person.

Moreover, he knew Glynos would definitely not retreat.

If he retreated, he would never be able to stay with the Gods in the future.

Sure enough, the Shadow Prince angrily rushed over.

He had yet to find Marvin's hiding location, but his own hiding was useless in front of Marvin!

This was the Shadow Plane!

This was a contest of the peak rogue of the Shadow Domain!

Marvin had sufficient Shadow Power on his body.

But it was different for Glynos!

He had the aura of the Ancient Nature God.

In the Shadow Plane, he was like a lighthouse.

Marvin didn't need his Perception and could see him with his eyes!

Thus, Glynos couldn't cover his tracks!

But Glynos wasn't aware of that!

He frantically looked for Marvin, but he was always sneak attacked by Marvin.

Once, twice, thrice!

At last, Marvin found the opportunity to take the lead in this Shadow Duel!

He cut Glynos' body into pieces!

If not for the Shadow Prince quickly reacting, his Divine Source might have also been cut down.

Glynos finally noticed something wrong.

But it was too late, Marvin already reached his goal!

Divine Source could keep reconstructing a body, but time was needed!

"Sorry. I never give Gods time to reconstruct their bodies."

"Now. Die!"

The Sodom Blades were like fierce snakes, tearing open the Divine Source's protection.

The screaming voice of Glynos kept echoing in the Shadow Plane.

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