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The Drow's extremely arrogant words triggered waves of whispers across the duel arena!

Everyone knew that Raven and her group of Drows had been fighting with a middle-aged Underdark Human named Agu and his supporters for control of the Ruby Stronghold.

In fact, although the Drows had relatively better individual strength, when facing such a large group of people that outnumbered them, Raven's side simply wouldn't be able to gain the control of the Ruby Stronghold.

The Dark Specter Invasion led to the creation of the Underdark United Council, and they later issued a harsh command: The Underdark Races could not have internal conflicts for any reason or else they would suffer from the council's severe penalty.

It was also because of this that both sides still hadn't made a move yet.

If this had happened before the invasion from the Eternal Spring, there likely wouldn't have been this kind of duel. Agu would have already overrun and annihilated Raven's force overnight.

Thus, in such a situation, everyone believed that Raven only wanted to get more of an advantage in the fight over who would get to rule the stronghold.

Even Agu himself thought so.

She must have proposed this duel arena only to display the prowess of her subordinates in order to get more resources for the Dark Elves.

So Agu was full of confidence.

But that earlier Drow's arrogant tone had angered all his followers.

If not for Agu hinting them to stand down, they might have already rushed over!

"Are you serious?"

Agu glared coldly at Raven. "Using her provocation to create discord in the Ruby Stronghold? You want to threaten me with the punishment of the Underdark United Council?"

Raven seemed a bit irresolute.

She looked at Jessica, who kept provoking the others. By now, she had understood that the Master's friend was a very fiery woman.

She wasn't actually trying to provoke them. She was only telling the truth.

But there was no way the others would see it like that.

Raven could only calmly declare, "Her words are my words."

"I asked for a duel, and you agreed. Whoever wins becomes the Lord of the Ruby Stronghold."

"Miss Daisy here is our first fighter."

Jessica was clearly being a bit lazy with her backstory. After disguising as a Drow, she simply used the alias of one of her subordinates in Hope City.

She took two steps forward, looking at Agu's people.

"Good!" Agu also kept calm and waved his hand. "Sastein, go."

After his words, an almost two-meter-tall person stepped forward.

Everyone looked at the size difference between the two combatants and started worrying about the Drow.

Others, however, started rejoicing.

"Aren't you quite arrogant?"

"Let's see what she can do in this first round of the duel for the Ruby Stronghold's leadership!"

"I think Sastein will kill her in one hand, how long do you think she'll last?"

As everyone was jabbering noisily, the duel began.

The Underdark didn't have many rules.

The victor was king.

Sastein had the Giant bloodline, granting him extraordinary strength. Although he wasn't a Legend, many Legend powerhouses had been unable to break through his defenses!

He bellowed and suddenly picked up a hammer that was as tall as a man, smashing it toward the Drow!

The crowd let out surprised noises.


The hammer thundered into the ground. A huge hole was smashed into the Duel Arena's solid floor!

While the dust was settling, many people were rejoicing or feeling pity for the Drow's death, but no one expected to see a shadow standing on top of the hammer.

She was nimble like a cat, jumping lightly on top of the hammer and speeding down the thick handle before jumping on Sastein's head!

"What amazing speed!"

Agu shivered, subconsciously looking at Raven.

But he didn't see the slightest trace of worry in Raven's eyes!

Sastein was the number one expert of Ruby Stronghold.

How could Raven not feel worried? Did she have that much trust in that Drow?

Agu's heart wavered a bit, but he still had confidence in Sastein.

Up till now, there had been a lot of Dark Elves who tried to use their high speed to dance around and evade Sastein.

But they all made a mistake!

Sastein was very powerful, with the strength of his Giant lineage, but his speed wasn't inferior to that of others either!

In an instant, Sastein let go of his hammer and tried to grab Jessica!

Jessica moved through the air, avoiding Sastein's hands, before creating a startling scene:

As the Drow was falling to the ground, she didn't increase her distance from Sastein, getting closer instead. Shortly before she would have landed, she grabbed onto Sastein's belt with both hands.

"The hell is she doing?!"

Everyone was shocked.

Surely she wouldn't try to use a trick like pulling his pants down, right?

The Underdark's Races didn't care about minor stuff like that. Even if she used her Dexterity to quickly remove his pants, he wouldn't feel ashamed and it wouldn't interfere with the fight. It might instead make him fight more fiercely until he killed her!

Sastein snorted coldly, turning to get rid of her.

But to his surprise, he couldn't turn his body!

In the others' eyes, nothing had happened at all, but Sastein felt like he was in a very dangerous situation!

He knew how strong he was!

He had 28 Strength and along with his Race's innate gift, his endurance was comparable to that of true Monsters!

But he was left unable to move by that delicate Drow's hands.

How could it be?

Before he could try much else, some exclamations on the side could be heard:



"She definitely took a potion or used a Divine Spell!"

Sastein's eyes shook as suddenly, the world turned upside down!

In a blink, an irresistible power lifted him into the air before throwing him down at the ground!

A beautiful and unfathomable shoulder throw!


The ground shook from the incredible impact as a cloud of dust and soil flew everywhere.

Even some people in the surroundings got injured!

Agu looked at that scene in shock.

The dust slowly settled, revealing the Drow standing on Sastein's giant body while glaring icily at the group of Underdark Humans.


Complete silence…

No one dared to answer.

"So, I missed a good show?"

Marvin was lying down comfortably on a sofa in front of a warm fire, enjoying Raven's massage. "You took over the Ruby Stronghold like that?"

"Hmm, doesn't this mean that I've gained another piece of territory?"

Jessica avoided looking at Marvin. "The Underdark is like that, they respect the strong."

"Raven and I worked hard to conquer this stronghold while you were off wandering, and now you're here lazing about. Aren't you a bit too carefree?"

Marvin shook his head and laughed. Without any explanation, he took out a book and threw it over to her.

"Look at it carefully... It's invaluable."

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