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Even Marvin hadn't thought that he would get such extensive benefits when he made the decision to enter the Crypt Monster's mouth!

The Crypt Monster killed everything around him, and the essences were then cleanly harvested by Marvin's Essence Absorption System.

This trip resulted in the Crypt Monster storming the Black Dragon God's nest and allowing Marvin to find an unguarded Faith Pool!

This was like a huge gift dropping out of the sky into his arms, and Marvin couldn't refuse it even if he wanted to!

It was so rare to find a God's secondary plane so unguarded.

If not for the Astral Beast's attack, Marvin would have never gotten such an opportunity.

He naturally understood all of that. But he couldn't leave this place without visiting the Faith Pool. After coming this far, how could he leave it for the Black Dragon God?

In any case, this plane would be completely destroyed, so the power would all be wasted even if he didn't take it. Marvin gladly accepted this gift.

The advanced False Divine Vessel was quickly absorbing the Faith Power, and in the process, Marvin gradually accumulated even more Comprehension Points.

This gave Marvin a whole new understanding of the source of Comprehension Points.

'So it turns out that there was also this way.'

'No need to train, no need to slay a God, just go and plunder!'

After filling his Comprehension Points, Marvin didn't hesitate at all.

Consecutive advancement!

His strength greatly increased once more!

His Ruler of the Night class reached level 4 from level 2!

Marvin now had a total level of 24.

It had to be known that advancing in the Legend Realm was very hard. During peaceful eras, many who became Legends would be stuck at their first Legend level forever. All those who reached the second level were very troublesome people to have as enemies. And, needless to say, level 3 Legends were extremely rare.

Of course, even more outstanding people like the Great Elven King were unique. After all, he was a Dual-Class Holder.

Marvin leveled up twice, sending his fighting strength soaring. Now that he had Endless Path to shore up one of his deficiencies, he chose a jack-of-all-trades skill, Godlike Magic.

Godlike Magic wasn't actually a type of magic. Rather, it was a way to imitate many spells.

That skill would allow him to imitate the effects of many spells, even Divine Spells, but to do so, it would use its own power, Domain power.

Naturally, like Endless Path, Godlike Magic could also be used through Fate Power, Divine Power, and so on.

After advancing to Ruler of the Night, Marvin already planned his future path.

He had already planned out which ability to take each level.

Godlike Magic didn't seem that interesting as it could only imitate lower rank, less powerful spells, while also having many restrictions. But Marvin knew that true power of this ability lay in its versatility.

In this world, he might run into problems that a Ruler of the Night's abilities couldn't resolve.

And flexibility was very important when in a predicament.

Naturally, if that was the extent of Godlike Magic's effects, then Marvin wouldn't have chosen it so resolutely.

He didn't hesitate to choose this skill because under Godlike Magic's imitation spell list, there was a very baffling option.

[Unfathomable Divine Spell].

In the game, he had studied the use of Unfathomable Divine Spell for a long time, but with no results. Later on, he got some additional information and made some conjectures. Perhaps this formidable ability, this Unfathomable Divine Spell, was the essence of the Ruler of the Night class.

In any case, there would be no loss in choosing this skill.

After leveling up, the power in the Faith Pool was starting to dry up.

All the Faith Power stored up from the entire Secondary Plane was absorbed by Marvin's advanced False Divine Vessel.

This made Marvin sigh to himself. How talented was the one who created the False Divine Vessels?

The advanced False Divine Vessel also transformed!

[Advanced False Divine Vessel (2nd Advancement) (Fusion 30%)]

[Divinity: 18/49]

[Domain 1: Slaughter (Costs 5)]

[Domain 2: Shadow (Costs 5)]

[Domain 3: Plant Metamorphosis (Costs 2) (Recovers 1)]

[Domain 4: Dragon Race Saint (Costs 4)]

[Divine Vessel Property 1: Post-Godly Dexterity]

[Divine Vessel Property 2: Killing Instinct (Nurturing…)]

[Divine Power Pool: 267]

A series of shocking changes.

The degree of fusion rose straight up from 13% to 30%. Marvin clearly felt the advanced Divine Vessel fusing deeply with him.

He already didn't need to control it with painstaking precision anymore. It had already basically turned into one of Marvin's organs. Marvin would be able to control it with the slightest thought.

As for the increase in his Divinity value and the new Domain, Marvin wasn't very surprised.

When he swallowed all the Faith Power, Marvin also absorbed 10 points of Divinity from the Black Dragon God. That Dragon Race Saint Domain should be the same kind of Domain that Marvin earned from swallowing the Wilderness God's Avatar back then. But that Domain would probably be mostly useless when fighting against the Black Dragon God.

Naturally, the biggest change was with his Divine Power Pool.

From the original 14 Divine Power, it was now a whopping 267!

But unfortunately, Marvin didn't have many Divine Spells. Otherwise, with his high Divine Power, he would be able to cast spells very liberally.

For a short time, he would be a God!


The strange sound of the dagger tearing space itself apart spread through the entire plane.

The one seen as a world-destroying monster in the eyes of the remaining Dragonborns was cut up into pieces by Glynos.

Under the continuous application of Nightfall's curses, the Crypt Monster couldn't revive and was directly killed by Glynos!

As Marvin expected, that huge move didn't injure the Shadow Prince.

Marvin saw it clearly. When that meteor shower of eyes fell onto the Shadow Prince, a greenish defensive barrier surrounded his body.

That abundant Divine Power came as a great shock.

If not for the confirmation that the Shadow Prince's Divine Vessel was still Mid-level, Marvin would have already turned and run.

That Guy's Divine Power was unfathomably powerful now. He could almost match a Great God!

"I thought you were going to keep hiding."

At the edge of the plane, Glynos walked over the Crypt Monster's enormous corpse, slowly approaching.

The plane crumbled away behind him with every step.

This world was too fragile for someone of his status. His main body had arrived, and its vast Divine Power would wreck the plane!

Marvin was quietly standing atop a mountain peak, attentively watching the approach of the extremely confident Glynos.

That guy really was a cockroach that wouldn't die.

His God Realm collapsed with him inside, but he survived, coming back even stronger.

Marvin killed him once in the game and killed one more time in this life.

Was this his so-called nemesis?

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