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From what he saw on the interface, the Child of the Plane aura that Marvin just got didn't list too many effects.

But only Marvin himself knew how important that aura would be for him.

The description of [Child of the Plane] was very simple: When the aura was in effect, the user would be impervious to any injury that would be inflicted by standard Plane Laws.

Although it was a very simple effect, it would allow Marvin to stand tall when facing most of the Gods.

Now Feinan's Plane Will was standing behind him.

Unless the Plane Will itself deprived him of the aura, those New Gods from the 3rd Era wouldn't be able to defeat him with just their powers over the Plane Laws.

If the advanced False Divine Vessel gave Marvin the confidence to face the Gods, then the aura of the Plane Will gave Marvin what he needed to challenge them.

From what he knew, the one with the highest authority in Feinan was Lance, and following him were the first Ancient Gods who awakened in Feinan, the Fate Sorceresses, and himself, the first half-Fate Sorcerer.

As for the 3rd Era's New Gods, although they had formidable Divine Power and Law Authority, in Feinan, they had to follow the rules of the game.

They couldn't directly control the Laws and directly kill Marvin with their levels of authority.

This originally was the biggest difference between mortals and Gods, and now, Marvin completely bridged the gap.

He was now confident that he would have no issue getting away even if the God of Dawn and Protect stood before him.

As for the Low Gods... if was able to gain the acknowledgement and the full power of Sodom's Blades, he would definitely kill them!

The Child of the Plane aura was too powerful.

And in the long history of Feinan, only the mightiest heroes and Fate Sorceresses might enjoy the benefits of this kind of aura.

This was also the reason that the Three Sisters had been the targets of a Goddess' jealousy in the game.

Marvin sighed as he felt the power of this aura and couldn't help but think of the many details he had neglected before.

Because of his appearance, the entire history of Feinan had been rushed forward.

Whether it was the White Deer Cave, the Dragon God's Wrath, the Great Calamity, or the recent Eternal Frozen Spring event, everything clearly showed that the game's history was progressing much faster than it had in the game.

Then what would come after the Eternal Frozen Spring?

Marvin was lost in thought. Feinan was truly too huge. In the game, some unforgettable events happened almost every minute.

He wanted to at least figure out the main outline of what might happen, but he found out that it was impossible in the end.

The side-effects of the butterfly effect made it almost impossible for people to make any decent predictions.

The fall of Diggles, the Shadow Prince, and the Wilderness God, the death of the Great Elven King in the defense of the Universe Magic Pool, the premature unsealing of the Eternal Frozen Spring… Even if Marvin tried to jump out from this huge chessboard and use the eyes of an outsider to see the development of the entire situation, he still ended up feeling very confused.

After wracking his mind for a while, he decided to give up.

There was no use fantasizing about these things. Only by becoming strong enough would he be able to guarantee that he could resolve anything that came up.

Anyway, regardless of what happened in the future, he would have to deal with it. His "prophetic" abilities were gradually becoming less and less effective.

After thinking through all of this, he slowly got up and stretched for a bit.

'I wonder how things are on Raven's side.'

'Is the upper layer of the Underdark United Council already settled? Has she gotten hold of any information about that group of Legends?'

As Marvin thought about it, he decided to use the Book of Nalu to call Raven.

Because he already had three pages of the Book of Nalu in his hands, the effects were even more outstanding than they had been before.

Marvin only needed to use a certain amount of concentration to directly communicate with the four "puppets" that were bound to the book.

The effectiveness was also affected by distance.

Because Raven was in the Rosen Strongholds, they were close enough that Marvin barely had to use any energy.

But he never expected that something else would happen when he did it. Some runes from the Wisdom Chapter activated and turned into a silvery-white flash.

Then, the Fate Power Imprint hidden within the advanced False Divine Vessel began glistening!

In the beginning, Marvin still didn't understand what was happening.

But then, he realized in surprise that his previous disorderly memories were starting to sort themselves out.

It was as if there was a robot or computer program helping him sort out his thoughts and memories.

His memories and other past experiences turned into books as a huge library was generated in his mind.

In barely ten seconds, all the information transformed into a library full of books!

Marvin was able to overlook the entire library, his gaze skimming across the bookshelf.

Suddenly, the bookshelf turned transparent and threads of darkness and light began stretching out, some forming entangled nodes and others forming pictures!

In the end, all the threads in the bookshelf were bound together!

A Black Dragon's fall, countless numbers of the Underdark's denizens dying, crimson blood dyeing the earth red, a young girl stubbornly standing on the city walls watching a cloud in the distance...

Above the cloud, there was a shadow, a pair of Goddesses looking coldly down at the city, not hiding the jealousy on their faces!

People howled in grief, soldiers fought, a strange Wyvern flew through the sky, the earth shook, and a monster covered in iron chains spared no efforts throwing itself against the city wall!

In the depths of the distant Wilds, warriors covered with black masks were holding slender swords, killing old enemies on their way back!

All the images fused into one point, ultimately turning into a horrifying explosion.

Marvin recovered from the scene, sweating.

He understood.

Upon that huge bookshelf was written in large words:

[Rocky Mountain]!

Yes, Rocky Mountain was the key to the events happening in the South!

The Underdark Winter, the eruption of the Eternal Frozen Spring, and the following invasion of the Dark Clan were all related to Rocky Mountain.

And in the game, the most famous large-scale event, [Rocky Mountain Defensive Battle], was a topic that players had discussed enthusiastically.

Despite their failure to fight off all the invaders, they still raised their heads proudly, saying that they had fought back!

'Rocky Mountain is the key point…'

'That's right, in Feinan, the Gods always felt that the biggest thorn in their sides was actually the existence of the Fate Sorceresses. And now there is also me.'

'The Twin Goddesses already started their scheme? Then this attack from the Underdark Monsters is likely only a probing attack. The Queen of Spiders is truly someone with bad intentions.'

'Anyway…. Turns out this is the true essence of Wisdom.'

After a long sigh, Marvin opened his eyes, full of confidence.

He finally understood why that Fate Power was called [Wisdom].

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