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While the Black Dragon God was immersed in pain and anger, Marvin was actually overjoyed!

The so-called False Divine Vessel was actually an Oddity created by Humans in order to simulate the role of a Divine Vessel.

It had the same functions as a Divine Vessel.

But because Marvin wasn't a God, he had no Faith Power, and none of the usual channels to recover his Divine power or upgrade his advanced Divine Vessel's rank. Thus, in general, he can only kill Divine Servants and absorb Divine Source to maybe upgrade his false Divine Vessel.

That path was very arduous.

But the Faith Power before his eyes was another shortcut!

The Faith Pool contained the purest Faith Power and Divinity of the Black Dragon God. That power was the nourishment the advanced False Divine Vessel liked the most.

The second the golden liquid came out, his advanced False Divine Vessel started hungrily absorbing that power.

Following Marvin's crazy absorption, the whole mountain range started withering!

And the magnificent rivers going through the mountains also began drying up.

The Faith Power Marvin absorbed was the most fundamental power of this plane!

He only felt a strong heat flowing through his body, it felt just like when he ascended to Godhood in the game!

He only felt full of strength!

'Quite fortunate!'

'I didn't think that the Martyr would not only fail to kill me, but would also give me so many gains!'

Marvin was completely immersed in the joy of increasing his strength.

He didn't care about the entire plane collapsing, this was a distorted world ruled by Dragonborns afterall.

And in the distance, the battle between the Shadow Prince and the Crypt Monster looked one-sided!

Glynos was truly different.

Even from so far away, Marvin could feel the quiet transformation in his body.

That kind of pure and dense shadow disappeared, in its place was an unending lifeforce.

That was… The aura of Nature!

He was still holding Nightfall, his shadow flashing like a black lightning.

The Crypt Monster's nimbleness wasn't bad, but it wasn't able to keep up with the Shadow Prince!

The frightening Nightfall tore through the Crypt Monster's hard skin, each wound festering with a frightening Curse Power.

Although this Curse Power wasn't as vicious as the Self-Immolation Fire, it had several layers of curses.

It was constantly consuming the Crypt Monster's vitality!

'He became stronger!'

Marvin sped up the absorption rate while paying attention to Glynos' fighting style.

Although he was still fighting like a rogue, he became a lot more self-confident.

He was using less dodging and footsteps and became more unyielding. Rather than an Assassin, he looked more like a tough Swordsman.

It was this strange and extremely vicious style that completely pressured the Crypt Monster.

If it was someone else, they might have already died.

It was only because of the Crypt Monster's thick skin that the latter was able to resist.


A faint green light burst out between the two, just like a fist. It rose swiftly and hit the Crypt Monster's waist, smashing the monster to the edge of the plane!

If not for the monster's fierce constitution, it might have turned into mincemeat from those plane fragments at the edge.


The Crypt Monster was completely out of control, the eyes on its back were all opened, and they all came out, as if thrown from a catapult!

The eyes all flashed in the sky, like a meteor shower, ruthlessly smashing toward the Shadow Prince!

This was the skill the Crypt Monster used under pressure!

Each eye had a Low God level Divine Spell!

If Marvin was the one fighting the Crypt Monster, he would have never let the latter use that skill.

It was way too frightening, even Gods might not be able to block it.

'This large scale targeted skill is just too annoying.' Marvin was coldly watching the battle, 'I wonder how he will dodge!'

In fact, Marvin wasn't the only one watching. The happenings at Black Dragon Wing already triggered some talk in the God Realms.

The Black Dragon God made a mistake, and the coordinates of Black Dragon Wing were exposed, thus there were countless eyes watching that world.

"Glynos actually returned!"

"His God Realm already collapsed, where did he get the strength from?"

"He chose the perfect time to return. Right during the invasion of the Astral Beast. This time, even if Goddess Faniya or another God want to settle matters with him, they won't be able to do anything, right?"

"No shit, look at the Black Dragon God, his own nest is being turned upside down, and he can only remain motionless."

Gods were communicating with each other.

In the depths of the Universe, the Black Dragon God's complexion was extremely unsightly.

He didn't need to eavesdrop to know what the Gods were gossiping about.

It had to be known that these Gods were also Humans in the 3rd Era, they liked entertainment.

They would never miss such a lively show.

Most of their attention was focusing on the approaching Astral Beast, but they still kept a small part of their consciousness on the situation of Black Dragon Wing.

"Eh? That kid… He is actually able to absorb Faith Power!"

"That guy… Isn't that the Marvin who killed Dark Phoenix?"

"The resurrection of the Goddess of Truth is also related to him."

"He has so many secrets… Interesting."

While the Gods watched the battle, they also took note of Marvin.

In the previous attack on the Universe Magic Pool, they took notice of several powerful lifeforms in Feinan, such as the four Plane Guardians, and those who had the potential of becoming Plane Guardians like Ivan, O'Brien, and Jessica.

And apart from them, there was one other that entered their sight.

That was Marvin.

Now, this youth who had been making waves for the past six months once again entered the sight of the Gods. It was inevitable that they would be surprised.

That guy was simply a star of disaster!

Whenever a major event happened, his shadow could be seen!

Some Gods were ready to kill him while others were preparing to make friends with Marvin before entering Feinan.

He was in control of White River Valley after all, this was Feinan's biggest territory.

Marvin naturally didn't know what the Gods were thinking.

At this moment, he was observing the battle between both sides, cheering on the Crypt Monster while speeding up the absorption!

The Crypt Monster's desperate skill was very powerful, but Marvin had a feeling that this wouldn't be enough to kill the Shadow Prince!

It might not even inflict serious damage.

'If it really had an opportunity…'

Marvin took a deep breath.

Next second, the logs flashing before his eyes stopped.

His Comprehension points had peaked once again!

[Level up - Ruler of the Night?]


Level 4 Ruler of the Night!

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