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There were only 12 skeletons!

Just a small group.

In general, this kind of summoning magic had a limit of 6 summons.

But necromancers didn’t have this limit. As long as they had a constant supply of ghosts or corpses, and enough spells slots, they could continuously create obedient subordinates.

This was what made the necromancers frightening. After all, even a strong expert would feel afraid when facing an army of ghosts.

But, as Marvin thought, apprentice necromancers weren’t that scary.

‘Looks like a level 3 or level 4.’

‘He is unexpectedly able to summon twelve skeletons with poor control. Isn’t that really bad?’

‘Thinking of killing me with just this?’

Marvin was sneering inwardly. He crouched, stabbing his curved dagger into a skeleton’s right knee cap!

It was a simple reverse attack!


The sound of the skeleton’s knee being scrapped out echoed!

The skeleton immediately lost balance, falling to the ground.

It wasn’t a flexible [Blue Bones Warrior], only a group of skeletons that didn’t even reach level 2. They were too weak for Marvin!

With his skill and dexterity, he fiercely attacked all the surrounding skeletons.

Their speed wasn’t even close to Marvin’s.

To the shock of the apprentice necromancer, Marvin barely took half a minute to tear apart the group of skeletons.

"You… You… How?"

The apprentice necromancer was scared, blurting incoherent words. He took a moment to regain some focus. After his skeletons were completely annihilated, he turned and ran!

Marvin would obviously not let him off!

He took a big step forward and abruptly sped up. He caught up to the running apprentice necromancer in a few breaths.

But who would have thought that just as Marvin caught up to him, the apprentice necromancer would suddenly turn around, shooting a fierce dark light from his finger?

1st-circle spell, [Ray of Darkness]!

If someone was hit by ray of darkness, they would be infected by a random disease! This kind of disease would quickly break out. Even though it wasn’t deadly, it was still quite troublesome.

Marvin’s eyes twitched; his 9 constitution wouldn’t be able to bear the weakening from the ray of darkness!

[Shadow Steps]!

In an instant, his left foot kicked the ground with force. While still advancing, he managed to shift his position to the right by half his body width.

"Woosh!" A pitch-black ray passed by his ear.

He dodged it!

But the necromancer suddenly exposed a fierce smile and said, "Can you dodge twice?"

While speaking, he raised a finger from his other hand and shot a dark light!

This was another Ray of Darkness!

But this time, the enemy used a ring to cast the spell from his other hand!

They were pretty close to each other, so according to common sense, Marvin should be unable to avoid it.

This was a good plan from the apprentice necromancer. That guy wasn’t completely brainless. After finding out that Marvin might be an expert, he immediately came up with an emergency plan!

He first pretended to flee, but then shot two rays of darkness in a row!

A flawless plan. If Marvin was hit by one, the apprentice necromancer would have the leeway to use his other spells.

It’s a pity that his plan needed Marvin to fail to dodge a ray of darkness!

But it didn’t happen like that.

When the second ray of darkness was shot, Marvin didn’t think.

He immediately followed his instincts.

This time, his right leg kicked the ground, dodging to the left!

This was exactly the same movement as the previous shadow step!


He dodged once again!

The apprentice necromancer was thoroughly stunned!

‘How could this happen?’

‘That guy’s dodging skill could be used twice in a row?’

Not waiting for his reaction, Marvin had ruthlessly thrown himself forwards!

He used a powerful cutthroat from the front with his two curved daggers!

[You used Cutthroat (46) on the target...]

[Skill successful, critical damage!]

[Target eliminated, you gained 49 battle exp.]

Even if the apprentice necromancer forced himself to withdraw his neck when facing that powerful melee skill, he was still unable to dodge Marvin’s ruthless Cutthroat.

Up until his death, he still didn’t realize how Marvin was able to use two shadow steps in a row!

Marvin was panting a little after getting rid of the apprentice necromancer. Those two moves had used up quite a lot of stamina.

This was the strength of wizards; even an apprentice could make Marvin go all-out.

A 1st-circle spell was fast and ruthless. Marvin’s constitution simply couldn’t handle it. He could only dodge.

And that double dodge was a reflection of Marvin’s experience.

He had actually used the shadow step skill for the first step!

For the average person, if they were right handed, they would send power through their left leg to make a step to the right. Marvin was also like that.

But he had practiced the reverse skill!

That is, kicking the ground with the right to take a step to the left!

This kind of two step combo often helped Marvin kill his enemies.

Even though the second shadow step wasn’t a skill and didn’t have the same effectiveness, after being tempered by Marvin, it had been trained to the point of perfection.

This technical move was as good as the skill.

This kind of instant decision would have been impossible without years of practice. The reason Marvin was able to use this move was his instinct.

After his soul fused with his body, his bodily control reached the realm of perfection.

Despite that, after the two uses of shadow steps, he still felt some pain on his right leg.

‘A slight sprain.’

‘My constitution is still bad, not good enough to support this kind of skill that uses explosive strength.’

Marvin shook his head and began to examine the apprentice necromancer’s loot.

This apprentice necromancer must have a master, so Marvin didn’t want to stay there much longer. He would grab the apprentice’s stuff and leave.

This guy was quite poor, having no money.

The only thing worth something on his body was that ring. Marvin examined it, finding that it was like the powered magic staff. It could store a spell and would shoot it when needed. However the workmanship was many times inferior to the powered staff, and it also couldn’t be re-charged.

‘Still able to use ray of darkness once.’ Marvin put it on a finger of his left hand.

The rest of the loot only consisted of a few necromancer’s basic books. These things were useless to Marvin.

‘Hey? This pass is actually great.’

Marvin was pleasantly surprised to find a sheepskin scroll on the corpse. This was a standard pass for despair hills.

Apparently this apprentice was actually part of a group. Relying on this pass, Marvin could freely leave despair hills.

After tidying up everything, Marvin didn’t feel like taking care of the corpse, so he just left it there.

Necromancers have always profaned the dead, and the other side was the one to start the attack, so Marvin didn’t feel guilty at all.

Walking on a small path in the despair hills, Marvin started browsing the previous battle logs.

He was pleasantly surprised by one part:

[Because you repeatedly used other classes’ moves in battle, one of your specialties will be close to this field. Personal specialty progress: 100/100]

[Because you skillfully and frequently used other classes moves in battle, a relevant personal specialty has already formed!]

[You received a personal specialty – Versatile]

‘It’s actually Versatile!’

Marvin was somewhat excited.

This specialty was a very uncommon and mysterious specialty. Even in his previous life, Marvin didn’t obtain it.

He hadn’t expect to turn into a ranger, but this was his luck! Because if he had picked thief, he wouldn’t have used other classes’ moves.

[Versatile]: You can receive one additional secondary class. The first secondary class would be exempt from experience penalties.

The specialty description was very simple, but the content was very impressive.

In Feinan’s world, the classes’ restrictions were very harsh.

A person could have at most two battle classes, one main class and one secondary class.

And once you picked a secondary class, you would get a very serious experience penalty. In spite of that, a lot of people still chose to have a secondary class.

It was because getting a secondary class came with benefits: numerous extra skills. This would be very helpful in battle.

Now, Marvin obtained this Versatile specialty.

This meant he could have two extra classes and that his first one wouldn’t receive the experience penalty.

This was really too useful.

But Marvin was soon distressed. What should he pick as a secondary class?

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